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Metal News for May 14, 2012

Last updated on September 28, 2021 at 3:19 AM ET

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Strong Intention To Release "Razorblade Express"

Strong Intention will be releasing the "Razorblade Express" EP this coming June. The following press release was issued about the EP:

"Maryland bands never fall short on extremity. Since the mid-‘90s Strong Intention have been punishing the underground with their own blend of New York-influenced hardcore breakdowns and blistering grindcore. Their unique sound has allowed them the longevity to play out and tour with such undisputed acts as Cripple Bastards, Disfear, Phobia, Extreme Noise Terror, Rotten Sound, D.R.I., Lock-Up and Misery Index, among others over their extensive career… and they're just getting started.

"Strong Intention have an extensive back-catalog of releases behind them and their latest slab of audio discontent is hardly an exception. Entitled Razorblade Express, the six-track behemoth features a bass work by Cattle Decapitation’s Derek Engemann as well as a guest appearance by Eyehategod frontman Mike IX Williams on the title track and '3rd Space Gorilla Generator.' With the first press limited to just 500 copies, this isn't one to sleep on. Give me vinyl or give me death!"

Comments SI founding frontman Zac Ohler: “It’s been far too long since we put out a record, so having these six songs of ‘no hope/no future distort’ released by a killer label and having long time friend Mike IX join us in this act of terrorism seems to be the perfect fit. It’s time to rise and grind!”

"Razorblade Express" will be released via PATAC Records on June 1st, 2012 and has the following track listing: More...

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Cowards Streaming Two New Songs

Throatruiner Records is currently streaming two tracks from the upcoming Cowards full-length "Shooting Blanks And Pills" at the label's Bandcamp page. You can also check out the tracks in the player availabel below.

"Shooting Blanks And Pills" will be released this coming June on limited 12" vinyl & free download via Throatruiner and Hellbound Records, the band's own structure. Drawing influence from bands such as Eyehategod, Kickback, andDeathspell Omega, the Parisian band features current and ex-members of Death Mercedes, Hangman's Chair, Eibon, Glorior Belli & more.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Hoarse From The Get Go
2. Last Card
3. Scarce
4. Vices & Hate
5. Arrogant, Unseen
6. Grand Failure More...

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Metalenema Radio Show Announces Guest Hosts

No Control Radio's dedicated death/black/thrash metal program Metalenema will air a series of special episodes featuring notable musicians as its guest hosts. The series will kick off Saturday, May 19th, at 10pm CST, with the first episode featuring a playlist and commentary from Vetis Monarch of the Canadian act Weapon. Subsequent episodes in the series will feature Wannes Gubbels of Pentacle on Saturday, June 2nd, and Dan Lilker of Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth on Saturday, June 16th. More guests will be announced as they are confirmed.

"The mission of these episodes is to have a fully-integrated experience for listeners, rather than just the standard Q&A that most shows feature," states Metalenema host The Undertaker. "We picked people who know metal and have a lot to say on the subject. It's a pleasure to have veterans come on the show and drive the content. Hopefully, we'll get everyone we've approached to take part in this concept." Check out a promo video for Metalenema at this location.

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Karybdis To Release Debut Album

Rising from the U.K. metal underground scene, London based Karybdis is set to release debut album "From The Depths" on July 2nd, 2012. The following press release was issued about the album:

"Showcasing breathtaking flair and finesse, this is forward-thinking heavy music that marries the savage riffing and percussive precision of death metal, groove metal and brutal hardcore to the epic sweep of ancient Greek myths and legends. A potent new hybrid driven by passion, power and the tireless pursuit of progress, 'From The Depths' is as fresh and invigorating as any metal album in recent memory.

"Exemplified by a genre-blending versatility and a devastating degree of sonic depth and muscle, songs like imperious album opener 'Minotaur' and the monumental 'Demonstration' exhibit an otherworldly quality that belies Karybdis’ burgeoning reputation as new metalcore figureheads. Completed by guitarists Pierre Dujardin and Harsha Dusari, bassist Jay Gladwin and recently-recruited frontman Rich O’Donnell, this international wrecking crew have evolved at a breathless pace since forming in 2008 and have struck upon a fizzing, ferocious inter-band chemistry that has led to a debut album that bulges with jaw-dropping dynamics and moments of exhilarating intensity. Named after a mythical sea creature that appears in Homer’s Odyssey, Karybdis are as ageless and epic as the ancient tales they tell on 'From The Depths'."

