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Metal News for April 3, 2014

Last updated on September 26, 2021 at 1:10 PM ET

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Megaton Leviathan Announces First Shows In 2 Years

The Oregon doom-gazers in Megaton Leviathan are readying to kick off their first bought of live rituals in over two years.

Set to commence on April 19th (Record Store Day), Andrew James Costa Reuscher and Megaton Leviathan will be debuting the all-new, pure acid sounds of a forthcoming new full-length, set for release later this Summer via Seventh Rule Records.

Megaton Leviathan, now one unified harmonic resonance within the spirit that remains, will be performing with the new addition of sound engineer Mort Subite behind the scenes. Dates are as folows:

4/19/2014 First Church Of The Buzzard - Oakland, CA
4/23/2014 TBA - San Luis Obispo, CA
4/24/2014 Tin Can Ale House - San Diego, CA
4/25/2014 Jawbone Canyon - Los Angeles, CA
4/26/2014 Whiskey Funeral Co. - Las Vegas, NV
4/27/2014 TBA - Santa Cruz, CA

w/ Withering Of Light
5/16/2014 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA
5/17/2014 Cryptatopa - Olympia, WA
5/18/2014 TBA - Portland, OR

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Vainaja Announces Album Release Date

Today Svart Records announces May 23rd as the release date of Vainaja's debut album, "Kadotetut."

Taking influences from early '90s death metal and doom, Vainaja is a three-headed beast from Finland. The following press release was issued about the "Kadotetut" album concept:

"Not much is known about the events that took place in the 19th century rural Finland. Traditional lore tells of an evil cult inducing chaos among parishioners of old Finnish religions. Evidence of such sinful formation have been gathered from church records and filmographies.

"Traditionally, only three cultists are scarcely identified. The local preacher Wilhelm, the church cantor Kristian, and the gravedigger Aukusti seem to have been the main malefactors. Adjacent to the local church, these churchmen practiced their own crooked religion in the church cantor's vast mansion. Besides blasphemy, the cult performed sacrificial murder and enslaved villagers to be buried alive.

"Further evidence of the nefarious activities was recently found among the now ruined cantor's mansion. Up to this date, only little has been known about the cult's actions, since most of their belongings were burned together with the culprits. As a matter of fact, it is known that the cultists were ultimately condemned to be scorched to death upon a church altar.

"What was found in the ruins has not been revealed until now. Consorted as the main discovery, an incredibly well-preserved book contains sermons written by the preacher Wilhelm. It seems that these twisted chants have led the cult to the series of murder, sacrifice, and conspiracy. The aged texts and hymns are now carefully transcribed in the songs of Kadotetut, Vainaja's debut full-length for Svart. The concept album adds unprecedented details to the controversial and encrypted story." More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Hi Mom

New videos from two Australian bands and one Swedish band this week; focus on mesh tank tops and the debate of what is the proper reaction when you are on camera: “Hi Mom” vs. Middle Finger. More...

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Holocaust Canibal Posts EP Teaser

Portuguese outfit Holocausto Canibal has just revealed an official teaser for new EP release "Larvas."

The follow-up to "Gorefilia" will be made available this year through Bizarre Leprous Productions and will include four new songs, six live tracks (recorded at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2013 in Czech Republic) and three remixes from "Gorefilia." Drummer Diogo P. comments:

“The whole purpose of this new release is to make the transition between 'Gorefilia' and the new songs we’re working on for the next album. In addition to the four unreleased tracks featured in 'Larvas', we’ll also have six songs from our show at the one and only Obscene Extreme Festival 2013, which was undoubtedly one of the best shows on the whole Gorefilia touring cycle. Also, we contacted a few friends to remix some tracks from 'Gorefilia' - psytrance master Mad Magus, minimalistic experimentalists Ermo and chaotic dnb deliverer Epitome Criminal. All of them resulted to be amazing collaborations!”

