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Metal News for March 4, 2008

Last updated on September 26, 2021 at 1:10 PM ET

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Metallica Confirm Swiss Live Date

METALLICA have confirmed a Swiss live date on August 17th in Wil/Jonschwil at Degenaupark. Tickets for this general admission show go on sale on Wednesday, March 12 at 8am local time via the www.ticketcorner.com website. MetClub presale begins Sunday, March 9 at 11pm PST and ends Monday, March 10 at 11pm PST.

Upcoming Metallica dates include:

28 - Chorzow, Poland - Slaski Stadium
30 - Landgraaf, Netherlands - Pinkpop
31 - Madrid, Spain - Electric Weekend

3 - Prague, Czech Republic - Slavia Stadium
5 - Lisbon, Portugal - Rock In Rio Lisboa
7 - Nürburgring, Germany - Rock Am Ring
8 - Nürnberg, Germany - Rock Im Park
13 - Manchester, Tennessee - Bonnaroo Music Festival

16 - Bergen, Norway - Koengen
18 - St. Petersburg, Russia - SKK Hall
22 - Bologna, Italy - Parco Nord
25 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Vasil Levski

17 - Wil/Jonschwil, Switzerland - Degenaupark

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Silent Drive Update On New Music

Silent Drive has issued an update regarding their next album. Here's the official word from the band:

"We are now in the process of shopping around new demo music. Once we confirm a budget for recording of the next record, we will book studio time. I'm about 99% sure we plan on going back to the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. This is where we recorded "Love Is Worth It." Bill and Jason are the best producers and engineers we've ever worked with. Not to mention Bill has been involved in music for a very long time, playing drums for Decendents and Black Flag along with many others.

"We have many more demos that were recorded during the "Mexican Standoff" session and while we would love for everyone to hear them, we feel its best not to post anything else until the album versions have been recorded, mixed and mastered.

"We do feel "Mexican.." came out great for free and not having any fancy studio tools or mics, but the 40 thousand dollar album version will be much more worth it."

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Bitter End, Meltdown, Reign Supreme European Tour

Bitter End, Meltdown, and Reign Supreme will tour Europe beginning in late May. Here are the latest tour dates:

05/30 Saalfield, Germany @ Klubhaus
05/31 Mol, Belgium @ Gompelhof
06/01 Birmingham, UK @ Eagle And Tun
06/02 Newport, UK @ LePub
06/03 Hull, UK @ Ringside
06/05 Sheffield, UK @ Shakespere
06/06 Colchester, UK @ Cambridge Arms
06/07 London, UK @ Jamm Bar
06/09 Paris, France @ LeKlub
06/10 Toulose, France @ Caravan Serail
06/11 Madrid, Spain @ Barracudas
06/14 Luzern, Switzerland @ Sedel
06/16 Munich, Germany @ Feirwerk - Sunnyred
06/18 Warsaw, Poland @ Radio Luxemburg
06/20 Hoogeveen, Netherlands @ Trash Fest
06/21 Nordhausen, Germany @ Destille
06/22 Lund, Sweden @ Hemgarden
06/25 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
06/28 Rosswein, Germany @ JH
06/29 Herne, Germany @ Pressure Fest

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NIN's New Album Downloads Halt Servers

It shouldn't be any surprise, but fan demand for the new Nine Inch Nails self-released "Ghosts I-IV" was so great that nin.com could not handle the load. Sales were suspended briefly, but are now back up with this note:

Nin The new Nine Inch Nails record is available RIGHT NOW! (for real this time). Sorry again about the hassle. Somebody kicked the plug out of our internets, but we're all set now.

In related news, NIN's new album has been released via Amazon MP3 as well thanks to TuneCore.

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Iron Maiden Manager Checks In From Japan

Maiden Norway has posted this latest "Somewhere Back In Time" World Tour 2008 report from IRON MAIDEN's manager, Rod Smallwood:

"Flight left Cairns at 9:25AM for Narita Tokyo. Not too painful at the airport as Cairns is fairly quiet and the flight was uneventful - caught up on some previous diaries and slotted a load of offline mail into the outbox to get off on arrival at the Tokyo Hotel. Then watched some TV and came across a very interesting film documentary - it was already on so don't know the title - but it was about the discovery in a place about halfway between Bethlehem and Jerusalem of a tomb potentially containing the 'bone boxes' (don't know how to spell Jewish name of these) which the movie makers/investigators/archaeologists claimed could be those of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, his brothers and...

