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Metal News for May 18, 2022

Last updated on June 6, 2023 at 3:00 AM ET

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Nekrogoblikon Debuts New Music Video

The self-proclaimed "Best Goblin Metal Band on the Planet" known as Nekrogoblikon, have shared new video 'Bones', taken from their new album "The Fundamental Slimes And Humours," out now. Watch John Goblikon wreak havoc in a bowling alley in new video "Bones" below.

The band comment: "We're excited to bring you another John Goblikon narrative video! We hope you enjoy 'Bones' and know that no elderly people were harmed during the making of this clip (but they were afterwards)". More...

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Kardashev Posts New Music Video Online

Tempe, Arizona-based deathgaze unit Kardashev today unveils "Glass Phantoms," the latest single from their stirring new full-length "Liminal Rite" set for release June 10th via Metal Blade Records.

"Liminal Rite" boasts eleven deeply rousing, poignant, and musically grandiose tracks. Opening with the gorgeous drones of "The Approaching Of Atonement" before launching into the densely layered, surging "Silvered Shadows," an air of tragedy looms over much of the record's proceedings demanding an emotional response at every musical turn. The record follows a narrative laid out by drummer Sean Lang's spoken word parts. Elaborates guitarist Nico Mirolla of the record's weighty theme, "'Liminal Rite' explores how the past can both wound and seduce, leading us down a path of self-destruction. It's an anecdotal tale from a fictional man's perspective late in life on how perception and reality do not always coalesce. His experience tells a larger message of how our minds often create a false view of the past. Sean's narration is him expressing the man's perception and recollection of life. The failure of his memory, the nature of dementia, and how it plays into his experience are all encapsulated by the narrative sections."

Relays Mirolla of "Glass Phantoms," "The Lost Man's addiction to control fails him. He ascends the stairs, exits the house, and finds himself standing in the spot where his father knelt so many years ago. Guilt masked by anger grabs him by the chest and he curses the earth beneath him. The death of his brother rises to the surface of his mind like a cloud of locusts swarms a field, ripping and tearing until hunger is satiated. He clutches a stone and sees the ghostly effigy of his father's hand doing the same. Images of the tragedy that took his brother away flood The Lost Man, and he remembers the fury of his father as the truth was laid bare. But what was it that grave mistake that manifested by his own actions? The memory is too far in the ground, buried under broken glass and isolation. But this time will be different. This time he will not be cast aside. He is home, and he would rather die than suffer the loss of his past for a second time." More...

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Sicksense Vocalists Discuss Debut EP "Kings Today"

Even in its heyday, nu metal was controversial genre. On the one hand, metal purists saw the influx of rapping, turntables, trackie pants and lyrical themes which were often far removed from what had come before and saw everything despised coming into their home like an welcome brother in-law. In fairness though, until this point, the mainstream was convinced that metal was dead and grunge killed it and so to even have the word "metal" back in mainstream consciousness again was something of a miracle. Add to that that these bands were still name dropping icons like Black Sabbath, Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer, providing a gateway and introduction to heavier music for kids of the day, as well as the fact that almost everything gets appreciated more with age and one has to wonder if it was all that bad.

Little wonder then that in the 2020s, the world is seeing a small revival of the sub-genre and in the latest example of this, we turn to two known vocalists and a trio of Canadian musicians, collectively known as Sicksense. Featuring The Agonist singer Vicky Psarakis and Stuck Mojo frontman Robby Fonts, the quintet released their first EP, "Kings Today" just shy of a month ago and the response so far has been positive. Those who were nu metal fans back in the day tend to agree that they do a perfect job of capturing the fun and the spirit of the era and even some detractors have to agree that the music they offer is highly enjoyable. To find out more about the band, the EP, live plans and more, Metal Underground caught up with Robby and Vicky, in an interview which you can watch in full below.

Diamond Oz: I've been listening to the new EP and having grown up as a nu metal kid, I can say that it does a really good job of capturing the feeling of the nu metal era. Was that always the goal of Sicksense, not to emulate but to recapture the spirit of back then?

Robby Fonts: Yeah, I think so. Sicksense was actually started by our members Bran and Cody. They were in this other band called Keychain who were doing this unabashedly nu metal style and then they ended up parting ways with their previous singer. So they were looking to replace that person and I ended up auditioning for them, I worked on three demo songs that Brain had sent me and Brain really liked what I was doing on a lyrical and vocal level, but he was like, "Hey I would like to incorporate singing in this band as well, would you be OK with having another vocalist in the band?"

Vicky was already working on the demos with me, doing backing vocals on them, so for the third song, before I started working on the third demo that he'd sent me, I was like, "OK, well now that I know there's going to be a second vocalist, let's write this one with Vicky in mind" and that song ended up becoming "Make Believe." We went forward from there and so that's how we came to be working with Vicky and I think she did magic with the song and the music.


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Ligature Marks Reveal New Single

Portland, Oregon based metalcore bruisers Ligature Marks have released their newest single "Life Into Me" featuring Mick Whitney of 36 Crazyfists on bass via all streaming platforms.

