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Metal News for April 23, 2012

Last updated on July 30, 2021 at 3:16 AM ET

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Sinister Reveals Cover And Songs From Album

Adrie "Aad" Kloosterwaard, vocalist for Sinister, has revealed on his Facebook page the tracklisting and cover art of the band's upcoming album. Titled "The Carnage Ending," the new Sinister album should be out by the summer on Massacre Records. Sinister has also recorded five cover tunes that should be part of a bonus disc for the upcoming album. Check out the tracklisting and cover art of "The Carnage Ending" below.

01. Defamatory Content
02. Regarding the Imagery
03. The Carnage Ending
04. Transylvania (City of the Damned)
05. My Casual Enemy
06. Crown of Thorns
07. Blood Ecstasy
08. Unheavenly Domain
09. The Final Destroyer
10. Oath of Rebirth


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Opeth Prolongs “Heritage” in San Antonio

Opeth returned to central Texas for the second time since releasing “Heritage” in the fall of 2011. Prog/tech masters Mastodon and mysterious, occult metallers Ghost supported the Swedish troupe. This performance at San Antonio’s Backstage Live marked my first Opeth concert in nine years. The group has undergone many changes since then—changes of style, personnel and label—but coming into this show I had an overwhelming since of continuation, perhaps a sequel.

“Heritage” is the first Opeth album since “Damnation” comprised entirely of clean vocals. It’s still a heavy album, as was “Damnation,” but without Mikael Åkerfeldt’s bestial roar, Opeth doesn’t climb as high into the emotional stratosphere. Their showcasing of this material led to a performance focused more on melody than ferocity. Some of the buzz around the Internet gave the impression that the band were to play a snoozer. One person even likened their performance to a Lionel Richie show. A similar backlash occurred at the 2003 show with Porcupine Tree. Opeth played the entire “Damnation” album that night and didn’t include a single growled note.

In a Metal Underground interview before the show, drummer Martin Axenrot said the evening would contain some death metal, so it wasn’t quite the prog-only exhibition of 2003. It was a fairly chilled out evening, though. Although Mastodon only occasionally accosted the crowd with hard rock fury, guitar and vocal harmonies induced swaying sing a-longs rather than pits and head banging from the crowd. More...

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Agnostic Front Adds More "30 Years Of NHYC" Shows

Agnostic Front has announced two additional "30 Years of NYHC" shows, in which the band will celebrate three decades of New York hardcore by performing the classic Live At CBGB set in its entirety.

New dates have been added in Clifton, N.J. and Peekskill, N.Y. in addition to the recently announced Frederick, M.D., Reading, P.A. and Rochester, N.Y. shows. Dates are as follows:

June 22 - Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz
June 23 - Frederick, MD @ Café 611
June 24 - Reading, PA @ Reverb
June 29 - Rochester, NY @ Dub Land Underground
June 30 - Peekskill, NY @ Popeye’s Pub

To further celebrate this epic milestone, Agnostic Front has teamed up with ASG Guitar to launch the limited-edition “Stigma” series guitar, complete with Agnostic Front body artwork, NYHC fretboard inlay and more. Check it out online here.

Said ASG, “Agnostic Front shaped the music and the culture we love. They made it possible for little punks like us to pick up guitars and try to do something great. In our eyes, the ‘Stigma’ ASG is an instant classic and will be shredded proudly -- when it's not securely framed behind glass.”

“I think the guitar is perfect for the working class musician endorsed by the ultimate working class band,” added vocalist, Roger Miret. “The boots symbol has always been of the same character. Hardcore has been our life. Our dedication to this movement has been our passion. Our boots stomped the wayinto NYHC history. We are hoping [the guitar] brings the unique ‘Stigma’ character to those that rock it! It will also make an awesome 30th anniversary time-piece to the true Agnostic Front collectors!”

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Hideous Divinity Streaming New Song

Italy's Hideous Divinity has released another track online from the upcoming debut album "Obeisance Rising," due out April 24th, 2012 through Unique Leader Records. Check out the song "A New Hope of Worms" in the player available below.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. A New Morning
2. Life During Epidemic
3. The Servant's Speech
4. Summoning Fists To Heaven
5. A New Hope Of Worms
6. Cerebral Code Of Obeisance
7. I Deny My Sickness
8. Bred For Slavery
9. Laughing At The Ephemeral Race
10. As Flesh Gospelled Pure Hate
11. Enclosured

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Wolfbrigade Streaming Entire New LP

As Swedish crust icons Wolfbrigade set their savage debut Southern Lord LP, "Damned," loose on the public this week, today BrooklynVegan is streaming the entire 12-track album right here.

