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Metal News for April 1, 2015

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Just For Fun

Finnleo Saunas To Endorse Jari Mäenpää

Finnleo - Finland's largest supplier of saunas - has announced an endorsement deal with Wintersun frontman Jari Mäenpää. The deal, which includes a deluxe custom sauna with custom lighting, custom benching and multiple wood choices, comes in the the wake of "sauna-gate," the backlash concerning the Mäenpää's recent "social media contemplation" of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to build a studio for the recording of the long awaited "Time II" album.

The proposed studio plans clearly marked areas for a large sauna, causing an outcry on the band's Facebook page. In two responses - one rivaling the collective writings of Tolstoy and a second matching the length of War & Peace - Mäenpää explained that a sauna is as common as a front door in the land of a thousand lakes and that the Finnish people have the "fairest" and "most delicate skin" due to an over abundance of forestry and darkness (caused by forestry, position of the country and Tuomas Holopainen's tophat).

The deal came about when a group of Wintersun fans who refused to grow old waiting for Wintersun to either render a decision on the fund raising campaign and/or record "Time II," launched a campaign of their own - gathering petition signatures to submit to Finnelo for the endorsement deal. The company was overwhelmed by the submission by the the group known as "Time II Move This Along" - which provided 500 volumes of signatures totaling just over 100,000.

Finnelo president Keith Raisanen commented: "It was a heartwarming outcry of support from a group of fans that deserve something for their 'time.' We contacted Mr. Mäenpää and quickly agreed to provide one of our new InfraSauna products to help ease his mental strain and fatigue and to reduce stress and relax muscles caused by overproducing, underachieving and narcissistic perfectionism."

"Time II Move This Along" spokesman Markus Toivonen only added the following: "I guess there will be no more excuses." More...

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MetalSucks Bought Out By TMZ

Metalunderground has discovered through an inside source that a large funds transfer was initiated yesterday between Time Warner and Metalsucks.net – your finest source for metal gossip on all planet Earth – leading to the conclusion the site has been bought out.

Upon contacting the site, we have confirmed now that MetalSucks is officially owned by Time Warner subsidiary TMZ.com. MetalSucks will now apparently be a metal gossip spin-off of the popular celebrity news site.

A source from the site, who refused to go on the record with a name, told us things should proceed essentially exactly the same as they had been before the buy-out, commenting: “We want to assure everyone that whenever a rapper wears a metal band shirt, we will absolutely be the first to break that earth-shatteringly important news. That won't change at all in this merger.”

The unnamed source stated a different change in direction was actually planned prior to the buy offer, stating, “We were planning on ditching all the click bait, needlessly inflammatory headlines and post actual metal news, but you know, then this offer came along...”

The source was adamant fans can expect little to no change in daily operations however, adding, “In no way has this diminished our raging hard on for pretending to hate Emmure but posting about them on a near-daily basis.”

Rumors have circulated that Perez Hilton will be brought on as a guest correspondent. Stay tuned as this breaking story develops.

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Judas Priest Responds With Pro-LGBT Compilation

In what has become a near annual tradition, legendary U.K. act Judas Priest announced another compilation release, the 374th in the band's storied career. This one comes in response to the "religious freedom" bills recently passed in Indiana and Arkansas, which many believe is an avenue for businesses to refuse service to the LGBT community.

The release will be called "Hard As Iron: Ram it Down....The Throats Of Congress" will be issued on July 4th via Sony Music. It has been heralded by some as "the most definitive Judas Priest compilation of all time." All proceeds for the release will go directly to the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute to fight the passage of the bills in Indiana and Arkansas, as well as proposed bills in a myriad of other states. The album's artwork can be viewed below.

Vocalist Rob Halford commented: "Judas Priest supports the rights of all in the LGBT community to fight these highly discriminatory bills. We hope that the inclusion of classics contained on 'Ram it Down,' within 'Point of Entry,' will have them 'Screaming for Vengeance.'"

Chuck Wolfe, the President of the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute, commented: "We are honored to have Judas Priest on our side for this fight."

The track list for "Hard As Iron: Ram it Down....The Throats Of Congress" is:

1. You Say Yes
2. Hard As Iron
3. Eat Me Alive
4. Ram it Down
5. Savage
6. Rapid Fire
7. The Ripper
8. Here Come the Tears
9. Delivering the Goods
10. Screaming For Vengeance
11. Painkiller
12. Love Bites More...

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Michael Starr Starts New Band One Erection

Legendary rocker Michael Starr - who only got in this business to be surrounded by pussy - has left Steel Panther to join a new outfit titled One Erection. The Panther issued this sad announcement to fans:

"Fanthers...It is with the heaviest of cocks that we announce to you today that, effective immediately, Michael Starr will no longer be a member of Steel Panther.

"The events of the last week have caused him to reevaluate his musical aspirations and he has decided to take his career in a new direction.