...the enigmatic Mary Magdallen....plus that of a child, possibly of Jesus and Mary Magdallen. The makers also claimed that as this was a family tomb and MM was unrelated by blood to this family then it could mean she was related by wedlock to Jesus! There was also a lot made of the statistical possibilities of names as above being in the same tomb, this being if not necessarily solid proof then at least an indication. I could go on for ages but it was fascinating and quite extraordinary. I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail many years before the Da Vinci Code was first published and find these theories fascinating. When I finally got round to reading the Da Vinci Code (I am always slow to pick up on the cool or trend books and movies) I found the first half quite exciting and interesting, even if not new in its theories, and got through it in a couple of days. It then seemed to drag to a halt and it took me weeks to make myself finish it -- I hate not finishing a book. It really is not well written although the plot was interesting and good, at least at the beginning til it spiraled off to nowhere really. The film wasn't really that hot either sadly. But back to this documentary. I haven't seen or heard anything about this tomb, the discovery or the theories of the Jesus family tomb so don't know where it came from but if anyone has read a book about this please let me know the title ...or send me a signed copy!!! It's a shame there are not more of these thought provoking docs on airline channels. I do enjoy Bruce Willis et al but it can be good to wake up some dormant brain cells occasionally with something a bit more stimulating!!

Arrived in Nippon about 6:30 and was at the hotel by about 8:30, which is pretty good. Immigration was slow but when through the bags were already off and my car waiting and the 19km (I was told by the driver) took less than an hour. In the eighties it could take 4 hours to get from Narita to a hotel in central Tokyo but the Japanese deal with problems very effectively and in a very focused manner so those traffic problems are long gone relative to those days.

This is I think my 25th visit here - not just MAIDEN but also a number of times with W.A.S.P. and HELLOWEEN who are also very successful in Japan - in fact HELLOWEEN with Kai Hansen were apparently playing the night I would have arrived with the band so missed them again. First class people both bands.

Hooked up laptop and emptied the busy outbox, took care of some other stuff and ate a lot of the very nice fruit basket our promoter had left in each of our rooms. This is standard for Japan where hospitality and welcome (and departure) gifts are still generally a tradition. Unusually nothing from the record company though. I am meeting them tomorrow as not at all happy with their performance here. Not the lack of fruit, the sales!! More...

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Evil Adam Issue Studio Update

New Jersey metallers, Evil Adam, issue the following update on their website:

"So, for those of you who care, I do stuff. More work was done on the next Evil Adam release, and this past Saturday went very well. 3 songs were tracked on drums and bass, bringing the total up to about 9."

"So far Jay Curcio is the only person on this recording besides me, but I'm hoping to change that. I want John to do some basswork, and if one song I have in mind gets done I would want to bring in another person who was important to this song ever existing in to the mix as well, provided we can get the logistics worked out. Scheduling is a bitch!"

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Tenhi Reveals New Song Titles And New Lineup

Finnish folk metallers TENHI have issued the following update:

"The new songs for the coming album, 'Saivo', are evolving nicely. We, however, stand now in a rather unorthodox situation as we never have had so much new material waiting to be recorded.

"Here are some working titles for the songs: 'Noiad', 'Rinta Maan', 'Kuolleet Lehdet', 'Vapaus Saimaa', 'Kuunteluyöt', 'Uloin', 'Horrospuhuja', 'Pojan Kiiski', 'Kuvavuori', 'Lintusalo', 'Laulu Kuolevalla', 'Luut', 'Pohjan', 'Maa Ja Veri', 'Paluu Joelle', 'Polku Rantaan', 'Risukko', 'Pienet Purot'."

"Ilkka Salminen [vocals, guitar, bass, harmonium, percussion] has now officially left the band. We decided to announce this as there has been some speculation around the matter. This isn't a dramatic change in the band at all but rather awaited decision. His contribution has decreased along the years and his personal interests lie elsewhere, while for us the band has become even more crucial part of our lives. Despite this he will still be around as a friend for sure. So thanks for the past years — rock on!" More...

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Exmortem Issue Studio Update

EXMORTEM, "Denmark’s oldest and most loyal death metal band," inked a two-album deal with Mighty Music late last year.

According to a press release, "after a two year period searching for their roots, Exmortem are now back and ready to record their sixth full-length album. The new material is nothing short of unique in it’s own dark and morbid way. The material will include almost CELTIC FROST/ENTOMBED-like slow songs, more mid-paced Blessed Are The Sick-sounding tracks, and not to forget a bunch of fast and extreme tunes to spice up the symphony."

The band have now issued the following studio update:

"We are back in the studio!"

"(Vocalist) Simon (Petersen) has put down vocals for the first track and we will continue tomorrow. A lot of different vocal styles will be used on this album it seems!"

"Thanks to Bjørn and Boil for letting us use their studio facilities!" More...