Recorded at the renowned Gothenburg-based Studio Fredman (At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Opeth), "Damned" is a stark reminder of exactly why Wolfbrigade is considered a pioneer of the Swedish d-beat/crust movement and is undoubtedly one of the strongest releases in the band's history. The following press release was also issued:

"Initially known as Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade have been storming the scene since 1995. The outfit unleashed three LPs and as many EPs of their potent crust-inspired punk in less than five years, instantly making a massively influential impact worldwide and helping fuel an entire new wave of 'd-beat' bands and scenes internationally. With some personnel changes at the turn of the century the band kicked off the new millennium under the revamped moniker Wolfbrigade.

"Since then the band's already powerful attack became even more sinister and morose, yet more aggressive and pummeling. Following four LPs and several splits and mini-releases under the Wolfbrigade banner since 2001, the outfit have remained at the top of their game and continue to release invigorating and demoralizing socially-aimed antagonism on a regular basis."

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Empatic Releases "The Game" Video Clip

Death metal act Empatic has launched a new live video for the song called "The Game," from the band's debut album "Gods of Thousand Souls." The video material was recorded during a gig at Progresja club in Warsaw.

The concert took place on January 21st, 2012 as a part of the charity tour "Covan Wake The Fuck Up." The band`s drummer Jaroslaw Yopeque Sliwka is responsible for the production of the video, which can be viewed below.

In addition, Empatic is beginning to compose material for the band's next album. During the Terrasound Festival the group presented a brand new song titled "Valley of Shadows," which can be viewed here. More...

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Unearthing the Hong Kong Metal Underground

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to tour around Asia with my band for eight days, stopping in seven cities. One of the highlights of the tour was Hong Kong, not just for the great crowd, but for the excellent bands I and my band mates had the privilege to share the stage with. Here’s a quick intro to those bands in this week’s edition of Unearthing the Metal Underground:


Melody, abject brutality, and paramount evil. This is the formula that death metal four-piece Elysium has adopted as its own. Featuring some of the most earthy and natural guttural vocals this side of Incantation and Immolation, along with the occasional elongated pig squeal thrown in for good measure, Elysium has been plying its trade for a few years in the Hong Kong scene, and has managed to make its way to foreign shores at least once, having played at last year’s Drown In Metal Festival in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan.

While technical, Elysium manages to keep its songs memorable without compromising brutality—no mean feat. Slams and pinch harmonics are put to good use, but not overused, and the band knows how to employ versatility while still maintaining a discernable sound. Currently, the only way to hear Elysium’s music is to pick up a demo from them at a show or check out the band’s Facebook page.


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The Cory Smoot Experiment To Release Album

The Cory Smoot Experiment was recorded in 2010 at Cory's Karma Studios, where GWAR, Municipal Waste, and many others have laid down tracks. The songs were originally meant for a concept album called "Religion is Fiction." Cory was going to lay down all the tracks and then get some of his favorite singers from the internationally-acclaimed Richmond metal scene to do the vocals, including GWAR lead singer Dave Brockie and Lamb of God's Randy Blythe.

Unfortunately this didn't happen due to scheduling problems, but that didn't mean the end of the project. Cory went ahead and recorded the vocals himself and re-named the project The Cory Smoot Experiment, completing the entire package just before his final tour with GWAR in the fall of 2012.

After his passing, GWAR and Metal Blade set up the Smoot Family Fund to help provide for Cory's family. All proceeds from this album will be donated to this fund.

Metal Blade Records Chairman and CEO Brian Slagel commented on the album's release: "Metal Blade Records is donating all the proceeds of the Cory Smoot solo album to the Smoot family. Please help us by getting the CD and enjoying the immense talent he was." More...

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Death Metal Decapitation Compilation Available

In celebration of this year's fifth annual Record Store Day and upcoming Death Metal Decapitation 2 fest in Toronto, ON a free compilation has been put together by DMD organizer Blacktooth Entertainment to share with head bangers from across the globe.

