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Metal News for April 20, 2008

Last updated on September 28, 2022 at 2:58 AM ET

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24 news articles posted on this day.

Sicadis Seeks Vocalist

Kansas City, Missouri-based metal band SICADIS has just released a self-titled EP that was produced by Ivan Moody of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. It includes the track "Through These Eyes" featuring Moody on guest vocals.

The entire EP can be heard for free at their MySpace page.

In other news, SICADIS is looking for a new vocalist after the band's previous singer decided to move away to go to school. Interested parties can contact the group through its MySpace page.

SICADIS (Si-Kay-Diss) features in its ranks veterans of the Kansas City scene Cam Fitzmaurice (drums), Andrew Nagorski (guitar), Aaron Henges (guitar), and Russ Edgar (bass).

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Amorphis Keyboardist Talks About Next Album

Greece's Rockpages.gr recently conducted an interview with AMORPHIS keyboardist Santeri Kallio. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Rockpages.gr: After the every successful "Eclipse" you have returned with "Silent Waters". With these two records you have created a certain style. Is this the way AMORPHIS will sound in the future or you have more surprises for your fans?

Santeri Kallio: "First of all, we were really happy how 'Eclipse' turned out to be. We produced the album by ourselves as we did already with 'Far From the Sun' and we had a chance to use Mikko Karmila as a sound engineer as we did with 'Tuonela' and 'Am Universum'. Overall every part in the process of making 'Eclipse' worked out so smoothly that we decided to use the same working method with 'Silent Waters'. Especially we tried not to change everything totally different, like let's say in the transition between 'Elegy' and 'Tuonela'... Of course, we had to come up with the new songs and hopefully very good ones. We still had a lot of things to improve and experiment thus Tomi had only been in AMORPHIS for about two years. So we had our eureka moments in the rehearsing place too. I think since Tomi joined the band has really found its sound. I will not promise that the next will sound exactly the same, but one thing I know for sure is that we won't be trying to change the style just for experiment to a totally different direction. Of course we will experiment more with the balance with the brutal sound and melodic style and try to make it work even better. Actually, we have not yet started to listen material what everyone in the band has to offer for the next album, but I think we'll stick to the overall feeling of these two 'Eclipse' and 'Silent Waters'. The band has a lot of surprises in the closet since there is six guys composing and arranging the material. It makes the next album definitely interesting to wait."

Rockpages.gr: Almost 20 years of AMORPHIS. If someone listens to your music can easily understand your influences. After all these years you are now influential to other bands. Which parts or "ingredients" of your music will stay for the next generation of metal bands?

Santeri Kallio: "Hard to say. Someone else excluding the band could probably speculate about this. If I really have to, I would say...death metal guitar riff, growling vocal and some melodic keyboards top of it and jamming drunken bass player. Just basic melodeath. Could be something else or could be nothing. But I don't think it will be the rocking style we did in the 'Far from the Sun'. Maybe it's the ouzo and beer drink mix we discovered last time in Greece."

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Ektomorf Signs To AFM Records

Hungarian hardcore/thrash metallers EKTOMORF have posted the following message on their MySpace page (which is run by Lisa, the girlfriend of the band's guitarist, Tamás Schrottner):

"EKTOMORF have now got their freedom from Nuclear Blast Records, yey!!!! For six months now they have been trying to get away from Nuclear Blast, now finally they have signed to AFM Records, which is a much better record label, who puts more time into their bands, so they will be supporting EKTOMORF to the full! This is awesome news for EKTOMORF!!! EKTOMORF's new album will be recorded later this year and a huge tour to follow!"

EKTOMORF recently completed the "Ambushing Europe Tour 2008" with STUCK MOJO, VENGINCE and TENSIDE.

The band's latest album, entitled "Outcast", was released in October 2006 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, MNEMIC, WITCHERY, RAUNCHY, HIMSA) and features a cover of the PRODIGY classic "Fuel My Fire"

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Hammerfall Announce New Guitarist

Swedish metallers HAMMERFALL have recruited guitarist Pontus Norgren (THE POODLES, TALISMAN, GREAT KING RAT) to replace Stefan Elmgren, who left the in early April to focus on his new career as a pilot.

"Pontus is a fantastic guitar player with musical roots in ACCEPT and neo-classical metal," commented HAMMERFALL drummer Anders Johansson. "I have known him for many years. I know how he works as a musician and as a person."