Guitarist António C. adds: “We really tried to find a way to make this release not only a transition mark but to turn it into some kind of memorabilia as well. The live part of the release is really energetic and we think it shows you a glimpse of what our shows are (and also what the best crowd in the world sounds like), since this is the very first time we release live tracks. As for the remixes, all of us are fans of electronic music and these songs turned out really great. So, we couldn't find a better way to close this chapter of our own history and open a new one!”

The track listing is as follows:

01. Corrosão Uretral
02. Proxenetismo Necrófilo
03. Nosolagnia Predatória
04. Imundo Bizarro
05. Trucidada Na Paragem [live] *
06. Empalada Via Espinal Dorsal – Empalamento II [live] *
07. Euthanastic Inclination (Blood cover) [live] *
08. Death By The Master Key (Dead Infection cover) [live] *
09. Fetofilia – Incestuosa Sodomia Fetal [live] *
10. Necro-Felação [live] *
11. Obsessiva Lactação Paranormal [Mad Magus remix]
12. Dilacerante Pungência Subvertida [Ermo remix]
13. Preeminência Carnaz [Epitome Criminal remix]

* Recorded at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2013 in Trutnov, Czech Republic. More...

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Thine Posts Album Trailer

U.K. prog quintet Thine has posted a teaser video for upcoming release, "The Dead City Blueprint," which can be seen below.

Thine's third studio album is due out in North America on May 13th via Peaceville Records. Pre-orders can be found right here. The follow-up to 2002's "In Therapy" was recorded at Academy Studios (Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride) and the band comments:

"We've been toiling away for over a decade on shaping our latest monster. It has been such a long and grueling process with countless collapses and relapses and a traumatic voyage on numerous levels, but this opus is finally in the flesh so to speak. It is an encapsulation of all those glorious tragedies we all find ourselves overcoming along the way, and essentially for us, a welcome catalyst. Sometimes the best art comes only through being unexpectedly forced through the city's darkest avenues, so hope you'll find us there."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Brave Young Assassin
2. Flame to the Oak
3. Out of Your Mind & into a Void
4. To the Precipice
5. The Dead City Blueprint
6. A Great Unknown
7. The Rift
8. The Beacon
9. Scars from Limbo
10. Adrift Through the Arcane Isles of Recovery More...

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Emmure Streaming "A Gift A Curse"

From the forthcoming sixth studio album, "Eternal Enemies," Emmure is now unleashing new track "A Gift A Curse." Check it out below, courtesy of Kerrang.com.

"Eternal Enemies" is set to be released everywhere on April 15th, 2014. You can also catch Emmure all Summer long on the 2014 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. More...

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Miss May I Releases "Echoes" Video

Miss May I, which will be performing on the 2014 edition of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival (get full details here), has a new music video out now.

Check out "Echoes" below, which comes from upcoming album "Rise Of The Lion." The new album is due for release on April 29th via Rise Records. he album's track listing is as follows:

1. Refuse To Believe
2. Lunatik
3. Gone (see the video clip here)
4. Echoes
5. You Want Me
6. Tangled Tongues
7. Hero With No Name
8. Darker Days
9. The End Of Me
10. Saints, Sinners, and Greats More...

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Bloodshot Dawn Announces Guest Appearances

The U.K. melodic extreme metallers in Bloodshot Dawn have announced some of the guests that are set to appear on an upcoming second album, which is set to be recorded this summer.

Sven De Caluwé from Belgian death metal band Aborted will be weighing in with vocals, while Swedish guitar maestro Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry and Wintersun’s Teemu Mäntysaari will also be adding pieces to the forthcoming album.

The band also announced that album number two will be a crowd-funded project that will launch on 16th April. Further details on the campaign and perks for contributing will be announced in the near future. More...

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Society 1 Releases New Single

Society 1 has released the first single from new EP "Rise From The Dead," entitled "It's Yours Now." The track was produced by Alex Crescioni and the lyric video available below was created by vocalist Lord Zane. He comments:

"I think our producer Alex did a great job capturing the new sound and direction of the band. We've been playing the new songs out but it's great to finally start to hear them recorded. I think people will be surprised by what we are sounding like these days."

