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Metal News for March 31, 2012

Last updated on July 30, 2021 at 3:16 AM ET

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Joakim Broden Confirms Sabaton Lineup Split

Sabaton vocalist Joakim Broden confirmed the recent news about the lineup split and said it was no joke. In a post on his Facebook page, Broden stated:

"The recent news is no April fools joke I'm afraid. :(

"This hurts like a motherfucker, but we wanted different things in life and everybody is right when it's coming to what's right for him. There will be a new Sabaton (mk2) coming and we would never try to fool you into thinking that it would be the same.

"We are coming...... dare I say stronger than ever?"

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Abhorrent Castigation Streaming New Promo

Germany's Abhorrent Castigation has announced that it will sign with Torture Music Records (Ger) and New Standard Elite (U.S.) to put out a split release in the near future. Abhorrent Castigation is also streaming four songs from its promo "Enthralled by Abysmal Delusion" on the same page as the track "Injecting the Falsehood," which is streaming below. Abhorrent Castigation hails from Bremen/Albstadt and consists of Al on vocals and Thorso on guitar and drum programming.

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Altar Of Sin Streaming Three New Tracks

Spanish thrash band Altar of Sin recently put out its second album "Tales of Carnage First Class" on Xtreem Music. The band is also streaming three tracks from it over on YouTube, "Wrapped in a Black Cloak," "Master Satan" and "Into the Circle Pit." The last of the three is featured below in video upload form. Altar of Sin also has a few live dates planned in its native Spain, which are featured below.

14 April 2012 - Montesa (Valencia) - TBA
28 April 2012 - Zaragoza (Zaragoza)- Sala Ultimatum
12 May 2012 - Cuenca (Cuenca) - Pub el Callejón
02 June 2012 - Meliana (Valencia) - Sala Durango More...

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Uterine Fibroids Streaming New Song

Indonesian band Uterine Fibroids is streaming a new promo song titled "B.P.V." which you may stream below or download at this location. Uterine Fibroids will be playing a few festivals, the first being the Pentas Minimalis Berantakan Fest VII on April 8th. Next they will play at the Purwakarta Summer Fest 2012 on May 6th along with 29 other Indonesian bands. And finally they will appear at the Rotten Blood Hell Fest on July 8th. Get more information on the specifics of these events over on Uterine Fibroids' Facebook page.

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Mpire of Evil Recaps Making "Hell To The Holy"

Jeff Dunn has over thirty years experience as a heavy metal guitarist. Although metal heads know him best as Venom’s original guitarist,” Mantas,” Dunn has lent his scorching six-string talents to other groups such as Dryll, Warfare and Scooter. Most recently, he reunited with past Venom mates Antton (drums) and Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan (bass/vocals) to form Mpire of Evil.

Mpire of Evil’s debut full-length “Hell To the Holy” is accessible to old and new metal fans, alike. Mpire’s members sprung out of the early metal scene. They helped shape the attitude, speed and sound of thrash and black metal. Venom coined the term “black metal,” so one would expect an obvious nod to the old school, but this recording is no constantly-skipping, worn-grooved record. A modern production and contemporary elements such as the occasional blast beat has propelled the group forward into the new millennium of extreme metal.

With new drummer, Marc Jackson replacing Antton on tour (it’s unclear if he’s a permanent member), the venomous troupe explained to Metal Underground the need to create an album that defies sub-genre classification. More...

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Dear Quicksand Streaming New EP

Mexican metal band Dear Quicksand is streaming its new EP "Faith Always Prevails" over on Facebook. A couple of the songs are previews, but you can download the full EP courtesy of the band at this location. Below is a brief promo for the "Faith Always Prevails" EP.

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Bloodbeast Streaming New Single From Album

Pretoria band Bloodbeast is streaming the new single "Out For Blood" from its upcoming album "Bloodlust." Bloodbeast's inception was in 2011 when members of three prominent South African bands - Bile of Man, Architecture of Aggression and Fuck the Corpses came together. Bloodbeast will be having a CD launch party on April 7th at Schivas Rock in Pretoria. The event's actual name is This Is War 2, and will feature ten of the best bands from Gauteng and Mpumalanga. Check out Bloodbeast's new single "Out For Blood" below.

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Dream Death Reuniting For One Show

Legendary Pittsburgh metal band Dream Death, which disbanded in the late 80's, will be reforming to play one gig in its hometown on April 21st at the 31st Street Pub. The band will be playing with Argus and Closer To Hell on the bill. Dream Death is viewed as one of the lesser-known forefathers of the sludge/doom movement.

When they disbanded, the members went and formed others bands such as Pilsner, Penance and Eviction. Drummer Mike Smail went on to drum for Cathedral on its "Forest of Equilibrium" release and later appeared on Pentagram's 2004 album "Show 'Em How." Check out an upload of the Dream Death track "The Elder Race" from its 1987 album "Journey Into Mystery."

Photobucket More...

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The Walls Of This Chamber Streaming New Track

Ontario's The Walls Of This Chamber is currently in the process of recording a new EP, and the band has now released a song online for streaming. Check out the track "It Can Only..." in the player below, or find more details on The Walls Of This Chamber through the band's Facebook profile here. The previously posted song "Tattered Door Mat" is also available online at this location.

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Tomb Of Finland Streaming New Song

Tomb of Finland, which features Jasse Von Hast and A.Karihtala of Charon, has posted a song online for streaming titled "Death of the Sun." Give the song a listen in the player below. You can also check out more songs available for streaming online via the Tomb of Finland official website.

