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Metal News for April 7, 2010

Last updated on July 26, 2021 at 8:09 PM ET

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Tombstones Finishes Vocal Recordings

U.S. based death metallers Tombstones have issued the following update about finishing the vocal recordings for their upcoming album:

"The vocals for the debut album are finished and now the maniacal Patrick Bruss is working his deadly magic on mixing and making this album a reality at last! Songs that will appear on the album are... Meet the reaper, roast of the town, Not for the squeamish, Grave undertakings, Horrific howlings, Shriek well before dying, A cold encounter, Re-organ-ized. More updates soon! it's finally happening..."

You can also hear sample Tombstones tracks at the band's MySpace page.

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Virus Checks In With Album Update

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about their upcoming third album:

"Our as of yet untitled album # 3 is slowly progressing, we are currently working on vocals, expect some truly wicked crooning from Czral this time! Vocally, this will be our most elaborate effort yet. So far 7 songs are done, and counting. Also, some sad news; Plenum has decided to keep orbiting his own planet, and will not be able to join us this time. We are currently testing out replacement(s), permanent or not.

"Hopefully we'll have the bass and vocals sorted before the summer, which will then be spent mixing. There might even be a preview in not too long. The artwork for the album has been created by Eliran Kantor this time, who was responsible for the amazing cover of Sigh's latest album Scenes From Hell among others."

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Sun Caged Mixing New Album

Sun Caged are currently in the process of mixing their third album which has the working title “The Lotus Effect,” which will mark their first effort with new bassist Daniel Kohn. Some titles of new songs include "Shades Of Hades," "Driftwood," "All But Gone," "Tip-Toe the Fault Line," "On Again / Off Again," "Lotus," "Seamripper & The Blanket Statement." Guitarist Marcel Coenen has commented on the new album, “Expect an album with some new influences, one song has a typically salsa groove throughout the song, an other song has a real blast beat in it, plus we also recorded a really long epic song, divided into seven parts (total length about 24 minutes) which will close the album.”

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Heaven Shall Burn Reveals New Album Details

German hardcore death metal band Heaven Shall Burn has begun to reveal the track list for the forthcoming record, Invictus, on Century Media Record. A brand new track from Invictus will premiere on the band’s MySpace page on Friday, April 9th. "Invictus" is set to release in North America on June 8th, courtesy of Century Media Records.

"Invictus" was recorded at Tue Madsen’s Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark, and produced by Heaven Shall Burn’s guitarists Maik Weichert and Alexander Dietz. More...

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The Devil's Blood Announces New Album Release Date

Dutch rock band THE DEVIL'S BLOOD has announced that they will release their debut full-length "The Time of No Time Evermore" North America this May 25th.

The "The Time of No Time Evermore" tracklisting is as follows:

01. The Time of No Time
02. Evermore
03. I'll Be Your Ghost
04. The Yonder Beckons
05. House of 10.000 Voices
06. Christ or Cocaine
07. Queen of My Burning Heart
08. Angel's Prayer
09. Feeding The Fire With Tears And blood
10. Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament
11. The Anti-Kosmik Magick

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Troll Streaming Fourteen Tracks Online

Norwegian black metal act Troll is currently streaming fourteen tracks online from the band's entire discography, including their latest album "Neo-Satanic Supremacy." The newly uploaded songs can be heard at this location. "Neo-Satanic Supremacy" was released through Napalm Records on February 1st, 2010 in Europe and February 9th, 2010 in North America.

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Vesperian Sorrow Reveals New Album Details

Vesperian Sorrow has issued the following update about the title and track listing of their upcoming album:

"Greetings VS fans and followers... We are finishing the final touches on guitars for the new album and have decided to name the new album 'Stormwinds of Ages.' We feel the new album name represents what we feel is our most mature and stylistically advanced collection of songs we have yet to release. We also feel the album name does fit the 'storm' of the times both here in the states and abroad. Also, we want to release a partial track listing, as some of the names might yet be changed....There will be 10 songs total, we will release the three final track names when they are finalized."