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The Body And Thou Releasing Collaborative Vinyl

Vinyl-only independent label Vinyl Rites this week unleashes "Released From Love," a fully collaborative recorded effort between The Body and Thou.

The release features three original tracks as well as a harrowing cover of Vic Chesnutt's "Coward" recorded last year with James Whitten and mastered by Machines with Magnets.

The songs are now available for streaming below, thanks to Invisible Oranges, and the track listing is as follows:

Side A
1. The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills
2. Manifest Alchemy

Side B
3. In Meetings Hearts Beat Closer
4. Coward (Vic Chesnutt) More...

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The Great Old Ones Streaming New Album

Bordeaux based outfit The Great Old Ones continues its journey into Lovecraftian black metal territory with "Tekeli-Li," which is now available for streaming in full. Give it a listen below, courtesy of Metalhammer.co.uk.

The digipack edition will be available starting April 16th followed by limited edition boxset and LP versions on May 2nd. Pre-orders are available at this location. More...

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Adelaide Streaming "Talk Is Cheap"

Up and coming Atlanta metal/hardcore band Adelaide has a new song out now titled "Talk Is Cheap," which can be heard below. Adelaide is currently in the studio recording full-length album "Brighter Days," expected to be released mid-summer 2014.

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Anubis Gate Posts New Lyric Video

Prog metal outfit Anubis Gate has a new lyric clip out now for the track "Never Like This," which is taken off the band's upcoming album "Horizons."

"Horizons" is due for release this coming April 15th, 2014. A teaser trailer for the coming album is available at this locaiton, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Destined To Remember
2. Never Like This (A Dream)
3. Hear My Call
4. Airways
5. Revolution Come Undone
6. Breach Of Faith
7. Mindlessness
8. Horizons
9. A Dream Within A Dream
10. Erasure

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Crisix Posts New Lyric Video

Barcelona quintet Crisix has utilized Erik Rutan to put his skills into "Rise... Then Rest," which was previously only available in Spain and now ill see release in Europe and North America via Apostasy Records. Dates are as follows:

11/04/2014 (GSA)
14/04/2014 (UK / Rest Europe)
06/05/2014 (North America)

You can also check out a lyric video for "Bring 'Em To The Pit" below. More...

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Todtgelichter Parts Ways With Three Members

Germany's Todtgelichter - which was covered in our look at non-traditional black metal bands - has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with three band members:

"Not many of you (if any) have noticed that - roughly since the departure of Nils – we have been trying to find a consistent way of expressing ourselves. Always searching for new ways while staying true to the core of what has been Todtgelichter: Completely different individuals with different tastes finding their common denominator in making music.

"Well, things do not always work out that way and sometimes compromises are not enough. The last months have been an example for that.

"In short: Claudio, Chris and Tobias are no longer part of Todtgelichter for various reasons.
You knew about Claudio’ s departure since the end of 2013 – he just grew out of the band, evolving, searching for other ways of expressions to make music. He will stay close to us though and might contribute one or the other riff someday as well as accompany us on tour. Thanks for being an active and creative part of us for so long, and we hope that behind the curtains you’ll stay with us even longer, mate!

"With Tobias we parted ways because the visions of what was to become the next emanation of Todtgelichter just went in completely different ways. He is a great vocalist, a great guy to be around and a creative mind and we all are proud of his contribution and effort regarding 'Apnoe.' But when it came to the future (and the past) of the band it just didn’t work out. What we, the remaining core of Todtgelichter, need to ask his forgiveness for is that we realized too late we couldn’t continue without our past, while he, being from a different background, was obviously looking forward. We are sorry for how it turned out and just hope you’ll understand someday. Thank you for your time with us, for the album and the great experiences we had with you!

