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Metal News for April 10, 2014

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Apologies to Winger

This week a tribute to the eighties, Bach is back and Winger (yes, that Winger) continues to surprise me. More...

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Drunk Dad Announces New LP

Eolian Empire has confirmed the debut LP release from Portland's Drunk Dad this Summer. The label comments:

"Portland's one and only fuck-you-all-wave group is on a seemingly unstoppable trajectory. In the last two years they have hard-won the turned heads and knowing nods of enthusiastic youngsters and old cynics alike with their all-out assaults on rock and convention. Their art-fucked sludgy hardcore free-jazz noise rock is as unclassifiable as it is enthralling, the splendid result of a rare new band that not only knows what it wants but how to get it.

"Hatched at long disintegrating Portland punk house/venue Failhaus in 2010 -- at first an almost homage, albeit a convincing one, to their Northwest heavy heroes -- Drunk Dad quickly shoved their own way forward, dragging their dirty NW rock roots through sludge and noise and then mashing them together with metallic hardcore and avant diversions to form their own crusty scuzzcore.

"Their leavings, including a cassette-only Failhaus EP on Stankhouse Records and subsequent Morbid Reality 7" on Eolian Empire, have raked in accolades from all levels of media, as a 'strategy of fomented eclecticism -- push each influence hard enough, and they'll eventually crumble into one another' by Pitchfork, 'brilliantly energetic' by Echoes and Dust, 'a pretzel-like intersection of genre super-highways that go in all directions at once' by the Portland Mercury, and 'an off-kilter, barely-tethered mass of sludge/crust/whateverthefuck that is as delightful as it is shoeless n' shambling' by Last Rites.

"Not known for going easy, in the past year Drunk Dad went at it even harder, culminating in their first full-length and gnarliest, most inventive, expansive, and-dare we say?-sophisticated record yet. With their first LP Ripper Killer, Drunk Dad breaks down the stifling genre walls of yore and rewires the wreckage into a megaheavy alloy of scuzz, filth, and noise in a knock-down, drag-out war of ill will wrapped in a nasty bow."

Stand by for more banter on the pulverizing "Ripper Killer" as Eolian gears it up for release on heavyweight 12" and digital delivery this coming July 1st, 2014. The band will also hold a reefer madness listening party for the album:

4/20/2014 Valentine's - Portland, OR w/ J.O.P.O., Dark Wraith Covenant, Redneck

You can also check out the previous "Morbid Reality" release in the Bandcamp player available below. More...

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Gwar Launches Dave Brockie Foundation

Gwar and Slave Pit Inc. would like to thank fans and friends for the outpouring of love after the passing of Dave Brockie. A video message from the band can be seen below, and Gwar also comments:

"Our intention is to honor Dave, preserve his legacy and continue to share his brilliant works with the world. With that being said, GWAR and Slave Pit Inc. are proud to announce the creation of The Dave Brockie Foundation.

"The Dave Brockie Foundation is a charity fund with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts. It will endeavor to encourage promising talents, as well as preserving the legacy of Dave’s body of works. It intends to be a support system to those who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of creativity.

"The Dave Brockie Foundation will be a resource for artists in the fields of music, film, literature and all visual arts who cannot find funding through mainstream channels. The DBF will also strive to catalog and preserve Dave's vast collection of original images, recordings and written words, and make them available for the world to appreciate. The foundation's first goal is to finance the creation of a memorial monument in Richmond, Virginia to provide the world with a place to pay respects to the memory of a very cherished man."

Donations can be made to The Dave Brockie Foundation over here. More...

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Scar The Martyr Splits With Vocalist

The Joey Jordison project Scar The Martyr has split with vocalist Henry Derek, with the band commenting:

"To address the recent Scar The Marty news out there and make sure all the facts are straight, Scar The Martyr has parted ways with Henry, not the other way around.

"With all that's been going on of late we have been forced to take a very careful look at how we are moving forward and with there being some creative and personal differences it made sense to move on without Henry.

"We have been very focused on new Scar The Martyr material and we couldn't be more excited with how the music is coming out. We are in the process of looking for a new singer and will have news on the search very soon.

"We appreciate all the support from our fans and we can't wait to share the next phase of STM with all of you. We wish Henry best of luck going forward." More...