"We all have such different influences that we can’t be pinned down to a specific genre,” explains drummer Mitch McGugan. “The combination of all our ideas makes us unique. When we write we do it together and write what we want to hear. We never try to cater to a specific audience."

“Karybdis created huge whirlpools from the depths of the ocean in order to engulf any passing sailors,” explains McGugan. “We want to exert that kind of power too. We wanted a link between the name of the band and album title, something that also represented the beginning of something new for us. The lyrics range from being about dreams and mythological creatures to notions of love, lust and grief. Rich is quite a recent addition to the band, but he really pulled out all the stops on this album, and surprised us all a few times during the recording process!” More...

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Cattle Decapitation Releases New In-Studio Clip

Today Cattle Decapitation wants to start your week with a kick in the teeth. Check out new in-studio video footage from the "Monolith of Inhumanity" sessions -- specifically adventures in vocal tracking and additional Cattle-related fun -- at this location or in the player below.

Comments vocalist Travis Ryan: "Kids always ask me how I do my vocals and here it is... the vocals studio report for our new album Monolith of Inhumanity. As you can see, polar bear pajama pants and a really stupid haircut really help me achieve those pitches needed to push the melodic high vocals over the top. You will also find there actually are no ‘pirate’ influences in the studio. Nor any ninjas, vampires, zombies or Chuck Norris paraphernalia in there either so sit down, shut up and smell the farts... there's at least two of ‘em in there if you listen closely..."

In related news, Cattle Decapitation will sever souls on this Summer’s Shockwave Festival Tour 2012, announced earlier this month. The band will be joined by Fear Factory, Voivod, Misery Index, Revocation, Havok, Dirge Within, Last Chance To Reason, Vildhjarta, The Browning and Forged In Flame. Tickets are on sale here.

In the meantime, the band is currently bringing hostility to the stage on the Occupation Domination 2012 tour alongside Origin, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Rings Of Saturn, Battlecross and more. More...

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Horseback Streaming Entire New Album

Chapel Hill, NC’s Horseback is currently streaming the band's new full-length "Half Blood" via Spin Magazine at this location.

The record is out now in North America and the U.K. and is available via Relapse here. "Half Blood" was recorded by Jenks at The Chateau and according to a press release is a "true synthesis of the eclectic sounds the band has explored in the past. The material on Half Blood is an amalgamation of drone, doom, black-metal, psychedelia, post-rock, noise, and ambience recorded with a wide array of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keys, piano, bells, contact mics, field recordings, drum programming, noise and various signal processors."

Additionally, Pitchfork recently conducted an in-depth interview with Jenks Miller. Check out the interview at Pitchfork's website.

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Stray From The Path Releases New Video Clip

Stray From The Path has posted a new official music video online for the song "Mad Girl," which is taken off the band's latest album "Rising Sun." Check out the Jordan Pulmano-directed video clip in the player available below.

The band will also be heading out on the All Stars 2012 tour this coming August with Suicide Silence, Stick To Your Guns, Betraying the Martyrs, and more. Check out full details at this location.

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Helldorados Streaming New Track

Stuttgart, Germany based sleaze rock band Helldorados is streaming the new track "You Live, You Learn, You Die" (heard below). The song appears on the band's forthcoming self-titled sophomore effort "Helldorados," which is due out for release on July 13, 2012 through Massacre Records. The album is the follow up to the 2007 debut "Just Rock."

Check out the song "You Live, You Learn, You Die" here:

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To Speak Of Wolves Posts "Je Suis Fini" Video

North Carolina hard rock outfit To Speak of Wolves continue to charge towards the May 22nd release of sophomore album, "Find Your Worth, Come Home." Last week the band premiered the album's blistering leadoff track through Revolver, and this week the band is excited to take fans deeper into the album with the debut of the first half of a two-part story that begins with the video for standout track "Je Suis Fini."

Check out the video clip below. The following press release was also issued:

"Overtop a soundtrack of darkly melodic rock set off by the frenetic vocals of new frontman Gage Speas, the video for 'Je Suis Fini' is a modern take on Plato's Allegory of the Cave, in which a patient realizes that what she perceives as reality is far from the truth, and that she must escape her surroundings at any and all costs."