Pontus said in a statement: "I like HAMMERFALL. I think they have amazing stage shows and I like their songs, so when I heard they were looking for a guitar player I thought I'd give it a try. Playing in THE POODLES has been a wonderful experience in many ways, but I have always liked a little heavier music and have felt at times that this wasn't the right kind of forum for the music I'd most like to play. It's simply time to move on."

Singer Joacim Cans commented: "Replacing Stefan is not easy; he has a very characteristic way of playing and is a great guitarist. But Pontus will add a different style than Stefan since they are two quite different persons. I'm looking forward to see how we will mesh as a band during the coming months!"

HAMMERFALL will perform at the Heavy MTL festival in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on June 21 before entering the studio in July to begin recording a new album.

On June 27, two new HAMMERFALL releases will see the light of day: a DVD continuing chronicling the band's career, and a covers CD — a collection of all the covers recorded by HAMMERFALL to date plus three new, unreleased ones. Incidentally, this will be guitarist Stefan Elmgren's last release with HAMMERFALL.

* "Rebels With A Cause - Unruly, Unrestrained, Uninhibited" DVD:

The DVD will be a continuation of the previous two ("The First Crusade" and "The Templar/Renegade Crusades") and will contain newly recorded interviews with the band interspersed with footage from their own cameras. The time span is six years, from the beginning of 2002 until the end of 2007, and it's edited together as a documentary of sorts, i.e. one continuous film, but of course with chapters. Also included will be all six promo videos made during the time in question plus some behind the scenes, four professionally filmed live songs from Filderstadt 2005, five TV clips they have purchased the rights to from SVT (the Swedish national television network) and some more homemade stuff as bonus. The complete running time is estimated to be almost three hours.

* "Masterpieces" covers CD:

01. Child of the Damned (WARLORD)
02. Ravenlord (STORMWITCH)
03. Eternal Dark (PICTURE)
04. Back to Back (PRETTY MAIDS)
05. I Want Out (HELLOWEEN)
06. Man on the Silver Mountain (RAINBOW)
07. Head Over Heels (ACCEPT)
08. Run With the Devil (HEAVY LOAD)
09. We're Gonna Make It (TWISTED SISTER)
10. Breaking the Law (JUDAS PRIEST)
11. Angel of Mercy (CHASTAIN)
13. Detroit Rock City (KISS)
14. Crazy Nights (LOUDNESS)
15. När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (ROGER PONTARE)
16. Flight of the Warrior (RIOT)
17. Youth Gone Wild (SKID ROW)
18. Aphasia (EUROPE)

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Scum Of The Earth, Ekotren Team Up For US Tour

SCUM OF THE EARTH, the band featuring former ROB ZOMBIE guitarist Riggs, will join forces with EKOTREN and RIKETS for the first leg of The Chemical Alliance tour. Confirmed dates are as follows:

May 02 - SOP'S - Peoria, Illinois
May 03 - LT’s - Rockford, Illinois
May 04 - Club Toxic - Green Bay, Wisconsin
May 05 - Double Door - Chicago, Illinois
May 08 - The Ritz - Detroit, Michigan
May 12 - Crocodile Rock - Allentown, Pennsylvania
May 16 - Chasers - Keansburg, New Jersey
May 19 - Main Stage - Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
May 26 - Masquerade - Atlanta, Georgia
Jun. 11 - Lizard Lounge - Witchita, Kansas
Jun. 14 - Boom Slang Fest - Danville, Illinois

Video footage of Riggs playing the song "13 Freaks" on a skin guitar can be viewed below at this location (courtesy of FPE-TV).

SCUM OF THE EARTH's latest CD, "Sleaze Freak", was released on October 23, 2007. The explicit (PA) version of the album was made available at most retailers containing an added DVD video. The DVD consists of footage filmed while recording and mixing the album documenting the recording and mixing process and many hijinks of the band around town, in the studio, and on the road.

SCUM OF THE EARTH's first studio album of all-new material since the critically-acclaimed debut "Blah…Blah…Blah…Love Songs For The New Millennium" (2004), "Sleaze Freak" contains 13 brand new songs described by Riggs as "heavy-as-hell grinding, stripper-rock." "It's a much more intense collection of material than 'Blah…Blah…Blah…'" said Riggs. "We did everything we wanted to do this time around, which allowed us to really embody the whole red-light-district sleazy vibe into the material."

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Insect Warfare Call It Quits

Texas grinders INSECT WARFARE have posted the following message via the band’s official MySpace page:

“our last american show will be dudefest on june 21st. after that date IW will cease to exist. its been a fun ride. thanks to everyone we liked talking to."