The compilation features tracks from Derelict (Montreal), Deamon (Ottawa), Nephelium (Toronto via Dubai), The Unborn Dead (Toronto) and Blastmycosis (Toronto). The free download can be found here or in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Derelict - Perpetuation
2. Derelict - Shackles of Indoctrination
3. Nephelium - Merciless Annihilation
4. Nephelium - Burial Ground
5. Deamon - Praying Headless
6. Deamon - Means
7. The Unborn Dead - Final Judgement
8. The Unborn Dead - Pieces
9. Blastomycosis - The Putrid Smell Within
10. Blastomycosis - Yeast Infected Cunt Strudel More...

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Kataklysm Releases "Iron Will" Video

Kataklysm has posted a new "Iron Will" video clip online, which can be viewed below. "The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined" 2CD+2DVD set will be released on July 3rd in North America and July 6th, 2012 in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. A teaser trailer for the release can also be viewed at this location.


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Bleeding Skies Posts New EP Teaser

Bleeding Skies has posted a teaser trailer online for the new EP "I Choose To Awaken," which is set for release via Myriad Records on April 28th, 2012. Check out the teaser in the player available below. More more details on Bleeding Skies, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Huntress Video Interview Available

Metal Injection's Noa Avior conducted an interview with Jill Janus, front woman of Huntress, during a recent NYC stop of the Paganfest. Jill talks about what it's like for a woman to be on the road with a bunch of dudes, being on the road without an album, and sharing drinks with Alestorm and Tursisas.

Watch the full interview here or in the player available below.

The new Huntress album "Spell Eater" (reviewed here) is set to released on April 27th in Europe and May 8th in the U.S. You can check out a preview of the album at this location. More...

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Ephel Duath Announces New EP Title

"On Death and Cosmos" is the title chosen by avantgarde metal band Ephel Duath for the upcoming EP being released through Agonia Records.

Release dates have been set as June 21st in Europe and August 14th in the United States. You can check out the artwork created by French artist Dehn Sora below.

"On Death and Cosmos" is a 20 minute mini concept EP that develops through three songs: "Black Prism," "Raqia," and "Stardust Rain," creating some of the most intense and mournful music Ephel Duath has ever offered. A studio update from the recording sessions can also be viewed here. More...

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Switchblade Rosie Releases "Nocturnal Guest" Video

Oklahoma City metal innovators Switchblade Rosie are premiering the music video for their song "Nocturnal Guest" online. Check out the video clip below.

"Nocturnal Guest" is the title track off the band's new EP, released this March 17th. The video was written and directed by the band's vocalist, Chris Aaron. The following statement from Aaron describes the details surrounding the production and release of the project:

"I wrote the entire screen play to coincide with the lyrics of the song. The video and song are basically about a man who is possessed not only by his inner anguish but by actual demons. While possessed, the main character beats, tortures, and murder's his victim in a fit of violent rage, he does all this with no remorse or recollection of his malicious acts. Through out the song he has moments of reality where he realizes to an extent what he is actually doing. During the climax of the video he realizes that the only way to get the demon out of his being is by ending his own life and the life of the demonic force within him.

"This song was a lot fun to write because it gave me the chance to write from two different perspectives. You'll notice during the heavier parts of the song there are glimpses of a 'hell like' scene. The success of this part of the video is all due to a local suspension group named SBS (Sick Boyz Suspension) as well as local Sideshow acts such as The Captain's Sideshow, and The Oh No Variety Show. There's live human suspension, a flesh pull, fire breathing, a bed of glass, as well as several girls from a local promotional/modelling group called The Painted Dolls. The great part about this video is that each time you watch it you are going to catch something that you did not see before. More...

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Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Reveals New Album Details

Candlelight Records today confirms June 19th as the North American release date for "Ghostmaker," the new album from Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. Produced by the band, "Ghostmaker" is the third album from the Philadelphia quartet and reunites the band with noted gore artist Mike Hrubovcak (Sinister, Hate Eternal, Cattle Decapitation).

Commenting on the album, vocalist/bassist Shawn Riley says, “Ghostmaker represents everything we have worked towards for the past several years. When the album drops it will be obvious that this is something created by four dudes thirsty for blood, eager to silence all the critics, and to crush all the lames.”

Guitarist Ryan Moll notes, "This album is our fastest, darkest, and most relentless album yet. It will contain some of the most bone-crushing, graveyard stomping, Frankenstein/Dracula/Wolfman hate-fuck riffage written thus far.”