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F5 Finish Work On Second Album

F5 — the Phoenix-based band featuring former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, ex-SICK SPEED vocalist Dale Steele, guitarists Steve Conley and John Davis, and ex-MEGADETH drummer Jimmy DeGrasso — has issued the following update:

"We have just completed the new F5 album and delivered it to the record company this past weekend. The title and release dates will be announced shortly as the label is now making their preparations for release around the world.

"Thanks for hanging with us as we have worked long and hard to make this new album a real scorcher! We will keep you posted of everything as it develops here at this site and at www.f5theband.com during the coming weeks."

F5's follow-up to 2005's "A Drug for All Seasons" was produced by Ryan Greene at his Crush Recording facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

F5 called in Ellefson's longtime rhythm section cohort Jimmy DeGrasso to play drums on the album following the recent departure of original F5 drummer Dave Small.

"This looks to be a very musically invigorating record", said Ellefson. "No doubt there will be hints of F5's past sound on the disc but these new songs are definitely developing in a much more progressive direction."

"A Drug for all Seasons" was released in North America in September 2005 via Cleopatra Records. The original version of "A Drug for all Seasons" is also available in Asia on JVC Victor Entertainment and in Europe on Mascot Records.

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Kittie Part Ways With Bassist Trish Doan

The following press release has been announced:

"With sadness Kittie has confirmed the departure of bassist Trish Doan due to a severe medical condition.

Doan has been diagnosed with the eating disorder anorexia-athletica-nervosa, which she developed during the recording of Kittie’s Funeral For Yesterday, Doan’s first release with the group.

“It breaks my heart to say goodbye to this family that has given me the best two years of my life,” Doan said. “I wish my time with Kittie did not have to end, but this decision was made based on doctors’ orders. Unfortunately this is the only option that will allow for my full recovery.”

Doan has been battling the disease for nearly two years.

“Trish is a part of our family and her talents and friendship will be missed by all of us,” said Tara McLeod and sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander. “We are continuing to be respectful and supportive of Trish’s needs during her period of healing. We wish her the best on her road to recovery and will remain close to her throughout this difficult time.”

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"Taste Of Chaos" Scam Hits The Internet

The Pulse of Radio reports that a scam centered around tickets to the Taste of Chaos tour has hit the Web. A person passing themselves off as "Jennifer Weds" at the email address promotions@tasteofchaos.com is sending out emails offering two VIP tickets for $95 each. The messages generally say in part, "You have been chosen to receive two VIP tickets for the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour! Your name will be on the will call list plus one guest. Please be sure to bring a print out of the email and your photo ID when picking up your tickets. Will call will be open one hour prior to showtime. Have a great time and keep rockin!"

The Taste of Chaos has asked fans to disregard these emails as they are totally false.

In other news, anyone who signs up for the DKMS Bone Marrow Registry through Music Saves Lives will gain early entry to stops on the Taste of Chaos run. Concertgoers 18 and older who register with the marrow program, which helps those with leukemia and cancers of the blood, will be allowed into the venue 30 minutes before doors open to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what goes on before the lights go down.

Only 20 people will be allowed in per show. Information on how to apply can be found at TasteOfChaos.com.

The Taste of Chaos tour features AVENGED SEVENFOLD, ATREYU, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and others. It pulls into Minneapolis on Tuesday (March 4).

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Korn Guitarist "Munky" Launches New Project

KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer will release the debut album from his new project, dubbed FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, on August 8 via Munky's own label, Emotional Syphon Recordings.

The band features Munky on guitar and vocals; Billy Gould (FAITH NO MORE) on bass; Wes Borland (BLACK LIGHT BURNS, LIMP BIZKIT) on guitar; Brooks Wackerman (BAD RELIGION, TENACIOUS D) on drums and percussion; Leopold Ross on programming and guitars; and Zach Baird on keyboards and programming. The album will be produced by Shaffer, Ross, and Jim Monti, with additional production by Tim Harkins and Danny Lohner (NINE INCH NAILS).

Acclaimed producer Ross Robinson (SLIPKNOT, KORN) comments: "What can I do to ever come close to feeling James's level of pure ruthless courage through a guitar? Since I've worked with him, I've tried to inspire, convince, beg, bleed, cry, prod and nearly die, hoping to hit that bar with others. I'm grateful to know what 'it' is, and where it always exists — in my brother, James. His solo band? Yes, please!"

The songs are being recorded at Music Grinder Studios in Hollywood, California, with Jim Monti handling the mixing duties.

According to a press release, FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM is "an exciting project that opens up the boundaries of rock, harkening back to the days when music was fearless."

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/fearandthenervoussystem.

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Nightwish Schedule London Signing Session

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH will take part in a signing session on Wednesday, March 26 at 6 p.m. at the Zavvi store on Oxford Street in London, England.

For more information, click here.