"the IW “Noise Grind Power Death” noisecore 7? EP is our final release. fuck it, end it on a noise note."

"I will no longer be answering email from this account or any others in regards to IW."

"Its been a fucking blast. see everyone in japan in May."

-IW Grindcorp- “

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New Resurrection Album Delayed

Tampa death metallers and former Nuclear Blast recording artists RESURRECTION, who had moderate success with their debut album "Embalmed Existence" (1993), have had the European release date of their new album, "Mistaken for Dead", pushed back to June 13 from the previously announced May 30 (via Massacre Records). The CD will be available as a limited-edition digipack (Europe only) with bonus material. The record will be handled in North America by Locomotive Records.

"Mistaken for Dead" contains nine songs and will be enhanced with a three-part DVD segment featuring footage on the making of the album, interviews, funny stuff, on-the-road material, live shots, and vintage footage. The album will also include a professionally shot video for the song "Buried Alive" which was filmed a few weeks ago in Tampa.

The CD was mixed by Mark Lewis at AudioHammer studios in Sanford, Florida. Mark's credits include TRIVIUM, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CHIMAIRA and BURY YOUR DEAD, among others.

RESURRECTION's 2008 plans include a full European fall tour and hopefully a run in the States towards the end of summer.

"Mistaken for Dead" track listing:

01. Buried Alive
02. Unholy
03. A Thirst For Flesh
04. Coward
05. X-ile
06. The Deciever
07. Ritual Slaughter
08. Death By Desire
09. Perils of Burden

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Def Leppard Post New Album Samples Online

Audio samples of all 11 tracks from DEF LEPPARD new album, "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge", are available on Amazon.com.

DEF LEPPARD's 14th studio album, "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge" is scheduled for release on April 29 in North America, April 30 in Japan and May 5 in the UK. The Japanese version of the CD will include a bonus track and a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes interviews and music videos. The CD will be a limited edition featuring the new deluxe SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) format which is playable on standard CD players.

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Danzig To Film Verotik Short

In the next few weeks, Glenn Danzig will film the Verotik story "She Only Likes Men" that he wrote for issue #9 of that series. Danzig himself will sit in the director's chair for this one.

Verotik (a portmanteau created by Danzig from the words "violent" and "erotic") is a mature-themed comic book company founded in the early '90s by Danzig. The comics he produces are aimed for adult readers and they often contain imagery of a sexual and/or violent nature.

Glenn Danzig has been a big comic book fan and collector since childhood. Along with being a talented artist himself, he once wanted to become a comic book writer and artist.

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The Haunted Vocalist Posts Recording Update

THE HAUNTED vocalist Peter Dolving has issued the following progress report:

"So, where to start? I'm recording vocals. Brilliant, that sounds informative and I'm sure the sales points to a quote like that are marvellous...

"The 12 songs I've done vocals on so far crush! Yeah that's right, I'm not feeling sad about it either. It's just straight up crushing. I don't know what else to say. The recordings the guys came home with from PUK just kick ass and anyone who's ever seen us live will know what the hell I'm talking about. It's simple really, if you like what we do you will fucking love this record. If not, well - I'm sure I can find something better to do than waste my time on comments about that.

"Can I describe the material with out sounding completely Spinal Tap? Nope.

"So I'll just accept this simple reality. I love it. The boys have never played better, and nothing we've ever ever done has ever carried as much weight as this. Oh! Of course... we've got a song we call 'The Whitesnake song', but Tue (Madsen) says it sounds like 'Master...'-era Metallica, which only shows how fucked up our perception on reality has become.

"And yes, there are solos. Real solos. Not just cheese bullshit for equilibristic analretentics - nope, Andy's been putting some genuinly inspired gifted stuff on this outing - well, that's my opinion and you know how balanced I tend to generally be."

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The Showdown Announce New Album Title

Tennessee's THE SHOWDOWN has issued the following update:

"The Record is done, titled Back Breaker, and will be coming out very soon!

"We have tons of footage, so we will be putting it up as we sort through it! Get crushed by studio update two (at the band's MySpace site)."

