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Metal News for March 29, 2009

Last updated on September 26, 2021 at 1:10 PM ET

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Hackneyed Checks In From the Studio

Germany death metal band, HACKNEYED, has entered Weltraum studios in Munich with Producer Corni Bartels (DIE ÄRZTE, KILLERPILZE, END OF GREEN, MEGAHERZ etc.) to record their new album "Burn After Reaping."

"It's Phil from HACKNEYED, checking in from Munich where we're currently working on our second album 'Burn After Reaping.' We're really putting the pedal to the (Death) metal with our ideas and Corni Bartels, our producer from the Weltraum studios, creates some amazing sound which is going to blow your brains out! We'll keep you up to date and will provide you some cool studio-stuff soon - stay tuned! See ya!"

"Burn After Reaping" will be released in the Summer via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Coffins Announces US Tour With Stormcrow

Japan's Coffins has announced a US west coast tour with Oakland's Stormcrow. The tour dates are as follows:

4/30 - El Chorazon - Seattle, WA w/Skarp, Grey
5/01 - Northern - Olympia, WA w/Thrones, Sixes
5/02 - Satyricon - Portland, OR w/Thrones, Aldebaran
5/03 - Oak St Speakeasy - Eugene, OR w/HC Minds
5/04 - Auntie Moe’s - Eureka, CA
5/06 - KFJC radio live recording - San Jose, CA
5/07 - Annie’s - San Francisco, CA w/Laudanum, Samothrace
5/08 - Gilman St. - Berkeley, CA w/Aldebaran
5/09 - The Knitting Factory (part of LA Murderfest) - Los Angeles, CA

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Atargatis Parts Ways With Guitarist

Germany's ATARGATIS has parted ways with their guitarist Maximilian Schulz. The band comments on the split: "Due to personal and musical reasons we have split up with our previous guitarist Maximilian Schulz. We wish him good luck for his further musical career. At the upcoming concerts our former guitarist 'Azmo' will help out."

"We are now looking for a creative guitarist, who is dedicated, has got semi-professional ambitions, who can identify with our music and is willing to focus on ATARGATIS and our music." More...

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Jason Newsted Talks Metallica HoF Induction

As previously reported, the Metallica guest list for the April 4 induction includes staffers from the band's previous labels, Megaforce and Elektra, journalists and photographers who have been supportive over the group's career, producers and musician friends.

It was also reported that Dave Mustaine would not be able to attend. However, what wasn't reported [here] are some vital details that Metallica Blog Magnetic reported: that Dave Mustaine will not be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of the band, including all three bassists. Perhaps it goes without saying, but Jason Newsted cleared things up.

"There's three bass players getting inducted, and James, Lars and Kirk," former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted said. Former guitarist Dave Mustaine will not be inducted. "Its not my decision. I have nothing to do with that. It was decided by the band, and I think it was just a hard-and-fast rule… anyone who has recorded on any Metallica recordings that have been released to the public as an official release were invited to the induction. So, that's kind of that."

Ray Burton, father of Cliff Burton, who was Metallica's bassist from 1982 until his death in 1986, will accept on behalf of his son.

That excludes Ron McGovney from the three bassists as well, for those who were counting.

Newsted plans to perform with Metallica during the ceremony. For the first time in nine years, "the Black Album band will be back together and mow the shit down," as Jason Newsted puts it.

"I talked to Lars, and it's all good," Jason Newsted said. "I was happy to hear from him. I hadn't talked to him for a long time, so it was nice to hear his voice. It was basically as if no time had passed, as far as the conversation went. We picked up right where we left off. It was just absolutely positive. It was like, there we were, getting ready to get a beer some place. And Lars is ready to rock. He sounded like a kid again talking about the induction, and I felt pretty much like that, too. Getting fired up to rock after that many years… it's pretty special."

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Red XIII Signs To Rising Records

Rising Records has announced the signing of Blackpool metallers Red XIII. The band will be working on their debut mini album later this year.