Warner Music Austria presented NIGHTWISH with gold-album awards for the band's latest CD, "Dark Passion Play", on February 28, 2008 prior to the group's sold-out concert in Vienna. The awards were handed out by Warner Music sales director Günter Unter before an audience of 5,000 enthusiastic fans.

NIGHTWISH's latest album, "Dark Passsion Play", has been certified quadruple-platium in Finland for sales in excess of 120,000 copies. The CD has also been certified platinum in Switzerland, and gold in Germany, Sweden and Poland.

NIGHTWISH has been nominated in the following categories at the Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammy equivalent):

* Band Of The Year
* Best Metal Album ("Dark Passion Play")
* Best Album" ("Dark Passion Play")
* Song Of The Year ("Amaranth")
* Best Finnish Artist

Emma Gaala will be held on Saturday March 8, 2008 at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki.

NIGHTWISH will perform at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 20 as part of the third U.S. leg of the band's tour in support of the "Dark Passion Play" album. The trek, which will also include a September 24 date at the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, North Carolina, is tentatively scheduled to begin at the end of August and run through the end of September. Final details, including special guest support and on-sale dates, will be officially announced in early April. Discussions have also started to bring the band back to North America in early 2009 for additional touring. Those plans should be finalized by the summer.

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Mistress Call It A Day

Sludge-grind UK outfit MISTRESS and rock quintet EXPLODER have both decided to call it a day. The overlapping personnel involved in the two bands has been making music together in various forms for a number of years. Multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney's side project FROST is also to be no more. Each of these projects has been successful in their own right; MISTRESS having produced four unique albums, appeared on BBC's "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" and toured with then-labelmates MUNICIPAL WASTE; FROST's LPs being described as "the albums MAYHEM should have made" by Kerrang! magazine and EXPLODER opening Bloodstock 2007 alongside former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade.

The clear-out will leave Kenney and MISTRESS vocalist Dave more free to concentrate on ANAAL NATHRAKH — who will be performing at the first ever Feto Obliteration Fest (London, UK), as well as at the Maryland Deathfest (USA) in May, and at Hellfest (France) in June. Guitarist Misery will be continue to play bass in the live line up of ANAAL NATHRAKH, and will also be working on a new yet-to-be named project. Mick also has a brand new band in the pipeline and claims it contains all elements of everything he has done in the past and more. Guitarist Drunk is currently rumored to be working with post-punk "forbidden lovers of the first whore" BEE STUNG LIPS. MISTRESS bassist/EXPLODER singer Dirty Von Donovan is as yet biding his time and oiling his biceps. Dave is also scheduled to be recording a new album with death metal veterans BENEDICTION very soon, with Mick lined up to produce.

The bands leave behind them a rich legacy of abject misery, self abuse, bleak obsession with evil and fist-in-the-air, pelvic rock.

Feto Obliteration Fest will take place on May 2 at the London Underworld, featuring ANAAL NATHRAKH, RAMESSES, THEOKTONY and DEADWEIGHT.

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Anthrax Release In Studio Photos

ANTHRAX' Scott Ian released new photos today exclusively to NoneLouder.com of the band working in the studio.

The photos, taken by photographer Chad Lee, show the band working in their studio in Chicago preparing for their next release.

The new Anthrax lineup includes Scott Ian (rhythm guitar), Frankie Bello (bass) and Charlie Benante (drums), new vocalist Dan Nelson (ex-DEVILSIZE) and lead guitarist/producer Rob Caggiano.

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Cavalera Conspiracy To Do Arizona Signing Session

Roadrunner Records reports:

"Hey there Arizonans! Want an autograph from CAVALERA CONSPIRACY? On Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!), Max and Iggor Cavalera will be at Zia Records in Phoenix for an exclusive autograph session.

Pre-order the album from Zia Records today and get a wristband (while they last) that gives you front of the line privileges.

Time: 6 - 8 PM

Where: Zia Records - 2510 W. Thunderbird Road - Phoenix, AZ - 85023

Store Phone: 602-866-7867

Don't miss your chance to meet these metal legends in person! Come out on the 17th."

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY have recently added more dates to their forthcoming summer European tour in support of Inflikted, which will be in stores everywhere beginning March 25th. More...

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Soilent Green To Film "Antioxidant" Video Today

Southern sludge grind-metallers SOILENT GREEN shoot a video for the song "Antioxidant" today with prolific director David Brodsky (GOATWHORE, THE RED CHORD, HATE ETERNAL). The track comes off the group's new album, "Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction", due on April 15 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was helmed by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, ex-MORBID ANGEL) at Mana Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida.

SOILENT GREEN will play two shows on their way back to Louisiana:

March 07 – Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11 (opening for MUNICIPAL WASTE)
March 08 – Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero More...

