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Metal News for April 14, 2021

Last updated on September 16, 2021 at 5:35 PM ET

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Xasthur To Release New Album In July

Xasthur are now releasing a lyric video of the title track as the first single taken from their forthcoming album "Victims of the Times," which is slated for release on July 9, 2021. The American acid folk outfit are also revealing cover art, tracklist, and further details of their new full-length. You can check out the video below.

Xasthur comments: "The title track of our new album 'Victims of the Times' has much to do with the state of mind behind how nothing is making sense these days, along with and leading up to homelessness and poverty", muses mastermind Scott. "This song deals with not caring, being oblivious, delusional, and naive. Consciousness, unconsciousness, people who lie to themselves, thinking or not thinking about things happening to them, money and lack thereof; which leads them from the cities to the streets, like a prison."

With "Victims of the Times", Xasthur deliver an acid folk road trip through the dark underbelly of the American dream. As if channeling the intense atmosphere of Neil Gaiman's novel "American Gods" and later David Lynch movies, the disturbing visions of mastermind Scott Conner encompass such modern Americana; alongside many other stories he captures the vacant stares of opiate addicts, hungry eyes of the homeless and dispossessed, the endless horizons of the Midwest, rain dripping mountain forests as well as urban nightmares of the rust belt. With the sharp observing eye of a passionate chronicler such as the giant of American folk Bob Dylan, the stories that Scott feels compelled to tell as a musician are also driven by personal experiences.

"I lost my home in the middle of the making of that last record", Scott begins to relate the stark truth behind "Victims of the Times". "I had gotten used to writing music and lyrics in any kind of living situation. I had been moving a lot, moving from place to place, many being temporary. The 'I need to be in a cabin in the woods with isolation and candlelight to write music' type of tale did not fit my situation. I had to learn how to make my music anywhere without such luxuries. Since I never know how long I'll be somewhere, and because I’m always hundreds of miles apart from anyone, things changed with people, motives, goals, and expectations of all involved. More...

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Toxic Ruin Releases New Lyric Video

Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s Toxic Ruin have unleashed the music video for the title track of their forthcoming sophomore album (and M-Theory Audio debut) "Nightmare Eclipse." The song shows off the group's concoction of energetic thrash metal laced with death metal brutality and clinical technicality. The lyric video can be viewed below.

"We are stoked to be finally getting new material out there for the world to hear! ‘Nightmare Eclipse’ is so much fun to play and I'm sure it will get people moving when we bring it out live," states drummer Dave Miller. "This title track is a really good glimpse into what else we have in store for the rest of the album and I really think the metal masses are going to like it!"

The current lineup of Toxic Ruin began writing and recording songs for "Nightmare Eclipse" while relentlessly touring the United States in 2019 alongside bands such as Lich King, Micawber and Stonecutters and playing multiple festivals including Full Terror Assault and Slam Dakota, plus winning 2nd Place in the 2019 edition of Wacken Metal Battle USA. The result is the band's most mature and complex material to date, while also being their heaviest display of metallic force so far. Guest appearances from guitarists Glen Drover (Eidolon/ex-Megadeth), Derek DeBruin (Micawber) and Nick Weyers (Aronious) provide additional ear candy for aficionados of guitar wizardry. The first taste of the metallic mayhem to come was revealed through the music video for their recently released single, "Ritual Rebirth." More...

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Wednesday 13 On New EP, Covers And Friday The 13th

For as long as there's been heavy metal, it's stood side by side with shock rock. While Black Sabbath were making waves in the United Kingdom, a band across the pond by the name of Alice Cooper were delighting young rockers, outraging parents and impressing Groucho Marx and Mae West with their antics and lyrics. As time went by, both metal and shock rock evolved and in the mid 2000s, after the split of horror punk upstarts the Murderdolls, a vocalist named Wednesday 13 ventured out on his own, toured the UK and then released "Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead." The album was a success, helped largely by the single, "I Walked With A Zombie" and since then, the eponymous band has gone from strength to strength.

Fast forward sixteen years and Wednesday 13 is still as delightfully devlish as ever. With eight full length albums under their belts, a new EP, "Necrophaze - Antidote" is only two days away and fans are in for a treat with the short collection of songs. As well as originals, "Your Mother Still Sucks Cocks In Hell" and "Screwdriver 2 - The Return," it also features covers of "Films" by Gary Numan and the INXS track, "Devil Inside." It's sure to be a welcome stopgap before the ninth album is unleashed.