You can check it out below! More...

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Lost Society Reveals New Album Details

Only two years after their incredibly successful latest album "No Absolution," Finnish modern metal squad Lost Society have come back ferociously with the first single from their upcoming manifesto "If The Sky Came Down," set to be released on September 30th via Nuclear Blast.

Front man Samy Elbanna shares some insights:

"The upcoming album is a portrayal of how you see the world after you have come to terms with the fact that all hope has been lost. A world where all your insecurities and worst fears come to life.

"It’s my story, and '112' is where it all begins. It’s the moment you realise your life has started to unravel and you can finally be fully honest with yourself and admit: you’re not okay. There’s something incredibly purifying and serene about letting go, and finally starting to build something new. Since writing the lyrics and chorus to this song, it was clear that this was the first song people have to hear from the album." More...

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Space Of Variations Debuts New Music Video

Ukranian metalcore force Space Of Variations is unstoppable – while living through the horrors of war in their home country, the band still manages to express themselves through their creative, emotional and hard-hitting music and videos. Today, Space Of Variations reveals a new, mesmerizing music video for the powerful album title track "Imago!"

Space Of Variations have also announced that the album release of "Imago" is being delayed once more to September 23, 2022, given the current circumstances.

Space Of Variations about the release of "Imago":
"Hello world! The war in our country has changed everything. New reality is ruthless. Although it’s hard, we keep trying to be SOV - the band you’ve always known. Therefore, as much as it’s possible, we’ll be seeking balance in this chaos and sharing what we created before this terrible war began."

The band has also announced the launch of their Patreon, which gives fans a chance to support Space Of Variations directly. Watch Space Of Variations’s statement and support them through their Patreon here: More...

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Ghost Announces North American Tour Dates

"We wish to inform you, Ghost will be haunting North America this Summer 2022 on the ImperaTour with special guests, Mastodon & Spiritbox," states an update from Ghost.

The North American ImperaTour will see the Grammy Award-winning Swedish theatrical rock band headlining 19 arenas across the US and Canada (plus an appearance at Virginia's Blue Ridge Rock Fest), kicking off in August.

The newly announced dates will comprise Ghost’s first North American run since the March 11, 2022 release of its fifth album, Impera, via Loma Vista Recordings.

The announcement of ImperaTour’s North American swing completes a perfect storm of Ghost mania, coinciding with this week’s ascension of “Call Me Little Sunshine” to the top of the Rock Radio chart and the unveiling of Chapter 11: Family Dinner, the newest instalment of Ghost’s long-running narrative series of webisodes. In this next chapter, we find Papa Emeritus IV, having returned to the Ministry, joining Sister Imperator, Mr. Saltarian, and the spirit of Papa Nihil for a meal of Chinese takeout.

Tickets for Ghost's North American ImperaTour will be on sale from May 20 at 10 AM local time, here. American Express Card Members can purchase tickets in select markets before the general public beginning Wednesday, May 18 at 12 PM, local time through Thursday, May 19 at 10 PM, local time.

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Dragonbreed Releases New Lyric Video

Dragonbreed is a collabaration of current and past Suidakra members with longtime friend and Graveworm vocalist Stefan Fiori. On April 22nd, the band released their debut album, Necrohedron.

While the previously released video clip for "The Undying" shows the band during their studio recordings, the Dragonbreed has followed up with another video, "Sinister Omen", which pays tribute to the "silent" sixth band member, so to speak, and puts the lyrics as well as the artwork of the album in the foreground. Both come from the creative mind of cover artist Kris Verwimp, who was able to realize a concept story with this album, which had been slumbering in his drawer for a long time and fit Dragonbreed like a glove. More...

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Mob Rules Shares Cover Of Dio Classic

This week, Mob Rules digitally released the cover version of the Dio classic "Sacred Heart."

Hardly any singer has influenced the rock & metal world as much as Ronnie James Dio. Dio was a role model for many people and thus also had a lasting influence on Mob Rules.
In 2005 Mob Rules were special guests for Dio's Master Of The Moon tour at Hyde Park Osnabrück and were lucky enough to meet Dio once in person.
Because afterwards there was a warm-hearted meeting, whereupon joint shows were planned in 2009, which unfortunately could no longer be realized as a result of his illness.

On the twelfth anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death on May 16, the memory of this impressive man shall be revived.

His legacy and the memory of him, have lost nothing of their power and importance to this day and will remain a significant part of the rock world in the future. More...

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Silent Lie To Release New Album In September

RockshotsRecords is proud to announce their latest signing of Italian melancholic metallers SilentLie for the release of their sophomore full-length "Equilibrium" this coming September to follow 2015's "Layers of Nothing".

Always drawn to the dark side of emotions, "Equilibrium" proceeds along this path. It stands on modern heavy tones and an obscure mood that can be compared to bands like Ghost, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Cure. Spreading their dark wings, drums, and bass, SilentLie builds a wall of sound on which the guitars dance with tombstone keys while a powerful female voice embraces the listener with gritty, but catchy melodies. Many of the songs on the album, thematically, deal with the eternal struggle between good and evil, with lyrics introspective and personal. There’s a maturity to the music that acts as a pendulum swinging between 80s liquid verses and gloomy, almost doomy, parts.