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Octavia Sperati Announce UK Dates

Norwegian metal band OCTAVIA SPERATI has scheduled the following UK dates:

April 03 - (UK) 12 Bar, Swindon
April 04 - (UK) Sawyers, Kettering
April 05 - (UK) Leopard, Doncaster
April 06 - (UK) Joiners, Southampton
April 07 - (UK) Freebutt, Brighton
April 09 - (UK) Barfly, London More...

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Brainstorm Launch European Tour

Germany's BRAINSTORM kick off their European tour today (March 4th) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The five-piece just released their current album, "Downburst", and will play a wide selection of songs from their discography on this tour including lots of new tunes.

Brainstorm will be playing a minimum of 90 minutes on each show (minimum being the operative word). Support comes from PAGAN'S MIND and additionally, on some exclusive dates, Dracula's sons POWERWOLF.

Also, Brainstorm will be doing an exclusive in-store on March 11th at Media Mark in Pratteln, Switzerland. The in-store begins at 6 PM (CET). Tour dates:

4 - Kopenhagen, Denmark - The Rock (no Powerwolf)
5 - Hamburg, Germany - ?Markthalle (no Powerwolf)
6 - Osnabrück, Germany - Bastard Club (no Powerwolf)
7 - Weert, Netherlands - De Bosuil (no Powerwolf)
8 - Memmingen, Germany - Kaminwerk
9 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage
11 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
12 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfabrik
14 - Mulhouse, France -? Noumatruff
15 - Vosselaar, Germany - Biebob (no Powerwolf)
16 - Langen, Germany - Stadthalle
18 - Bochum, Germany - Zeche
19 - Nürnberg, Germany - Hirsch
20 - Wörgl, Austria -? Komma
21 - Wien, Austria -? Szene
22 - Budapest, Hungary - Avalon Club (no Powerwolf)

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Whitechapel Enter The Studio

Tennessee deathcore masters WHITECHAPEL check in with the following quick update:

"We are back home from the Doomsayer tour and it was fucking incredible! We had a blast and enjoyed every aspect about the tour!"

"In other news, we are entering the studio on March 12th to record our second full length album with Backyard Studios artist Jonny Fay (ex-THE RED CHORD guitarist). We are very excited to work with Jonny on this record which will be released around Sumertime on Metal Blade Records."

"Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks.?"

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Grave Digger Discuss Success in NYC

According to GRAVE DIGGER lead singer Chris Boltendhal, the promoter of Sunday's (March 2nd) BB King's show in NYC "was totally satisfied with the show and will do another, after the new album."

In conversation with BW&BK, Boltendahl confirmed that they have 8 songs written, but not recorded, after a writing session at a Dutch studio. The plan is to record in the fall, for a January '09 release.

Thematically, the album will be another concept album. The final part of the triology is set, chronologically, between Knights Of The Cross (Templar knights) and Tunes Of War (William Wallace led Scottish fight for independence), approx. the years 1100 to 1300.

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Himsa Post New Tour Trailer Online

Seattle?'s HIMSA have just started their European headliner tour and present you an entertaining tour trailer that invites all of you to come out to the shows and join the pit. Check it out below...

This is the band?'s current Europe/UK headliner tour in support of their latest effort, ?Summon In Thunder?, see below for the dates...

4 - Stockholm, Sweden at Klubben
5 - Gothenburg, Sweden at Musikens Hus
6 - Berlin, Germany at Magnet
7 - Rosswein, Germany at Juha
8 - Wien, Austria at Arena
9 - Milano, Italy at Zoe Club
10 - München, Germany at Feierwerk
11 - Aarau, Switzerland at Kiff
12 - Tilburg, Holland at 013
13 - Yeovil, UK at The Orange Box
14 - Birmingham, UK at Barfly
15 - Leeds, UK at Rios
16 - Sheffield, UK at Corporation
17 - Glasgow, UK at Barfly
18 - Cardiff, UK at Barfly
19 - London, UK at Underworld
20 - France - TBC
21 - Hasselt, Belgium at Muziek-o-droom
22 - Wiesbaden, Germany at Schlachthof

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Morifade Begin Recording New Album

Sweden's MORIFADE has entered White Light Studio in Linköping, Sweden to begin recording its fourth full-length album for a late 2008 release.

The band previously stated, "We have 11 new songs to record and this will be the first album with the most recent lineup even though both Kristian [Wallin; vocals] and Mathias [Kamijo; guitar] have been members of the band for some time now."

MORIFADE has launched a studio diary at this location.

MORIFADE last year posted a new song, entitled "Shadeless", at this location. More...