To find out more about the EP, I caught up with the man himself to discuss the EP, the choice of covers, creating a sequel to the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 song, "Screwdriver," how the band is like the Friday The 13th franchise and much more. You can listen to it in full below. More...

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Katatonia Announces European Tour With Solstafir

Katatonia & Solstafir will head out in January and February 2022 on the "Twilight Burials" tour, a 31-date co-headline tour of the UK and Europe.

The coming together of these two revered masters of melancholy seems only natural. For over a quarter of a century both artists have favoured the emotional connection that their music brings over all else. Theirs is a world where 'heavy' is a force of nature; where progress comes from within, outwardly changing their musical output into something almost unrecognisable from the extreme metal that carried it in the early days.

This immense tour will see Katatonia be able to take their most recent studio album, "City Burials," out on the road as, their touring plans like many bands had to be put on hold. Jonas Renkse comments “With over a year now since we played our last live show, it’s an understatement that we want to get back on stage. Add to that an album released during the pandemic with no ways to promote it through touring, it is with a good portion of hope we present you this European tour together with Iceland’s own Sólstafir. Even though a return to normality is joyous, why not celebrate it with some melancholy?

"This tour will bring a lush twilight shadow over Europe. Join it!" More...

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Hiraes Unveils Debut Album Details

After recently signing with Napalm Records and Napalm Events, German based melodic death metal unit Hiraes is set to drop its first sonic monster with ultimate strength: Their long-awaited, phenomenal debut offering, "Solitary," will be released on June 25, 2021 via Napalm Records.

Hiraes impressively combines the full force of all four instrumentalists formerly of Dawn Of Disease (Lukas Kerk, Oliver Kirchner, Christian Wösten and Mathias Blässe) with the powerful vocals of Britta Görtz (Critical Mess, Ex-Cripper) to create an exciting new melodic death emergence. Brutally rising like a thunderous maelstrom comprised of boisterous riffs and blaring, relentless drums, and backed by massive vocals and a chorus that causes goosebumps with its heavy and meaningful lyricism, today, the five-piece has unleashed the furious first single "Under Fire." Together with a highly explosive official music video, Hiraes is ready to take their monumental sonic attack out into the world.

Hiraes on the new single:
"We are more than proud to finally present you our first single. "Under Fire" is a monumental melodic death metal neckbreaker that combines a mixture of very different elements of our music: from catchy and melodic-melancholic parts to groovy headbang passages and fast up-tempo drumming - there's something for everyone here. Together with the very cool video, "Under Fire" is guaranteed to blow you away!" More...

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Impaled Nazarene To Release New Album In May

Finnish extreme metal veterans Impaled Nazarene has announced that they will be releasing, "Eight Headed Serpent," their first album in seven years, on May 28th through Osmose Productions. In the meantime, the band has unleashed a new song, "Goat Of Mendes," which can be heard below.


1. Goat Of Mendes
2. Eight Headed Serpent
3. Shock And Awe
4. The Nonconformists
5. Octagon Order
6. Metastasizing And Changing Threat
7. Debeauchery And Decay
8. Human Cesspool
9. Apocalypse Pervertor
10. Triumphant Return Of The Antichrist
11. Unholy Necromancy
12. Mutilation Of The Nazarene Whore
13. Foucault Pendulum More...

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Artillery Posts New Music Video Online

On May 7th, Artillery will release their tenth full-length, "X," via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of "X," a video for the new single, "Turn up the Rage" (produced by Terkel Christensen // Aggressive Artwork), can be viewed below.

In the mid-1980s, Denmark's Artillery established themselves as being at the cutting edge of the thrash movement, and nearly forty years later, they continue to destroy. Returning with their tenth - and aptly titled - full-length "X," they prove once again that they have not missed a step, delivering a record that's ruthlessly heavy, catchy and pure molten metal. "We wanted to have the typical Artillery trademarks, like the riffs and hook lines in the usual combination together with aggression and melody. We always try to combine melodic thrash metal with elements from the heavy sounds of the 70s and the 80s, and this time with new elements in some of the songs," says guitarist Michael Stützer. "We don't have to push ourselves hard when we're writing a record because we love what we're doing."

Sadly, guitarist - and Stützer's brother - Morten Stützer passed in 2019, which understandably affected the band. Having played a big part in shaping Artillery's songs and appearing on every album up to 2018's riveting The Face Of Fear, his loss is a real blow. "It was tough, even if he did not play live with us since 2016, he was always supporting us. Morten was a unique musician and writer and a very humorous guy, and following his death was the first time ever I thought about stopping playing music. But, he always said that I had to go on with Artillery and continue playing if he was not there anymore. He will be missed so much." Admitting it was very strange entering into the writing process without him, the brothers typically playing off each other a lot, they still managed to pull things together, helped by the contributions of new guitarist Kræn Meier, who has been playing live with the band since 2017.