"Our first EP, 'Blood Under Snow' was a collection of five obscure and atmospheric tracks, while our first full length 'Layers Of Nothing' featured dark/gothic influences with some old fashioned Sabbath riffing. The new material on 'Equilibrium" reveals a more focused sound with a blasting production. It's deep, heavy, and gritty with a dark outline. It's a collection of 10 heavy songs, a journey in the dark without fear." adds the band.

"Equilibrium" was mixed in the U.S.A. by Grammy Award winner Dave Hagen at Dark Horse Studios (Mastodon, Evanescence, Alice in Chains). The album is due out on September 30th.

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Our Dying World Posts New Music Video Online

?"Veil Of The Reaper" is the final song on Our Dying World’s upcoming album "Hymns Of Blinding Darkness." The song starts immediately - pounding double bass and guitars flood the soundscape as the first verse comes in. Over the course of the track, vocalist David Ainsworth tells us of the process of dying complimented by beautiful leads, gang vocals, dueling solos, and melodies culminating in a catchy melodic chorus. This song touches on every element that makes a great melodic death metal song and goes on to add a rough and heavy breakdown, forsaking orchestration along with heavy and grueling riffs that are reminiscent of their first album "Expedition." The band shares their thoughts on the new single:

"It was the song that pushed us all out of our wheelhouse and got us to a new level of being comfortable with the level of musicianship in the band. The solos and leads in the songs are easily the hardest we’ve ever pulled off as a group. When we heard where the leads and solos were taking us, we decided to give this song an all-or-nothing approach, so we threw everything we possibly could into it to showcase where we’re going with this new lineup and the levels of the players in it. We wanted to also show the difference of the last record, which was considerably more death metal oriented, to the melodic direction we’re taking."

For Our Dying World, the atmosphere is extremely important to how their music is written, and Graham Southern, who handles keyboards and orchestration, is well versed in taking all the feelings and ideas from the band and making them socially accessible. This is especially important in “Veil Of The Reaper”, which touches on subjects of loss, missing loved ones, and inspiring figures.

You can check out the video, which originally premiered at No Clean Singing, below. More...

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Audrey Horne Unveils "Break Out" Video

Four years after their much-acclaimed Blackout record, on April 22, 2022 Bergen-based heavy rock act Audrey Horne released their chart-topping, seventh studio album, entitled "Devil‘s Bell," via Napalm Records.

To celebrate their brand new record in style, the band has just premiered a new music video for the track "Break Out," but chose a unique, creative way to bring it to life. As guitarist Arve Isdal works at a school teaching music production, the band invited a group of the school‘s talented film students to create the track‘s amazing music video – supporting arts education and the future of rock! The clip perfectly matches the song – a true hard rocking anthem.

Arve says about the new video and its making-of:
"The film students at a school I work for, Noroff Fagskole, had an assignment to make music videos. I thought it would be a good idea for them to try to make a video for Audrey Horne.
Unfortunately we didn’t have time to actually be present in the video, so we had to send the infamous doll versions of ourselves to star in it.

"The students did a great job and the video turned out very funny and looks professional, so we wanted to share it with you all. None of the dolls were harmed in the making of this video (as far as we know)." More...

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Deadbeat Premiere New Track & Lyric Video

Indiana-based deathcore unit Deadbeat premiere a new track and lyric video titled “Shadowplay”, streaming via YouTube for you now below.

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Dysmorphic Demiurge Premiere New Single

Knoxville, Tennessee-based slamming brutal death metal outfit Dysmorphic Demiurge premiere a new song entitled “The Scavengers”, taken from their upcoming new album "The Great and Terrible War", which will be out in stores on June 16, 2022 via Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt. This latest single is featuring Calin Paraschiv from Analepsy.

Check out now "The Scavengers" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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Psycroptic Premiere New Music Video “Rend Asunder”

Australian technical death metal band Psycroptic premiere their music video for the band's latest track “Rend Asunder“. In addition to that, they’ve also shared some more details regarding their eighth studio album “Divine Council“. The new full-length is scheduled for an August 05th release by Prosthetic Records.

Tell the band: More...

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GWAR Premiere New Single “Berserker Mode”

GWAR premiere a new track and visualizer clip titled “Berserker Mode” streaming online via YouTube and Spotify below. It is the second single to arrive from the band’s upcoming fifteenth studio full-length “The New Dark Ages“, due out June 03, 2022 via the group's own label Pit Records.

Comments frontman Blóthar: More...

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Soreption Premiere New Single & Music Video

Swedish technical death metal band Soreption will release their new studio full-length “Jord” on June 10th via Unique Leader Records. A first advance track from it and music video named “The Artificial North” has premiered and is streaming for you below.

Says frontman Fredrik Söderberg: More...

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