"We chose to shoot a video for 'Je Suis Fini' because we feel it's a track that represents the album really well," explains drummer Phil Chamberlain. "We wanted to give people an honest preview of the record and how it sounds. Plus, it has a lot of energy and we really dig the chorus a lot. Due to scheduling, we ended up having to shoot two videos in one day. On top of that, we were all wearing winter clothes while shooting on a hot day, so we were drenched in sweat trying to get this done!" More...

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Raven Black Night Signs With Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records today announces the signing of epic heavy metallers Raven Black Night from down under. The label commented:

"Raven Black Night formed in 1999 in Adelaide, Australia to start their campaign to bring their traditional metal sound to a worldwide audience. After numerous gigs throughout their home country they recorded and released their debut album Choose The Dark in 2005.

"Choose The Dark garnered praise throughout Australia and Europe, culminating into an invitation in 2007 to perform at the 10th annual Headbangers Open Air in Germany. Several years of touring and festival appearances were to follow where Raven Black Night played the Hard and Heavy summer nights, the Hamburg Ballroom, and more dates throughout Australia.

"Raven Black Night main men Jim and Rino are prepared to take the Raven Black Night's sound of true metal/doom to a global audience. A new partnership with Metal Blade Records and a new album, which is now being written, will firmly set Raven Black Night on the world map of true heavy metal." More...

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Steve Tucker Forms New Band Warfather

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the formation and signing of brand new death metal act Warfather, a devastating new unit conceived by ex-Morbid Angel gladiator Steve Tucker.

In a statement on what metal fans are to expect from Warfather, Tucker stated: "This is my new band; it will be my main focus…. it is my kind of death metal.” Having been known for his vocal and bass skills in all of his previous acts, while still holding down vocal duties here, Tucker has moved on to guitar with this project. “I have always played the guitar and I think now is the time for me to make the move. I think doing solos and extra guitar parts will allow me to express myself in a whole new way!”

Also on guitars is Armatura, formerly of Cincinnati-based death metal band Dominion. Recruited to the drum kit is Deimos, a death metal veteran currently playing in the band Temple and also having played with bands such as Severe Torture. The bass is dispatched by Nick McMaster (Krallice, Nader Sadek, Castevet). Additional guitar contributions will be tracked by friends of Warfther, which include many notable death metal stalwarts; full details will be announced shortly.

Warfather is currently in the final stages of tracking the yet-to-be-titled album, with mixing to take place immediately after. Tucker himself is producing the entire release, as he did for the 2011-released Nader Sadek album "In the Flesh," which Tucker also performed on. The artwork is in the final stages as well, and will be unveiled shortly, along with the details on the album, which is being slated for release this Fall. Upon its release, Warfather will take the battle to the highways of the planet on tour in support of the album. More...

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Dol Ammad Releases New Music Video

Dol Ammad has presented the 4th music video from the band's latest album "Cosmic Gods: Episode I - Hyperspeed." Watch the clip for "Noctis Labyrinthus" in the player below. You can also check out the previously posted video for "Magus Invicta" at this location. Dol Ammad commented:

"Hello friends, I am still trying to recover from the beers of our release party last week and a strange virus that has hit me with fever, cough and a cactus-like throat...

"Here is the fourth Dol Ammad music video for the song 'Noctis Labyrinthus' taken from our 'Cosmic Gods: Episode I - Hyperspeed' album. I've received emails and comments that this song has one of your most favorite melodies and I can't agree more! I think that it has a mesmerizing atmosphere and I believe the temple footage fits perfectly the feelings of the 'fallen cathedral' that hides the 'Sign of Noctis.' You can also witness Batman deciphering some hieroglyphics..." More...

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We Are Knuckle Dragger Posts New Video Clip

U.K. act We Are Knuckle Dragger has posted a new video clip online for the song "Bad Wee Bastard." The video was filmed at Grange Farm Studio with director Dan Donovan and can be viewed in the player below. For more details on We Are Knuckle Dragger, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Saint Vitus Streaming Entire New Album

Legendary doom metal forefathers Saint Vitus are streaming their upcoming album "Lillie: F-65" in it's entirety online. Check out the full release on NPR.org here. The album is set for release on May 22nd in North America.