Guitarist Matt Moore adds, “Each song has its own distinct and strange aura of speed, darkness, brute strength, violence, cunning, and power. We have raised the bar and taken on musical and lyrical concepts that would drive commoners insane.” More...

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Endast Posts Album Video Update

Montreal's Endast has posted a video update online about the progress on the band's new "Thrive" album. You can check out the video clip below, or find Endast's Pledge Music page at this location, where the band is seeking fan donations to make the album a reality.

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Sarah Jezebel Deva Posts Tour Dates

Recently, Sarah Jezebel Deva announced her band would be issuing a digital-only three song EP titled "Malediction," which will be released May 28th and feature special guest appearances with Dani Filth and a duet with Soilwork frontman Bjorn Strid on the track "Lies Define Us." Bjorn made the following comment: "Working with Sarah Jezebel Deva was a trip. We definitely found common ground humor wise and musically. The song we did together is still ringing in my head. The atmosphere is fantastic and the melody is haunting. Drop the gothic top hats and get ready for the real deal!"

Dan and Damian from SJD spoke from Legacy London studios about the new "Malediction" EP, which you can view by going here. Sarah Jezebel Deva is set to head out on The Corruption UK Tour in May with special guests Apparition. Dates are as follows:

May 16 - Birmingham @ The End
May 17 - Manchester @ Dry Bar
May 18 - Liverpool @ The Lomax
May 19 - Leeds @ The Cockpit
May 20 - Grimsby @ Yardbirds
May 23 - Cardiff @ Bogiez
May 24 - Bristol @ Tunnels
May 25 - Andover @ George
May 26 - Swindon @ The Furnace
May 27 - London @ Nambucca

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Rhapsody Of Fire Adds More Tour Dates

Rhapsody Of Fire has extended its biggest world tour ever by adding a few select shows in Central and South America. Alex Staropoli comments:

“This is our biggest world tour ever with concerts in Europe, North America, Central America and South America. The energy, enthusiasm and excitement on this tour is far greater than it has ever been for us over our past 15+ year history!

"Rhapsody Of Fire is stronger than ever and the reviews of all the concerts we’ve already done on this tour are proof of that. For the first time ever, we’re also giving our Latin American fans the opportunity to spend an incredible amount of personal time with us face-to-face. We did this in Europe for the first time this year and it was truly great to bring us very close to some of our biggest fans in a very personal way."

The newly added dates are as follows: More...

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Skyharbor Streaming New Album

Skyharbor released the new album "Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos" today via Basick Records. The entire album is now available for streaming online through Bandcamp or the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Illusion: Dots
2. Illusion: Order 66
3. Illusion: Catharsis
4. Illusion: Night
5. Illusion: Aurora
6. Illusion: Celestial
7. Illusion: Maeva
8. Chaos: Trayus
9. Chaos: Aphasia
10. Chaos: Insurrection More...

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Cattle Decapitation Posts Music Video Online

Today prime horror one-stop, Bloody Disgusting, hosts the exclusive premiere of “Kingdom of Tyrants” from Cattle Decapitation's forthcoming "Monolith Of Inhumanity" studio offering. The disturbingly twisted 9-minute mini-film was directed by Mitch Massie with live band footage shot in San Marcos, California by Tyson Montrucchio.

Check out the "Kingdom of Tyrants" music video at this location.

Comments singer Travis Ryan: "We've kicked around the idea of doing a mini-film out of a song that has a big intro for years now and when I saw Mitch Massie's work on one of our friends' videos, we knew he would be the one to pull it off. We had no idea he would bring it to a level such as this though. The ‘Kingdom of Tyrants’ mini-film completely leveled our expectations. Having given him director styles I would have liked to see used such as Matthew Barney, Harmony Korine and Ridley Scott, I still never assumed we would have received something so in line with what we had in mind for this as what you see here with this video. It's disturbing. It’s thought-provoking. It’s 100% CATTLE DECAPITATION and in the direction we've been heading. Massie is the man and this is by far the best video we've ever had the pleasure to be a part of."

Adds director Mitch Massie: "I acknowledge that I will rightfully burn in some subdivision of Hell for even attempting a rough tribute to Kubrick, but at least I will make Hell a home with Cattle Decapitation and a few other damned risk-takers as neighbors. When Travis and I spoke about the concept it was a comforting fact that he too had reservations about picking fruits from the Kubrick tree. It wasn't until the first night of production was over and we sat down to watch the shaky rough footage when a rather sardonic thought sparked the flint that ignited the funeral pyre in me, ‘fuck it, while we are here, as parts of our generation that dry-humps references in an over-saturated landfill of technological trinkets -- where nothing is sacred -- anyway, we might as well bury the rest of the masters in the filth they inspired in us and enter our homes justified. I'm a soulless ginger anyway so what do I care about these new risks of damnation when I never had a chance to begin with?’ More...

