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Metal News for April 22, 2012

Last updated on July 30, 2021 at 3:16 AM ET

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New Blood Streaming Two Songs

New Blood is streaming a couple of tracks from its upcoming album "Subsistence," which should be out by the summer on Grindhead Records. The two tracks, "Carnal Remains" and "Embellishment of Flesh," are posted below. New Blood hails from Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia and already has one EP, "Paradise Disintegrates," to its credit. Recently the technical death metal band recruited new guitarist Danny King.

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Satanic Bloodspraying Releasing Album In July

Bolivian blackened thrash band Satanic Bloodspraying will be unleashing its album "At the Mercy of Satan" on July 17th via Hells Headbangers Records. Below you can stream three of the eight songs, including the title track, "March of the Dead" and "Satanic Skullfuck." Check out the tracklisting for the other songs and the band's profile over on Bandcamp.

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Deiphago Releasing Album In August

Phillipine black metal trio Deiphago is set to unleash its third album, "Satan Alpha Omega," on August 14th via Hells Headbangers Records. Originally from the far east, in 2004 Deiphago curiously relocated to Heredia, Costa Rica for a change of venue and inspiration and enlisted the skin pounder Nazgul from Tico black metal band Mortigor. Deiphago is streaming three of the songs from this upcoming eleven-track album "Satan Alpha Omega" below, and look for updates over on Facebook. View the entire tracklisting of the album over on Bandcamp.

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Denial Of God Streaming New Single

Denial of God has been streaming the new single, "Black Dethe," from its upcoming album "Death and Beyond." Now the band is streaming a second single for the track "Behind the Coffin's Lid," which you can listen to in the player below. "Death and Beyond" will be released on July 13th via Hells Headbangers Records.

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Krig Reveals Tracklisting For Fifth Album

Brazilian christian technical death metal band Krig reported that its new fifth album, "Decay’s Beholders," will be mixed and masterized by Jason Campbell (Erase, ex-Mortification). The guitarist Isaque Soares says the album is almost finished. The album should be released in June/July 2012 as an independent release. A video of one of the recording sessions can be seen here, with the tracklisting for "Decay's Beholders" below. Vocalist Daniel Corpse has also been running a band logo design contest on Krig's Facebook page, where you can also see the cover art for "Decay's Beholders." Check out one of Krig's official videos below, for the track "Dilacerated" from the "Narcissistic Mechanism" album. Discover more of Krig's music on MySpace.

Tracklisting for "Decay's Beholders"

Decay’s Beholder
Drink the Third World
Lies of Santa Claus
True Human Nature
Threw Out Prophecies
Quiet Ocean of Lies
Wild Civilization
Killer Tendency

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Crimena Bathory Streaming New Single

Peruvian technical death metal band Crimena Bathory is finally streaming new some new material in the form of the single "Witnesses," which we have for you below in video upload form. That track will be on the band's first full-length album, which it is working on as we speak. Crimena Bathory already has a five-song EP out, titled "Devourers of Nations" and released last year. Head over to Crimena Bathory's Facebook wall to get a band-approved download link to their EP. Crimena Bathory just played at the Inmortal Fest 2012 in San Pedro/Los Olivos.

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Dead And Divine Calling It Quits

Canada's Dead and Divine has issued the following announcement about deciding to call it quits and playing a final hometown show:

"After nearly 10 years of playing music together, touring the world and making some of the best friends we could have ever asked for, we're very regretfully closing this chapter of our lives. It chokes me up to be writing this letter, and I really can't express how genuine and sincere I am when I say thank you all for everything you've done to help us live our dream.

"Matty started Dead and Divine in highschool when he was 16 years old. It was never anything more than an excuse to play some music with his pals, and I'm sure I can speak for him when I say nobody ever expected this to turn into what it is. Almost 10 years later and we've toured nearly 20 countries with some of our favorite bands, released two EP's and three full length records that have all (to our amazement) landed themselves on Billboard and iTunes charts. We've created music with producers who have made records that we grew up listening to; guys that truly shaped us musically both as individuals and as a band.

