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Metal News for April 18, 2011

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Reunited Exhorder Slaughters Austin

Exhorder and Rigor Mortis reunited to drive a metal stake into the heart of Texas. Both bands haven’t released a proper album in two decades, split up in the ‘90s and reunited (Exhorder in 2008, Rigor Mortis in 2005) to play select live shows. Rigor Mortis occasionally makes the three-plus-hour drive south to play Austin, but this performance was the first in 19 years for Exhorder. If not for promoters Motorbreath Entertainment, most in attendance would still be virgins to Exhorder’s “Anal Lust.”

Before Exhorder made its glorious return, local acts The Blood Royale, Hod and Dead Earth Politics took the stage. The Blood Royale opened the show with a crusty mix of old hardcore, grind, thrash and punk. Featuring JT of stoner rockers Dixie Witch, the band bombed the crowd with a furious attack of D-beats. During the group’s sound check, Exhorder vocalist Kyle Thomas told me they sounded good. I nodded and said they remind me of Motorhead. Guitarist/vocalist Timmo had a definite, Lemmy-type scruff in his voice.

Since forming in 2006, Hod has overcome band changes and come together as a cohesive unit. Decked out in black jeans and black leather vests, the group held their instruments like swords and shields, eagerly awaited front man Beer Reeb’s battle charge: “We are Hod and we play fucking metal.” Once he gave the signal, much metal playing ensued. The members' hair swirled in unison to the death/black/thrash/speed witches brew that one can only categorize as metal. I formerly described their music as a mix of Marduk and Morbid Angel. While those influences are still apparent, newer songs “Beware the Death Horse,” “In the Den of Wolves” and “Beneath the Mountain of the Scorpions” offer a greater range of sounds. Check these guys out on their tour supporting Marduk.

Dead Earth Politics played loud and aggressive. Their take on the groove metal sound proved a good choice to open for Exhorder. I can’t provide many details about their set because I was socializing at the time. Rigor Mortis and Exhorder gave them a big thumb up, though, and Rigor Mortis said they were friends with the band.

The crowd greeted Texas thrash legends, Rigor Mortis with banging heads, pumping fists and the occasional flaying knee and elbow. Singer Bruce Corbitt stalked the stage like one of the many serial killers described in his gore-strewn lyrics. His yelled vocals possessed a crossover flare reminiscent of Kurt Brecht of D.R.I. The group’s use of only one guitarist outlined Corey Orr’s punky bass lines and Mike Scaccia’s wild guitar solos.

Corbitt held his custom chain-link microphone stand out to the crowd to help sing infectious chorus lines from cuts like “Re-Animator” and “Die in Pain.” The group showcased more material from the self-title debut such as “Demons” and “Slow Death.” During “Slow Death,” Corbitt looked at the crowd with hateful lust during the lyric “I have this knife/It's a good knife.” The group played “Cattle Mutilation” from their “Freaks” EP and launched into two new tracks “Bloodbath” and “The Infected.” These tracks will not disappoint the Rigor Mortis fans who have waited 20 years for a new album. The new material could have blended in with any of the horror thrash Rigor Mortis played in the late ‘80s that made a large impact on death metal.

Earlier in the evening, Kyle Thomas complained of an ache in his knee while we ascended the hard metal staircase to the green room for an interview. He said his knee hurt because he thought he could do things on stage that he did 20-years ago. Exhorder looks much older than they did on You Tube videos from their “The Law” tour, but the group was still full of energy and they played to perfection.

Kyle Thomas’ regular, tough voice was in perfect condition. The only time he seemed to falter was during a long scream, which he briefly lost but regained. Jorge Caicedo silently counted each beat and hit every note. Even though this was only his second show, he knew the material well. Earlier in the show, he had expressed his desire to be a permanent member of Exhorder. Caicedo replaced Frankie Sparcello who unexpectedly died before the tour. His performance, hard work and cool demeanor should play in his favor.