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Grave Announces More Summer Appearances

GRAVE has announced a couple more shows this summer:

July 23 - Unholy fest, Ostrava CZ
Aug 21 - Pretzeltown, Södertälje SE

These are in addition to the previously announced appearances:

May 2 - Walpurgis Metal days @ Bürgerpark Hauzenberg, Germany
Aug 14 - Summerbreeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl, Germany

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Concept Of Time Explains Shortened Show Set

Scottish metallers Concept of Time have issued the following statement regarding their shortened live set with Kamelot in Glasgow:

"We would like to apologize to everybody that came to see us last night as we only got to play half our set. There were many reasons for this, the main one being we were told at 7:25 that we were on in 5 minutes by the tour manager even though serenity were still onstage soundchecking. This left us with 35 minutes to set up all our equipment, soundcheck/line check and to play a 30 minute set! Plus when we got on stage every plug was adapted to european which meant it took even longer to change it back to british. So at this point we had already decided to drop one song from our set because there was no way that we would have time for it. We started our set at about 7:45 and also dropped our intro just to try and get as much time as possible to play the songs. After playing 3 songs we got told we had 3 minutes left, so we were going to play the second half of Embrace The Lie to give the set at least some sort of end, but after about 1 minute, they cut they keyboard sound which is why we stopped rather suddenly.

"Thank you to everybody that came to support us! We greatly appreciate it, and also to everybody who made it clear when we stopped that the crowd wanted more, you were awesome! We will arrange something soon to try and make it up to you all. We would also like to thank Serenity for being helpful and understanding in those difficult circumstances."

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Gorod Streaming New Song "Disavow Your God" Online

Gorod are currently streaming online a new song "Disavow Your God" from their upcoming album "Process of a New Decline." The album, which features the band's new drummer Sam Santiago, is set for release sometime in the Spring via Willowtip Records.

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Stream Of Passion Announces New Album Details

Stream of Passion has issued the following statement about their upcoming album:

"Originally the brainchild of Arjen Lucassen's (Ayreon, Star One...), Stream of Passion is now ready to release their second studio album. "The Flame Within" leaves its predecessor in the dust thanks to maturer songwriting that presents a further developed band able to give Gothic Metal a newfound profundity. Carried by Marcela Bovios' fantastic vocal lines, Stream of Passion delivers the entire spectrum of human emotions-at times dreamy and melancholic, at others uninhibited and forward pressing. In this way, heavy riffs merge with romantic undertones in majestic unity. Jens Bogren's (Fascination Street Studios) mastering work allows the tracks' subtle nuances to come into play. "The Flame Within" is more than a loosely arranged sequence of songs, but rather a holistic Gothic Metal masterpiece complete with mystic elements and sonorous symphonic romanticism."

The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1.The Art Of Loss
2.In The End
3.Now Or Never
4.When You Hurt Me The Most
5.Run Away
6.Games We Play
7.This Endless Night
8.My Leader
9.Burn My Pain
10.Let Me In
11.Street Spirit
12.A Part Of You
13.All I Know

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AC/DC Cancels Tonght's Zurch Tour Date

The website SwissInfo.ch has reported the following information about AC/DC canceling their Zurich show tonight:

"The hard rock band, AC/DC, has canceled its Zurich concert set for Sunday at the last minute, due to unexplained "technical difficulties".

"The Swiss concert organizers, Good News Productions, said the performance by the legendary Australian group would be postponed until a later, unspecified date.

"The Zurich concert was sold out in less than half an hour after tickets went on sale last October."

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Alerion Acquires New Guitar Player

Dutch female fronted metal band Alerion has issued the following update about acquiring a new guitar player:

"Alerion is happy to announce the addition of guitarist Bart Lubbers to the band. After contacts with many different guitarists, Bart auditioned and joined us on January 28th. Both musically and personally, Bart is a great addition to the band. Moreover, having first picked it up in 1997, Bart knows how to handle his guitar.

"We would really like to thank our original guitarist Wijb Sommer for stepping in these past many months. Not only did this enable us to continue doing gigs, it also provided us with all the time we wanted to find the right guitarist for the band. Thanks for helping us out and thanks for all the fun in the process!"

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Glorior Belli Reveals New Album Release Date

French black metal band Glorior Belli have announced that their upcoming album "Meet Us At The Southern Sign" will be released in both Europe and North America by Candlelight Records on June 2nd. The cover artwork for the album can be viewed here. The band is also currently streaming the song "There Is But One Light" from the new album on their MySpace page.

