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Metal News for March 18, 2008

Last updated on September 20, 2021 at 2:46 AM ET

We post metal news every day, throughout the day, covering thousands of metal bands including underground and unsigned bands. You are currently browsing the news archive, but you can also find news by band.

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Mindset Guitarist Drug-free Mike Interviewed

With their music self-described fast, old school hardcore. Mindset definitely sticks to their roots by playing hardcore the way it was meant to be played-raw, angst-ridden, brash, and unapologetic. Mindset is a band that doesn't back down. Growing up in Maryland, they've been playing straightedge hardcore for the past two years. I got a chance to ask Mindset guitarist, Drug-free Mike, questions about their lifestyle, background, and future aspirations. More...

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Meshuggah Announce Video Drumming Competition

Nuclear Blast USA and MESHUGGAH have teamed up to present a video competition to MESHUGGAH fans worldwide.

"Bleed" is one of the most intricate tracks on the recently released, critically acclaimed MESHUGGAH album, "obZen".

You think you can compete with the drumming intensity of MESHUGGAH's Tomas Haake? Well, prove it!

Record your best replication of the track "Bleed" on video and upload it on your MySpace "Videos" section or YouTube.

There are no restrictions on what you can use for this competition. However, you CANNOT use the actual song in the video; if you need the song, you’re allowed to put earphones on to assist you. More...

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Demonical Issues Vocalist Update

DEMONICAL, the new Swedish death metal band featuring past and present members from CENTINEX, GRAVE, REGURGITATE, INTERMENT, AMARAN, WORLD BELOW and DELLAMORTE, recently parted ways with vocalist Ludvig Engellau due to "musical and personal reasons."

The group has since issued the following update: "We still haven't decided who will be the new permanent vocalist in DEMONICAL and as there is no hurry really, we will not take any rash decision either."

"As stated earlier we had a guy named Widda with us on the tour in Finland. For the Metalmania festival in Poland we tried something different and gave Lisa (yep, that's a female) the opportunity to front the band. Both were great and did excellent jobs so big hails to them!!" More...

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Metalstock Festival Timetable Announced

Sydney's annual Metalstock festival hits Manning Bar this weekend. Tickets to the festival can be purchased for a single day, or as a two-day pass. The timetable for this huge two-day event is as follows:

Saturday March 22nd:
Daysend (NSW): 11:20pm-12:00am
Alchemist (VIC):10:20pm-11:00pm
The Furor (WA): 9:20pm-10:00pm
Terrorust (VIC): 8:20pm-9:00pm
Five Star Prison Cell (VIC): 7:20pm-8:00pm
Ebolie (NSW): 6:30pm-7:00pm
Mytile Vey Lorth (ACT): 5:40pm-6:10pm
Black Asylum (NSW): 4:50pm-5:20pm
Grotesque (WA): 4:00pm-4:30pm
Norse (NSW): 3:10pm-3:40pm

Sunday March 23rd:
Kataklysm (CANADA): 9:00pm-10:00pm
Psycroptic (TAS): 7:50pm-8:30pm
Dawn of Azazel (NZ): 6:50pm-7:30pm
Pathogen (WA): 5:50pm-6:30pm
Ulcerate (NZ): 4:50pm-5:30pm
The Dead (QLD): 4:00pm-4:30pm
Beyond Terror, Beyond Grace (NSW): 3:10pm-3:40pm

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Omnium Gatherum To Enter Studio This Weekend

Finnish metallers OMNIUM GATHERUM have issued the following update:

"OMNIUM GATHERUM have been confirmed to take part to the last leg of the 'Ithyphallic' Europe Tour in September/October 2008 with NILE, GRAVE and BELPHEGOR. We'll be doing the last leg of the tour and visit UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Check out the confirmed dates here. We'll be adding few shows more to the tour soon, so keep checking the live section..."

"We've been doing a lot of pre-production for the coming fourth album during last few weeks, and the stuff is starting to kick some serious ass and ear! The actual album recording session will begin next Sunday, at Easter Sunday, what could be more evil metal date to start the studio sessions! It seems that OG will be returning to more melodic approach on this album, back to the glory days, hehe. But no worries, the stuff will still be as heavy as a really heavy thing!" More...

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Evil Adam To Film Music Videos For New Album

New Jersey based heavy metal band, Evil Adam, issues yet another studio update on his website:

"So, for those of you keeping track, last night's recording went swimingly well. Jay managed to play his ass off on 4 songs and did one song he has never ever played before within 2 takes. I owe him 50 bucks on a bet for that one (less than 3 takes gets him the gold)."

"Anyhow, I think this is going to be something special. Zack and Lucain have been producing/engineering these songs at SAE and they are doing a great job, and no matter how much hard work this has been for both Jay and myself we are still having fun with it. So now to start planning the next phase of things, guitar and vocals."

"After that, then it is all about mixing and mastering, which I'll only really be giving the yay or nay on how things come together, but I am psyched for them to be done to be able to plan the next step.... MAKING SOME GODDAMN VIDEOS, finally!" More...