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Call Of The Void Recording New Album

The Denver-based crusty metallic hardcore perpetrators in Call Of The Void, who recently recruited second guitarist Gabe Morales, will enter the studio later this month to record the follow-up to last year’s smoldering "Dragged Down A Dead End Path."

Titled "Ageless," for this sophomore full-length the band will return to The Boar’s Nest in Salt Lake City with Andy Patterson (Subrosa, Eagle Twin, Gaza), who will also handle all mixing duties. The record will be mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige (Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Integrity) and features artwork by Cult Leader vocalist Anthony Lucero.

"Ageless" will be released via Relapse later this year. Comments the band, “We are beyond stoked to hit the studio again with Andy Patterson and start the second chapter of the Call Of The Void. The addition of Gabe Morales has added a new ferocity to the COTV sound. Don’t expect Dragged Down A Dead End Path part II. ”

Catch Call Of The Void live on these dates:

4/15/2014 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO w/ Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor
5/02/2014 Bar Bar – Denver, CO w/ Cult Leader
6/4-7/2014 Crucial Fest – Salt Lake City, Utah w/ Red Fang, Iceburn, Helms Alee, Big Business, Cult Leader, Subrosa, Eagle Twin, Kowloon Walled City, Black Sheep Wall More...

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Sarcofago Re-Issuing "Rotting" On Vinyl

Greyhaze Records has set a release date of May 27th, 2014 for the vinyl reissue of Sarcofago's second album, "Rotting."

Originally released in 1989 via Cogumelo Records, Rotting's devastating output made waves throughout the metal underground upon its original release, and the band was also covered in our Sunday Old School column.

The 2014 "Rotting" release has been carefully remastered to ensure optimal sound output, bringing out all details of this savage and classic recording. The vinyl will be housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket, which will feature all the original artwork, including a full-color gatefold insert.

Sarcofago's drummer Manu commented: "Rotting is one hell of an album. Even though I recognize the importance of INRI, Rotting is still my favorite Sarcófago album. It's better built than the previous album, but it still maintains that elemental rawness. The Rotting era was a great time. Wagner did an outstanding job. We were an interesting trio, and when (Fabio) Jhasko joined the band, our firepower became even greater! Excellent memories!" More...

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Inferis Offering Discography For Download

Chilean outfit Inferis has announced that the band's full discography is now available for free download at the DigMetalWorld Bandcamp page. These albums are now available:

- “Between Heaven and Hell” (10 years edition 2004-214)
- “We Fight¡” (EP 2007)
- “When Men Collide” (LP 2010)
- “Lead the Chain” (EP 2012)

The band is also currently recording a new album with Chilean Producer Ignacio Figueroa (Naioth, All Angels Massacre) in Viña del Mar, Chile. More...

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Crisix Releases "Rise... Then Rest" Video

Spanish thrash metal outfit Crisix has uploaded a brand new video for the title track to "Rise...Then Rest." The video was directed and edited by Juli Baz Sánchez and can be seen below.

Erik Rutan put his tremendous skills to work mixing and mastering the album, which has previously been available in Spain and will now be heading to the rest of Europe (April 14th) and North America (May 6th) courtesy of Apostasy Records. The track listing is as follows:

01. I.Y.F.F.
02. Rise…Then Rest
03. Bring ‘Em to the Pit
04. Those Voices Shall Remain
05. One by One
06. Frieza the Tyrant
07. Seven
08. Army of Darkness
09. Volcano Face
10. Scars of the Wolf
11. Waldi Gang
12. Ace of Spades (orig. by Motörhead) More...

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Fake Idols Posts New Music Video

Fake Idols will release a self-titled album via Lifeforce Records on April 25th (Germany, Austria, Switzerland Finland, Sweden), April 28th (rest of Europe) and April 29th (North America).

Today the band has also released a brand new music video for the track "One Way Trip," which can be seen below. The following press release was also issued about Fake Idols:

"This Italian band is driven by love and dedication for catchy songs in between hardrock and metal. Emerged from the ruins of three bands, Fake Idols want to keep alive the heavy sound of their teenager days.

"The experience with previous groups Raintime, Slowmotion Apocalypse, and Jar of Bones pays off. The quintet’s self-titled debut album consists of twelve hymns which are based on great songwriting with focus on killer riffs and intoxicating hooklines. With their songs Fake Idols create a harmonious bridge between traditional hardrock and modern-styled metal. And all of them are showcasing the consequent rock attitude of this Italian band.