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Xerath Seeking 10 Sexy Ladies For Video Shoot

Basingstoke, U.K. based act Xerath has issued the following announcement about seeking fans to appear in a new music video:

"Xerath are looking for 10 sexy ladies to be extras in a new video being planned. It will be great fun and has a great production team behind it with a very strong concept.

"There would be some partial nudity, with emphasis on the word partial, with complete anonymity. Please drop us a super quick line for more information!"

You can also check out Xerath's music video for "Reform Part 3" by heading over to this location.

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Undersmile Streaming New Song Online

Undersmile will release debut album "Narwhal" through Future Noise Recordings on May 28th 2012. The band has now teamed up with The Sleeping Shaman to stream the opening track from "Narwhal." Check out "Lockjaw" by heading over here.

The album will be released as a 4-panel digipak CD and as a digital download, with pre-orders available here. The tracklisting for "Narwhal" is as follows:

1. Lockjaw
2. Milk
3. Funayurei
4. Berk
5. Cortege
6. Myra
7. Mandrill
8. Verdigris
9. The Unthinkable
10. Qaanaaq

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Witch Mountain Reveals "Cauldron Of The Wild" Info

Witch Mountain was born in Portland, Oregon in 1997, the doom rock creation of Sunn0))) collaborator Nate Carson and Rob Wrong. The band released debut "...Come The Mountain" in 2001 and toured with the likes of Isis, Yob, Clutch, Agalloch, Electric Wizard, Unsane and plenty more. Soon after, the band fell silent before bursting back into effect in 2009, this time with the stunning vocal addition of Uta Plotkin for the release of "South of Salem."

The band has now completed work on "Cauldron of the Wild" with the help of producer Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, High on Fire, Mr. Bungle, etc) and the record will be made available on June 12th through a partnership with Profound Lore Records. Check out a new track from the release, titled "Beekeeper," in the player below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Ballad of Lanky Rae
2. Beekeeper
3. Shelter
4. Veil of the Forgotten
5. Aurelia
6. Never Know More...

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Hippie Grinder To Release New EP

Athens, Ohio based act HippIe Grinder will be releasing a new EP this coming June titled "Vote! Kill! Die!" The band is also currently in the process of working on a full-length album. The new album "Free Speech For Sale" is expected to be released later this Fall.

In support of the upcoming releases, Hippie Grinder has posted two tracks online. Check out the track "Home Defender" in the player below, or listen to "Class Warfare" via Soundcloud here. More...

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Paradise Lost Streaming Entire New Album

To celebrate the group's influential role in the gothic/doom scene and to welcome the upcoming 13th studio album, "Tragic Idol," Paradise Lost is being featured by Decibel Magazine for the June issue cover story as "metal's most underrated band."

"Tragic Idol" is set for release on April 24th in North America and April 23rd in Europe. In the meantime, Paradise Lostfans can listen to "Tragic Idol" in its entirety before the album's North American release tomorrow. Check out the full stream at this location.

For more insight into the album, check out our recent interview with Paradise Lost here. More...

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Overkill Releases Behind The Scenes Footage

Overkill has revealed part one of a two part series giving fans a behind the scenes look into the new video for "Electric Rattlesnake." Check out the footage below, or find the full "Electric Rattlesnake" video at this location.

The band kicked off the "Electric Age Tour" this weekend as well with support coming from God Forbid, Diamond PLate, and Suidakra. Tour dates can be found here.

The single "Electric Rattlesnake" comes from Overkill's newest record "The Electric Age," which came out last month. More...

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Prong Posts New Music Video

Tomorrow sees the release of "Carved Into Stone," the new studio album from Prong. The band recently filmed a video for the song "Revenge...Best Served Cold," directed by Scott Hansen (Unearth, Whitechapel, Wretched). The video is being exclusively premiered today on Noisecreep. Get a first look at the video here or in the player below.

The song "Eternal Heat" is still streaming courtesy of Metal Insider at this location, or you can check out "Ammuntion" through Noisecreep.