"X" was tracked in Medley Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark with producer Søren Andersen, who the band have worked with on every record since 2009's When Death Comes. As well as his production work, Andersen contributed some keyboards to "The Ghost Of Me", also adding some effects to a few other songs, and the band recruited their drivers/merch men to contribute some backing vocals on four tracks. With the record in the can, the band are able to start to look toward what is next, hoping the Coronavirus pandemic passes soon so that they can get back on the road, but now is also a good time for reflecting on what they have achieved at this point in their lengthy career. "It feels great and awesome to have been going for nearly forty years. I'm so glad, and I am so lucky that I can do what I love the most, making albums and touring for our awesome fans. If anyone had told me forty years ago that I would have made ten albums and played in over sixty different countries, I wouldn't have believed it." More...

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Dimman Reveals Debut Album Details

Finnish modern melodic death metal band Dimman is set to release their debut album, "Songs And Tales of Grievance"; on July 30th via Inverse Records. The band’s modern melodeath combines beautiful melodies, heavy compositions and technical musicality into a unique ensemble. In addition to the diverse instrumentation, Dimman’s two vocalists create a distinctive and balanced soundscape.

The band has released thier first single; "Paroxysm." The official video is available below.

Guitarist Jaakko Yli-Sorvari : "'Paroxysm' showcases all the elements Dimman is made of. Beautiful melodies, heavy riffing and technical musicianship are all married together forming a catchy soundscape. 'Paroxysm' tells the story of human arrogance and the clouding of one’s judgement.”

The album addresses all the grievances and insecurities that cause misery to both individuals and communities. The incapability to be able to affect the injustices results in frustration, which can be heard from every song on the album. More...

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Beyond The Black Announces Acoustic Livestream

German symphonic metal outfit Beyond The Black has announced that they will be airing a special acoustic livestream show this Friday (16th.) The set will feature guest appearances from members of Eluveitie, In Extremo and Feurschwanz. A message from the band reads as follows:

"Pandemic times cause huge challenges, but also encourage new, brave steps. If you know us, you know we’re not the type of band to close our eyes and wait till all of it is over! So we put all of our love and resources (that we’d normally put into a tour right now) into an event that will take an approach on the very core of our music and that will be EPIC!

"We proudly present: Origins - The Online Acoustic Experience

"The first Beyond The Black acoustic concert ever, performed as an online show! It will feature exclusive new arrangements, an extended band line-up and stunning visual production, not in a classic stage setting, but in a film-like environment. So acoustic means in that case: bringing the full BTB concert energy to your home screens in a way that you’ve never seen before!

"Get your TV ready, check your beer stock and prepare your sound system for some acoustic double bass fills: April 16th, 08:30pm (CET), is the day!" More...

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Destruction Signs With Napalm Records

Napalm Records is beyond proud to join forces with Germany’s hottest and most explosive thrash metal engine, Destruction! The band has signed a worldwide record deal with the premier rock and metal label and is set to release new music later this year.

Since their debut EP, "Sentence Of Death" (1984), the German foursome with legendary founding members Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer on vocals/bass and Michael Sifringer on guitars, Destruction have turned heads and broken necks with their incredibly honest and uncompromising thrash metal power. Starting as a trio and releasing an imposing amount of records in this constellation, for their latest energizing and most successful, chart-breaking output to date, "Born To Perish" (2019), these pioneering favorites transformed into a quartet to fuel the furious beast with highly energetic riffs and blasting drums even more!

United with insanely talented Randy Black (drums) and Damir Eskic (lead guitars), and teaming up with Napalm Records, Destruction will embark on the next heavy and always thrashing chapter of a yet impressive career. New exciting things to come very soon - stay tuned! More...

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Shamael Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Italian atmospheric funeral doom project Shamael premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Melancholie Der Engel", which will be out in stores April 15th by Satanath Records (Russia) and Negre PlanY (Spain).

Check out now "Melancholie Der Engel" in its entirety below.

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Goregäng Premiere New Music Video

Goregäng - featuring Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg of The Absence/Inhuman Condition - premiere the below music video for their take on White Zombie‘s “Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony)“. That cover version is off the group’s new EP “Long Live The Grime“, due out April 30th via Listenable Insanity Records.

Tells Nordberg: More...

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