"There is no hidden agenda or unnecessary complexity. Fake Idols believe in their unerring songwriting abilities and the quality of their dynamic and catchy tracks. And they are absolutely right! The selected cover-song on the debut album can be interpreted programmatically: 'My Favourite Game' (The Cardigans). Fake Idols are celebrating their favourite rock’n’metal sound and are supported by Crucified Barbara's singer Mia Coldheart as special guest in the song 'My Hero.'" More...

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Hellspirit To Release "Dawn Under Curse"

Saturnal Records has set May 26th as the international release date for Hellspirit's debut album, "Dawn Under Curse." The label comments:

"Hellspirit was formed in 2004 in Kuopio, Finland by Dethrone and Goat. The band released two demos during the years 2005-2006 and recorded a split release with Australian blackthrashers Nocturnal Graves in 2007, but it was not released until 2010, by Nuclear War Now! Productions, due to numerous difficulties on the way.

"Hellspirit's lineup altered very drastically during the first years of the band's existence. A stabile lineup was established in 2011 when Dethrone and Heinrich Von Heretic, who had already joined the ranks of bassist in 2008, teamed up with Eld on drums and MSA on guitars. The band then started working on a debut full-length with a whole new intensity together with raging live shows, where they shared a stage with such bands as Anal Cunt, Nifelheim, and Sabbat.

"The musical style of Hellspirit had changed during the years from very straightforward thrash-oriented black metal towards more epic and war-like black metal where influences of thrash and heavy have taken a step up to a whole other level.

"Finally, in 2012, Hellspirit started recording their debut full-length album, which led to a deal with Finnish underground record label No Sign Of Life, which eventually ceased all activities before the debut was released. The band was perhaps one of the most prominent ones in Finland's underground scene at the time, and yet an unsigned artist. More...

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Metal Blade Releasing Record Store Day Vinyls

In celebration of Record Store Day 2014 (occurring this year on April 19th), Metal Blade Records will be releasing two exclusive vinyl pressings.

Type O Negative's "Slow Deep and Hard" and Karma To Burn's self-titled albums will be released as double 180 gram vinyl in gatefold sleeves. The vinyl will be available at participating Record Store Day locations. To find a retailer near you, head to this location. More...

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Demon Hunter Posts "I Will Fail You" Video

Demon Hunter has a new video out now for the ballad “I Will Fail You,” premiering today via Billboard.com. Check it out below. "I Will Fail You" comes off the band's new album "Extremist," which is out now.

As vocalist Ryan Clark tells Billboard, “I Will Fail You” is about the scrutiny that a band like Demon Hunter tends to face from fans and critics alike.

“To put it simply, some fans of faith-based bands see it as their duty to police the legitimacy of a band’s values in every aspect imaginable,” Clark explains. “No matter how many times we blatantly express our beliefs, there will always be someone ready to destroy their collection of Demon Hunter albums if they suspect we’re not as ‘holy’ as they’ve managed to project.

“The video itself is a study in judgement and forgiveness. There will undoubtedly be people that find it more alarming that my character smokes a ‘last cigarette’ than what transpires at the end of the video, which in itself, exemplifies the issues that the song is meant to tackle in the first place.” More...

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Killgasm Streaming "Revenge Of The Panzergoat"

Today, American black/grind cult Killgasm premiere the new track "Revenge of the Panzergoat." The song is available below, thanks to NoCleanSinging.com.

The track hails from the band's forthcoming "A Stab in the Heart of Christ," set for release on May 27th via Moribund Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Black Grinding Terror (1:42)
2. Revenge of the Panzergoat (2:28)
3. Planet Earth Mass Grave (4:20)
4. The Smell of Stolen Innocence (4:07)
5. Cold, Dead and Spread (3:13)
6. High on Church Fumes (1:37)
7. A Stab in the Heart of Christ (6:11)
8. Fisting Your Faith (5:27)
9. Miserable Existence (4:16)
10. Humanity in Ashes (5:36) More...

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Hark Kicking Off European Tour

Welsh heavy rock power-trio Hark has been added to France's Hellfest and London's Beyond the RedShift Festival. These new appearances will follow the band's European album launch tour.

