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Metal News for April 27, 2008

Last updated on July 23, 2021 at 10:51 AM ET

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Memphis May Fire Recording New Album

Memphis May Fire recently entered the studio to track their debut full-length for Trustkill Records. The album is being recorded by Casey Bates (Chiodos, Pierce The Veil). Singer Chase Ryan comments:

"So far we're having a blast. We're out in the burbs of Seattle hanging out making some sweet ass new songs that we think will kinda catch everyone off guard. They are very reminiscent of the EP but have a new twist that is entirely their own. They are much more complex and interesting songs, but still have that raw, almost southern sound to them; and in a way are more progressive and heavy. Recording with Casey is awesome. He's super chill and above all, wants us to be happy with the record. We are super excited to get these songs out asap, I'm sure you will dig em'!"

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Hereafter An Odyssey Signs To Tribunal Records

Despite self-releasing their debut EP, "The Will That Drives Stronger Than Death," HEREAFTER AN ODYSSEY's career is still in its early stages, but with the dynamic songwriting contained on their Tribunal Records debut, "Human Is As Human Does," they intend to make serious strides towards bands like Between The Buried And Me and Job For A Cowboy's current successes. Produced by Jamie King and recorded at The Basement Studios, "Human Is As Human Does" contains not only his trademark crushing production for a death metal record, but his skills also allow their more progressive and technical aspects to shine through. HEREAFTER AN ODYSSEY have crafted a solid slab of progressive death metal that isn't a convenient (and now cliché) rehash of your favorite Cannibal Corpse, Obituary or Suffocation album, but more importantly a fun and refreshing step forward in thecontinuous evolutionary progression of heavy metal.

You can check out some of Hereafter An Odyssey's music on their MySpace page.

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"Anvil! The Story of Anvil" To Make NY Premiere

The New York premiere of Anvil! The Story of Anvil--the story of the Toronto band Anvil that influenced bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, and the band members' ongoing quest to reach a wider audience--will take place a BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) during its annual Sundance Institute at BAM series which highlights films from the Sundance Film Festival.

Saturday, May 31 at 6:30pm
Following by a LIVE CONCERT with Anvil in BAMcafe. More...

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Greyscale Announces Upcoming NV and CA Shows

Nevada rock / metal act Greyscale have announced upcoming shows in California and Nevada in May and June. The shows will be at the following venues and dates:

May 16 at the Rock Show in Susanville, California
Jun 20 2008 at the Red rock in Red Rock, Nevada
Jun 25 2008 at Brew Brothers in Reno, Nevada
Jun 26 2008 at Downtown Cue and Cushion in Reno, Nevada
Jul 11 2008 at Bikers Gone Good in Ely, Nevada

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Newly Formed Powerdrive Posts Tracks Online

Miguel of thrash act MG71 has announced the creation of a side project titled POWERDRIVE, which will reportedly be a return to the metal roots of the 80's and 90's with clean singing. Three demo tracks have been posted online at their MySpace.

Commenting on the sound of the band "We have posted three tracks from the incoming album so you can have an idea of what's coming.....very heavy music with state of the art vocals, getting back to the roots of true metal that many of us loved to listen back at the 90s but keeping it real according to today's metal "rules"...my brother likes to joke saying that POWERDRIVE reminds him somehow of SKID ROW on steroids"

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MG71 Re-Recording Their Second Album

Trash / Hardcore band MG71 have announced a colloboration with Rob Lundgren (ROBEEO) to re-record their second album, "Laid to Rest."

Miguel of MG71 commented on the decision to work with Rob shortly after they met "Two days after we decided to work together on a new version of MG71’s album Laid to Rest. The original idea when I wrote that album was to become the third BRAINDEAD ZERO album , but due to the singer’s tight agenda I decided to record the vocals all by myself. Rob - who’s an exceptional singer and guitar player - will be recording all the vocals and most of the leads adding his personal style to all the tracks. He’s not collaborating with me, he has become 50% of this album and his ideas are refreshing and make the songs sound completely different"

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Tiamat Streaming Entire New Album Online

Tiamat's upcoming album "Amanethes" is currently being streamed online in it's entirety on the bands MySpace.

"Amanethes" track listing is as follows:

1. The Temple Of The Crescent Moon
2. Equinox Of The Gods
3. Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again
4. Will They Come?
5. Lucienne
6. Summertime Is Gone
7. Katarraktis Apo Aima
8. Raining Dead Angels
9. Misantropolis
10. Amanitis
11. Meliae
12. Via Dolorosa
13. Circles
14. Amanes

TIAMAT's last studio album, "Prey", was released in 2003 through Century Media.