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Sepultura Guitarist Andreas Kisser Checks In

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has posted the following update:

"This last weekend Iron Maiden came to Brazil once more to play an awesome concert and also to play a soccer game a day before the concert. I..ve played on the Brazilian side with the My Space team against the well trained Iron Maiden team. We lost the game but it was not an 8 x 0 game but a 7 x 2. Ok, still is a bad loss but we did score 2 goals. Steve Harris brought an English squad, very well trained, they play together for years, with an offside line made by their defense that was very pro. But it was an awesome afternoon, with a great game, beer and barbecue. Thanks to the great Steve Harris and crew for this great day, thanks to Thiago from My Space Brazil and EMI Brazil, I hope next time we could do a game with our team, Sepultura against the Iron team, and we will see the result.
The concert was amazing, full of classics in a Sold Out stadium!. Long Live Iron Maiden!!!

We are on our studios in SP developing the sounds and lyrics for our album. I..m very excited with the material so far and the nexts gigs we have here in Brazil we will be able to play a new song.

A. Kisser"

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Michael Schenker Group Reveals New Cover Artwork

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) will release its new album, "In the Midst of Beauty", at the end of April. Check out the cover artwork at this location.

01. City Lights
02. Competition
03. I Want You
04. End Of The Line
05. Summerdays
06. Night To Remember
07. Wings Of Emotion
08. Come Closer
09. Cross Of Crosses
10. Nana
11. The One
12. This Time

The CD features returning MSG singer Gary Barden, drummer Simon Philips (THE WHO, TOTO), bassist Neil Murray (BLACK SABBATH, WHITESNAKE) and keyboardist Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, OZZY OSBOURNE).

Michael Schenker recently toured the UK under the MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS banner.


Thomas Broman - Drums
Kjell Haraldsson - Keyboards/Guitar
Leif Sundin - Vocals
Thomas Torberg - Bass
Micheal Schenker - Lead Guitar

Michael Schenker's UK tour last summer was cut short due to a "multitude of events beyond the band's control, including Michael's," according to a posting on Schenker's MySpace page.

Schenker's final 2007 gig in the UK took place on August 3 in Stourbridge, U.K. when Michael ended up calling off the concert after only a handful of songs.

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Opeth To Re-Release 1999s "Still Life" Album

A new two-disc edition of OPETH's 1999 album Still Life is being released on March 31st via Peaceville Records. The set features a re-mastered stereo mix of the album on CD plus DVD with new 5.1 surround sound mix plus 'Face Of Melinda' filmed live in London. The artwork has been re-worked by original designer Travis Smith.

According to a press release, "Still Life was Opeth's first outing for Peaceville. Blessed with renewed enthusiasm, the band delivered yet another flawless gem of an album. Like My Arms, Your Hearse (1998) before it, Still Life was originally recorded under the watchful eye of engineer Fredrik Norddtrom at Gothenburg's Studio Fredman and Maestro Musik and has now been re-mastered and re-mixed by Jens Borgen.

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Linkin Park Bringing Projekt Revolution To The UK

Linkin Park will bring their annual Projekt Revolution tour to the UK with a Kerrang!-sponsored one-off show at Milton Keynes Bowl on June 29.

The festival-style show is set to feature a set by rapper Jay-Z, who collaborated with the band on the 2004 release Collision Course, with more acts to be announced in coming weeks.

More details will be revealed in tomorrow's issue of Kerrang! which features an interview with Linkin Park vocalist Mike Chinoda.

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Chris Caffrey, Zak Stevens To Play Nightmare Fest

On Saturday March 22nd, Nightmare Metal Fest will be host to a very special show by Chris Caffery and Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE, DR. BUTCHER) also known greatly for their work with TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA and CIRCLE II CIRCLE. These two long time musical friends will reunite in the area of SAVATAGE's inception and will be performing a special set that may include songs from their SAVATAGE years, DR. BUTCHER and or other interesting moments of musical collaborations.

Here is the line-up for the Nightmare Metal Fest so far:

FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2008 - Doors at 6pm
DISASTERPEACE (featuring Wade Black –Crimson Glory and Pete Blakk of King Diamond)

SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 2008 - Doors at 12pm
(Dinner break )

The festival takes place at the Bourbon Street Nightclub, located at 4331 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey Florida 34652 (25 Minutes from Clearwater; 30 Minutes from Tampa).

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Primal Fear Enlist New Guitarist Magnus Karlsson

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have issued the following update:

"We’ve decided to continue with one of the most exciting and respected guitar player in the business - Magnus Karlsson from Sweden. Magnus is known from his excellent work as a guitarist, songwriter and producer for ALLEN/LANDE, MAGNUM’s BOB CATLEY, STARBREAKER and many more. We’re looking forward to hit the road again with a special best-of setlist and Magnus will be an additional attraction for the shows. It looks like we’re planning to get back into the recording studio after the summer festival season to work on a new album!"