"While we are saddened at the news, we know great things ahead for him...(not to mention a great many mothers). We hope you'll continue to support him in this new adventure. #1D4ever." More...

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Man Realizes Favorite Band Isn't Good Anymore

In a breakthrough of truly monumental proportions, local man John Kettle has recently come to realize that his favorite band actually isn't any good anymore.

A sinking suspicion started to develop when the band released the first single from its latest album, which received a less-than-positive response from online listeners.

Kettle was enraged upon reading the YouTube comments insisting this new material wasn't as strong as previous releases, with one comment in particular leaving him no choice but to respond.

“My first knee-jerk reaction was to tell him he's worse than Hitler and insist he must love Justin Bieber if he can't appreciate my favorite band,” Kettle said. “But after really listening to the song again and sitting through those atrocious lyrics, I came to the horrible realization that maybe someone else on the Internet with a different opinion than mine might have been correct.”

Working hard to hold back tears, the brave Kettle told us his worst fears have come true: the one band that could do no wrong finally released something that wasn't very good. The visibly emotional Kettle ended our interview by moaning, “I used to tell people on forums that they aren't true fans if they don't love everything that band has put out. Now that's going to happen to ME!”

There's no word yet on how advanced Kettle's false-fan status is, and whether this will interfere with his daily life in any significant way. Stay tuned for more on this breaking story.

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Faith No More Album Delayed Due To Litigation

After 18 years of waiting, fans will have to wait a little longer. Faith No More’s highly anticipated new album, "Sol Invictus," has reportedly been delayed indefinitely due to litigation by Warner Bros Records (parent of former label Slash Records), claiming that the band still owes them one more full-length studio album on their contract.

Mike Patton could not be reached for immediate comment, but his agent stated only that the claims were baseless and the band will defend itself vigorously.

“Sol Invictus” was scheduled to be released via Reclamation Recordings, which is distributed by Ipecac Recordings, on May 19, 2015.

Faith No More is expected to press on with their planned Spring North American outing kicking off April 15th in Vancouver. The upcoming dates are as follows:

April 15 Vancouver, BC PNE Forum
April 16 Seattle, WA Paramount Theater
April 17 Portland, OR Keller Auditorium
April 19 San Francisco, CA Warfield
April 20 San Francisco, CA Warfield
April 23 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
April 24 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
April 25 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory
May 7 Chicago, IL Concord Music Hall
May 8 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
May 9 Toronto, ON Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
May 11 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
May 13 New York, NY Webster Hall
May 14 New York, NY Webster Hall
May 15 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
May 29 Nurburgring, Germany Grune Holle Festival
May 31 Munich, Germany Rockavaria Festival
June 2 Milan, Italy Sonisphere
June 4 Vienna, Austria Vienna Rocks Festival
June 5 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Rock For People Festival
June 12 Landgraaf, Netherlands Pinkpop Festival
June 13 Donington, UK Download Festival
June 20 Clisson, France Hellfest
June 21 Dessel, Belgium Graspop Festival
Aug. 7 – 9 Montreal, QC Heavy Montreal

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Randy Blythe's "Dark Days" Memoir Revealed

An advance pressing of the highly anticipated new memoir "Dark Days," chronicling the bleak period between Randy Blythe's arrest and acquittal in the Czech Republic, was recently unveiled at a media event hosted by Amazon Books. Details of the new tome, scheduled for July 14th release, have been leaked to the press.

Promising to be the literary tour-de-force of the year and hailed by the NY Times Book Review as "an unabashedly gritty exercise of a man up against unsurmountable odds," we have a sneak look here at MU on what to expect from the 25 chapter opus.

The 288 page diary that Randall Blythe kept during his detention at the Prague Pankrac Prison traverses the realm of his mundane harsh reality of being on 23-hour daily lockdown to the gripping fear of uncertainty about his situation.

Blythe, an articulate wordsmith with his own Randonesia blog and Liquid Metal show "The Crucible," sets the scene for the memoir with a riveting preface he penned. Below is an excerpt: More...

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El Duce Death A Hoax, The Mentors To Reform?

On April 19, 1997, near his home in Riverside, California, then Mentors vocalist/drummer Eldon Wayne Hoke a/k/a El Duce reportedly fell asleep drunk on railroad tracks and was killed by an oncoming train. Or did he? To this day, there were no witnesses to the accident and details on his death were always considered "murky." Speculation arose as to the true circumstances around his death - as just a week earlier Hoke revealed that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to take out husband Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) in an interview with writer Nick Broomfield.

However, just today, Hoke came out of hiding to reveal that his death was a hoax in order to "get [himself] away from the world of music and live a normal life." The revelation comes just a day after Hoke was sighted doing tree cutting work in a bucket lift in a residential area outside of Los Angeles. Witnesses who pointed him out noticed the business slogan on the side of the truck - "You Axe For It...We Chop It!"