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Exodus Announces Free Show

Exodus have announced that they will be playing a free show in San Francisco on July 5th. A posting from the band states the following:

"We confirmed to play at The Tidalwave 11 festival, set to take place July 5-6 at McLaren Park AMPHITHEATER in San Francisco, California.


According to the event organizers, Tidal Wave is "like a picnic with metal, bring whatever you want. Dogs, food, coolers, cigarettes, mullets etc. are all OK. There is plenty of parking and toilets. There will be raffles for merch and stuff all day. Bring a few bucks to buy some tickets to help cover the cost of this free fest."

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Stuck Mojo Preparing For U.S. Tour

Legendary crossover metallers STUCK MOJO have issued the following update:

"It's been an incredible year so far! We released Southern Born Killers worldwide with three bonus tracks, completed a 24 city tour in Europe and even did our first show in Moscow! And we must add...Moscow ROCKS! And let's not forget - We released the new Home tour diary video and began working on the brand new Stuck Mojo record due out early 2009!

As for the Beautiful Red, White and Blue - Stuck Mojo is doing a 17 day US tour in June and hopefully we will hit a city near you. Visit www.myspace.com/StuckMojoWebwalkers and help us spread the word on these shows. Stuck Mojo owes all our webwalkers a debt of gratitude for helping spread the tracks worldwide, to the point that we were able to ink a worldwide distribution deal with Napalm. And no, it didn't make us rich, it just got us off the bench and back in the game! We love touring! Making music and posting it for you on the internet is rewarding though it just doesn't take the place of the most intimate experience, playing for you live!

If you want to get involved with our online team, come get involved! Just go to the webwalkers site www.myspace.com/StuckMojoWebwalkers and read about it!

We are six weeks from the first June show! Can't wait to see you all there!" More...

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The Breathing Process Loses Van, etc. In Fire

New England metal band The Breathing Process suffered the complete loss of their van and personal belongings on Tuesday following a fire and subsequent explosion. Here's a statement from the group:

"Around 3 p.m. we realized our van was smoking and oil was leaking from the rear passanger side tire. We went 3 miles down the road and off the highway to a autobody repair shop. They said we would need a lot of stuff done that cost us more than we can afford. He told us for $30 he would lock our back breaks and promised us we would be able to make it to Portland, Maine safely to make money to get the van fully repaired. He said the van will still smoke and oil will pour out but it won't be a problem because the back breaks are locked. So we took his word, about 20 minutes into the drive we hear a crash to the ground and the whole van sank, we pulled over immediately and jumped out of the van to realize the tire exploded from the heat and the oil hitting the rubber. Also, that it was on fire, we grabbed water to try and put it out and it got worse. We waved people down on the highway and got a fire extinguisher and the flame grew rapidly. After 5 minutes the van was engulfed in flames and the gas tank exploded. The fire was quickly spreading to our trailer. Finally the police and fire trucks came to put out the fire but it was too late for the van and almost too late for the trailor. Our trailor is severly damaged, there is holes in it and fire damage around the whole thing. We searched through the van and nothing is more than just ash. Ren was lucky enough to find his passport sitting in ash, still intact.

"Everybody's personal belongings are gone, identification, clothes, laptops, cellphone chargers, personal hygiene supplies, our GPS, and of course all of our money.

"The police took us to a Dunkin Donuts about a mile down the road to find our way home all the way from Concord, New Hampshire. All of our phones were on the verge of dying. On top of all of this, we called the state police, and also the towing company and they told us that it will cost us $477 to get our equipment out of the garage, especially when AAA called the state police and told them have a towing company covered by AAA come, and they did not. WE HAVE NO MONEY. and the state police tells us that we owe the state of New Hampshire $10,000 for fire damage to the shoulder of the road. They told us it was so bad if anyone was in there no one would have survived.

"Luckily Chris' parents are kind enough to rent a Uhaul van with a hitch to come get all of us stranded in New Hampshire, 5 hours away from Milford, Connecticut, and pay the towing company to get our trailer back. Hopefully it is safe enough to drive 5 hours home.

"It was a disaster for us. The van is like our second home. Some of us don't even have homes but the van. We are all emotionally depressed but are trying to look at the brighter side of everything. We are all okay, and lucky enough that the van did not catch fire while we were still in it. Keep us in your prayers because the state of New Hampshire is trying to fuck us over royally.