Primal Fear singer Ralf Scheepers comments: "After working together with Magnus on several songs for our previous albums „Seven Seals“ and “New Religion”, it’s more than a pleasure to have him in the band now. In my ears he is one of the most talented guitarists on this planet and he is also an excellent composer. I absolutely look forward to rock the stages of this world with him!"

Magnus Karlsson added: "I’ve been a big fan of Primal Fear since I first heard them. I love their straight forward metal in combination with beautiful melodies and a world class musicianship. That’s why I’m both honoured and excited to join Primal Fear on their mission to show the world that Metal is forever!"

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Trash Talk Signs With Reflections Records

Trash Talk has signed a deal with Reflections Records for the European release of their upcoming album, which the band is self-releasing in North America. Reflections will release the album this summer in both CD and LP format.

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Know The Score Add Two New Members

Know The Score has officially announced the addition of two new members, Dillon on drums, and Jake on guitar. Meanwhile, the band will soon re-release their "All Guts, No Glory" album with four new songs and two covers (Machine Head and One Life Crew). The remastered effort will hit streets in June via Eulogy Recordings. Finally, this fall the Know The Score will begin recording a new full-length, due out next winter.

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Khann Parts Ways With Vocalist Joshua Vitale

Khann (Black Market Activities) has parted ways with vocalist Joshua Vitale as a result of "irreconcilable differences." Vitale has issued the following statement:

"Both the year I spent in Khann and the years with BITGOTA were a great time and a lot of fun. I wish Khann the very best of luck and hope that they find the person with the proper qualifications that they've been seeking. Line-up issues always suck for bands, but I'm very sure that with their talent, success will be knocking at their door very soon. I'm going to take some much needed time off and finish my degree in education. Khann will still be touring this Spring with a fill-in and eventual replacement of myself, so please keep a look out for them. Thanks again to everyone who's helped shape each of these projects I've been involved with and sorry for the long-winded news read."

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Crown The Lost Recording Vocals, More Updates

Crown The Lost's David Gehlke has updated fan on the recording process once again, stating that "recording has progressed to the vocal stage, although a wintry cold has derailed Renaldi at the moment, but we should have some vocals completed by the end of this weekend. Everything else is done, and if we are so inclined, we might put up a rough track of one of the album's 10 selections."

"In a related matter, we are still filming that ever-elusive in-studio documentary. Yours truly has shot roughly 30 minutes of footage of various CTL happenings in the studio, which will be edited down to a 10-minute (or less) spot once the album is completed. Early plans to put out several documentaries was shelved due to time restraints and a lack of Final Cut expertise on my part."

"Finally, we are in the process of booking shows for April and beyond. We have two lined up at the moment and subsequent plans should see us fill up May and the summer months. Additionally, we have bandied about the idea of us making some "weekend warrior" treks in our van, which has been mauled by the various kickboxing skills of Renaldi and Joe, leaving an inordinate amount of dents on the right side. Oh well. At least we don't have to do a car convoy..."

David also goes on to report that Crown The Lost's official web site and MySpace page have been updated in anticipation of the new album, "Blind Faith Loyalty."

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Biomechanical's John K Speaks On New Album

Chad Bowar from About Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with BIOMECHANICAL mastermind John K. Here are some extracts from the conversation:

Chad Bowar: What's the storyline of this CD ("Cannibalised")?

John K: "It ends the story that preceded 'Eight Moons' and 'The Empires Of The Worlds'. This album is talking about the human spiritual death and the decline of the human society. It's dealing with the issue of spiritual atrophy. As technology gets more advanced, the spirit gets more saturated with information, making any attempt to think impossible. Drowned in mundane things we've been turned away from the true state of our world and almost fed ignorance. And this can only lead to spiritual atrophy. On this album we use a character who realizes there is no way out of this reality, re-inserts himself into the Matrix, becomes one of the many and awaits his spiritual death. The album doesn't run like a story but it's a take on his emotions."

Chad Bowar: What are your expectations?

John K: "At this point I can tell you that a lot of things that I was hoping would happen have already happened. I'm really pleased and grateful that awesome magazines have not only given the album incredible reviews, but they have also went out of their way to write massive features on us, offer a cover (Metal Hammer Greece) and really praise BIOMECHANICAL. The same goes for the Internet press. Their words have been incredible. And last but definitely not least fans are coming back with awesome comments about 'Cannibalised'. To be honest I'm taken back from the reaction, again as I said because you just don't know how these things can go. You do what you gotta do and take it from there."

Chad Bowar: How did you first decide to combine technical Thrash with cinematic and orchestral elements?