"Chris left shortly after Tobias – let’s just say this foundation-shaking time was much to bear for everyone and of course very, very tedious. Chris decided that the last months drained too much of his energy to continue with us in a new formation. We respect his decision and thank him too for the energy, sweat and creativity he has put into the band – we would wish him goodbye too at this point, but in order to ensure the announced concerts he’ll hang around a little longer, you’ll see him on the Ragnarök and the Heavy Veddel festival! More...

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The Order Of Israfel Signs To Napalm Records

When Tom Sutton left the doom band Church of Misery, it was to make his long-established grand vision of an epic doom band come true.

To accomplish this, he moved to Sweden and hooked his strings together with Patrik Andersson Winberg (ex Doomdogs), Hans Lilja, and Staffan Bjorck from the band Wildebeest. Using doom, folk music, and the feel of old horror movies to create dark divine music, the group became The Order of Israfel.

The band has now signed a record deal with Spinning Goblin / Napalm Records, and commented on the signing:

"The Order Of Israfel are thrilled to announce that we have signed to Napalm Records, and will be releasing our first album, 'Wisdom,' in the Autumn, 2014. We're extremely proud of the record, and know that Napalm will be the perfect home for it. We are also very excited to be sharing a label with the extremely legendary Candlemass, who have been one of the biggest influences on the sound of the band from the beginning. Cheers!"

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Amaranthe Comments On North American Tour

Sweden's Amaranthe will be returning to North America in support of an upcoming, as-yet-untitled album.

The band will be providing direct support for Within Temptation, and the tour begins 9/25 in San Francsico, CA and runs through 10/11 in Worcester, MA. Guitarist Olof Morck commented on the North American tour:

"We could not be more pleased to announce that we will be supporting Within Temptation on their North American tour this fall! I have loved Within Temptation's music for almost ten years, so it will be an honor to support them. But most of all, we can't wait to see our amazing American fans again, and make a bunch of new ones!"

The band has confirmed an autumn 2014 release date for a new studio album via Spinefarm Records. Catch Amaranthe live:

9/25: San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
9/26: Los Angeles, CA @ Club Nokia
9/28: Denver, CO @ Gothic Theater
9/30: Minneapolis, MN @ First Theater
10/1: Chicago, IL @ Vic Theater
10/2: Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theater
10/3: Toronto, ON @ The Sound Academy
10/5: Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
10/7: Baltimore, MD @ Ram's Head Live
10/9: Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
10/10: New York, NY @ Terminal 5
10/11: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium

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Ghoul Posts New Track Online

The masked menaces in Ghoul today offer up a taste of the forthcoming "Hang Ten" EP, due out April 19th, 2014 via Tankcrimes Records. Listen to "Kreeg" at Cvlt Nation here.

A gore-splattered surf orgy of sound, the limited edition six-song 10" features guest vocals from Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) as Henchman #1 and R.A. MacLean (ex-Deadbolt) as Kreeg, alongside Digestor, Cremator, Fermentor, Dissector and The Moron Cavern-Shackled Choir.

'Hang Ten" was recorded by Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (birthing home of Splatterhash, Splatterthrash and Transmission Zero), mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, and features cover art by Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine.

You can also catch the band live:

w/ Iron Reagan, Occultist
4/09/2014 Club Red - Tempe, AZ
4/10/2014 Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
4/11/2014 Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA
4/12/2014 Rock City - Camarillo CA
4/13/2014 The Roxy - Los Angeles, CA
4/14/2014 Midtown Barfly - Sacramento, CA
4/15/2014 Branx - Portland, OR
4/18/2014 Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze Fest - Oakland, CA *
*no Occultist

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EyeHateGod Streaming "Robitussin And Rejection"

The New Orleans' volume merchants in EyeHateGod today spews forth "Robitussin And Rejection," which can be heard below courtesy of Vice Magazine's music gateway, Noisey.