Prong worked on this Long Branch Records debut with producer Steve Evetts, and the track listing is as follows: More...

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Lita Ford Reveals New Album Details

Lita Ford's new album "Living Like A Runaway" will be released June 19th in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. The album will be available in four configurations: a double LP, limited edition CD, standard CD and digital download.

Today the artwork for the album created by famed rock photographer Mark Weiss has been unveiled, as well as the track listing for all four versions of "Living Like A Runaway." Details can be viewed below.

Standard Jewel Case Version:

1. Branded
2. Hate
3. The Mask
4. Living Like A Runaway
5. Relentless
6. Mother
7. Devil In My Head
8. Asylum
9. Love 2 Hate U
10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By
11. Boiling Point (iTunes Bonus Track) More...

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Heaving Earth Announces Lineup Changes

Heaving Earth has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist, vocalist, and bassist:

"We are proud to announce that our line-up is finally completed and so far the best one. The body of beast called Heaving Earth was strengthened by addition of Jarda Santrucek on guitar (Imperial Forticide), Michal Stepanek on vocals (Brutally Deceased) and Pavel Satra on bass (Imperial Foeticide, Feeble Minded).

"There is still lot of work on songs for 2nd album, but it's already pretty clear, that this stuff will overshadow our first album in every aspect.

"Below we have first audio and visual sample of our new stuff. Crowd was pretty lame and so were we - still enjoy you hellish motherfuckers!" More...

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Mexicore Releases Quintana Roo Compilation

The Mexican blogspot Mexicore has released another provincial compilation.

This time the new compilation "Escena Y Profecias" focuses on thirteen bands that hail from the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. There are all kinds of bands on this anthology, ranging from deathcore, metalcore and even grindcore. You can download it courtesy of Mexicore by going here. Below the tracklisting is the Cancun band Rottenness, who are on this comp with "As Far as the Fist Can Go." Rottenness made a first U.S. appearance at the Maryland Death Fest VIII, and below is an cover of the Pungent Stench classic "Klyster Boogie."

01. Strange - The Last Breath
02. Almost Four Years - Seguiremos Ardiendo
03. El Pasado No Permanece Enterrado - See My Fatal Trace
04. Kingdom Of Bastards - Before The Horrors
05. Mary Jane Last Kiss - 5 Fist
06. As Far As The Fist Can Go - Rottenness
07. Argumentos Para Un Final Feliz - Have Become Stars
08. Awakening - One Last Prayer
09. Burn All The Liars - Awakening The Leviathan
10. Nullifying The Truth - Shadows Behind Me
11. Sin Una Solucion - Agnostick
12. Twilight End - Wild Demise
13. Scream My Name - Notre Dame More...

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Avulsed Announces New Drummer

Just one month after the departure of ex-drummer Riky, AVULSED has announced a new drummer. After auditioning three drummers, the decision was made to recruit Osckar (Oscar Bravo).

According to the band, Osckar is one of the best drummers on the Spanish Metal scene, also playing in legendary heavy metal band SOBREDOSIS, NIGHTFEAR, and is recently departed from melodic death metal band ATMOSPHERE GREY. Osckar is also endorsed by various prestigioius brands like MAPEX drums, ZILDJIAN cymbals, EVANS drumheads, ZILDJIAN sticks and AXIS pedals.

You can see a short video taken during the band's first official rehearsal with Osckar below:

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Widow Posts New Music Video

U.S. power metal band Widow posted a new music video for the track "Take Hold of the Night." The song appears on the band's fourth full length LP "Life's Blood," which was issued this past November through Pure Steel Records.

Check out "Take Hold of the Night" here:

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Witchkiller Reunites, Recording New LP

Canadian traditional metal band Witchkiller, best known for the classic 1985 EP release "Day of the Saxons," has announced that the band has reformed and will record its debut full length LP for release in the fall of 2012. The band's current incarnation will feature founding member and bassist John Meharey along with guitarist Kevin Bradley (Ex-Breaker/Ex-Iron Head). Joining in to complete the lineup will be drummer/vocalist Steve Batky and vocalist Domenic Sciasca.

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Pythia Posts New Music Video

U.K. Gothic power metal band Pythia posted a new music video for the track "The Circle." The song appears on the band's sophomore release "The Serpent's Curse," which was released in February through Golden Axe Records.