A large photo of Sparcello held in easel provided a way, as Kyle Thomas put it, for the band to take Sparcello on the road and as a memento for his fans and band members. Bands throughout the night gave their condolences, but the grief of his passing faded when Exhorder launched into their material. The group opened their set with “Death in Vain” and “Homicide,” two fast numbers from the “Slaughter in the Vatican” album. Vinnie LaBella and Jay Ceravolo picked their guitars with the wrist-tearing speed displayed by Dark Angel and Slayer. Then, Thomas and bunch launched into material from “The Law.”

The chugging groove found on this album has led to a million conversations and arguments about Pantera plagiarizing Exhorder’s style. Whether they did or not, I’m not going to rehash these ideas, one listen to the album will bring to light similarities. “I am the Cross” and the title track enthralled the crowd to a slow-but-bruising swagger. My personal favorite “(Cadence of) The Dirge” was the musical embodiment of all that is Exhorder. This track tempered groove with speed and even epic doom metal movements.

Having once played in Trouble and with Floodgate, tattooed with the Trouble logo on his arm and wearing a St. Vitus wristband, it is safe to say Thomas likes doom metal. Exhorder did the gods of gloom and doom, Black Sabbath, proud with their rendition of “Into the Void.” The crowd received this cover with added energy. Immediately after jamming the Sab, Exhorder played another cover. This time, they brought out Austin local (transplant) Billy Milano to sing his S.O.D. song “United Force.” By the now, the crowd had gone complete ape shit. Billy, Kyle, Vinnie and the bunch embraced as friends while shouting the song’s title.

Before the crowd did the “Milano Mosh,” Seth Davis displayed his drumming genius in a five-minute solo. Davis regularly teaches drum clinics, releases instructional videos and was once dubbed “The World’s Fastest Drummer.” Starting with a short kick-drum beat, Davis built momentum until all of his appendages were firing rapid, multiple beats. He switched his sticks from side to side while the crowd stood in agog. This solo was not only entertaining, but also it allowed the guitarists time to switch instruments. Both guitarists took over the bass for a couple of tracks Caicedo was still learning, but before the solo, these changes ate up some of Exhorder’s set time.

About midway through their set, Kyle Thomas brought out a football. He asked the crowd if they had ever played “skankball.” This sport was a bit like rugby. He threw the ball into the crowd and whoever could hang onto it and bring it to him would get a free prize from the merch table. Nobody was hurt in the mad scramble and one dude even retained the ball. I wonder what award they gave him.

Exhorder closed their set in the same fashion as they opened it—with swift, neck-wrecking numbers from “Slaughter in the Vatican.” Thomas introduced “Slaughter in the Vatican” by stating that track really got him into trouble back in high school. The level of blasphemy did not hit home until one of his friends from the crowd told me he went to a Catholic school. The title of set closer “Anal Lust” was somehow even more insulting than the Pope murdering scenario of the previous song.

Those who attended this show have used many expressions to describe this special concert. Billy Milano’s guest spot, a rare Exhorder performance, Exhorder coming to town not frayed by the passing of their good friend and band member, a set list of classic thrash tunes by two under recognized forces in the thrash community and killer local acts are all ammo to fire at your Central Texas metal friends who stayed home that evening.

Go here to view photos of the show.

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Revilement Talks "Sex And Violence"

Picking up the more brutal end of Metalunderground.com's recently released tribute album to the late Peter Steele, Taiwanese death metal act Revilement has contributed an atomic cover of Carnivore's "Sex and Violence."

Discussing the band's involvement in paying tribute to the departed musician, vocalist Joe Reviled has shared his experiences with the Type O Negative "Bloody Kisses" album, Peter's sardonic style, and how Revilement arranged the cover of "Sex and Violence."

Revilement's take on brutal death metal can be heard by heading over to the band's MySpace or Facebook profiles, or you can read what Joe had to say in the interview below about the upcoming album "Pillars of Balance" and the band's experience in Japan during the recent earthquake. More...

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The Cleansing Announces New Album Release Date

The Cleansing has announced the band's new album "Feeding the Inevitable" will be released on May 23rd, 2011 through Deepsend Records. Pre-orders are available at this location, and you can view the cover artwork and track listing below.