The new hymn comes by way of the band's new self-titled studio offering, set to drop May 27th in North America via Housecore Records. You can also see the band live:

4/22/2014 Rock Shop - San Jose, CA
4/23/2014 Midtown Barfly - Sacramento, CA
4/24/2014 Branx - Portland, OR
4/25/2014 Rock Shop - San Jose, CA
4/26/2014 Dark Lord Day Festival - Munster, IN
4/27/2014 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ High On Fire, Corrosion Of Conformity, Magrudergrind, Strong Intention, Ilsa More...

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Numbers Posts "Empty Eyes" Lyric Clip

Numbers has released a new lyric video for "Empty Eyes," which can be seen below. "Empty Eyes" is taken from the "Three" album. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Shortly Broken 03:02
2. Empty Eyes 04:02
3. Legal Lee Speaking 03:44
4. Fight Or Flight 03:44
5. It's Chilly Out 03:57
6. Undertow 11:25
7. Truth Bender 03:53
8. Sicken 05:05
9. Recreate 04:45
10. Swanky Sauce 03:47
11. Frames 05:39
12. Prelude 01:50
13. Ghost In The Room 05:42

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Tusmorke Announces "Riset Bak Speilet" Release

Svart Records has announced May 16th as the international release date for Tusmorke's "Riset Bak Speilet." The label comments:

"A Norwegian group, Tusmorke ('Twilight') is a strange beast. With roots stretching deep into the Scandinavian neo-progressive rock underground of the early '90s, the identical Momrak twins recorded a Tusmorke demo in 1997 but soon put the band on hiatus for several years.

"Tusmorke returned in 2009 with a full electric lineup, and the debut album, Underjordisk Tusmorke, appeared three years later. May 2014 sees the dark minstrels return with a sophomore album, Riset Bak Speilet ('The Birch Behind The Looking Glass').

"A 50-minute transmission from the heart of the darkest northern forests, the album skillfully channels the spirit of classic British acid folk rock and soaks it in a black witches cauldron. The spellbinding concoction is at times reminiscent of classic acts like Jethro Tull and Incredible String band, and also not entirely far off from modern forest magicians such as Hexvessel and Wolf People."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Offerpresten
2. Gamle Aker Kirke
3. Black Swift
4. All is Lost
5. Riset bak Speilet
6. Mener Vi Alvor Nå? (CD bonus track)
7. Kairo (CD bonus track)
8. En Verden Av I Går (CD bonus track) More...

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Whitechapel Comments On Upcoming Shows

Whitechapel's fifth full-length album "Our Endless War" will be released on April 29th in North America via Metal Blade Records. The band has also confirmed a co-headline tour DevilDriver.

Support on the tour will come from Revocation, Carnifex, Rivers of Nihil and Fit For an Autopsy. The tour runs from May 17th through June 23rd. Whitechapel comments:

"We're stoked to announce our tour with good friends DevilDriver. We've played several shows with them before and really enjoy performing and hanging out with them and believe that combining together to make one big brutal tour only made sense. Rounding out the rest of the bill are other incredible acts Carnifex and Revocation, with two hot up and coming death metal bands Rivers of Nihil and Fit for an Autopsy. Can't wait to take this tour across the country and decimate every city!"

This tour is in addition to the shows Whitechapel has scheduled leading up to the release of "Our Endless War" from April 16th – April 27th, which includes an appearance at this year's New England Metal & Hardcore Festival. These dates will begin April 16th in Columbus, OH and run through April 27th in Birmingham, AL. These shows feature support from Carnifex, Within the Ruins and Cruelhand. More...

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Fireforce Announces New Album

Fireforce is proud to announce the band's new full-length effort "Deathbringer" will hit shelves worldwide on May 23rd, 2014 and will be released via new label home Limb Music. Check out a teaser trailer below.

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In Cold Blood To Play Scion Rock Fest

The Reunited Cleveland beatdown metal kings In Cold Blood - formed by the brothers Melnick, Aaron and Leon, collectively formerly members of Integrity, Inmates and more - have been confirmed to take part in this year's installment of the Scion Rock Fest, marking the band's first-ever West Coast performance.