The track listing for "Meet Us At The Southern Sign" will be as follows: More...

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As We Fight Streaming New Song Online

Danish metal band As We Fight has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song on their official MySpace page:

"We have just posted the song "Pull Me Asunder" from our upcoming "Meet Your Maker" album! Check it out!!!"

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Inacage Issues Band Status Update

California metal band InACage has issued the following update about their current status and future live shows:

"We are getting real close to having a solid 9 song set down with Stephanie on drums and Darren on guitar. As for Mike, we still talk every weekend and get together when we can but schedules and location have made it difficult . Mike is my bro till the end and we both would prefer for things to be different but for now things are the way they are. Still got to get some shots of him and his new truck! I have been procrastinating. Perhaps next weekend.

"As for the prolonged delays, as already mentioned, the situation with Mike contributed to it but more importantly a drummer. It was relatively easy to find one but again, schedules, styles and location made it difficult. Personality was also a concern. You have to be able to hang out and kick it and not try to be the twirling drum stick freak rock star. lol Nothing personal gang just being brutally honest like I always am. ;)

"Back to where we are at now, our 9 song set is getting tighter with every practice and Stephanie has been an absolute joy to watch and listen to as she has tackled the drumming job with authority and determination. We certainly wouldn't have anything going on if it wasn't for her and her wonderful talent. Darren has been coloring the picture with his sick riffs and licks to help make the overall sound well rounded. As for myself, my biggest concern is not forgetting my lines. Haha! Memorizing Stephanie's fascinating and eloquent poetry has not been an easy task. Some lines are literally a tongue twister due to the amount of sylables tied in with how it is being phrased with the rhythm and tempo. More...

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Serenity Comments On Show Cancellations

Austrian metallers Serenity have posted the following statement about their recent show cancellations:

"Hi all there!

"We are very sorry that we had to cancel the gig in Leeds yesterday and that we won’t be able to play the gig in London as well!!! Our singer Georg has a bad flu with all infections you can imagine and he”s already in hospital in Austria to get professional help! We try to go on in Pratteln/Switzerland but nothing is fixed so far!! We are very sorry for all that!!! See you again as soon as possible!!!!

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Fear Dark Festival 2009 Lineup Finalized

The line-up for the Fear Dark Festival taking place on May 15, 2009 in De Kelder in Amersfoort (Holland) is now confirmed:

SLECHTVALK (nl) - viking/black metal
MY SILENT WAKE (uk) - doom metal
MISERATION (s) - death metal
WILLOW'S WHISPER (b) - gothic metal

Tickets are 12,00 euros and are available at the doors. Doors open at 19:30 and the first band takes the stage at 20:00 hour.

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Sacrifice Posts New Album Teaser Trailer Online

Canadian thrash band Sacrifice have posted a second teaser trailer online for their upcoming album "The Ones I Condemn." The video can be viewed below. More...

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Rimfrost Announces New Album Details

Swedish black metal band Rimfrost has announced that their upcoming album will be titled "Veraldar Nagli." The track listing for the album will be as follows:

1. Veraldar Nagli
2. Unnamed so far
3. The Raventhrone
4. Legacy Through Blood
5. Unnamed so far
6. I Stand my Ground
7. Scandinavium
8. Unnamed so far

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Pandemia Inks Record Deal With War Anthem Records

The Czech Republic's Pandemia has issued the following announcement about signing a record deal with War Anthem records:

"We are honored to announce that band Pandemia signs contract to their fourth full-length album with german label War Anthem Records. CD should be released in November 2009 and Pandemia will record it in Stage One Studio. This CD will produce Andy Classen which is known as a guitarist of Holy Moses and as a producer of Belphegor, Krisiun, Legion of the Damned, Tankard, Holy Moses, Rotting Christ, Graveworm and more. New CD will be recorded in July 2009. The CD will be out with world wide distribution! So watch out !!!"

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Blood Mortized Streaming Three New Songs Online

Swedish death metal band Blood Mortized are currently streaming three new tracks from their upcoming debut album online. The songs "Suicide Escape Plan," "Devils Vengeance," and "Cannibal Object" can be heard on their official MySpace page. The album is set to be released in April through Vrykoblast Productions.

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