1. The Promethean Promise
2. Third Eye Starring
3. Your Flesh, Your Curse
4. A Cheating Progression
5. Hour of Decadence
6. Processed for Contamination
7. Law of Reciprocity
8. Two Days
9. Crossroads

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Winds Of Plague Posts "Drop The Match" Teaser

Winds of Plague is preparing for the release of "Against the World," which is scheduled to come out tomorrow, the 19th. The band has now posted a teaser trailer online for the "Drop the Match" video directed by Shan Dan. You can check out the clip below.

A video clip containing samples from the new album can also be found by heading over to this location.

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Ipsissimus Streaming New Track

The New Haven, CT based blasphemers Ipsissimus have selected the track "The Third Secret of Fatima" as the first single off the band's Metal Blade debut, "The Way of Descent" (out May 24). The track can be heard exclusively on Stereogum's metal column Haunting the Chapel at this location.

Drummer Haimatokharmes comments on the first single, "One of the songs Metal Blade will be promoting for the album is The Third Secret of Fatima. We are especially proud of this one on account of its synthesis of blast, melody, ritual drums, all played in the old fashion. Longtime fans know it from our self-released 'Fatima EP' and I must say it is the song people usually tell us is their favorite out of the trinity. The lyrics are a collaborative effort (written in English and Coptic), but they are straight old-school Satanism, a blend of blasphemy and devil-worship. Bless!"

The track listing for "The Way of Descent" is as follows:

1. The First Secret of Fatima
2. Monakhourgia / The Prince of Tyre
3. The Second Secret of Fatima
4. The Alchemist's Goatthrone
5. The Third Secret of Fatima
6. Hodos Autapophaseos


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Nashville Pussy Updates Tour Schedule

Nashville Pussy has just confirmed a North American tour that will kick off at the end of May. The band is touring in support of "From Hell To Texas," which will be available as a special "Tour Edition" this August on SPV/Steamhammer.

The first part of the tour kicks off May 28th in Columbia, South Carolina and will feature Koffin Kats as direct support. The next leg of the tour begins in August with a handful of Nashville Pussy headlining shows. Intermixed with the headlining gigs is a full run co-headlining with The Dwarves, as well as dates supporting the Reverend Horton Heat. A complete list of dates is below.

5/28: Columbia, SC @ The House 5 Paints
5/29: Kill Devil Hills, NC @ The Pit
5/31: Greensboro, NC @ The Blind Tiger
6/1: Charleston, SC @ Charleston Pour House
6/2: Greenville, SC @ Handlebar
6/3: Carboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
6/4: Charlotte, NC @ Visulite Theater
6/5: Fayetteville, NC @ Rockshop Music Hall
6/7: Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
6/8: Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
6/9: St. Petersburgh, FL @ State Theater
6/10: Orlando, FL @ Firestone Live More...

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Krallice Streaming Entire "Diotima" Album

Krallice will be releasing the new album "Diotima" on April 26th, 2011. The band is now streaming the entire new album online, which can be heard through NPR Music here.


The track listing for "Diotima" is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Inhume
3. The Clearing
4. Diotima
5. Litany Of Regrets
6. Telluric Rings
7. Dust and Light

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Batillus Streaming New Album "Furnace"

New York's Batillus is currently streaming the entire new album "Furnace" online, as well as offering the album in digital format for a "name your price" cost. You can check out the album by heading over to the Seventh Rule Recordings Bandcamp page at this location.

The track listing for "Furnace" is as follows:

1. ...And The World Is As Night To Them
2. Deadweight
3. Uncreator
4. The Division
5. What Heart
6. Mautaam

Metalunderground.com's review of the new album "Furnace" is also available by clicking here.

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In Legend Uploads New Single "Pandemonium"

Piano metal act In Legend is preparing to release the band's new album "Ballads 'N' Bullets" on June 14th on SPV/Steamhammer. Traditionally, most rock bands are dominated by guitars. Not so the case with In Legend, where the mother of all instruments is the key component: the piano.

The band has now teamed up with Noisecreep.com to give people a chance to check out the new single "Pandemonium." It can be heard by heading over to this location.