The currently announced track listing is as follows:

1. Stormwinds of Ages
2. An Empire to Mourn (My Gift to Thee)
3. Crown of Glass
4. Of Opiates and Accolades
5. Oracle from the Ashes
6. Eye of the Clocktower
7. Death She Cried

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Bring Me The Horizon Posts "Chelsea Smile" Footage

Bring Me The Horizon has posted live footage online of their performance of the song "Chelsea Smile," which is off their "Suicide Season" album. The video clip can be viewed below.

"Chelsea Smile" Live

Bring Me The Horizon | MySpace Music Videos

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Defect Designer Announces New Guitarist

Russian death metallers Defect Designer have issued the following update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Welcome the new Defect Designer guitar player. If you put your eyes here, you'll see the real face of our new member. It's our old friend Daniel Nikitin, he has indeed been with the group for a long time - he also plays guitar in band Morior and both Morior and Defect Designer own the same rehearsal room - so we share our gear. Daniel is an excellent shredder and we are happy we found the proper person replacing Kirill (also Morior vocalist). So please welcome Daniel to our Defected family!"

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Odyssey Issues Recording Update

Spokane's Odyssey has issued the following update about preparing to enter the recording studio:

"We just wanted to give you an update on our plans over the next several months. In May, we are entering the studio to record a 5 song EP of some older songs and a few new ones. We are going to record at Crabwalk Studios in Spokane Valley. The EP is untitled as of know but here is the tracklisting in no particular order:

1) Apparent Motion
2) Escape
3) Requiem
4) Schematics
5) New Song Being Written

"Once this EP is done, we will be performing 4 shows in June. Starting June 26th we will begin recording our 2nd full length album titled 'An Abstract Existence.' We will be recording throughout the entire month of July as well. So far we have 6 tracks confirmed for the album with the possibility of a 7th song added. The tracklisting for the album in no particular order is:

1) Fractured Dimensions
2) Esoteric Synthesis
3) An Abstract Existence
4) (re)Fractions
5) Quantum Symbiotic Inception
6) Inputting a Binary Sequence into a Sentient Being to Generate the Equation for the Human Strain

"We're all very excited to get new music out to you this year! Keep an eye on the page for updates on our progress. We also have a side project CD coming out from Jordan & Luke's band 3H. This is the 4th album from 3H. It will feature guest guitar solos from Jerrick of Odyssey as well as guest solos by Donnie Emerson and more! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a great day!!"

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Warpath Issues Japanese Road Report

Warpath has checked in with the following report of their recent appearance in Osaka, Japan:

"We've been back home a few days now and have been really busy sorting out all of the photos and videos, so be sure to check them out here! We'd like to thank Mikitoshi and Rock Stakk Records for their incredibly hard work and support in setting up True Thrash Fest II and the hospitality they showed us during our time there! Also a huge thanks to Brian, Elvin, our metal brothers from At War (Ace of Spades!), Assassin, Riverge, Clandestined, Metalucifer, Fastkill, Esaka Muse Venue, all of the staff, sound guys and all of the amazing fans who made our first trip to Osaka, Japan such an unforgettable experience!!

"We loved every second in Japan and can’t wait to go back there soon! There’ll be an official Rock Stakk Records 'True Thrash Fest II DVD' released soon as well as Warpath live in Osaka CD so check back for those!"

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Zoroaster Announces "Matador" Release Show

Atlanta's Zoroaster has issued the following update about a release party for their new album "Matador:"

"The new Zoroaster album, Matador, CD release show will be Saturday, July 17, at The Earl in Atlanta, GA. Good friends, All The Saints and Wizard Smoke will kick off the evening. Doors at 8pm, $10.00"

Sample Zoroaster tracks can also be heard through the band's MySpace page.

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Shadow Seeking Drummer and Guitarist

Japanese melodic death metal band Shadow is currently seeking a lead guitarist and drummer. Anyone interested should contact them at their website, www.shadow666.net.