Having pulled themselves back together after years on hiatus to play at the tenth installment of A389 Recordings' annual Bash in January, In Cold Blood will now hit Pomona, California for Scion Rock Fest 2014, set to slay the audience alongside an immense cast including Machine Head, High On Fire, Red Fang, Crowbar, King Buzzo, Midnight, Bl'ast!, Power Trip, Coffins and tons more on May 17th. Get full details at this location.

Besides the Scion Rock Fest, the band will tackle several other random one-off gigs in the coming months to be confirmed in the near future.

A389 also now confirms an upcoming 7" release from In Cold Blood, the band's first new material to be released since 1999's "Suicide King" demo sessions. In Cold Blood will soon enter the Mars Compound to record a new two-song offering.

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One Year Later Posts New Lyric Video

One Year Later has a new lyric clip out now for "Dead Inside," which is a track that will be featured on upcoming album "Life Between The Lies," due out April 15th, 2014. Pre-orders are available at this location, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Awaken
2. Twisted Tongues
3. Dead Inside
4. Phantom
5. Real Ghost
6. Castamere
7. Wander
8. Alone
9. The Weight that Grows
10. Wraith
11. Burn & Breathe

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Ninjaspy Crowd Funding New Album

Vancouver, BC's high flying cross breed of metal and ska, Ninjaspy (a band of brothers literally), is proud to launch a new Indiegogo campaign to record a new full-length album. Drummer Adam Parent comments:

"Today marks the first step towards the making of a new record and we couldn't be more excited. The campaign is going to bring us closer to our fans in ways we've never experienced and frankly it seems appropriate. There should never be a disconnect between artists and people who love their work."

Ninjaspy's goal is to raise $10,000 to record, produce and market the album, and fans who donate to the campaign are offered a range of perks. Get full details at Indie GoGo here. You can also catch the band live: More...

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Pact Streaming New Track

American black metal cult Pact today premieres the new track "Baal-Zebub Lord of the Flies," which can be heard below thanks to Eternal-Terror.com.

The track hails from Pact's second album, "The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night," set for release on April 15th via Moribund Records and following 2012's debut "The Dragon Lineage of Satan."

The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. The Hell of Supernal's 3:26
2. Baal-Zebub Lord of the Flies 4:23
3. The Great Serpent of Tehom 4:47
4. Firelord Andramelch 6:42
5. Pactmaker Lucifuge 5:07
6. Under the Eclipse of Tiphareth 5:17
7. The Witchmother of Shade's 5:41
8. Asmodeus Beast of Judgement 5:13
9. The Howling of Gamchicoth 6:16

"The Infernal Hierarchies was recorded at our own studio, Nuclear Funeral," reveals the band. "It was mixed and mastered at Anthropicide Studios for a much better production than The Dragon Lineage release. It features written works by black magick practitioner and author E.A. Koetting. Our approach to writing extends far beyond the process of merely composing songs and reaches into worlds of occultism and dark spirituality. Our band plays the music that we want to hear. We present a work of true sonic black magick that will unleash the spirits of the infernal hierarchies from the depths of the subconscious." More...

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Verberis Announces "Vastitas" Release

Verberis' debut tape "Vastitas" is due out May 19th via Iron Bonehead Productions. The label comments:

"The current state of New Zealand's Verberis is as obscure and uncertain as both its origins and future. With the only certainty being the current moment, Verberis exists to traverse the devastating terrain of ravenous death metal from the spaces in between.

"Vastitas exhibits a vitriolic dose of this, narrated with chants of ascending and descending through creation and desolation. Imbued with a hideous energy brimming with the essence of Death, the psychic landscape of Vastitas is vast and unknown, and requires an unyielding, unwavering hand to traverse its peaks and valleys. Verberis are that very hand, clenched into an iron fist."