Hark kicks off a European tour tonight in Cardiff. Dubbed the "Nations to Flames European Tour," Hark will play alongside A Storm Of Light throughout the European continent. As part of the tour, the band will also play the 2014 edition of the Roadburn Festival.

4/10 Cardiff, United Kingdom @ Clwb Ifor Bach
4/12 Tilburg, Netherlands @ Roadburn Festival
4/13 Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
4/14 Czech Republic Prague @ .007
4/15 Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
4/16 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
4/17 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Underwerket
4/20 Frankfurt, Germany @ Elfer
4/21 München, Germany @ Backstage
4/22 Bologna, Italy @ Freakout Club
4/23 Rome, Italy @ Traffic
4/24 Milano, Italy @ Lo Fi
4/25 Clermont-Ferrand, France @ Raymond
4/26 Martigny, Switzerland @ Les Caves du Manoir
4/27 Luzern, Switzerland @ Schüür
4/28 Stuttgart, Germany @ Juha West
4/29 Seigen, Germany @ Gebäude 9
4/30 Liege, Belgium @ La Zone More...

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Machine Head Posts Album Production Video

Machine Head is currently working on an upcoming album, and now the second in a series of short segments regarding the production side of the album's creation has been posted online. Check it out below.

The band also recently announced a string of smaller market tour dates both in the U.S. and over in European territory.

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Blues Pills Cancels Tour Dates

Nuclear Blast outfit Blues Pills has been forced to discontinue its current headlining tour throughout Europe due to illness. The band comments:

"We are deeply saddened to announce that because of serious illness we have to cancel the remaining dates on our European Tour.

"Our hearts are broken. Nothing gives us more joy than playing, and we were looking forward to the places we would go, shows we would play, and people we would meet. But in this situation, health is the number one priority. We're very sorry to all the fans, and the promoters who are let down. Please send us your positive thoughts.

"For ticket refund please contact your point of purchase and the band will try to make good for these canceled shows as soon as possible, and as of now this Summer´s festival schedule remains confirmed as it is."

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New Judas Priest Album On The Way

After a series of teasing statements, Judas Priest has now confirmed via a Facebook post (check out the image below) that a new album is done and full details will be released in the coming weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled for the official album title and release date. This coming album will follow the band's 2008 full-length "Nostradamus" (reviewed here).

 photo judaspriest_zps432fe8d2.jpg

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Tombs Releases New Album Teaser

Brooklyn, New York outfit Tombs is set to release new album "Savage Gold" on June 10th (North America), June 9th (UK/World), and June 6th (Germany/Benelux/Finland).

Tattooist Thomas Hooper, who is responsible for the band's previous album covers. created the new artwork. A trailer has also been posted featuring the first samples of music from "Savage Gold." Check it out below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Thanatos
2. Portraits
3. Seance
4. Echoes
5. Deathtripper
6. Edge of Darkness
7. Ashes
8. Legacy
9. Severed Lives
10. Spira More...

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Deathstars Posts New Album Trailer

On June 13th, Sweden's Deathstars will release upcoming album "The Perfect Cult" via Nuclear Blast. Now the band has published the first album trailer, which can be seen below.

"The Perfect Cult" was captured in several studios: drums, guitars and bass were recorded at Bohus Sound Recording in Kungälv, vocals were handled at Gig Studios in Stockholm, and keyboards, orchestration and editing were done in Black Syndicate, Stockholm.

While the mix as usual was handled by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Within Temptation), guitarist/keyboardist Nightmare took care of the production from bottom to top. For the drum, guitar, and bass production, Nightmare worked together with Roberto Laghi (Entombed, In Flames) at Bohus Sound Recording. The mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck (Volbeat) at Chartmakers, Helsinki, Finland.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Explode
02. Fire Galore
03. All The Devil’s Toys
04. Ghost Reviver
05. The Perfect Cult
06. Asphalt Wings
07. Bodies
08. Temple Of The Insects
09. Track, Crush & Prevail
10. Noise Cuts More...

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Beastmilk Announces Festival Appearances

Finnish post-punk act Beastmilk will appear at the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, England on June 6th, alongside such bands as Metallica, Alice in Chains, and Mastodon.