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Iskald Working On New Album

Norway's Iskald has issued the following update about starting work on a new album:

"There have been few updates lately, but that's because we have something enormous on the rise. We are far into the writing process of our third album estimated to be released early next year. Right now we are doing some early pre-productions of the new songs to hear out and test different stuff. It sounds extremely promising so far, continuing down our previous musical road, stepping into some new rawer and darker ones. 'Forged by Wolves' and 'Burning Bridges' are two working titles we can reveal at this time!

"The lyric concept has taken a bit of a new twist, but will result in an epic modern war epos. It's all created by Sigbjørn Ellingsen who have written lots of our lyrics before. Be aware! We will probably start the recordings in late summer, but we will be back with more info on the album and probably samples before that. Some concerts later this year are planned, check back for more info later."

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Katatonia Cancels Bulgarian Show

Katatonia has issued the following statement about canceling their previously announced Bulgarian tour date that was to take place on April 8th, 2010:

"Unfortunately we must announce that we’ve been forced to cancel tomorrow’s concert that should have taken place at Hristo botev hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. The promoter is in breach of contract as he hasn’t managed to pre-organize the flights or payments clearly agreed in the mutually agreed terms despite many conversations and reminders. Katatonia with crew were very much looking forward visiting Bulgaria for the first time and although the full blame for this lay in the hands of the promoter, we’d still like to extend our sincere apologizes for the disillusion this caused our bulgarian fans.

"Hopefully, we can reschedule a Bulgarian gig for the future, but right now we can not risk the remainder of the concerts in the next days to be affected by obstacles caused by unprofessional promoters, so we’re now moving on directly to Greece and look forward to another round of fantastic gigs. Thanks for your understanding!"

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Aegrotum Working On New Album

German black metallers Aegrotum have announced they are currently in the process of working on their debut full-length album. The band has stated the as-yet-untitled album will contained eight tracks and a new song from the release is expected to be available for streaming shortly. Further information on the release date and track listing will be announced as it is made available. In the mean time you can hear several Aegrotum demo tracks online at the bands official MySpace page.

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Netherbird Posts New Album Teaser Trailer

Sweden's Netherbird has posted a teaser trailer online for their upcoming third album, which can be found after the jump. The band has also issued the following statement about the upcoming album:

"Right now we have the basis for the third Netherbird album written in the sense that guitarist Bizmark has made the basic demo tracks where he has put down two guitar tracks, keyboards, basic bass and drum tracks! The process is now that I (Nephente) will give these tracks proper names and write my lyrics for them. Then me and Bizmark will do some tests in the studio with my lyrical sketches and we might extended certain parts, delete others until we have tunes we feel are ‘done’. Then the rest of the guys will arrange their parts but I will return to the next step in the process…

"But now YOU have the chance to hear some short excerpts from the tracks I got from Bizmark, so what you hear is what I hear! So right now I am listening to the full length demos to give them names and to write the basic lyrics for them, next step me and Bizmark will sit down to try these ideas out! But that is for the next report! Our goal is to have it all recorded and done sometime during early autumn but the release date is most likely a bit later! Enough of my words, start the player and hear some of the stuff that will end up on our third full length album! Horns up!" More...

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Sigh Guitarist Hospitalized Due To Illness

Vocalist Mirai Kawashima of Sigh has issued the following statement about their guitarist being hospitalized:

"Today our guitarist, Shinichi Ishikawa, was diagnosed as TB and was forced to be hospitalized straightaway. He was really sick when we rehearsed last Sunday claiming that he had been having a really high fever for 5 days. I told him to go to hospital as it was not something usual. Yesterday it was found out that his lungs have fluid, and today they found out that it attributed to TB.

"Still we will come to Finland and play this weekend with Satoshi on guitar and me on bass. However the set list should be much shorter and the songs are mainly from our debut album and Venom tracks. We truly apologize for this. Definitely we will do our best. I hope you all the fans understand this situation and will wish well for Shinich."