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Clutch To Support Flogging Molly

Clutch has confirmed two new North American dates for July. On both of these dates Clutch will be providing direct support to Irish rockers Flogging Molly. The shows are:

7/28 Cleveland, OH @ Jacob's Pavilion at Nautica
7/29 Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion

Clutch also has the following upcoming tour dates in May:

5/20 Reading, PA @ Reverb
5/21 Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
5/23 Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
5/24 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
5/25 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
5/26 Jacksonville, FL @ Free Bird Live
5/27 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
5/28 Greenville, SC @ The Handlebar
5/29 Huntington, WV @ V Club

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Communic Posts "The Bottom Deep" Art

Communic has posted the cover artwork online for the new album “The Bottom Deep,” which can be viewed below. "The Bottom Deep" will be released on July 22nd, 2011. The track listing is as follows:

1. Facing Tomorrow
2. Denial
3. Flood River Blood
4. Voyage Of Discovery
5. In Silence With My Scars
6. My Fallen
7. Destroyer Of Bloodlines
8. Wayward Soul
9. The Bottom Deep
10. Bonus Track: In Union We Stand


Guitarist and band mastermind Oddleif Stensland commented the new material:

“Writing and recording this album has been an amazing - but strange experience. This time we took control over the production ourself, resulting in a more honest and organic sounding album. Never before have I put so much of my own personal influence and privacy into the lyrics and songs as this time. Right now I have a mixed feeling of fear and total excitement as we release the artwork and track listing for this new album. Now there is no return. To open myself this way, exposing my deepest and inner thoughts, in a way I have never done before. Its kinda strange, as it feels like these words and songs came from a part of me that I didn't know about. This is 'The Bottom Deep.' This is the album that I never in my life thought I had to write – but now I know, this will be a totem in my life – forever!” More...

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Midnattsol Posts "Kong Valemons Kamp" Clip

Midnattsol has posted a video clip online for "Kong Valemons Kamp," which is off the band's new album "The Metamorphosis Melody." The clip can be viewed below, and the new album will be released on April 22nd (May 5th in North America).

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J.D. Overdrive Reveals Upcoming Album Details

Metal Mind Productions will release the debut album from Polish band J.D. Overdrive, entitled "Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood." The artwork and track listing can be viewed below. "Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood" will be released in Europe on 6th June and in USA on 12th July (via MVD).

1. A Taste Of The South…
2. Ballbreaker
3. Boot Hill
4. Truth Teller
5. No Man’s Land
6. The Art Of Demolition
7. Stoned To Death
8. Guilt And Redemption
9. Purple Haze
10. Demonize
11. Into The Same River


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Lightning Swords Of Death Announces New Shows

California black metal legion Lighting Swords of Death will be joining the upcoming 7 Days Of Plague Tour, a West Coast tour that celebrates paint-huffing and paint-peeling volume. On the tour will be Midnight, Saviours, Lighting Swords of Death, and Archons. Commented Lighting Swords of Death vocalist Autarch of the short but imminent journey: "Seven days of hellfire, anarchy and fucking Armageddon. If you miss this, kill yourself!"

The dates are as follows:

5/13/2011 O’Connell’s - San Diego, CA w/ the Strikers
5/14/2011 The Roxy - Hollywood, CA (No Archons)
5/15/2011 Eli's Mile High Club - Oakland, CA
5/16/2011 Elbo Room - San Francisco, CA
5/17/2011 Jambalaya - Arcata, CA
5/18/2011 Plan B - Portland, OR
5/19/2011 Highline - Seattle, WA w/ Black Queen

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Agnostic Front Posts New Video Online

New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front has posted their new music video online for the song, "A Mi Manera." You can check it out below, courtesy of Metal Injection. The song comes from the group's latest studio album, "My Life, My Way" and features a guest appearance from Madball frontman Freddy Cricien. More...

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The Soulless Reveals New Album Details

After recently announcing a new lineup, British melodic death metal act The Soulless (formerly Ignominious Incarceration) is preparing for the release of the new album "Isolated" which hits stores in Europe on May 16th and North America on June 7th. The cover artwork can be viewed below, and vocalist Andy Wardle also commented:

"We chose Ryohei Hase for our artwork. He did the art for Ignominious Incarceration's album and although we wanted something quite different, we know he does an awesome job. The guy on the front is supposed to be hung up as an outcast from society. He is isolated which ties in with the album title and lyrical themes within. We are really happy with the bleak colours and the overall look."