“We're honoured and privileged to be playing Sonisphere with such greats as Metallica," says the band. "We’re really looking forward to giving the crowd a glimpse back to Metallica’s punk influences, throwing up a dose of our apocalyptic death-rock and make some of those headbangers dance."

Beastmilk was also recently nominated as best underground act of the year in Metal Hammer magazine's annual Golden Gods awards.

Fresh from this week's appearance at the Roadburn Festival in Holland, Beastmilk will perform two select gigs in Finland in late April, before heading back to Europe to tour with Doomriders and Herder. Besides Sonisphere, the band will appear at several festivals during the summer, from Wave Gotik Treffen and Tuska to Hell's Pleasure and Norway's Slottsfjell Festival. Here are the confirmed dates thus far, with more festival appearances TBA:

Finnish dates
25.4. Helsinki, Kuudes Linja
26.4. Jyväskylä, Musta Kynnys More...

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The Oath Streams Full New Album

The Oath is a band forged around the fizzing, feral chemistry between Swedish guitarist Linnea Olsson and German vocalist Johanna Sadonis.

The Oath's self-titled debut will be released in North America this coming Tuesday April 15th, but before the album is released The A.V. Club is hosting a full stream. Give it a listen below. The track listing is as follows:

1. All Must Die
2. Silk Road
3. Night Child
4. Leaving Together
5. Black Rainbow
6. Silver and Dust
7. Death Delight
8. In Dream
9. Psalm 7 More...

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Bloodshot Dawn Announces More Guest Musicians

U.K. melodic extreme metal band Bloodshot Dawn has announced more guests that are set to appear on the group's upcoming second album.

After previously announcing guest spots by Sven De Caluwé, Per Nilsson, and Teemu Mäntysaari, today Bloodshot Dawn also reveals appearances by Andy James and Chris Amott. The following press release was issued by the band:

"Andy James is a globally renowned metal and shred guitarist known for incredible playing and versatility with his instrument. He has featured on DVD's released with leading companies such as Licklibrary and Jamtrax as well as having released several solo records and two successful albums with Sacred Mother Tongue. Andy is also known for having appeared on stages all across the world not just with Sacred Mother Tongue but with bands such as Cradle of Filth, The Fields of the Nephilim and as a solo artist at industry shows such as NAMM in Los Angeles and the Frankfurt MESSE.

"Chris Amott needs little introduction, the Swedish shredder is most notably known as a founding member of melodic death metal titans Arch Enemy. Chris left Arch Enemy in 2012 to pursue his solo career and went on to release 'Follow Your Heart.' He also founded Armageddon releasing three successful albums and after relocating to USA he has announced that a brand new Armageddon record is in the making."

The new album will be a crowd-funded project, with the campaign set to launch on April 16th. More...

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Steel Panther Posts New Music Video

Steel Panther's new album "All You Can Eat" is out now, and today the band drops a (NSFW) music video for the track "Gloryhole." The "All You Can Eat" track listing is as follows:

1. Pussywhipped
2. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
3. Gloryhole
4. Bukkake Tears
5. Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
6. Ten Strikes You’re Out
7. The Burden Of Being Wonderful
8. F@#king My Heart In The Ass
9. BVS
10. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk
11. If I Was The King
12. She’s On The Ra

You can also still stream the album in full by heading over to this location. More...

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So Delan Posts Full New Album

Se Delan - the duo made up of multi-instrumentalist leader of Crippled Black Phoenix, Justin Greaves, and Swedish singer, Belinda Kordic (Killing Mood) - has teamed up with CMJ to stream the band's debut album, "The Fall," before it hits stores next week. Check it out below.

"The Fall" is due out April 15th in North America on Kscope and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Chasing Changes
3. Beneath the Sea
4. Little One
5. Today
6. Tonight
7. The Hunt
8. Dirge
9. On My Way
10. Lost Never Found More...

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Starkill Releases New Music Video, Update Plans

Chicago melodic death metallers, Starkill have posted a new music video for "Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire," taken from last year's debut album, "Fires of Life" (see review here). The video was directed by Alan Collins of Elegy Films and can be viewed below.

Singer/Guitarist Parker Jameson commented on the video: "Check our new video for Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire. We thought it'd be cool to release this video now, in April of 2014, to commemorate the one year anniversary of Fires of Life being released."