Saint Vitus will also be playing festivals this spring and summer in the U.S. and Europe. An up to date list of tour dates can be found below:

5/25 Dallas, TX @ Trees
5/27 Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest
5/30 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks
5/31 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's
6/01 Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas
6/08 Slovesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Fest
6/11 London, UK @ Underworld
6/12 Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
6/13 Bristol, UK @ Fleece
6/16 Clisson, France @ Hellfest 2012
6/29 Helsinki, Finland @ Tuska Open Air Metal Festival
7/01 Larz, Germany @ Fusion Festival
7/02 Berlin, Germany @ Kreuzberg Festival
7/03 Vienna, Austria @ Viper Room
7/04 Budapest, Hungary @ A38
7/06 Ebensee, Austria @ Kino Ebensee
7/07 Athens, Greece @ An Club
7/09 Dudingen, Switzerland @ Bad Bonn
7/10 Ludwigsburg, Germany @ Rockfabrik
7/13 Erfurt, Germany @ Stoned From The Underground
7/14 Rostock, Germany @ Mau Club
7/17 Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
7/19 Tilburg, Netherlands @ 013
7/12 Oberhausen, Germany @ Devil Side Festival

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Headline News

Urgehal Vocalist Trondr Nefas Dead At 35

Season of Mist Records reported that guitarist/vocalist Trondr Nefas of the Norwegian black metal band Urgehal has died suddenly at the age of 35. No news as to the cause of death was released as of yet. In a post on the label's Facebook page, it was stated: "We are deeply sorry to announce that URGEHAL guitarist/vocalist Trondr Nefas just passed away. More news and official statement to follow soon. RIP."

Nefas also played with Beastcraft (as Alastor Nefas), Bloodsworn, Endezzm, In Lingua Mortua, Vulture Lord, Angst Skvadron (As T.B.) and Kvist. Ironically, the last release from Urgehal was the 7" "Death Is Complete" released in January 2011 through Folter Records.

Nefas also provided a guest solo for Italian black metal band So Much For Nothing's track "My Previous," which was released on My Kingdom Music earlier this year. Owner and general manager of My Kingdom Music, Francesco Palumbo, has these comments on the passing of Nefas:

"It's a sad day for many Black souls because Trondr Nefas's death. A few one knows him as a great man, a lot of you knows him for his great talent and music in URGEHAL, BEASTCRAFT and other great acts and some of you have listened to his great musical talent because he played a great guitar solo in the song 'My Precious' available in the SO MUCH FOR NOTHING album "Livsgnist" released by my label. That's the personal reason I want to show with this my being close to his family, girlfriend, his fellow musicians in Urgehal, Angst Skvadron and Beastcraft and of course to Erik and Jarle from 'my' SO MUCH FOR NOTHING! Rest in peace!!!"

More news on the death is expected shortly. More...

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Exhumed Premieres Live Songs And Video Interview

Scion AV is releasing the live recording of Relapse Record's Label Showcase this week, which includes two live tracks from Exhumed, Black Tusk, Revocation, Tombs, and Royal Thunder. You can check out the Exhumed tracks "Distorted and Twist to Form" and "As Hammer to Anvil" in the widget below.

Scion AV has also released a video interview with Exhumed where the members discuss their old bass player's habitual vomiting, Matt Harvey's rude introduction to heavy metal, and staying true to your sound. Watch the interview after the jump.

Exhumed is currently on the road with Fuck the Facts and The Black Dahlia Murder, with full details available at this location.


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HolyHell Announces Sophomore LP "Darkness Visible"

New York based symphonic metal act HolyHell announced that the band's sophomore full length release will be entitled "Darkness Visible." The album is set for a digital release on June 16, 2012, exclusively through iTunes and Kingdom of Steel. Physical CD's of the album are set for a July 27, 2012. Pre-sales of the album are available at this location. The album will be mixed and mastered at the legendary Wisseloord Studios by long-time collaborators mixing engineer Ronald Prent and two-time Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper.

Singer/lyricist Maria Breon commented on the release: "Our fans have been amazing all these years. The Pre-Sale bundle is our Thank You! for their incredible support."