John K: "I've been a huge film music fan since I was a kid. When I was introduced to Metal I very much instantly felt that the two styles can merge successfully. It would be stupid of me to say that this is something new when DEEP PURPLE played original material with an orchestra ages ago. What we can offer here is film music that comes from the classical composers who influenced the greats of film music, draw inspiration from the traditionalism of film music and avoid keyboard writing oriented orchestral music. It's not an easy thing to do. You have to respect the riff of the given song, but at the same time write orchestral music that doesn't just accompany the band. The orchestra is part of the song as opposed to it being a secondary element that enhances the sound."

Chad Bowar: How did you decide to work with producer Chris Tsangarides?

John K: "I had discussions with Earache about the production of the album. I told them that I was looking to work with somebody who has knowledge of good old-school mixing because I'm not really sold on modern productions. They sound too cold and separated. And 'Cannibalised' was going to be totally in the opposite direction; I wanted valve-driven sound this time around and to hear the room on the drums. Chris was excellent to talk with. He made me feel very comfortable when we first talked and agreed pretty much on everything. I realized that most of the things I wanted production-wise were because of what Chris has achieved, so it was a case of letting the man do what he does best!"

Chad Bowar: How was he to work with?

John K: "Fantastic. He not only listened to what the band needed direction-wise, but he also made me feel really welcome. It was great working with him. We worked a lot on the album, and I am very grateful for all the hard work he put into it. I have to say he has totally converted me in to a valve-maniac. Can't beat the valves, man. No amount of digital technology can replace them."

Read the full article at this location.

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Trouble To Embark On West Coast Tour In May

Legendary Chicago doomsters TROUBLE are booking dates for a West Coast tour beginning on May 1 in Las Vegas with a worldwide live Internet broadcast from the Deep Rock Drive studios. The band will be touring in support of its newest release, "Simple Mind Condition", which is scheduled to receive its long-awaited U.S. release in April on the Escapi Music label.

The follow-up to 1995's "Plastic Green Head", "Simple Mind Condition" was produced by Vinny Wojno (KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD) and features vocalist Eric Wagner, guitarists Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, drummer Jeff Olson and bassist Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL).

Escapi Music reissued TROUBLE's classic first two albums, "Psalm 9" (1984) and "The Skull" (1985), on October 24, 2006. Both were digitally remastered and are packed with rare photos and brand new liner notes. "Psalm 9" includes an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a public-access TV performance from 1982. "The Skull" comes with an extremely rare exclusive bonus DVD of a 16-track live performance from 1984.

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Impaled Post New Video For "Choke On It" Online

Oakland, California-based extreme metallers IMPALED have posted their video for the song "Choke On It", taken from the band's 2002 album "Mondo Medicale". The clip, which was edited and directed by Raul Varela, can be viewed below.

IMPALED's fourth album, "The Last Gasp", was issued in Europe on November 5, 2007 via Candlelight and in North America on November 6, 2007 through Willowtip. The CD was made available in Mexico and Latin America by EMF Records, featuring liner notes in Spanish and a previously unreleased bonus track.

The cover artwork for "The Last Gasp" was created by the band and is about an accurate representation of their brand of medical metal as one could expect. It features scream-queen and horror auteur Shannon Lark, the woman behind the Chainsaw Mafia horror message board, the Living Dead Girlz zombie dance troupe, and the Viscera Series Film Fest. According to IMPALED bassist Ross Sewage, "Shannon was awesome to work with, mostly because she's willing to lie in a puddle of guts and vomit for upwards of an hour."

IMPALED guitarist Jason Kocol said of the art, "This cover will make you shit out your mouth and wish you were never born." More...

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Sanctity Working On New Songs

SANCTITY have issued the following update:

"Just a little update for all you guys, we are all good back here in NC. We are currently writing new songs and so far they are pretty brutal. Cant wait to get them out we are stoked. The new lineup will be released soon so stay tuned with us for that. Hope everyone out there is doing awesome, cant wait to see everyone on the road."


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Nevermore's Warrel Dane Post Solo Track Online

NEVERMORE vocalist Warrel Dane has posted a solo track, entitled "Messenger", on his MySpace page. The song ,which features a guest appearance by NEVERMORE guitarist Jeff Loomis, comes off Dane's inaugural solo effort, "Praises to the War Machine", which will be released in North America on May 13 (April 28 in Europe) via Century Media Records.

Dane, who first shattered the boundaries of conventionality with the legendary SANCTUARY and NEVERMORE, proves that he is one of metal's most diverse frontmen with this solo effort as he unleashes a barrage of introspective and personal lyrics that are heartfelt and extremely powerful. All of this emotion backed with his soaring angelic and dynamic vocals provides all of the necessary elements for a savagely captivating, melodic assault that quickly hooks you in. This exhilarating new offering begins a new chapter for Dane and will soon further solidify his spot as one of the genre's most influential artists. More...

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