Jameson went on to update on the band's plans for a follow up album: "Additionally, we are excited to announce that we will be entering Electrowerks Studio with producer, Chuck Macak (Oceano, letlive) this May to begin recording the next Starkill album. With most of the pre-production already done, we can say that this new material is our darkest and strongest to date. We've really found and nailed our signature style on this album. We can't wait to share it with the world. In the meantime, enjoy the new video, and keep an eye out for new updates!"

Check out the video here: More...

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Southern Darkness Festival Lineup Announced

Scrapyard Magazine is proud to announce Florida's first annual Southern Darkness Fest will take place on August 23rd, 2014 in Tampa/Ybor City. More names are still being confirmed, and the currently announced lineup is as follows:

All Pigs Must Die
Mouth of the Architect
Black Tusk
Order of the Owl
A Storm of Light
Strong Intention
Everything Went Black
Weekend Nachos
Lord Mantis
Coke Bust
Set and Setting
Traitor Crucifix
Cosm More...

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Ghoul Streaming Full New EP

Today the cloaked criminals in Ghoul, in conjunction with the horror hustlers at Bloody Disgusting, heave forth the luscious sounds of their forthcoming "Hang Ten" EP in its entirety. Give it a listen below. "Hang Ten" is due out April 19th.

"Hang Ten" was recorded by Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, with cover art by Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine.

Bellows vocalist/guitarist Digestor, "Break out your booger board, put on your woolen bathing uniform, and turn your hi-fi up to 100! We are back with the ginchiest collection of totally tubular tunes we've ever... done... Look, I'm not doing this. If you don't buy our new EP, Hang Ten, I'm going to strangle you with your own entrails while your children watch and cry. So, surf's up, numbskulls!"

In an ongoing effort to terminate the weak, team Ghoul today kicks off a week-long West Coast jaunt of live abrasions as part of the Weapons Of Mosh Destruction II Tour. Catch the band live:

w/ Iron Reagan, Occultist
4/09/2014 Club Red - Tempe, AZ
4/10/2014 Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
4/11/2014 Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA
4/12/2014 Rock City - Camarillo CA
4/13/2014 The Roxy - Los Angeles, CA
4/14/2014 Midtown Barfly - Sacramento, CA
4/15/2014 Branx - Portland, OR
4/18/2014 Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze Fest - Oakland, CA *
*no Occultist More...

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White Widows Pact Finishes Recording LP

NYC-based mob White Widows Pact now confirms that the tracking of an impending debut LP has been completed.

The album was captured at the Wild Arctic with Dean Baltulonis over the past several weeks, and is being finalized now for release on a label to be determined later this year.

In the meantime, White Widows Pact has been unloading new material from the upcoming album live. The band also recently hooked up with Converse for an installment of their Rubber Tracks Sessions, the quintet laying down an ultra-gritty, sludge-groove hardcore version of one of Nirvana's early works, "Negative Creep." Check it out below.

White Widows Pact will also head north on tour in several weeks, from May 4th through the 20th. The trip will take the band into Canada for several shows including three shows in as many days at Toronto's CMW gathering. After six shows in Canada, WWP will embark on a seven-show run with Detroit-area hardcore quintet, Hollow Earth.

5/04/2014 Middle East (upstairs) - Cambridge, MA
5/05/2014 Geno's Rock Club - Portland, ME
5/06/2014 La Sala Rossa - Montreal, QC
5/07/2014 Luneta Bar - Ottawa, ON
5/08/2014 Sneaky Dee's - Toronto, ON @ New Damage CMW Showcase
5/10/2014 S.H.I.B.G.B.s - Toronto, ON
5/12/2014 Detour Music Hall - St. Catherines, ON
5/13/2014 The Beer Exchange - Windsor, ON
5/14/2014 The Yonka House - Detroit, MI w/ Hollow Earth
5/15/2014 Underground Lounge - Chicago, IL w/ Hollow Earth
5/16/2014 Basement Transmissions - Erie, PA w/ Hollow Earth
5/17/2014 Mr Roboto Project - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Hollow Earth
5/18/2014 The Boneyard - Atlantic City, NJ w/ Hollow Earth
5/19/2014 Casa De Sweezy - Centereach, NY w/ Hollow Earth
5/20/2014 The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY w/ Hollow Earth More...