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Battlelore Keyboardist Posts Studio Update

BATTLELORE keyboardist Maria has posted this new studio report on the band's official website:

"Today (April 17) we finished all the keyboards and flutes for the songs. After getting all the things done I feel satisfied with everything I've done, somewhat overwhelmed, completely exhausted and yet happy. Right this minute I can't remember a thing I've played on tape and wonder whether I've actually done everything… Or at least something... I guess I'll realize I've finished my part after a few days of normal life again, hehehe, and the memories of hard work will return. (Only those, no memories of the hanging out in the evenings, having pinball tournaments with Jyri - which he always won, of course, drinking a few beers and just enjoying the relaxed and goofy atmosphere that always follows us to the studio).

Anyways, something about the new songs - they'll be bigger and better than ever before. We have put a lot of thought into giving the songs what they actually need and what serves the greater good, 'the master idea', behind the songs, not just adding things for the fun of adding things… So it'll definitely be something to look forward to! We all have a lot of faith in the producer Janne, he has proven his effectiveness and genius mind when it comes to making the songs better. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him and I hope we'll be able to do this all over again some day!

Now it's time for me to have some relaxation beers after the hard working week of musical madness… Next week it'll be time for Kaisa (Jouhki - vocals) and Tomi (Mykkänen - vocals) to show what they've got. It'll be good, I promise!!

Maria, with a beer again."

As reported earlier on METALEATER, the working title of the band's new album is "The Last Alliance", which will be mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö. Song titles to be included on the album are "The Last Alliance", "Exile The Daystar", "Daughter Of The Sun", "Third Immortal" and "Voice Of The Fallen".

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Primordial To Release Picture Disc Soon

Irish doom/black lords PRIMORDIAL have issued the following update from singer Alan "Nemtheanga" Averill:

"Forgive me father it's been months since my last confession...

I have been lazy, accept my apologies. It's about time I posted a new message on the site and let you all know what's happening on Planet Satan.

The gigs have now started coming a few every couple of weeks. The Ragnarok Festival in Lichtenfels was a triumph for us, our first show in Germany for the new album and nearly 5,000 people there to give praise to the Old Gods. We also shot a dvd, it remains to be seen whether we can use it but this is something we are going to be looking at over the coming months. Tomahawk festival the following day in Osnabruck was not quite the success of the previous day and we arrived very late due to a day when everything that could go wrong did! The show was excellent and we played possibly the best we have done since the album came out but it seems like quite a few of you thought we had cancelled and headed home after Turisas. Next time

We returned to Greece last weekend and it was indeed glorious. I am going to write a full tour report about the weekends mayhem very soon but suffice is to say we had twice as many people almost then we did when we played for Gathering. Our friends in Mael Mordha went down a storm and both Agnes Vein in Thessalonik and Dead Congregation in Athens were both excellent. More...

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Exodus Singer Checks In From Europe

EXODUS singer Rob Dukes has checked in with the following updaste:

"This short tour has been fucking killer, a few sold out shows, and the fact that the fans are singing along to all the new stuff is awesome. I have been having a blast. One quick funny story,we were parked in Bielifield, Germany and while parked up on a day off a truck driving by slammed into our trailer at 35 mph, it shook the bus and everyone woke up,our driver jumped out his bunk and ran off the bus and he was fucking naked, it was hysterical. Lee (Altus - guitar) and a few of us were up and drinking and just hanging out, Lee spilled his drink on himself and was yelling at the driver who hit our bus that he made him spill his drink, I have it on video, it's fucking funny as hell. The guy who hit us was just beside himself when 15 dudes got off the bus and one of them naked, I made a joke saying I bet he thought it was some weird travelling gay bathhouse, a bunch of long haired dudes and a naked guy . I'm sure it will make it to our dvd which will probably be out at the end of this year, we got a new trailer and nobody was hurt except Lee of course, who wants pain and suffering for spilling his drink! 2 more shows to go, I want to thank everyone who has come out and made these shows a lot of fun. Kill KIll KIll...Blood Blood Blood!!!"

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Wednesday 13 Announce U.S. Tour Dates

WEDNESDAY 13 has issued the following update:

"Ghouls Scouts, fans and friends,

As the release day for Skeletons gets closer (April 29th), I can't tell you how excited I am. This is the first project in a long time that I have had 100% complete control over.
Every penny from this project has come from my pockets. I could have signed a record deal and received an advance and had a lot of the marketing, advertising, radio, video budgets all provided to me. But really, that is just like a loan you take from the bank and I give up a lot of rights to the songs.

As I have stated recently, this release, Skeletons, is very personal. It deals with my alcoholism, depression and state of minds for the past few years. You guys see one side of me, but there is also the family side, the friend side, and the side that, like all of you, gets lost some times.