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Primordial Rift
2. Sepulchral Slumber
3. Fangs of Pazuzu
4. Kaliginous Ascent

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Fozzy Heading Out On Tour

Fozzy will release new single "Lights Go Out" on April 29th across all digital platforms. Chris Jericho comments:

"Lights Go Out represents a brand new color in the Fozzy spectrum. Dark, sexy, sleek, dirty, heavy and catchy as fuck, this song turns a whole new page in hard rock history - it doesn't matter if you dance to it in a club or mosh to it in a pit, 'Lights Go Out' will make you move!"

The band will return to the North American tour circuit in late April, where they will be making crowds move on America's biggest festivals and playing select dates between festivals. See full dates below.

Also recently announced is the October 13th, 2014 release of "The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea," Chris Jericho's third autobiography. More...

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Sirenia Signs With Napalm Records

Norwegian symphonic/gothic metal band Sirenia have signed a record deal with Napalm Records. The Austrian label is more than excited to welcome back the band on their artist roster:

Nadir Amrioui, A&R of Napalm Records, stated: "Morten [Veland] is an amazing songwriter and with his band Sirenia they still belong to the top of Gothic Metal. We barely can't wait to check out the first new songs and to release the new album in early 2015."

Guitarist/Vocalist Morten Veland commented: "We are very excited about having signed a new deal with Napalm Records. This is where SIRENIA began our career 13 years ago, so it feels like a homecoming in many ways. Looking forward to keep on bringing our music out to all the metalheads around the world together with Napalm. There is much more to come. Cheers!"

Sirenia's latest release "Perils of the Deep Blue" was issued in 2013 through Nuclear Blast Records (see review here). More...

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UnKured Premieres Full "As Reality Melts" EP

Update: The stream is no longer available, but you can find the band's music and more info on UnKured over at Facebook here.

Drawing from influences such as Death, Carcass, Warbringer, Vektor, and Havok, Ohio outfit UnKured plans to bring a new breed of death/thrash to the forefront of the metal scene.

Founded by lead guitarist Cody Karr and rounded out by bassist Ben Stanton and drummer Adam Green, UnKured is currently in the studio readying debut full-length album "Mutated Earth."

While the album will be released next month, today we'd like to help get you acquainted with UnKured by bringing an exclusive full stream of the band's previous "As Reality Melts" EP.

Give it a listen in the player below, and then head over to the UnKured Bandcamp page here to pre-order "Mutated Earth."

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The 69 Eyes Appearing On Reality TV Show

Helsinki based Goth 'n Roll outfit The 69 Eyes will start celebrating its 25th anniversary by starring in the Finnish reality TV show called “Tavallista Elämää” ("Ordinary Life").

The show focuses on the band’s singer Jyrki69 and drummer Jussi69 among four other Finnish celebrities (a professional fitness model couple, a lawyer & a Playboy model) but also follows the whole band on the road on recent tours. A teaser trailer is available below.

Commented singer Jyrki69: “I thought it’s the right time to document The 69 Eyes to the show. To show people what it means to be in the band these days. It’ll be also interesting for our fans. It’ll look like a Rock’n’Roll movie at least from my part, I’ve been also recording and gigging with my dark rockabilly band The 69 Cats as well. I’ll take everybody with me on my trips to Berlin, Paris, Austin, Las Vegas & Hollywood to see some nightlife and real rockers out there!”

Catch the band live on 25th anniversary shows:

04.04. FIN Jyväskylä - Lutakko
05.04. FIN Alavus - Liesu
11.04. FIN Jarvenpaa - Blackpool
12.04. EST Tallin - Rock Cafe
25.04. D Munich - Dark Munich Festival
02.05. FIN Kouvola - House Of Rock
03.05. FIN Helsinki - Radio Rock Cruise
23.05. FIN Kuopio - Ravintola Tähti
24.05. FIN Joensuu - Bepop
01.06. CZ Pilsen - Metal Fest Open Air
13.06. FIN Ahtari - B52
14.06. FIN Helsinki - Virgin Oil
28.06. FIN Lappeenranta - Unlimited Racing
19.07. PL Bolkow - Castle Party
16.08. FIN Naantali - Naantalin Kaivohuone
29.08. FIN Ahtari - B52
27.09. MEX Mexico City - El Plaza Condesa
14.11. FIN Kokkola - Seurahuone
15.11. FIN Kauhava - Härmän Kylpylä More...

