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Metal News for May 19, 2012

Last updated on September 17, 2021 at 3:01 AM ET

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Fister Streaming New Songs

St. Louis sludge band Fister is releasing its newest 12" "The Infernal Paramount" in vinyl form and is streaming it on Bandcamp, where you can also hear a few of the band's other 12" releases and the 2011 full-length "Bronsonic." That debut is interesting in that Fister has created a cult of Charles Bronson and puts his head in the baphomet on the cover of that release. They believe that when Bronson died he went to hell and blew the devil away with a .44 and then began to rule the underworld and compose its music. Only the three guys in Fister can channel him into music through weed and booze. Fister will be touring in the central and eastern parts of the U.S. in July and is still confirming the venues in the cities. Check out the songs "Deaf Wish" and "River Collins" from "The Infernal Paramount" below.

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Black Sabbath Issues Statement On Site Photos

In the ongoing saga of the reunion that was not to be, Black Sabbath has issued the following statement regarding the the removal of Bill Ward from the photos on the band's official web site:

At the request of Bill Ward, through his attorney, so as to not give the public the wrong impression about his involvement in the current Black Sabbath lineup, we have temporarily removed Bill Ward's images from the main pages of the blacksabbath.com official website. In accordance with Bill Ward's attorney's request, we are doing so for the duration of the forthcoming shows.

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When Nothing Remains Streaming Debut

When Nothing Remains is streaming all nine songs from its recent debut album "As All Torn Asunder" over on Bandcamp. When Nothing Remains is a project founded by members of the famous Swedish band Nox Aurea featuring clean vocals by Johan Ericson (Draconian, Doom:VS and Shadowgarden). The music continues on in that gothic doom/death style these musicians are noted for. Stream all of the tracks from "As All Torn Asunder" below.

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Shakhtyor Streaming Entire Album

German three piece doom/sludge band Shakhtyor has been streaming its self-titled four-song album over on Bandcamp. The band writes its logo in Cyrillic, which translates into "miner" in Russian - a term that describes their slow and hard sound. Guitarist Christian has a fascination with Russia ever since he visited some of his former university flatmates in St. Petersburg. The guitarist and bassist of Shakhtyor knew each other from another Hamburg band they were in. After that band split up in 2008, they formed Shakhtyor. Stream all four tunes from the album below.

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Stubb Appearing In Superhot Sessions 001

Resolve Films recently filmed heavy British blues/rock combo Stubb performing a reworked take of the track "Hard Hearted Woman" for a new series that Superhot Records is doing titled The Superhot Sessions. Here is the Superhot Sessions 001 video with Stubb in a series that Superhot Records will be filming of its artists and other artists that they really like, in a live setting. Stream the entire eight-song self-titled debut from Stubb over on Bandcamp.

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Necrocurse Writing New Album

Sweden's Necrocurse, now on the Pulverised Records roster, has issued the following update about writing new material for a new album:

"We are still writing material for the upcoming album (to be released by Pulverised Records) which is planned to be recorded in autumn this year. A little later than planned but what the hell it will hopefully be really really hard and crude as well.

"We have recorded several demos of a bunch of songs and some will be re-recorded for the album and some not. Possibly we will release some of the demo songs in some form during the year.

"Cheers from the morbid maniacs of Necrocurse, Death Metal Rebels!" More...

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Zonaria Releasing Third Album In The Summer

Listenable Records will be unleashing the new album, "Arrival of the Red Sun," by Zonaria on July 23rd in Europe and August 14th in America. Zonaria has several EPs and two full-length albums under its belt and has toured Europe with the likes of Satyricon, Pain, Marduk, Nile and Vader among others. These Swedish death metal commanders have recorded the eleven track "Arrival of the Red Sun" with Jonas Kjellgren doing the engineering at Abyss Studios. Check out the tracklisting for the album below

1) Arrival Of The Red Sun
2) Silent Holocaust
3) Gunpoint Salvation
4) Liberation Zero
5) The Blood That Must Be Paid
6) Desert Storms
7) A Lullaby To Those Still Alive
8) Full Spectrum Dominance
9) My Vengeance Remains
10) Face My Justice
11) CC Cowboys (bonus track Limited edition CD only)


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Deadborn Unleashes Its Mayhem Maniac Machine

Once upon a time there was a band named Necrophagist...and there still is. One of its band members went on to Obscura and two others went on to form the German death metal machine known as Deadborn. Already on its second full-length release, "Mayhem Maniac Machine," Deadborn does things the old school death metal way - composing unadulterated, delivering non-stop power and energy with deadly force. Vocalist (and part-time guitarist) Mario Petrovic caught up with Metal Underground when he had a gap in his busy schedule of shooting a video and gearing up for ExtremeFest 2012 in Germany to give us some insights into Deadborn's new album and some of the band's interesting history, letting us know that these Teutonic thrashers don't plan on letting up on the steam anytime soon. More...

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Ashka Calling It Quits

Paris, France based female-fronted act Ashka, which signed to Rogue Records last year, has now issued the following announcement about deciding to call it a day:

"After 5 years of fantastic musical adventures, we have decided to end the band Ashka. We would like to thank all the bands we met, Rogue records America, all the webzines/radios that folowed us, and main of all our wonderful audience who supported us the past 5 years.

"But for all of those who wants to keep following our singer Syhem, check out her new band Beyond the Dust!"