Keyboardist/composer Francisco Palomo also commented on the album: "We've been pushing ourselves to the limit, we've given all our heart and soul, and we believe our fans will hear and feel it in every single song." More...

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Baroness Streaming New Song Online

Baroness has posted a new song online titled "Take My Bones Away," which is taken from the upcoming new album "Yellow & Green." Check out the track in the player below.

"Yellow & Green" is coming this July 17th, 2012 via Relapse Records on 2CD/Deluxe 2CD/2xLP/Deluxe 2xLP/digital download. A previously posted teaser trailer for the album can also be viewed at this location.


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The All Stars Tour 2012 Lineup Revealed

The All Stars Tour returns this summer with Suicide Silence, I See Stars, Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path, The Word Alive, Make Me Famous, Betraying the Martyrs, and more. Select dates will also feature Unearth and Dance Gavin Dance. Further details are available at this location. A teaser for the tour can be viewed after the jump, and the currently announced dates are as follows:

8/03-Phoenix, AZ @ Nile Theatre
8/04-San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
8/05-Fresno, CA @ Blackbeards Park
8/07-Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
8/08-Anaheim, CA @ The Grove
8/09-Reno, NV @ The Knitting Factory
8/10-Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
8/11-Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
8/13-Chicago, IL @ Congress Theatre
8/14-Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian
8/15-Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
8/16-New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
8/17-Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
8/18-Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
8/19-Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
8/20-Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
8/21-Virgnia Beach (Norfolk), VA @ The NorVa
8/22-Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
8/24-Houston, TX @ House of Blues
8/25-San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
8/26-Dallas, TX @ The Palladium
8/27-Mission, TX @ Pharr Events Center More...

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Triosphere Posts New Music Video

Norwegian power/progressive band Triosphere posted a new music video for the song "Marionette." The song appears on the band's 2010 sophomore release "The Road Less Traveled" available through AFM Records (see Metal Underground's review at this location).

Triosphere is currently working on its third release.

Check out "Marionette" here:

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Messiah To Release Best-Of Album

Massacre Records has issued the following announcement about releasing a best-of album from Swiss act Messiah:

"Fans of MESSIAH can look forward to a digital best of album! 'Extreme Hymns And Ballads Of A Rotten Psycho Underground Horror Cult' will contain 19 songs and will be released on June 1st!

"It will be available for a special price on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload and other digital music stores only! The tracklisting of the album will be released soon." More...

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The Reticent Denounces Gay Marriage Ban Bill

The Reticent's Chris Hathcock recently denounced the May 8th passage of Amendment One - North Carolina's constitutional amendment prohibiting the legal recognition of domestic unions, including same-sex marriages. The amendment, which has made North Carolina a national focal point for the issue, defines marriage as solely a union between a man and a woman, and expands an existing North Carolina law banning gay marriage. Hathcock posted the following statement on The Reticent's Facebook page:

"The Reticent is collectively disappointed in North Carolina's passage of an exclusivist, misguided, and ill-informed piece of legislature today. The mind reels. It is all too clear what really fueled those voters that checked 'For' which is terribly disheartening. Billy Graham took out an ad in 14 NC newspapers proclaiming his support and we quote him: 'The Bible is clear...' Alright, then we would like to posit the following as other examples of marriage found in that text."

In response to reactions from Facebook posts about the statement, Hatchcock went on to write:

"The anger and vitriol on all sides of the current debate in our home state and country is troubling to us. And further we do not want to entertain any further debate on our page because all we want to do is make music. The thing that is most staggering and regretful in all of this is that it seems we as a people cannot have an earnest discussion about this."

On May 29th Heaven and Hell Records will release the much anticipated follow-up to The Reticent's 2008 second album "Amor Mortem Mei Erit." "Le Temps Detruit Tout" marks the next and third chapter for multi-instrumentalist Chris Hathcock.

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Alaska Releases New Lyric Video

Newly formed Paris, France based act Alaska has posted a new lyric video online. Check out the clip for "Mind Injuries," off the band's "Into the Sea" EP, in the YouTube player below. For more details on Alaska, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

Alaska is:

Kevin Royer - Vocals (Scream/Clean)
Robin Leneutre - Guitar
Louis Dazy - Guitar
Florian Ouf - Drums

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Architects Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

U.K. band Architects will be releasing the new album "Daybreaker" this coming May 28th, 2012 (EU) and June 5th, 2012 (North America). The band also recently released a new music video for the song "Alpha Omega," which can be viewed at this location.