The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Unaltered
2. The Path
3. Earthbound
4. 13th Morning
5. New Perspective
6. Clones
7. Revelation
8. Our Return
9. Unite Us
10. You Are Nothing To Me
11. Without Heart

You can also listen to a pre-production version of the new track, "Earthbound," on the band's MySpace page at this location.

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Diamond Plate Finishes Recording New Album

Chicago thrashers Diamond Plate recently finished recording their debut album, titled "Generation Why?" The album is due to be released later this year on Earache Records. "Generation Why?" was recorded with producer Neil Kernon at RaxTrax Studios in the band's hometown of Chicago, Illinois. A video update has also been posted online, which can be viewed below.

Diamond Plate guitarist Konrad Kupiec comments:

"For the first time, we've been able to capture what our band is capable of. The months of practice have payed off, and we couldn't be prouder to release this record as our debut. Our songs came out tighter and heavier than ever, and the crushing mix by Neil has taken our sound to an entirely new level."

A previous message from the band while in the studio reads: "Working with Neil has been incredible. Our plan is simple: bring together great songs, playing, and production with an insane amount of energy. We want to focus on capturing a vibe on this album that hasn't been felt in metal in a long time. People will be amazed at how much improvement and strength there will be on this debut."

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Saxon Announces More Festival Appearances

After announcing the band will be heading to Slovakia's Topfest on July 1st, 2011, Saxon has now also confirmed two more festivals during the summer. The details are as follows:

Friday 8th Sofia - Sofia Rocks Open Air

Friday 12th Poland - Dolina Charlotty

You can also find a complete list of upcoming Saxon tour dates at this location.

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Trollfastheart Streaming Debut Album

Trollfastheart is currently streaming the band's debut album "Only For Trolls" online in its entirety. You can check out the album by heading over to the Trollfastheart Bandcamp page. "Only For Trolls" was recorded in HeL1S, Madrid, in the summer of 2010 and the track listing is as follows:

1. Along The Forest 2:43
2. Begins The Night 7:45
3. Eating Crude Oil 5:52
4. A Good Degustation 5:47
5. Troll Kalla Mik 5:25
6. Hunting of The Troll Queen 4:02
7. Night Errant Creature 5:11
8. Only For Trolls 6:25


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Amorphis Posts New Album Trailer Online

Finnish metal outfit Amorphis has posted the first in a series of trailers online for their forthcoming new studio album, "The Beginning Of Times." You can check it out below. The album is scheduled to be released through Nuclear Blast Records on May 27th and will be the band's first release of all new material since 2009's, "Skyforger."

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Headline News

Skinless To Go On Hiatus

American death metal veterans Skinless have announced that they have decided to disband after nineteen years. A statement from guitarist Noah Carpenter reads as follows:

"We know that many of our fans are restless and wondering what is happening with Skinless, and for the last few years we haven't even known either. I'm not going to go into a deep, detailed description of what has transpired since the Trample album, but we were plagued with lineup issues once again. The frustration of 1 step forward and 2 steps back forced me to just put the band on hiatus and try to recharge the batteries for a while.

"In June 2010 we reunited the old lineup (from the first 2 CDS) for a show in New York, and I had anticipated that we'd end up writing a new album in that formation. When the time came for serious discussions about moving forward with the album a couple of the guys told me they didn't have the 'fire' and/or time to dedicate to the project. For several months afterwards I continued to work on new material and jammed with potential new band members. But, much like the other guys, I concluded that I didn't have the 'fire' either, and my inspiration was more directed towards my other band Armor Column. More...

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Omega Lithium Offering "Colossus" Single Download

Omega Lithium is currently offering the "Colossus" single as a free download. You can get the single by heading over to the band's MySpace page here. Omega Lithium also commented:

"'Colossus' is about your enemies and your victory. It is about their denial of defeat, and then you take another round and show them who is the boss. It is about being decisive, determined and 'straight in the face.' Less talk, more action!

"The digital single comes with 3 never released tracks! 'Colossus' that will be featured in the soon to be released and highly anticipated new album 'Kinetik' that will be released on 27 May 2011 in Europe and 7 June 2011 in North America. 'Syringe Nation' – a demo track that never made to 'Dreams in Formaline' album, but we wanted to share it with our fans and a quite bizarre remix of Stigmata called '8-BIT Nintendo Remix.' It is all for you. Let the feast start!"