"We're so blessed to say we have incredible friends around the world, from coast to coast in Canada and the United States, the UK, Ireland, and all over Europe, Japan, Australia and South America. You've helped us leave the Burlington Music Center and play to hundreds of thousands of people at festivals and venues around the globe. Trust me when I say we NEVER thought we'd be doing this. I remember leaving for our first tour with our friends in The Holly Springs Disaster and Straight Reads The Line, and not once did it cross my mind that I'd be repeating that process continually for the next seven years of my life. It just wasn't a realistic expectation. We weren't one of THOSE bands and I wasn't one of THOSE dudes. We didn't get lucky like that. Touring in a rock band was a pipe dream and we all knew that first tour was nothing more than a dry hump. We'd go home, go back to school/work, and continue playing random shows on weekends. We couldn't be more thankful for all of this. More...

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Julius Seizure Releases New Music Video

New Jersey metal act Julius Seizure has released a new music video for the song "OxyGen(eration)," which will appear on the band's debut EP "Beware the Ides of March." Check out the video clip below, directed and edited by Anthony Smeragliuolo. "Beware the Ides of March" will be available on May 15th, 2012.

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Daemonicus Posts Tour Video Blog

Daemonicus has posted a new video tour blog online from the band's Eastern Moonlight tour alongside Christ Agony. Check out the European massacre in the player below.

Daemonicus has the following upcoming tour dates:

24.04.2012 RO Bacau @ Subway Club
25.04.2012 RO Iasi @ Hand Club
26.04.2012 RO Bucharest @ The Silver Church + Asphyx
27.04.2012 RO Constanta @ Metal Cave
28.04.2012 BG Ruse @ Summer Theater
29.04.2012 BG Sofia @ RBF Club
30.04.2012 SR Belgrade @ Gun Club
02.05.2012 BH Sarajevo @ Sloga Cinemas
03.05.2012 HR Zagreb @ Tvornica
04.05.2012 HU Budapest @ Red Hell Club
05.05.2012 RO Arad @ Metal Attack Fest

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Amazing Grave Releases Official Video

German slam band Amazing Grave has released its first official video for the track "Knife In, Guts Out," which you may listen to below. Amazing Grave started out in 2010 and put out its first self-titled release in November of 2011, which "Knife In, Guts Out" is from. The band already has one song finished for its second release. Amazing Grave hails from Marburg, Germany. For more information on them, head on over to the band's Facebook page.

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Nominal Abuse Streaming Entire Album

Serbian brutal metal band Nominal Abuse is streaming its entire fifteen-song album "Behind the Vanishing Values" over on Bandcamp. We have already streamed Nominal Abuse's official video for "Embarrassment and Pressure," and now you can listen to the whole album below. Nominal Abuse started out in 1999 as No Abuse, putting out its first release with "Jebeni Napredak" ("Fucking Progress"). The band later played the Exit Fest '08 and toured with Cripple Bastards, later playing the Obscene Extreme Fest in the Czech Republic in 2011.

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Woods Of Desolation Working On New EP

Australia's Woods of Desolation has checked in with the following update about working on a new EP and recruiting a guest musician:

"Secretly planned for some time, I can now confirm the next Woods of Desolation chapter shall be a very special, conceptual EP featuring guest drums performed by Vlad of Drudkh/Old Silver Key!

"Further news and info will follow when it is available, until then, please spread the word and get ready!"

You can also check out the song "Enshrouded by Solitude" from the band's "Sorh" EP in the player available below. More...

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The Schoenberg Automaton Reveals Album Art

The Schoenberg Automaton has now revealed the cover artwork for the new album "Vela," which can be viewed here or after the jump. The band also commented on the upcoming new album:

"We're proud to reveal the album art for our forthcoming debut LP, 'Vela.' Artwork courtesy of the amazing Ty Dunitz.