You can also still check out some of Ashka's music by heading over to the band's official Facebook profile here.

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Sam Locke Posts New Single Online

Sam Locke has posted the new song "Divide And Resolve" online, which is the first single from the band's upcoming new album "Crossing The Barrier," due for release this coming June 5th, 2012.

Check out the song in the player below. You can also stream the entire previously released "Era" album at this location.

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Geezer Butler Weighs In On Black Sabbath Reunion

While Black Sabbath officially had no comment on Bill Ward's latest update, bassist Geezer Butler has broken the silence and posted an update on his own blog (paragraph breaks added for readability):

I feel sad to see the Sabbath reunion becoming a bit of a soap opera on the internet. It has been a very tough year for us as a band, having announced our reunion plans, only for Tony to be diagnosed with lymphoma, leaving us no choice but to postpone the proposed Sabbath tour, and then for Bill to go public on his site about an un-signable contract. None of us knew how Tony was going to respond to his intensive chemo therapy, and radiotherapy. Ozzy and myself flew to England to be with Tony, and on his “good” days, we’d meet at his home studio and put ideas together for the upcoming album, all sitting down together, no drummer involved, just 3 of us quietly putting together ideas. We thought that when we had enough songs together for a full band rehearsal, we’d move back to L.A and put the whole thing together with Bill.

Unfortunately, to our surprise, Bill issued a statement on his site saying he’d been offered an un-signable contract. He hadn’t told any one of us he was having contractual problems, and frankly those things are worked out between our representatives, and never between the four of us let alone in public. We had the idea of keeping just one show in this year, hoping that Tony would be well enough for that show, and that things with Bill would be sorted. As you may expect, a one off show at Donnington Festival (Download) costs an absolute fortune to stage, involving over 50 people, transport, air fares, hotels, meals, agents, promotors, accountants, lawyers etc, so none of us, expected to make much money from it- it was a one off Sabbath show for the fans, before we go into recording the new album. Apparently, this wasn’t acceptable to Bill’s representatives, they wanted an amount that was so unrealistic that it seemed to have been a joke. So we resigned ourselves to doing Download without Bill, hoping he’d change his mind and at least make a guest appearance.

We started rehearsals a few weeks ago with Tommy Cluefetos, the drummer who will be on the Ozzy and Friends Tour. Brilliant drummer and good bloke. It was decided we’d better do a warm up show, to break the ice since we haven’t played together live. The O2 Academy was available in Birmingham, where we were rehearsing, so we decided on that, and to make a donation to Help For Heroes Charity, since we’d be ironing out any glitches we may have. Then Bill put out a further statement saying he’d been ready to play the Birmingham show , but he was expected to have to do it “for free”- well, I think that’s basically how you raise money from gigs for charity – you play them “for free”.

All I am saying is that there are two sides to everything. I do hope to play with Bill again some day. For whatever reason; it wasn’t meant to be this time. Bill’s made his decision, and I have to respect that. Hopefully this painful year will be worth the wait for the new Sabbath album and end in joy and happiness for all.
Stay frosty,

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Scythe Of Dante Streaming New Song

New York-based Scythe of Dante has released a new song online titled "Amendment," which is off the band's new album "Slay the System." Check out the track via Reverbnation or in the player available below.

According to a press release, "Slay the System" will feature "11 of the most brutal, progressive and technical metal NY has to offer." For more details on Scythe of Dante, head over to the band's Facebook profile. More...

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Fallen Joy Posts Teaser Trailer For New Album

Paris, France based act Fallen Joy has posted a new teaser trailer online for the band's upcoming "Inner Supremacy" album. Check out the clip below. The band also commented on an upcoming festival appearance in Canada:

"Big news! Fallen Joy will be at the Spread The Metal Festival in Halifax, Canada next July! We are going to perform a one hour set and play on the same stage as Morbid Angel and Kataklysm!

"It's a great honor for us and we're already pretty excited to go and play for a great cause! All tickets benefits will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation See you there Canadian people!"

More information on the Spread the Metal festival can be found at this location. More...

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Far West Battlefront Cancels Tonights Show

Australia's Far West Battlefront has issued the following brief statement about canceling the band's previously scheduled live show tonight:

"Unfortunately we are unable to play tonight as Adam has lost his voice from the flu. We're so bummed we cannot play our new songs for you. We apologise to anyone that came to the show to see us. We will play Adelaide again soon."

Far West Battlefront still has two more stops on the "Chapters" tour on May 25th and 26th in Perth, with full details available here. The band release the new "Chapters" album last month, and you can check out a song from the album below. More...

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Beneath The Smile Splits With Drummer

Italian act Beneath the Smile has issued the following update about parting ways with the band's drummer:

"It is with sadness that we announce that our dear brother, friend and drummer, Nick, is not part of the band anymore.

"We wish him the best with his life, college and anything he's going to do or not with music. BFF! We will still play the show with Not Yet Fallen, Despite Exile and Here Lies A Whisper in June with a new drummer. Cheers."

To hear more from Beneath the Smile, you can stream the band's entire "Autumn Scars" EP at this location.

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Bane Posts "In Endless Silence" Video

Serbian metal act Bane has posted a video clip online of the band performing the song "In Endless Silence," which can be heard below. "In Endless Silence" is of the band's new album "The Acausal Fire," being released this year through Abyss Records. For more info on Bane, navigate to the band's Facebook profile here.

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