A music video for Omega Lithium's "Dance With Me" is also available for viewing at this location.

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Assassin Announces "Chronicles Of Resistance"

German thrash act Assassin will be re-releasing "The Upcoming Terror" and "Interstellar Experience" as a two disc set titled "Chronicles of Resistance" on June 17th, 2011. The cover artwork and track listing can be viewed below.


CD1 - The Upcoming Terror

1. Forbidden Reality
2. Nemesis
3. Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)
4. The Last Man
5. Assassin
6. Holy Terror
7. Bullets
8. Speed of Light
9. Assassin (Live in Osaka 2010)
10. Baka (Live in Osaka 2010)

CD 2 - Interstellar Experience

1. Abstract War
2. A.G.D.
3. A Message To Survive
4. Pipeline
5. Resolution 588
6. Junkfood
7. Interstellar Experience
8. Baka
9. Strange World
10. Low Intensity Warfare (Casbah coverversion - performed by Assassin + Casbah 2011)

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Ocean Architecture Posts Demo Song

Tennessee's Ocean Architecture has posted a demo song online titled "Plato's Cave," which can be heard in the player below. Ocean Architecture has also announced plans to enter the studio this summer to record a full-length album. Additional details will be announced as they are made available.

Plato's Cave (Demo) by OceanArchitecture

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Hackneyed Posts New Studio Video Report

Hackneyed has posted a second studio video report of the band recording a 3rd album for Lifeforce Records, which is due out in August 2011. You can watch the video clip below, or check out the previously uploaded studio report at this location.

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Xandria To Play Metal Female Voices Festival

Xandria is the latest act to be confirmed for the upcoming Metal Female Voices festival, which is set to take place in Belgium from October 21st - 23rd.

Other confirmed bands for the festival include Therion, Doro, Battlelore, Stream of Passion, Deadlock, Amaranthe, Draconian, and more. Additional details on the festival can be found by heading over to this location.

Footage is also available of Xandria performing live with the band's new vocalist Manuela Kraller here.

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We Are The Damned Posts Music Video

We Are The Damned has posted a music video online for the song "Devorador Dos Mortos," which can be heard below. "Devorador Dos Mortos" is taken from the band's new album "Holy Beast."

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Nervecell Streaming Entire New Album

After the Middle East release of "Psychogenocide" on March 31st 2011 via Spellbind Records, Nervecell is now offering fans from all over the world a chance to listen to the band's new album in its entirety. "Psychogenocide" is now available for streaming at Nervecell's official Facebook page at this location. (Note: the stream will be available from April 18th until April 30th).

"Psychogenocide" is due for release on April 29th in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and on May 2nd for the rest of Europe on Lifeforce Records. The "Psychogenocide" track list is as follows:

1. Anemic Assurgency (02:04)
2. Upon An Epidemic Scheme (04:56)
3. All Eyes On Them (05:14)
4. Amok Doctrine (05:25)
5. Psychogenocide (04:32)
6. Imprint (03:16)
7. Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness) (05:29)
8. The Taste Of Betrayal (03:39)
9. Driven By Nescience (04:35)
10. Nation's Plague (05:41)

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Threshold Announces European Shows

U.K. based act Threshold has announced a string of upcoming European live shows in July. The currently announced dates are as follows:

01/07/2011 House of Progression @ The Peel, Kingston, England
07/07/2011 De Pul, Uden, Netherlands
08/07/2011 Night Of The Prog Festival, Loreley, Germany
09/07/2011 GC Drieschaar, As, Belgium *
(* venue change - was previously at Rockstage, Tongeren)

You can also listen to Threshold's music by heading over to the band's official MySpace page at this location.

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Arch Enemy Posts New Video Online

Swedish metal outfit Arch Enemy has posted their new music video online for the song, "Yesterday Is Dead And Gone." You can check it out below. The song comes from the group's forthcoming new studio album, "Khaos Legions," which will be released on May 30th in Europe and June 7th in North America.