James Glausen of Highland Park commented: "I was a huge fan of The Mentors and a member of the Four F Club back in the day. I saw the truck and did a triple take. I looked up and there was El Duce sawing a huge tree limb!"

El Duce confessed later: "I really needed to get away from the world of music and live a normal life. So I killed off El Duce and became Eldon Wayne Hoke, the friendly neighborhood chainsaw wielding guy!"

When asked about whether The Mentors would reform with the original lineup, El Duce added: "I've never lost touch with Sickie [Wifebeater] and [Dr. Heathen] Scum. Hell...I go to all their kids' soccer games! Now that the proverbial 'sandwich of love' is out of the bag, you never know!"

El Duce was with The Mentors from 1977 to his supposed death in 1997, having appeared on "You Axed for It!" (1985), "Up the Dose" (1986), "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll" (1988), "Rock Bible" (1990) and "To The Max" (1991). He was first replaced by El Rapo (Jake Huber) and most recently Mad Dog (Marc DeLeon). More...

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Kreator To Re-Record "Endorama" And "Renewal"

German thrash legends Kreator have announced that the band will enter Fascination Street Studios in Sweden on April 4th to begin the re-recordings of the band's most pivotal and polarizing releases "Renewal" (originally released in 1992) and "Endorama" (originally released 1999). The new release - "Endorenewal" - is targeted for release this December via Nuclear Blast Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza commented on the idea for the release: "Even after...what is it now - 23 years and 16 years - I still get backlash for these two pioneering releases. Its almost like both the fans at every show and the media in every interview want me to apologize for making them. So, I figured why not re-record them the way the fans want...with 'Renewal' less industrial and more thrashy melodic and 'Endorama' less melodic and more thrashy industrial."

"Endorenewal" will come as a standard 2CD, 4CD special edition (which contains the re-issue of the original two recordings) and digital download.

The track listing is:

CD 1:

1. Winter Martyrium
2. Renewal
3. Reflection
4. Brainseed
5. Karmic Wheel
6. Realitätskontrolle
7. Zero to None
8. Europe After the Rain
9. Depression Unrest
10. Du Hast (Rammstein Cover) More...

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Iron Maiden Announces New Album, Tour Dates

With the prognosis Bruce Dickinson's fight with cancer pointing to recovery, U.K. legends Iron Maiden have confirmed the recent rumors about a new studio release by announcing the new album "The Point of Harsh Steel." The release is the first of a trilogy concept series centered around the lore of the Viking Gods. The album is set to drop on July 16th (G/A/S), July 17th (EU), July 20th (UK) and July 21st (North America) via EMI Records. "The Point of Harsh Steel" will be issued in the following formats: digital, standard CD, 2CD digipak (with bonus live material) and a 4CD media book (complete with the 2CD as well as two DVD/Blu ray discs containing two full live performances from the most recent "Maiden England" North American tour).

The new release was once again recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas with bassist Steve Harris manning the production duties. Additional recording and mixing was performed at The Cave in Malibu, California with long time producer Kevin Shirley. The band once again commissioned Derrick Riggs for the album's artwork.

Bassist Steve Harris commented on the album: "During the period just after recording 'The Final Frontier,' we wanted to do something darker and sinister, something Iron Maiden has never done before. The idea for the trilogy was based, in part, on the incredible rise of interest in Norse mythology throughout the world spawning TV shows and documentaries, movies and the myriad of bands celebrating its history. I've always been intrigued with the mystery surrounding the Norse and was pretty devastated that Manowar nixed that multi-album concept idea they had years ago. So rather than just re-record old material, we decided we would do this in traditional Maiden style, but with a nod towards the current trend of the elaborate three album series."

The entire trilogy series has been fully recorded, with the dates for the next two releases expected in 2020 and 2028, respectfully. More details are expected soon.

The track list for "The Point of Harsh Steel" is:

1. Sinfiotli's Revenge
2. The Taciturn God
3. The Scarlet Spinner of Secret Thread
4. Misgard: Humankind's Misery
5. Serpent at the Roots
6. The Great Wisdom of Elder Edda
7. A Fire Rises From the South
8. Urda’s Sacred Well
9. Crucifixion, Self-Imposed
10. The Day Even Gods Will Die More...

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Lamb Of God Fires Chris Adler

Lamb Of God just released an official statement on the band's Facebook site that they parted ways with long-time drummer Chris Adler, after rumours emerged that Adler will not only guest on Megadeth's new studio album, but will also stay as a permanent member of the thrash metal legend.

Explains frontman Randy Blythe:

"I've seen it coming over the last weeks and when I asked Chris about all the rumours, he just told me 'C'mon you would do it too, if you were in my position, right?'. So next thing I did was call Dave [Lombardo, former Slayer drummer] and ask him if he wants to step in. And guess what he said 'Yes, why not!' without any hesitation or pause of reflection!"

Read the whole story and official statement on Lamb Of God's Facebook page HERE. More...

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