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Strange Flesh Announces Album Release Date

Strange Flesh, who recently postponed the release of their new album "In doG We Lust," has issued the following update about setting a new release date:

"The release date for In doG We Lust has been confirmed for 5/04/2010 stateside. International release is 1 month later. For a limited time, fans will be able to pick up the cd at the online store for $9.99. This price goes up when international sales start. In the next month or so, specially priced versions of Strange Flesh's previous two albums will also go on sale.

"Check the show page for upcoming Strange Flesh shows in their hometown of Va. Beach, Va. After some summer touring, a tentative August release is set for their ep, The Beautiful Dead. Fall touring follows and then the next full length cd will be written over the winter. The band thanks the fans, promoters and distributors for their support."

The currently announced Strange Flesh tour dates are as follows: More...

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Claudio Tirincanti Touring With Blaze Bayley

Drummer Claudio Tirincanti of Italian metal act Voices From Beyond has announced he will be joining Blaze Bayley on his current South American tour dates. Blaze Bayley is touring in support of his latest album "Promise and Terror." The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

4/9 2010 Manaus Manaus (Brasil)
4/10 2010 Santiago Santiago (Chile)
4/11 2010 Lima Peru
4/13 2010 Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro ( Brasil)
4/14 2010 Salvador Salvador (Brasil)
4/15 2010 Natal Natal (Brasil)
4/16 2010 Recife Brazil
4/17 2010 Palmas Brazil
4/18 2010 Juiz de Fora Juiz de Fora (Brasil)

You can also hear Voices From Beyond's music at this location.

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Edhellen Enters The Studio

Spanish band Edhellen has issued the following brief update about entering the recording studio to being work on a new full-length album:

"We are pleased to announce that today Edhellen has begun recording his first album in Massanassa Firework Studios (Valencia) Fernando Enrique Asensi and Mompó to controls. Miguel has already started recording the drums, during the next three weeks we will be spending the rest of the study, and we offer the best of us in the final result."

You can check out sample Edhellen tracks through the band's MySpace page or catch the band live on the following dates:

5/8 2010 Sala La Nave (PROMETHEUS + NICTE + 8 VECES + ILLUMINATI) Manises, Valencia
6/12 2010 Sala Stereo (DUNEDAIN) Alicante, Alicante

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Heidevolk Posts New Music Video

Dutch pagan folk metal act Heidevolk released the new album "Uit Oude Grond" in North America yesterday, April 6th. In celebration of the release the band has posted a new music video online for the song "Nehalennia." which can be viewed below.

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Kiuas Shooting New Music Video

Finnish metallers Kiuas have announced they are shooting a music video for the song "Of Love, Lust and Human Nature," which is off their latest album "Lustdriven." More details on the release of the video will be announced shortly. The new track "Aftermath" off the album can also be streamed at this location. The upcoming Kiuas tour dates are as follows:

09.04.2010 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
10.04.2010 Levykauppa Äx, Oulu (Unplugged)
10.04.2010 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu
16.04.2010 Bluepool, Forssa
17.04.2010 Rytmikatti, Kouvola
23.04.2010 Yo-talo, Tampere
29.04.2010 Levykauppa Äx, Turku (Unplugged)
29.04.2010 Klubi, Turku
30.04.2010 Dante's Highlight, Helsinki
19.06.2010 Myötätuulirock 2010, Vantaa
31.07.2010 Kuopiorock 2010, Kuopio

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Annotations of An Autopsy Pulls Out of US Tour

The British death metal band Annotations Of An Autopsy has pulled out of the U.S. tour which featured Carnifex, Suffokate, and Upon a Burning Body. The tour had just started this week, but Annotations of An Autopsy will not be continuing among the other death metal bands for the duration of this tour. Annotations of An Autopsy was on this tour to promote their new studio album: "The Reign Of Darkness." More...