Architects has now released a behind-the-scenes video showing the creation of the "Alpha Omega" video. Check out the clip below to see director Stuart Birchall talk alongside Tom Searle and Sam Carter about the meanings behind the song and the video. More...

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Mercenary Issues Album And Tour Update

Danish metallers Mercenary have issued the following update about working on a new album and lining up festival appearances:

"Things are busy at Camp Mercenary these days! We are currently recording the pre-production of our 7th album, which is a very exiting process, and since the release of 'Metamorphosis' in February 2011 we have been touring massively and we have a lot of great experiences under the hood already with this line-up.

"In March we went to Russia for the first time ever and played a headlining show for a venue filled with exited and anticipating Russian fans. (See short video documentary below) All in all, we are truly grateful for the warm welcome we have received, and we look forward to many more great experiences with all our amazing fans!

"The plan for the summer tour is ready, and it is with great pleasure that we can announce that Mercenary has been confirmed for the following festivals in 2012:

18/5 Day of Decay (DK), Aalborg
30/6 Basinfire (CZ)
04/7 Nibe Festival (DK), Nibe
02/8 Danmarks Grimmeste Festival (DK), Aarhus

"See you out there! Horns!"

You can also check out a tour video from Moscow in the player below, or find a gallery from the band's Moscow show at this location. More...

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In Vain Working On New Album

Norway's In Vain has issued the following update about working on a new album and releasing a music video:

"We are well under way with the songwriting for the new album. So far J. Haaland has 6 songs more or less finished, and there is more to come. This time around we will do a preproduction, which is new to In Vain.

"Haaland has already started recording the guitars and bass, and Nedland will soon join to add vocals. We will try to finish the preproduction during the summer, and aim to enter the studio this autumn.

"In addition, the whole band will rehearse the songs before entering the studio. Such a creative process is also new to In Vain, as pervious circumstances have made that difficult. We will try out the new songs at a rehearsal weekend in the end of this month. During this get together we will also rehearse with Solefald for our upcoming joint-gigs.

"Other news is that we will soon launch a music video which we did for 'Dark Prophets, Black Hearts' from our album Mantra. Stay tuned.

"Besides this update from In Vain, we encourage you all to check out our allies in the hardcore band From Strength to Strength which contains In Vain members Haaland and Wikstøl. They’re releasing their debut album this year, and rumours say it’s smoking hot!"

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The Prophecy 23 Posts New Album Teaser

The Prophecy 23 will release new album "Green Machine Laser Beam" on June 29th, 2012. A making-of video has now been posted online and can be viewed below. The following press release was also issued about the album:

"After the overwhelming feedback on the debut record, their second record Green Machine Laser Bean smashes into your head like a 23k-sledgehammer.

"Catchy party tunes like 'No Beer (What A Mess),' 'Don't Waste Time -- Get Wasted' or 'Wake Me Up For Lunch' incite metalheads to bawl both in moshpits and basement party rooms. Rough and heavy tracks like 'Don't Step Back' and the mosh anthem 'We Are The Pit Police' don't beat around the bush.

"The Prophecy 23 also deals with issues of global importance: Ice Road Trucker vs. The Sun is a tribute to the hardest of men. During 'Princess of Gorleben' you can get to know the romantic face of The Prophecy 23.

"Green Machine Laser Beam is produced by Kristian 'Kohle' Kohlmannslehner in the Kohlekeller Studio. Kohlmannslehner already put the final touches on miscellaneous chart entries (Crematory, Powerwolf, et al.)." More...

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Shadows Fall Releases "Fire From The Sky" Teaser

Shadows Fall is set to release "Fire From The Sky" tomorrow, May 15th. The Best Buy exclusive version will include an exclusive bonus content DVD and an extra two new studio tracks. Check out a teaser for the release below.

You can also listen to the previously posted new song off the album, titled "Save Your Soul," at this location. The "Fire From The Sky" track listing is as follows: More...