"If anyone would like to help us our Paypal account is cdsgds@aol.com or buy our merch online. We are in great debt, and this makes it 10 times worse."

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Sandalinas Cancels Spanish Dates With Testament

SANDALINAS — the Spanish/Swedish band featuring Mat Saint (bass; DREAMLAND), Alvaro Svanerö (drums; LOCH VOSTOK), Jordi Sandalinas (guitar) and Rick Altzi (vocals; AT VANCE) — has cancelled its support slot for TESTAMENT for two shows in Spain. The group's participation in the concerts was called off "due to circumstances beyond our control," according to a statement from SANDALINAS.

The affected dates — which will still go ahead with TESTAMENT headlining — are as follows:

Jun. 24 - Heineken, Madrid, SPA
Jun. 25 - Apolo, Barcelona, SPA

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Ensign To Enter the Studio In September

After a lengthy hiatus that left the members of the New Jersey-based hardcore band ENSIGN scattered dealing with lineup changes, deaths, marriages, side projects, and varied touring crew work (vocalist Tim Shaw spent the last two years guitar-teching for RANCID while bassist Nathan Gluck tour-managed SICK OF IT ALL, UNEARTH and BURY YOUR DEAD), the group has announced plans for its upcoming fourth full-length album, "Lost Message on a Fading Frequency". The follow-up to 2001's "The Price of Progression" will be recorded in September/October at Trax East in South River, New Jersey with longtime collaborator Eric Rachel. The band is currently working on pre-production for the new CD with former drummer Chris Ross (NORA) at his Casa De Ross Studio in Highland Park, New Jersey.

Commented Gluck: "Building off of the foundation that was laid with 'Price' we are pushing the envelope to encompass some of the heaviest and most thought-provoking material in the band's 12-plus-year existence. The new material is drawing influences from all across the board and I can honestly say I haven't been this excited in years."

No record label or release date for the new album have yet been confirmed.

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Severus Part Ways with Guitarist Jason Blair

Washington metallers, Severus, issue the following update on their MySpace page regarding the departure of their guitarist, Jason Blair:

"We regret to inform you that Jason Blair will be leaving SEVERUS. We are parting on good terms and there are no hard feelings about the situation whatsoever."

"Therefore, we are now looking for a new guitarist."

"If you:

1- Have your own equipment
2- Are a bad ass guitar player
3- Are a cool cat without an ego problem
4- Can practice on Tues. and Thurs. at 6 in Tacoma every week, play shows on weekends, and are available to tour
5- Feel that you could play an influential part in helping to bring SEVERUS to the next level." More...

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Denial Fiend Announce Tour Dates

DENIAL FIEND, the Tampa, Florida-based band featuring in its ranks Terry Butler (SIX FEET UNDER, ex-MASSACRE, Ex-DEATH), Kam Lee (ex-MASSACRE, ex-MANTAS), Curt Beeson (NASTY SAVAGE, LOWBROW) and Sam Williams (DOWN BY LAW, PSEUDO HEROES), will be playing the Fuck The Commerce Fest in Germany on May 2nd. The festival appearance will be proceeded by a club show at Kulturwerk 118 in Zurich Switzerlandý. Also check out DENIAL FIEND at the Darkfest in Orlando, FL at the Dungeon on April 26th.

Guitarist Sam Williams Comments: "We have a lot of appearances in and out of the US coming up and these are the first few to kick it all off. We had an amazing time at the LA Murderfest and hope that the rest of our upcoming shows will be halfway as good as that."

Upcoming DENIAL FIEND dates are as follows:

April, 26 - Dungeon - Darkfest - Orlando, Florida
May, 2 - Kulturwerk 118 - Zurich - Switzerlandý w/ Massacre
May, 3 - Altes Lager - Fuck The Commerce Fest - Juterbog - Berlin w/ Massacre
July, 19 - The Canopy Club - Central Illinois Metalfest - Urbana - Illinois w/ Incantation More...

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Darkspace Celebrates New Release with Concert

Darkspace will be playing a gig to celebrate the release of their new album in Bern, Switzerland at the Konvex 02 venue on May 30th. The new album "Dark Space III" will be released the same day.

Pre-sale tickets are currently available through Sound Cave until Sunday, May 11th.

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Darkspace Sets Date For Upcoming Release

Ambient black metal band Darkspace have announced their upcoming album "Dark Space III" will be released on May 30th. The initial run will be a special digipack edition limited to 500 handnumbered copies. The same day an unlimited number of slipcase packaged CDs will also be available.