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Aurvandil Streaming New Track

French isolationist metal outfit Aurvandil - recently covered in or look at underground black metal - today premieres the new track "The Harvest of Betrayal," which can be heard below thanks to Invisible Oranges.

This epic 13-minute track hails from the "Thrones" album (reviewed here), due to be released by Eisenwald on April 21st in Europe and May 6th in North America. The track listing is as follows:

1. For Whom Burnest Thou
2. The Harvest of Betrayal
3. Summon the Storms
4. Ingen Lindring More...

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Winds Of Plague Drops Off Tour

Winds Of Plague has issued the following announcement about cancelling upcoming tour dates:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances involving the health of one of our members we are unable to make this upcoming tour. We will make it up to you in the near future.

"We were really looking forward to coming and playing to old and new fans. Please go to the shows and support our friends in Unearth and Texas In July." More...

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Vocalist Kevin Goocher Rejoins Omen

Vocalist Kevin Goocher announced that he has re-joined U.S. metal legends Omen and will be heard on the upcoming new release "Hammer Damage," which is to be released via DSN Music, with distribution via Pure Steel Records. In a post on his Facebook wall, Goocher stated:

"I am proud to announce that I am singing with Omen again. I am happy to be back with Kenny Powell, Andy Haas, and Steve Wittig after all of these years. I am currently working on the vocals for the Hammer Damage album that will be released soon on Pure Steel Records and DSN Music. This album will be great! We have dates booked for South America with Manilla Road in July and UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL in 2015 as well as Kronic Productions Hell Fest in June. We are on the verge of epicness and the saga continues....."

Goocher was with the band from 1998-2003, having previously performed on the 2003 album "Eternal Black Dawn," the last Omen studio release. He replaces Matt Story, who had joined in 2011. Omen's current lineup is:

Kenny Powell (guitars)
Andy Haas (bass)
Kevin Goocher (vocals)
Steve Wittig (drums)

The track list for the upcoming "Hammer Damage" is:

1. Hammer Damage
2. Knights Of The Cross
3. Era Of Crisis
4. Epitaph For A Warrior
5. The Canyon
6. Demons
7. Caligula
8. Hellas
9. A.F.U. More...

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Trap Them Streams New Single "Salted Crypts"

Seattle crust act Trap Them is streaming the new track "Salted Crypts." The song will appear on the upcoming new release "Blissfucker," which is set to drop via Prosthetic Records on June 10th. Pre-orders for the album can be made at this location.

Check out "Salted Crypts" here:

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Thine Streaming New Track "To The Precipice"

U.K. progressive act Thine is streaming the new track "To the Precipice." The song appears on the band's third full length effort "The Dead City Blueprint," which is set for release on April 28th (EU) and May 13th (North America) via Peaceville Records. The album was recorded at the legendary Academy Studios (My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema) in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK.

Having formed in 1995 in Yorkshire, UK with the core trio of Alan Gaunt, Paul Groundwell and Daniel Mullins (My Dying Bride), Thine initially burst onto the scene in 1997 with the release of the atmospheric doom ‘Journeys’ demo tape, with the debut album of boundary-warping metal noir, "A Town Like This," appearing on Peaceville the following year. Thine’s most accomplished work to date, "In Therapy" saw light of day a full 4 years later, and showcased a more sleek and immediate sound, bringing comparisons to other dark and emotional acts such as Katatonia and Anathema. The band line-up is completed by Dylan Rhodes on rhythm guitar and Richard Swift on bass.

"The Dead City Blueprint," Thine’s third studio full-length release, ventures into the deepest recesses of loss, death, and a spiraling disassociation with society in a modern era where we should feel most connected. A journey through the trials of human separation and tribulation. Introspection and retrospection of the most profound order. Mixing the best of rock and elements of prog with sublime structures and hooks, "The Dead City Blueprint" is a dynamic and poignant musical voyage of despair and catharsis, with soaring lead guitars, somber atmospherics and uplifting vocals.

The track list is:

1. Brave Young Assassin
2. Flame to the Oak
3. Out of Your Mind & into a Void
4. To the Precipice
5. The Dead City Blueprint
6. A Great Unknown
7. The Rift
8. The Beacon
9. Scars from Limbo
10. Adrift Through the Arcane Isles of Recovery

Check out "To the Precipice": More...