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Lost Society Releases New Music Video

Finnish thrash metal outfit Lost Society this week releases new album "Terror Hungry" via Nuclear Blast.

Today the band premieres a music video for the title track, which can be seen below, courtesy of Metal Hammer. The full album can also be streamed after the jump.

"Terror Hungry" was produced by Nino Laurenne (Amorphis, Ensiferum), who already worked on the previous "Fast Loud Death" release, at the renowned Sonic Pump Studios. More...

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Orchid Announces Summer Festivals

After a European tour and performing at Kirk Von Hammett's Fear Festevil, The San Francisco-based heavy rockers in Orchid now announce a series of upcoming summer festival appearances. The currently announced dates are as follows:

01.08. D Breitanbach am Herzberg - Burg Herzberg Festival
02.08. D Schierling - Labertalfestival
06.08. D München - Free And Easy
07.08 D Schlotheim - Party San Festival
13.08. D Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze More...

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Epica To Host Fan Chat

Lead vocalist Simone Simons and guitarist Isaac Delahaye of Dutch symphonic metallers Epica will be conducting a YouTube live fan chat from New York City next Tuesday, April 8th at 12:15 PM PST / 3:15 EST / 9:15 CET.

Fans can submit their questions in advance via Twitter using #AskEpica or via the Epica Facebook page over here.

You can pre-order your copy of Epica's upcoming new album "The Quantum Enigma," which will be released in Europe on May 2nd, in the U.K. on May 5th, and one May 13th in North America through Nuclear Blast.

Check out the band's new lyric video for "The Essence of Silence" over at this location. More...

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Tankard Reveals Album Artwork

German thrash metal heroes Tankard just revealed the album cover for upcoming new album "R.I.B."

The artwork was brought to life by Patrick Strogulski, who is a student of Sebastian Krüger, the former Tankdard cover artist. Bnad mastermind Gerre states:

"R.I.B. continues the story of Chemical Invasion. The crazy professor is back is takes revenge on mankind, because he failed in 1987! The cover is done again by Patrick Strogulski, an apprentice of Sebastian Krüger and really hits the spot! As always with Tankard, things shouldn’t be taken too seriously!"

The track listing is as follows:

01. War Cry
02. Fooled By Your Guts
03. R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)
04. Riders Of The Doom
05. Hope Can’t Die
06. No One Hit Wonder
07. Breakfast for Champions
08. Enemy Of Order
09. Clockwise To Deadline
10. The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So More...

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Xandria Premieres New Lyric Video "Dreamkeeper"

Germany's Xandria premiered the lyric video for the new track "Dreamkeeper" over at Bravewords (also in the player below). The track appears on the upcoming new release "Sacrificium," which drops via Napalm Records on May 5th.

The album marks the first with new vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen (Ex Libris). The track list for the album is:

1. Sacrificium
2. Nightfall
3. Dreamkeeper
4. Stardust
5. The Undiscovered Land
6. Betrayer
7. Until The End
8. Come With Me
9. Little Red Relish
10. Our Neverworld
11. Temple Of Hate
12. Sweet Atonement

Check out "Dreamkeeper" here: More...

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Brainstorm Posts "Erased By The Dark" Lyric Video

Brainstorm posted up a lyric video for the new track "Erased by the Dark." The song appears on the band's upcoming album "Firesoul," which drops tomorrow, April 4th in Europe and April 15th in the United States via AFM Records.

The track listing is:

1. Erased By The Dark
2. Firesoul (see music video here)
3. Descendants Of The Fire
4. Entering Solitude
5. Recall The Real
6. Shadowseeker
7. Feed Me Lies
8. What Grows Inside
9. The Chosen
10. … And I Wonder

Check out "Erased By the Dark" here: More...

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