Guitarist Michael Amott comments: "Here's the visual companion to our new song 'Yesterday Is Dead And Gone'. As you will see - we had a riot making it! The new album is to my ears our most diverse and musical creation to date. I'm looking forward to unleashing the Khaos worldwide in a few weeks from now!" More...

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Hacride To Open For Coroner

Hacride will open as special guests for Coroner's upcoming reunion show on the 23rd of April at the Impetus Festival. Additional details on the show are available at this location.

Hacride released the band's latest album in 2009, entitled "Lazarus," and is currently writing new material for an upcoming album. Footage of the band performing live at a previous festival appearance can also be viewed below.

HACRIDE - My Enemy ( Live at Metal Ride Festival 2009 )

HACRIDE | Myspace Music Videos

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Lords Of Aesir Posts New Preview Track

Brazil's Lords of Aesir has issued the following announcement about streaming a new preview track online:

"Hails! A new sampler-preview track its available! 'The Truth' is available now! A sampler track Preview with demo backing vocals too! Listen now!

"Karol (vocals) returned from his vocal studies in Florence (ITALY). She is now in the studio with Ian (keyboards) recording the vocal tracks of the last album.

"And there comes a new project directed by Ian Schmöller and Karol Schmidt with musicians from other bands and groups. Wait for the surprise!"

You can check out the new song by navigating to the Lords of Aesir MySpace music profile.

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The Gates Of Slumber Streaming Re-Recorded Song

The Gates of Slumber is set to release a new album titled "The Wretch" on May 10th, 2011 via Rise Above Records / Metal Blade. In the mean time, the band has now made a re-recorded version of the song "The Jury" available for streaming online. The track can be heard below. "The Jury" will be included on Decibel Magazine's new Flexi 7" series with this month's subscription.

The Gates of Slumber "The Jury" by Decibel Magazine

You can also stream the other songs being included in the Flexi 7" by heading over to this location. The other tracks are provided by Napalm Death, Lamb of God, Revocation, Enslaved, and Brutal Truth.

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I.N.C. Guitarist Talks About Reunion, New Album

Over the past few years, it seems like ‘80s thrash bands reuniting has become a hot topic. Heathen, Rotting Corpse, and Sentinel Beast are just a few that have gotten back together after an extended break.

Indestructible Noise Command released two underground favorites, “Razorback” and “The Visitor,” before breaking up in 1990. Last year, the band decided to get back together to work on new material. An EP, “Bleed The Line,” came out of it and now the band is prepping a first full-length album in 23 years, “Heaven Sent, Hellbound.”

Live shows are in the future and this restarted thrash act looks to capture a new audience with an aggressive, groove-infused sound. I had the chance to speak to guitarist Erik Barath to discuss the band's journey back to the spotlight. More...

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Unearthing The West Country Metal Underground

Every week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we take a look at three quality bands that haven't gotten as much exposure yet as they should. This week we’ll be looking at three bands from the West Country (the Southwest of England.)

From Ruin

First up on the agenda is From Ruin, a melodic thrash metal band from the small town Warminster, which is close to Stonehenge. Having only formed in 2009, the band can be seen as newcomers to the scene but have been rapidly increasing their fan base in their two years they’ve been around. Acclaim has already been flooding in for the band for their blend of soulful vocals with pounding instruments.

From Ruin - "Crimson Tears"

From Ruin - "Fear To Tread"

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Caliban Uploads New Studio Footage

Caliban has posted some new footage from the studio online. The footage was taken during the group's time spent recording its forthcoming covers EP titled "Coverfield."

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New Korn Song Posted Online

American nu-metal act Korn has made its new single "Get Up" available for streaming. The song is a collaboration between Korn and Skrillex. You can check out the song in the player below.

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Chelsea Grin Posts New Song Online For Streaming

Chelsea Grin has posted a new song online for streaming. The song, titled "My Damnation," is the title track from the band's forthcoming full-length album. The album is expected to see it's release in early summer through Artery Recordings. You can check out the song in the player below.

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The Plot In You Posts Entire New Album Online

Melodic deathcore act The Plot In You has posted its entire new album, "First Born," online for streaming. You can check out the songs in the clips below.


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