"'Vela' will be mixed locally in Brisbane, Australia by Adam Merker at Studio Anders Debeerz. Some of Adam's recent work includes Aversion's Crown's LP Servitude and The Construct's EP. Drums were recorded by Dan Fields from Studio 454. 'Vela' will be released by Myriad Records and more TBA.

"We have yet to settle on a vocalist, and once we do we will man-handle them straight into the studio, shoot them up with methamphetamine, mentally abuse them for a while to really amp up the rage and the angst then handcuff them to the tracking booth for as long as it takes to spew disgustingly heavy and rage-filled bile over these tracks. Once that process is complete, the album is complete.

"Thanks again for all your support and we will cram this shit into your puny little earholes as soon as we possibly can! Tracklisting coming soon..." More...

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Haeresiarchs Of Dis Finishes Split Material

Cernnunos announced today that the Hæresiarchs of Dis part of the "Darkest Origins" split CD with Ophidian Forest is complete. Cernunnos recently approved the final remix and mastering by Toadstool Enterprises. The cover artwork can be viewed here.

Cernunnos' contribution to the collection is a remixing of the 2010 "Dis" demo material released by Toadstool Enterprises in 2010.

"The Toadstool release was extremely raw (though much improved over the original cassette tape from which it came), and while it remains the favorite of all my releases, I felt some adjustments would be beneficial," Cernunnos stated. "In addition to the demo, I pulled some more material from the old tapes, one which was a piano practice session from very long ago."

In total, three additional tracks from the demo era have been mixed, improved upon, and added to the release. As a bonus, Cernunnos has re-recorded a track from the debut "Overture" release.

"I do not play live, so do not have any live performances to share. Re-recording the track was both an experiment and a way to keep alive--in my mind--the older material. The track was originally written around 2002."

The "Darkest Origins" CD will be released later in 2012 by UW records. The track listing is: More...

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Sunday Old School: Kreator

Previously in Sunday Old School, we've looked at several big names in thrash metal from all over the world. These include two of the "Three Kings" of German thrash, Sodom and Destruction. This week we'll be completing the trilogy by taking a look at Kreator, arguably the most well known of the three. Kreator were formed in the city of Essen in 1982 by vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza and drummer Jürgen 'Ventor' Reil, originally using the moniker, Tyrant before switching to the name, Tormentor, under which name they released two demos which attracted the attention of Noise Records, home of such other notable metal artists as Celtic Frost and later Sabbat. It was the label’s suggestion that the band change their name, due to the company already having a band from Hungary on their books called Tormentor, and so the German thrashers settled on Kreator instead. The band recorded their debut album, "Endless Pain" in only ten days, featured had a more proto-black metal sound, similar to what Sodom were doing at the time. "Endless Pain" was released in 1985 and was soon followed by the groups sophomore effort, "Pleasure To Kill," which is now considered something of a thrash metal classic and a clear influence of the burgeoning death metal genre. The success of the album led them to embark on their first ever tour (having performed only five gigs before it’s release) and soon they followed with their third record, "Terrible Certainty," which like its predecessor was critically acclaimed and warmly welcomed by underground metal fans, owing in part to the songs, "Behind The Mirror" and their first music video for "Toxic Trace," as well as a strong cover of the Raven song, "Lambs To The Slaughter."

They then focused on breaking America with their next effort, "Extreme Aggression," which was produced by Randy Burns, notable for his work with established metal bands such as Megadeth. "Extreme Aggression" became a hit in Europe and helped to achieve their goal of penetrating the American market when the music videos for the song, "Betrayer," as well as the title track received regular airplay on MTVs Headbangers Ball, before touring North America for the first time with Suicidal Tendencies. The band soon released a fifth album entitled, "Coma Of Souls," which, while praised by many, failed to gain the same recognition that previous records did, with some feeling that the album sounded rushed, though it still managed to sell quite well and spawned two singles in "People Of The Lie" and "When The Sun Burns Red." More...

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