The track listing for "The Serpent's Curse" is as follows:

1. Cry Of Our Nation
2. Betray My Heart
3. Kissing The Knife
4. Just A Lie
5. Dark Star
6. Long Live The King
7. The Circle
8. My Perfect Enemy
9. Heartless
10. Our Forgotten Land

Check out "The Circle" here: More...

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Gotthard Posts New Song Preview

Gotthard posted a preview of the new track "Starlight," which will appear on the band's forthcoming release "Firebirth." The album is due out on June 1st, 201 through Nuclear Blast/Warnermusic (in Switzerland Musikvertrieb). For more information about "Firebirth," head over to this location.

Check out the preview for "Starlight" here:

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Devil's Train Posts Second Music Video

German hard rockers Devil's Train, the project featuring Mystic Prophecy frontman Roberto Dimitri Liapakis, drummer Jörg Michael (Ex-Stratovarius) and bassist Jari Kainulainen (Ex-Evergrey/Ex-Stratovarius), posted a second music video for the track "Sweet Devil's Kiss." The track appears on the band's debut self-titled album, which is available now through earOne Music. The video was also directed by Jon Simvonis for Magnum Production Studios. The band previously released a music video for the cover of The Guess Who's "American Woman," which can be viewed at this location.

Check out "Sweet Devil's Kiss" here:

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Rampart Streaming Another New Track

Bulgarian power metal band Rampart is streaming another new track "Give Nothing Back." The song appears on the band's forthcoming sophomore full length LP "War Behest." The album is expected in April through Inferno Records.

The track listing for "War Behest" is as follows:

1. Thunder Realm (Prologue)
2. Army Of The Perfect (Overture)
3. Ghost Of Freedom
4. Within The Silence
5. Road To the Unknown
6. Fire Circle
7. Up In Arms
8. Storm Force
9. Give Nothing Back
10. March On To Victory (Epilogue)

Check out "Give Nothing Back" here: More...

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In Mourning Posts New Music Video

Swedish Gothic metal band In Mourning posted a new music video for the track "A Vow To Conquer The Ocean." The track appears on the band's latest LP "The Weight Of Oceans," which was released on April 18, 2012 via Spinefarm Records.

The track listing for "The Weight of Oceans" is as follows:

1. Colossus
2. A Vow To Conquer The Ocean
3. From A Tidal Sleep
4. Celestial Tear
5. Convergence
6. Sirens
7. Isle Of Solace
8. The Drowning Sun
9. Voyage Of A Wavering Mind

Check out "A Vow To Conquer The Ocean" here: More...

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Manowar Posts New Song Snippet

New York true metal band Manowar has posted additional footage from the event on March 12, 2012 in which members of The Circle, a select group of special fans who represent Manowars's worldwide fan base. The fans were invited to a private pre-listening session of the forthcoming new Manowar, as well as a tour of Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands where the album will be mixed and mastered.

In the video, the fans are shown previewing a rough mix of the new song "Expendable." The track is on the yet untitled new Manowar LP which is due to be premiered at the band's June 21, 2012 performance at the Gods of Metal festival in Italy.

Check out the video here:

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Trixter Posts New Music Video

Hard rockers Trixter posted a new music video for the track "Tattoos & Misery." The song appears on the band's latest LP "New Audio Machine," which was released this past Friday in Europe and is scheduled for a North American release tomorrow through Frontiers Records.

Check out "Tattoos & Misery" here:

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Running Wild Streaming "Shadowmaker" In Full

German pirate metal pioneers Running Wild are streaming the band's latest LP "Shadowmaker" in full over at AOL Music at this location. The album is due out in Europe today in Europe and in the US/Canada on April 24, 2012 through SPV/ Steamhammer.

For a full review of the release, head over to this location.

The track listing for "Shadowmaker" is as follows:

1. Piece Of The Action (4:25)
2. Riding On The Tide (4:18 )
3. I Am Who I Am (4:51)
4. Black Shadow (5:13 )
5. Locomotive (4:35)
6. Me & The Boys (5:00)
7. Shadowmaker (4:25)
8. Sailing Fire (4:14)
9. Into The Black (4:57)
10. Dracula (7:29)

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Sonata Arctica Posts New Music Video

Finnish symphonic progressive metal act Sonata Arctica has posted a new music video for the track "I Have A Right." The song is the first single from the band's new LP "Stones Grow Her Name," which is due out on May 18, 2012 (EU) and May 22, 2012 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records.

Check out "I Have A Right" here:

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