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Any Face Streaming New Track

Italian technical death metal act Any Face is streaming the new track "Twisted Motion of Deceit." The song appears on the upcoming new release "Perpetual Motion of Deceit," which is set for release on April 22, 2014 via Nadir Music.

The track list for the album is:

1. Twisted Motion Of Deceit
2. Fading In Confusion
3. Trapped In Yourself
4. The Hell Of Future (Wall Of Lies Around Us)
5. Perpetual Motion Of Deceit
6. Enduring Captivity
7. Locked Up
8. Desensitized More...

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Helstar Posts Preview For "This Wicked Nest"

U.S. metal legends Helstar are set to release the band's new album "This Wicked Nest" on April 25th (EU), April 29th (US) via AFM Records. The band posted a new preview clip for the album, which can be heard in the player below.

"This Wicked Nest" is the ninth full length studio album in the band's 33 year history. The band will celebrate its history at the Warriors of Metal Festival in Columbus, Ohio in June (for information, head over to this location). The track list for the new release is:

1. Fall of Dominion (streaming here)
2. Eternal Black
3. This Wicked Nest
4. Souls Cry
5. Isla de las Munecas
6. Cursed
7. It Has Risen
8. Defy the Swarm
9. Magormissabib

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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Edguy Releases "Love Tyger" Music Video

German metal act Edguy released a new music video for the track "Love Tyger," the latest single for the upcoming new album "Space Police - Defenders of the Crown." A review for the release can be found at this location. The album is set for a worldwide release via Nuclear Blast on April 18th.

The track list for the album is:

1. Sabre & Torch (see lyric video here)
2. Space Police
3. Defenders Of The Crown
4. Love Tyger
5. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
6. Rock Me Amadeus
7. Do Me Like A Cavemen
8. Shadow Eaters
9. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Bonus disc (2CD Edition only):

1. England
2. Aychim In Hysteria
3. Space Police (progressive version)
4. Space Police (instrumental version)
5. Love Tyger (instrumental version)
6. Defenders Of The Crown (instrumental version)
7. Do Me Like A Caveman (instrumental version)

Check out "Love Tyger" here: More...

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Krossfire Posts Second Video Studio Update

Bulgarian power/progressive act Krossfire has posted a second video in a studio diary series chronicling the making of the band's sophomore LP. The yet untitled album is the follow up to the 2011 debut "Learning to Fly," available from Pure Steel Records (see review over at this location).

The update reveals that 99% of the songwriting is completed. Check it out here:

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Xandria Posts "Sacrificium" Album Preview

Xandria released a preview clip, featuring clips from the entire new release entitled "Sacrificium." The album is set for release via Napalm Records on May 2nd (G/A/S, FIN & Benelux), May 5th (EU), May 6th (North America) and May 7th (ESP/SWE/NOR).

"Sacrificium" sees the debut release with new vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen (Ex Libris). The track list for the album is:

1. Sacrificium
2. Nightfall
3. Dreamkeeper
4. Stardust
5. The Undiscovered Land
6. Betrayer
7. Until The End
8. Come With Me
9. Little Red Relish
10. Our Neverworld
11. Temple Of Hate
12. Sweet Atonement

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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Timo Tolkki's Avalon Releases New Music Video

Timo Tolkki's Avalon released a music video for the new track "Design the Century." The song features Nightwish/ReVamp vocalist Floor Jansen and appears on the upcoming sophomore release "Angels of the Apocalypse." The album is set to drop via Frontiers Records on May 16th.

For this album, guitarist/composer Timo Tolkki has assembled much of the classic Stratovarius "Dreamspace" lineup, including founder Tuomo Lassila on drums and keyboardist Antti Ikonen. In addition to Jansen, guest vocalists also to appear on the album include: Simone Simons (Epica), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire), David DeFeis (Virgin Steele), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) and Caterina Nix.

The track list for "Angels of the Apocalypse" is:

1. Song for Eden
2. Jerusalem Is Falling
3. Design the Century
4. Rise of the 4th Reich
5. Stargate Atlantis
6. You'll Bleed Forever
7. The Paradise Lost
8. Neons Sirens
9. High Above of Me
10. Angels of the Apocalypse
11. Garden of Eden

Check out "Design the Century" here: More...

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