Keeping with their numbered theme from previous albums, the tracklisting for Dark Space III will be as follows:

1. Dark 3.11
2. Dark 3.12
3. Dark 3.13
4. Dark 3.14
5. Dark 3.15
6. Dark 3.16
7. Dark 3.17

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My Dying Bride To Release Live CD/DVD Set

Peaceville Records presents an evening of gothic doom from My Dying Bride, captured live in April 2007 at the Paradiso venue in Amsterdam, Holland. Presented as a 2 disc, CD/DVD set in digibook packaging, "An Ode to Woe" contains 13 tracks and is set for release on the 28th of April.

My Dying Bride last year announced the addition of bassist Lena Abé and drummer Dan Mullins (THINE, BAL-SAGOTH, SERMON OF HYPOCRISY) to the group's ranks.

The band's ninth studio effort, "A Line of Deathless Kings", was released in October 2006 via Peaceville/Snapper Music.

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Dream Theater Cover Iron Maiden's "To Tame A Land"

Legendary progressive metallers Dream Theater have recorded a cover of Iron Maiden's "To Tame A Land" from 1983's classic album "Piece Of Mind." The song will be on a special CD issued with a forthcoming issue of Kerrang! magazine. More details as they surface.

An interesting fact about the song is that Iron Maiden originally wanted to call the song "Dune" as it was inspired by the science fiction novel (and later film) of the same name. When the band originally sent a letter to Frank Herbert's (author) agent for permission. The response read as follows: "No. Because Frank Herbert doesn't like rock bands, particularly heavy rock bands, and especially rock bands like Iron Maiden." Songwriter Steve Harris tried to convince Herbert that the song would be a good promo for the book, but he still refused. Harris once reffered to the song as the best he'd ever written and wanted the song to start with a spoken word quote from "Dune."

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FASSW Drops Off Divine Heresy Tour

FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW have posted the following update:

“Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue the DIVINE HERESY tour or play New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. We are sorry we were not able to inform you all earlier. Due to a ruthless combination of band problems, van problems, and debt problems, we had no choice but to go home after the Toledo show. We are not saying were breaking up, we just need to get on our feet again and get some great tours for this new record. Times are tough right now for any band thats at our level, we hope you understand. Wish us luck!”

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Venom Reveals "Hell" Album Artwork

Legendary fathers of seemingly every metal sub-genre Venom have posted the front cover for their new album "Hell" online. Check it out at this location.

The official tracklisting for "Hell" is as follows:

01. Straight To Hell
02. The Power And The Glory
03. Hand of God
04. Fall From Grace
05. Hell
06. Evil Perfection
07. Stab U In The Back
08. Armageddon
09. Kill The Music
10. Evilution Devilution
11. Blood Sky
12. USA For Satan
13. Dirge / The Awakening

The album is scheduled for release in Europe on May 26th and May 27th in North America.

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Commander Posts Four New Songs Online

German death metallers Commander have posted for new songs entitled "The Enemies We Create", "Trust In Man", "Ira" and "New Age Of Treason" on line at their official Myspace.

The tracklist for their latest album, "The Enemies We Create" is as follows: 'Vengeful Angel', 'Ira', 'Still Alive', 'At Any Cost', 'My Worst Enemy', 'New Age Of Treason 1 & 2', 'The Enemies We Create', 'Trust In Man', 'Valley Of Fallen Stars'.

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Great White Announces Tour Dates

Great White have lined up some shows for the summer with more to be confirmed soon.

22 - Portland, OR - Roseland
24 - Roseburgh, OR - Douglas Hall
30 - Ogden, UT - Teazers
31 - Twin Falls, ID - Krusers

5 - Waukesha, WI - Taste of Minnesota
7 - Celing, OH - Romers at Westlake
13 - Santa Fe, NM - Camel Rock Casino
14 - Anthony, TX - Wet N Wild WaterPark
19 - San Juan Capistrano, CA - Coach House
20 - Los Angeles, CA - Crash Mansion
21 - Agoura, CA - Canyon Club
27 - Balingen, Germany - Bang Your Head Festival

11 - Walker, MN - Moondance Jam
12 - Glendale Heights, IL - Summerfest
23 - London, ON - Harris Park
24 - Heyward, WI - LCO Casino
25 - Eagle River, WI - High Pines Amp
26 - Toledo, OH - Make A Wish Foundation

16 - Santa Fe, NM - Sky City Casino
23 - Greenwood, IL - Galt Airport

12 - Boone, IA - The Venue
20 - Jim Thorpe, PA - Penn Peak

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