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Texas Hippie Coalition Releases Lyric Video

Texas Hippie Coalition will be releasing the new single "Turn It Up" tomorrow via iTunes and Amazon, and the band has now made the song available online as a lyric video. Check out the track below.

You can also check out studio footage from the recording of the new album "Peacemaker" at this location. "Peacemaker" is the upcoming follow-up to the "Rollin" album (reviewed here).

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Lamb Of God To Tour With Dethklok

This summer, two of the biggest names in metal, Lamb of God and Dethklok will join forces for a 34-show North American tour kicking off on August 1st in Seattle, Wash. The three-time Grammy Award-nominated band from Richmond, VA and the world’s most brutal animated death band from Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse animated series will shred their way through cities throughout in the U.S. and Canada ending September 15 in San Francisco, CA.

The upcoming Dethklok and Lamb of God with Gojira summer tour marks the return of Lamb of God to North American stages where they will support latest album "Resolution," which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart when it was released earlier this year.

As in tours past, Brendon Small, the co-creator and composer behind Dethklok, will bring the animated band to life on stage each night alongside an all-star band including the legendary Gene Hoglan, Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally. Building on the success of "Dethklok: The Dethalbum" and "Dethklok: The Dethalbum II" from Williams Street Records, Small is currently in the studio working on the band’s third album release scheduled for later this year. Additionally, new episodes from the fourth season of Metalocalypse currently air on Adult Swim Sundays at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT). More...

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Dew-Scented Posts New Album Teaser

Germany's Dew-Scented has posted a new teaser trailer online for the band's upcoming album "Icarus," which is available below. "Icarus" is set to be released in July via Metal Blade Records in Europe and Prosthetic Records in North America. Release dates are as follows:

July 27th, 2012 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (via Metal Blade Records)
July 30th, 2012 in the rest of Europe (via Metal Blade Records)
July 31st, 2012 in North America (via Prosthetic Records)


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Dust Streaming New Songs

German sludge band Dust is streaming three tracks from its recent album "Distortion Empire." Below is a video upload of the song "Back to Light," plus you can listen to the title track and the tune "Smell the Burning" over on that same YouTube page. "Distortion Empire" is the third full-length from these monolithic doomsters, who recently played at the Metal Inferno Festival in Paderborn.

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Connecticut

We've done a Connecticut scene report before, but the volume of bands coming from this third-smallest U.S. state is incredibly big - so today it merits another look. Connecticut has a long history with metal music, due to the vast number of colleges and radio stations promoting the scene in the eighties and beyond. The Constitution state also has a rich hardcore history that ties in with the metal scene, which dates back prior to the existence of that legendary club The Anthrax in South Norwalk. The classic metal and hardcore shows played there became the subject of the book "Everybody's Scene: The Story of Connecticut's Anthrax Club," which was penned by Chris Daily. Check out that book trailer here. Even the fabulous Forced Reality (a band with members of the now disbanded Skeletal Ambitions) has reformed and is playing oi punk rock again, recently doing a few shows down south. More...

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Sacred Blood To Release Sophomore LP

Greek epic metal band Sacred Blood announced that it will release the sophomore LP "Alexandros" on May 29, 2012 through Pitch Black Records.

The track listing for "Alexandros" is as follows:

1. The Warrior's Scion
2. The Bold Prince of Macedonia
3. The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in Throes)
4. Marching to War
5. Death Behind the Walls
6. New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)
7. Before the Gates of Ishtar
8. Battlefield Aenaon
9. Ride through the Achaemenid Empire
10. Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)
11. Macedonian Force
12. Legends Never Die More...

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Engel Posts Track-By-Track Video For New LP

Swedish industrial metal band Engel posted a track-by-track video featuring vocalist Mangan Klavborn discussing the lyrics from the band's forthcoming LP "Blood of Saints." The album is scheduled for release on May 18, 2012 through Season of Mist Records.

The track listing for "Blood of Saints" is as follows:

1. Question Your Place
2. Frontline
3. Feel Afraid
4. Numb
5. Cash King
6. One Good Thing
7. Blood of Saints
8. Down to Nothing
9. Drama Queen
10. In Darkness
11. Journeys End

Check out the video here: More...

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Fear Factory Posts Trailer For "The Industrialist"

Fear Factory posted a new trailer for the band's upcoming LP "The Industrialist." The album is set for release on June 5, 2012 through AFM Records and marks the second release written by vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares since reuniting in 2009 after a seven year split.