I want to take this time to thank Hot Topic and Interpunk for truly getting out there and supporting our efforts.
I would also like to thank my friends LisaJean and Marlene for all their help on the packaging.

As the release date approaches, I know it's easy to go and illegally download this music. Please understand, that if you are a fan of the band and you want to see us live, by illegally downloading the music, you will literally be taking money from our pockets. There is no record label backing me.

Thanks for your support throughout the years,
Wednesday 13" More...

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Rock Against Diabetes Lineup and Auction Shake-Ups

The Rock Against Diabetes's final lineup is still in the works. Contrary to what was previously reported and listed on the event's site, the bands currently confirmed for the event are Y&T, L.A. Guns, Eric Martin (ex-Mr. Big frontman) and Cliff Morrison (son of Jim Morrison) and the Lizard Sun Band. The event organizer is in talks with more bands, which will be announced as deals are finalized.

In related new, the auction for a date with Evel Dick and Janelle has been shut down by ebay. The auction (to benefit Rock Against Diabetes charities) has been relisted on the Rock Against Diabetes site at this location. The other 300 items to be auctioned for this years RAD auction will also be found on the Rock Against Diabetes site here.

The Rock Against Diabetes fundraising even is set to take place in Las Vegas at the Deep Rock Drive venue on August 23rd, 2008.

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Krokus Back To Original Line-Up

Long anticipated and now officially confirmed: KROKUS is back in its original formation. Marc Storace (vocals), Fernando Von Arb (guitar), Chris Von Rohr (bass) and Freddy Steady (drums) are rocking together again. The band’s greatest success internationally happened in the early '80’s with this line-up. Up to today Krokus is still the biggest rock export Switzerland ever had.

According to a band update, "On August 2nd, the 'originals' are playing the only concert planned for 2008 in their native Switzerland. Fasten your seatbelts, because on that date Krokus will rock the Stade De Suisse stadium in Bern. Afterwards the band will work on their comeback album, slated to be released in middle of 2009. The anticipation will be as big as the one for their first concert. Be part of history in the making and join us on August 2nd!"

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Ignite Post Footage From European Tour Online

A four-minute clip featuring highlights from IGNITE's current European tour with TERROR, STRUNG OUT, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR and BURNTHE8TRACK can be viewed at this location.

IGNITE will film a concert DVD on April 20 in Leipzig, Germany.

The band's tentative setlist for Leipzig concert is as follows:

01. Bleeding
02. Fear Is Our Tradition
03. Who Sold Out Now
04. A Place Called Home
05. My Judgement Day
06. Run
07. Are You Listening?
08. Let It Burn
09. Know Your History
10. In My Time
11. By My Side
12. Ash Return
13. Call On My Brothers
14. Burned Up
15. Poverty For All
16. Sunday Bloody Sunday
17. Slowdown
18. Live For Better Days
19. Veteran

IGNITE's video for the song "Bleeding" can be viewed at this location. The band, who has been crafting some of the most definitive melodic West Coast hardcore over the past decade, is also known for their no-holds-barred social and politically engaging lyrics. This song and video is no different as the subject deals with the Iraq occupation by the U.S. As bassist Brett Rasmussen explains, it is about "the lies our government told us to get us into a war without taking the rest of the world's consideration into it."

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Helheim Put Another New Song Up For Download

To mark the release of their new album, "Kaoskult", Norwegian Viking metallers HELHEIM have a second song from the album available for free download.

Due to hit the streets on Monday, April 21, "Kaoskult" is HELHEIM's sixth release, and its second on the Dark Essence label. The nine-track album presents a new maturity from the band, who have explored a more varied, and melodic side to their music. Written by guitarist Thorbjørn, with lyrics by Vgandr, "Kaoskult" was produced by Bjørnar Nilsen, who also contributes guest vocals.

HELHEIM debuted some of the new tracks during the band's recent tour with fellow Norwegians VULTURE INDUSTRIES and German black metallers DARK FORTRESS.

Commented drummer Hrymr: "The tour lineup was particularly interesting because none of the bands were from the same genre, and we were wondering a little how the new material would go down, not only with our own fans, who are used to a faster, more aggressive style of playing from us, but also from fans of the other bands, who were not necessarily into our brand of metal. We were selling the album in advance of release at the gigs, and if sales are anything to go by fans are liking the new directions we are taking. That's not to say we have abandoned the old HELHEIM sound, you will still find that, but we have developed and expanded — you can't keep churning out the same thing over and over again, it gets boring for the band to play, and boring for the fans to listen to. From the reactions we have been receiving our fans were ready to progress with us, which is always satisfying to any band, and equally satisfying is the number of new fans who heard the material on the tour, and have joined the ranks so to speak!"