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Headline News

Despised Icon Breaks Up

Despised Icon has decided to break up. The band has issued the following statement on their decision:

"The time has come for us to move on. Some of us have recently reached a new chapter in their lives, starting families, buying houses and pursuing other careers to make it all happen. Writing music, touring and leaving home for months at a time is slowly becoming impossible because of that. We all decided that it’d be best to pull the plug now and end things right."

"It’s hard to believe we started this band almost 10 years ago already. At first, Despised Icon was mostly just an excuse to hang out, write brutal slam riffs and play local shows once in a while. With your support, we got the opportunity to actually play music for a living, make friends around the world, be MVPs and travel to places we never even dreamed of visiting in our lifetime. Thank you all for some of the best times of our lives." More...

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CTTTOAFF Reveals New Album Title

Denver, Colorado's CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE have announced the title of their upcoming PROSTHETIC RECORDS' debut. The album will be called, "Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation," and is due out this spring. The album was recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Cobalt) and the band promises their most dynamic, bleakest, and dirtiest material to date.

CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE formed and released an EP ("Harmonies From Bleeding Mouths") in 2006, and released their first full-length, "Omega Drunk On The Blood Of Alpha" in 2008 on Debello Recordings. Their sound has been referred to as "funeral grind," as it's "too slow for grindcore, too fast for doom," and have been compared to the likes of Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer, Discordance Axis, EyeHateGod and Napalm Death.

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New Raintime Track Streaming Online

The track "Fire Ants" taken from RAINTIME's new album "Psychromatic" is now available for streaming at this location.

RAINTIME's 3rd album "Psychromatic is set to be released on April 26th in Europe (excluding UK) via Lifeforce Records.

“Psychromatic” was recorded at Remaster Studios by Nick Savio (Arthemis, Cyber Cross, Powerquest) and mixed / mastered by Logan Mader (Cavalera Conspiracy, Devil Driver, Machine Head, Soulfly).

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Angra Posts More Video Footage From the Studio

Angra has posted more studio footage of the recording process of their new album, which is being recorded at Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil. Watch the footage below:

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Dark Tranquillity Updates US Tour Schedule

Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity has announced more American tour dates. Their complete US tour schedule is as follows:

May 11: Raleigh, NC - Volume 11 Tavern
May 12: West Springfield, VA - Jaxx
May 13: Philadelphia, PA - The Trocadero
May 14: Farmingdale, NY - The crazy donkey
May 16: Allston, MA - Harper's Ferry
May 31: San Francisco, CA - Slim's
June 01: Los Angeles, CA - Key club

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Breach The Void Reveals New Album Details

Swiss metal band Breach The Void has announced that their debut album "The Monochromatic Era" will be released by Coroner Records on 11th October 2010. "The Monochromatic Era" was mastered at Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, Mnemic, The Haunted).

The tracklisting for "The Monochromatic Era" (cover art) is as follows:

01. Propagate
02. Subversive Mind
03. Retribution Engine
04. Customized Genotype
05. Falling
06. Digital Structure
07. EC-10
08. Ruins
09. Spirals
10. System Failure More...

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Fellsilent Disbands and Discusses New Projects

UK progressive metal band Fellsilent has decided to disband.

The band comments on the reasoning and on their upcoming projects, "It is with heavy hearts but clear minds that we announce that this is the end of FELLSILENT. There's no big dramatic story to tell, but after 7 years of putting everything we had into this band, we've simply all moved on and are taking our musical creativity into new and exciting projects:"

"Browne & Neema are taking the dirty groove to a whole new level with their new MONUMENTS project - this is some proper serious shit, you can check out the filth here." More...