The track listing for "The Industrialist" is as follows:

1. The Industrialist
2. Recharger
3. New Messiah
4. God Eater
5. Depraved Mind Murder
6. Virus of Faith
7. Difference Engine
8. Dissemble
9. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed
10. Human Augmentation
11. Blush Response (Difference Engine) *
12. Landfill *
* (available on deluxe digi-book only)

Check out the trailer here:

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Architects Posts Album Preview Video

U.K. based band Architects posted a preview video for the band's upcoming "Daybreaker" LP. The album is scheduled for release on May 28, 2012 (EU) and June 5, 2012 (North America).

The "Daybreaker" track listing will be as follows:

1. The Bitter End
2. Alpha Omega
3. These Colours Don't Run
4. Daybreak
5. Truth, Be Told
6. Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat
7. Outsider Heart
8. Behind The Throne
9. Devil's Island
10. Feather Of Lead
11. Unbeliever

Check out the preview clips here:

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Royal Thunder Posts Full Album Preview

Atlanta based Royal Thunder posted a full album preview clip for the band's debut full length LP entitled "CVI." The album is due out on May 22, 2012 (North America), May 28, 2012 (UK), June 1, 2012 (Germany/Benelux) and June 4, 2012 (Rest of Europe).

Check out the album preview here:

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Damnation Angels Posts Studio Diary

U.K. symphonic metal band Damnation Angels has posted a studio diary for the debut full length release "Bringer of Light." The album was released early 2012 in Japan only, as the band is still negotiating a record deal for release in Europe and North America for a late summer release. Damnation Angels features vocalist Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly, vocalist for Pellek.

Check out the studio diary for "Bringer of Light" here:

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Secret Sphere Announces New Vocalist

Italian power metal band Secret Sphere has announced that its new vocalist will be none other than Ex-Vision Divine vocalist Michele Luppi. In addition to fronting Vision Divine from 2003-2008, Luppi also fronts Finnish power/progressive band Thaurorod and Italy's Killing Touch.

The band made the following announcement on its website this morning:

"As previously stated by band the vocalist replacement is a new beginning, especially after more than 10 years of a career, there are risks to make mistakes and lost years of work, otherwise you can bring the band to the next level and find the missing link to give the right dimension to the project....And definitively for Secret Sphere we are talking about the second option, no doubt that they will bring their career to the next level with the addition of extraordinary singer Michele Luppi.

"He doesn't need any kind of introduction, with his music he widely demonstrates his talent and in a very short time Michele contributed to the new album writing lyrics and melodies, delivering one his best works to date.

" 'We're extremely happy to welcome Michele to our family' are the first words of Aldo Lonobile, mastermind of the band since the beginning...'everybody knows what Michele can do with his voice, so I prefer to spend few words saying that I found a great person to work with and a great new friend and for sure you will catch the great atmosphere we have inside the band listening to the new album!!!!'

" 'I'm very proud to be the new singer of this fantastic group! All the guys in the band made me feel part of the family ever since we met for the first time.' states Michele 'Our forthcoming album 'Portrait Of A Dying Heart' is by far one of the best album I've done, though I'm still recording my vocals. I wanna thank them for their trust and belief, and I'm willing to share all my experience and passion in order to write and perform our music the best way we can... For us and, most of all, for you.'

"Portrait of a Dying Heart," the band's seventh LP, is scheduled for a 2012 release date through Warner Music (Japan) and Scarlet Records (Rest of World). More...

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Warbeast Issues Album Progress Update

Warbeast, which recruited a new bassist last month, has issued the following statement about working on a new album:

"We've just finished recording the final tracks on this first part of the new Warbeast album. Some of us will go back in June for the solos and vocals.

"Great job Blue, Shelbeast, Bobby and Dre'. Props to our producer Philip and engineer Big Steve Berrigan. Special thanks to Kate Richardson for making sure we were will taken care of and that great meals she cooked for us.

"We are loading up trailer now to be ready head home early in the morning. So tonight its beer time... We earned it.

"We are so psyched with the results so far, we might be floating the next time you see us.... high on life in other words."

To check out Warbeast's music while waiting for the new album, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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