Jasse Von Hast commented on the band:

"If necessary, you could describe Tomb Of Finland's music as a somekind of a combination of early 1990's Doom/Black/Death Metal with modern twist.

"In the beginning Tomb Of Finland was only a one-man project but thought of a real working band was burning my mind. Later I contacted my previous band member A.Karihtala (CHARON) and the coffin got more flesh inside.

"He decided to help me with my new project. Drums were recorded in Soundtrack studios/Magnusborg, Porvoo on Feb 2011. At first I thought I'd make all the vocals by myself with black metal shrieks but then I came up with an idea that music would sound more destructive with lower growls. So Antti suggested to ask Ville (SEITH, DAWN OF RELIC, CRYPTID) to join our woe. Vocals were recorded on Nov 2011 in Oulu. The coffin was now full and ready to rot."

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Thick As Blood Signs With Rise Records

Florida hardcore/metal act Thick As Blood has posted a video update online announcing the band's signing with Rise Records, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"Shout out to everyone showing us support and love for being a part of the Rise Records family. We are truly stoked on this and glad that our years of hard work and dedication to this band is paying off and being recognized. For those of you with negative comments open your eyes and ears learn about the music industry before you blurt something stupid on the internet a record label doesn't dictate what your music will sound like. Thick as Blood will always stay true to our sound and mentality so don't make the mistake of doubting us."

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No Sign Of Life To Release New Single

Finland's No Sign of Life has issued the following announcement about gearing up to release a new single:

"The release of new NO SIGN OF LIFE single 'Enemies of Choice' is only 10 days away! To honor that there's a event for everyone who is expecting the new song. Join in and invite your friends to do so as well! Lets make this as loud as possible at this location."

You can also check out a previously posted song, titled "Walls Melt Down," in the player below. More...

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Black Tusk Video Interview Available

The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with bassist Jonathan Athon of Black Tusk during the band's stop in Scottsdale, AZ a couple weeks back. Check out footage of the interview below in which the band talks about the tour and the latest Black Tusk album "Set the Dial."

Black Tusk still has the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Trollfest Streaming Re-Recorded Early Song

Norway’s Trollfest is streaming a track dating back to the early days of the band’s existence, but which has never been released, although fans familiar with the Trollfest’s exuberant live appearances may have heard the track before.

The band’s decision to make the track available a few months before the release of the upcoming fifth full-length album is best summed up by the close, and very interactive relationship TrollfesT has developed with its fans over the years:

“While we were in the studio recording our new album we wanted to do something for all our fans while they wait for the release of 'Brumlebassen.' One of the songs that often features in our live set is 'Skogsfest,' which happens to be the third song we ever wrote, and was a part of an early TrollfesT promo that was never released. We know that this is a popular song with the audience at our shows, so we came up with the idea of re-recording it, and uploading it so that everyone can listen to it (it will not appear on the new album). And that’s exactly what we did! So if you’re coming to see us (and raise a few glasses together) on the Korpiklaani tour you may hear it then. But if you’re not, then you’re not going to miss out, because here it is – from us, to you."

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Downspirit Releases In-Studio Footage

Downspirit has entered the studio to begin recording a new album expected for release in late summer via Metalville Records, followed by a tour in fall/winter. The band has now posted a brief recording studio video featuring Cedric "Cede" Dupont laying down some rhythm guitar parts. Check out the clip below.

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Synthetic Breed Posts Playthrough Video

Melbourne, Australia's Synthetic Breed has posted a new band playthrough video clip online for the song "Resilience," which can be viewed below. "Resilience" is taken from the band's latest album "Perpetual Motion Machine." For more details on Synthetic Breed, navigate to the band's Facebook profile.

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Annotations Of An Autopsy Launches New Video

Annotations of an Autopsy has teamed up with Metal Hammer to release a new music video for the track "Buried in a Bad Rep," which can be viewed below. The band commented on the video:

"New video is online! Hope your guys like it! If not, sorry were not covered in blood in a shed windmilling while a girl gets chased through a swamp by a dog dressed as a monster, we thought we'd have some fun instead."

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Fallen Martyr Posts Paganfest Footage

Fallen Martyr has posted footage online of the band performing the song "Revelry and Reverence" at the Paganfest show in Baltimore, MD. Check out the video below.

"Revelry and Reverence" is off the band's upcoming album "Shadows," due for release through Siegen Records. You can also find Fallen Martyr's recently posted Deicide cover "Serpents of the Light" at this location.


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Inanimate Existence Streaming New Song

Bay Area metal act Inanimate Existence has posted a new song online titled "Morphic Fields," which is taken from the band's upcoming album due out July 17th on Unique Leader. The song features a solo by Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth and can be heard in the player below.

Inanimate Existence is:

Cameron Porras - Vocals
Joel Guernsey - Guitar
Ian Rittmaster - Guitar
Mitch Yoesle - Bass
Ron Casey - Drums

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Seamless Splitting With Guitarist

Arkansas based act Seamless has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's guitarist Chaz Stephens:

"Rehearsal was great today but we have some unfortunate news... The Super Duper Fun Time Local Extravaganza show at Downtown Music Hall on April 21st will be Chaz's last show with Seamless. His life is taking him in some incredible directions and we are incredibly proud of him and will miss him immensely!

"This means that our third guitar player spot will be empty, so we are currently trying to decide if we want to search for a replacement or try to rework the parts between Austin and Jeremy. Since we have yet to decide we are accepting guitar auditions! If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to comment below or email us at seamlessmetal@gmail.com."

You can also check out the Seamless track "Sense of Direction" by heading over here.

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