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Gravehill Issues Tour and Studio Report

California brutalists Gravehill recently took a break from working on their Ibex Moon Records debut to head down south to Texas for a string of shows with label mates, Hod. Safely home from the carnage and mayhem that ensued, vocalist Mike Abominator offered this summary of the mini-tour:

"The Texas shows couldn't have been better. Hod kicked total ass and made us stay on top of our game! One of the best live bands we have seen and some of the best guys around in metal....PERIOD! It was an honor sharing the stage with them and playing our death metal for all those Texas maniacs! We met so many killer and diehard people in Texas. And I have fond memories of all three shows, but the San Antonio show was unforgettable due to the response of the crowd, the fights, equipment falling and going out, beer and blood flying, the fights, the mayhem, THE FIGHTS, ARGHHHHHH! What a show! Thank you to John/Ibex Moon and Beer Reebs/Hod for setting it all up! TEXAS! WE WILL BE BACK!"

Gravehill will also be among the many Ibex Moon acts contributing a song to the soundtrack to the upcoming indie horror flick, "Afterparty Massacre." While said track might not be what Gravehill fans might expect from the band, Abominator guarantees brutality.

"We entered TRENCH STUDIOS for a weekend to do the exclusive track for the Afterparty Massacre movie soundtrack which Ibex Moon is putting out. We recorded the AC/DC song "If You Want Blood (You Got It)" for the release. It was Gravehill-ized so to speak, ha ha, but it came out GREAT. We even brought in our friends Shane from Phobia and Nick from Crepitus to scream and growl along with me on the infamous chorus! In the end, the song title, attitude of AC/DC and Bon Scott and even the overall performance of the song fit Gravehill PERFECTLY! Since we are the AC/DC of death metal! hahahaha."

In regards to the forthcoming album, the front man issued this update from the band's own Hellheim Studios:

"Now we enter our studio/dungeon HELLHEIM STUDIOS to get the songs set for Pravus Tyrannis our 2nd album, and debut for Ibex Moon. Once we get the songs set, we will then enter TRENCH STUDIOS with Engineer John Haddad (who has worked with Phobia, Hirax, Abysmal Dawn, Final Conflict, Deathevokation) to record the eight songs of devastating and relentless death metal that this album will unleash upon the earth!"

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Unearth Clarifies European Tour Dates

Unearth, who just announced a run of European and UK dates following their upcoming Japanese and Australian tour dates, has issued a statement to clarify their itinerary:

"We apologize as there was some confusion and miscommunication about the Europe dates. The Europe dates are either festival dates or they are shows wither either ATREYU or 36 CRAZYFISTS. The Black Dahlia Murder will not be featured at these shows. You can catch The Black Dahlia Murder with Unearth on the Australia, New Zealand and Japan Dates. Again we apologize for said confusion!"

Here are the latest Unearth tour dates:

05/23 Osaka, Japan @ Club Quattro
05/24 Tokyo, Japan @ Club Quattro
05/28 Auckland, New Zealand @ Ellen Melville
05/29 Christchurch, New Zealand @ The Bedford
05/31 Sydney, Australia @ The Factory Theater
06/01 Brisbane, Australia @ Hifi Bar 18+
06/02 Brisbane, Australia @ Hifi Bar Under 18
06/03 Adelaide, Australia @ Fowlers Live All Ages
06/04 Melbourne, Australia @ Hifi Bar 18+
06/05 Melbourne, Australia @ Hifi Bar Under 18
06/06 Perth, Australia @ Amplifier Bar 18+

Festivals and Offdates with either ATREYU or 36 CRAZYFISTS
06/11 Donnington Park, UK @ Download Festival
06/13 Austria @ Nova Rock
06/14 Hohenems,Austria @ Event Centre
06/15 Stuttgart, Germany @ Die Rhore
06/16 Munich, Germany @ Backstage Hall
06/17 Switzerland @ Sonisphere Warm Up Party
06/18 Saarbruke, Germany @ Garage
06/19 Germany @ Hellfest
06/20 Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ Den Atilier
06/21 Lyon, France @ CCO
06/22 Barcelona, Spain @ Razzamataz
06/23 Pamplona, Spain @ Sala Totem
06/25 Italy @ Gods of Metal
06/26 Munster, Germany @ Vainstream
06/27 Belgium @ Grasspop
06/28 Enschedel, Holland @ Atak

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