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Van Halen Performs At Tiger Jam XI Video Available

VAN HALEN resumed its tour last night (Saturday, April 19) with a performance at Tiger Wood's charity event, Tiger Jam XI, at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

Check out pictures from Wire Image. Fan-filmed video footage from the concert can be viewed here.

VAN HALEN's first tour in 22 years with David Lee Roth on the mic was put on hold last month, with promoters stating that guitarist Eddie Van Halen was undergoing "medical tests to define a course of treatment." A recurrence of cancer or a fall off the wagon were both rumored as the cause of the guitarist's woes, with the National Enquirer even reporting that he checked into a Texas rehab clinic.

Eddie's ex-wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli, said in People magazine that the reports about him being in rehab were incorrect.

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Threat Signal Finish Shooting New Video

Canada's THREAT SIGNAL have posted this message on their official website:

"The video shoot for 'A New Beginning' was a blast. Big thanks to RT, Jordan Gross, and the whole crew at 235 Films. We expect the video to be hitting the airwaves by late May. Along with the release of the the video, we will be releasing 'The Making Of A New Beginning' in or around the same time. But for now you can take a sneak peak at the video shoot location.

In other news - we will be teaming up with THE HOLLY SPRINGS DISASTER for a run of dates on Canada's East Coast.

Also - the dates for The Spring Run 2008 have been kick ass so far. HAIL THE VILLAIN and ALPHA GALATE have been nothing short of great. Expect a video blog from us in the near future."

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Pain Post Another Update From The Nightwish Tour

PAIN, fronted by HYPOCRISY's Peter Tägtgren, has checked in from the NIGHTWISH tour with the following update:

"Sorry for taking so long time between the blogs, but most places in Spain didn't have internet and we are consuming mobile phones like alcohol.

All of the shows we did in Spain was awesome. Thank you for your support!

Two days ago we arrived to country #18, the last country for us on this tour. Our arrival day was also a day off which we spent with Nightwish at their hotel. No memories from that at all I'm afraid. The day after (April 18th) we started to do preparations for the last show (more info of that later) and had a couple of nice walks in the rain. The show we did the same evening was really good. We all had a blast on stage and the audience was really in to it. Many thanks Porto!!! After the show we went with NW to a afterparty we were invited to. We had a really good time. Thanks for the invitations!

Today we are in Lisbon. The last stop on this tour, and we all feel a bit sad that it's almost over. These 8 weeks has felt like 2 weeks and every day has been a blast. Still, I know everyone is longing for their families, their own beds and their own toilets.

Now... for the last show. Usually bands and crew on a tour pull pranks on each other the last show, and I guess this tour is no exception. But we also have gone together with NW to pull a prank on YOU, the audience, which going to be something really special and for sure something that no one has ever seen/heard before and probably never will again. I can't wait...."

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Bruce Dickinson Movie Sets UK Release Date

As previously reported, Chemical Wedding is a feature film written by IRON MAIDEN frontman, BRUCE DICKINSON and long term Monty Python editor, Julian Doyle, who also directed the film. The film is a gothic sci-fi extravaganza set in Trinity College Cambridge, where a scientific experiment goes awry resulting in the resurrection of the infamous Edwardian Occultist Aleister Crowley, who was immortalised into pop culture by the likes of THE BEATLES, JIMMY PAGE and OZZY OSBORNE. Produced by London-based Focus Films, the movie stars Simon Callow (Amadeus, Shakespeare In Love and The Phantom Of The Opera) who plays the reincarnated Crowley, whilst John Shrapnel plays Crowley in flashback.

Chemical Wedding premieres:

Worldwide Premiere - London Sci-Fi Festival on May 4th
Cannes Film Festival - May 17th
Released Nationwide in the UK - May 23rd More...

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Children Of Bodom Bassist Checks In From Gigantour

CHILDREN OF BODOM bassist Henkka T. Blacksmith has checked in from the North American leg of Gigantour 2008 with the following update:

"Hi there everybody! The Gigantour has kicked in very well! Lots of people, and good atmosphere too, within the crowd and the touring party. Today (April 19th) is the sixth show, and we will see how the Louisville crowd is! Wanna thank everybody who's been watching the bands, and those who's been visiting our merch booth, and getting the Blooddrunk CD!"


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