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Cephalic Carnage To Reissue Album

Relaps Records has announced that Cephalic Carnage will be reissuing their album "Conformity To Abnormality". The reissue will be available as of the 29th of April this year, and will be made on CD and also as a 12' vinyl.

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Nabaath Post New Music Online For Free Download

Russian post-black metal band NABAATH has made its music available for free download at their website.

Commented NABAATH frontman T.Moloch: "NABAATH would like to bring their music to ears of real extreme music audience and it's more comfortable for fans just download mp3 files quickly and enjoy the listening. Of course for people who would like to have a licensed CD they can order it via official band webpage."

NABAATH released its first LP, "Back of Beyond", in 2007 via the Cold sublabel of Russia's SoulFlesh Collector. It contains seven songs and an intro, and its music is described as "raw" and the lyrics are mostly about nature, chaos.

The band recently recorded three new demo songs, featuring "aggression against Christian and other similar religions, humans, technical progress, behavior of society. Real fans of MARDUK and MAYHEM can appreciate the new style of NABAATH."

NABAATH is currently looking for a label to release the band's second album, "War Blasphemy!"

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Into Eternity Issues Update

Canadian progressive metallers, Into Eternity, issues the following update:

"Hello everyone,"

"The band has been rehearsing at our sub-freezing jam spot for 2 weeks solid. We have no heat in the place, so we're trying to rip scales with fingers that won't move. If we can play these songs, in these temperatures, then we should just fine on a heated stage! There are some Canadian and USA headlining shows coming up, so we want to be prepared. Also, we are throwing in a few old songs that have never been done before. One of the songs we haven't played since 2001. Hopefully that will make our long time fans happy on this tour. I think we will also be testing 3 new tracks from our new unreleased album. We get to hang out with Sacrifice at the Winnipeg Metal Festival, so that is going to be a highlight of the year for me. Sacrifice was one of the first thrash shows that I ever went to as a 14 year old kid and that's what inspired me to play metal." More...

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Cryptopsy Post New Track Online

Montreal extreme metallers, CRYPTOPSY, post a new track “Worship Your Demons,” which comes off their album “The Unspoken King.” Hear it on the band’s revamped MySpace page.

Mounier states: “We as a band have, since the beginning, been experimenting and trying to come up with music that is fresh and new. This album is no different. So mundane to us is music with no purpose, no feeling and just plain repetitive. It was time for CRYPTOPSY to acquire new blood that would play out a vision we’ve seen for years. We took an approach that gives our music a huge dynamic range and brings out its power. Brutality, diversity, complexity, emotion and musicianship define this latest work.”

CRYPTOPSY kicks off the worldwide touring cycle for “The Unspoken King” as part of this year’s crushing Summer Slaughter touring package. Click this link for the complete list of band’s and touring schedule.

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Esoterica Line Up Tour and Post E-Card Online

Bieler Bros Records issues the following press releasee:

Esoterica has lined up a March 20th show with Icelandic rock giants, Minus in London. Esoterica is set to take the stage at 7:30pm.

An e-card for Esoterica’s new album, "The Fool", can be found online at this location. The e-card features Esoterica’s blistering, new single, "Don’t Rely On Anyone". "The Fool" will hit stores across the US on April 8th.

"The Fool" was produced by world renowned producer, John Fryer (NIN, White Zombie, Depeche Mode) and has been hailed as "superb" by UK super-mag, Rock Sound. More...

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Drudgery Post New Music Online

Canada's hardcore/grind band DRUDGERY, featuring members of Exhumed/Fuck The Facts, Arise and Ruin, and Glasgow Grin have finished their new EP, entitled "Rust." The EP consists of 6 tracks, all recorded at Frozen Solid Studios in Guelph, Ontario.

"This band started as a side project back in 2006 and we wound up with a collection of tunes we were all really stoked on" comments drummer Matt Connell, "We've had this tracked for a while now, and are glad to have it done for people to hear it."

Details regarding the release date and label will be announced shortly.

Two newly-released tracks from the EP can be found on the band's MySpace page.

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Deicide Announce "Make A Viral Video" Competition

Legendary Florida Death Metallers Deicide have announced a unique and exciting competition for fans to create and upload their own video clip for a new Deicide track called "In The Eyes Of God" taken from their upcoming album "Till Death Do Us Part."

Using the track "In The Eyes Of God," fans are invited to make their own video for the song, using whatever means at their disposal. The clip can be filmed, animated, drawn or compiled from already existing images or footage. Anything goes so get as creative as you like.

The winner will be judged the clip with the most views on YouTube by the closing date of April 28th 2008 and will win the Grand Prize An Ibanez bass guitar fully signed by the band. More...

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NIN's Trent Reznor Talks About "Ghosts"

Two weeks ago, Nine Inch Nails released Ghosts, an album that has already spawned over 800,000 transactions. Last week, Nine Inch Nails announced the interactive Ghosts film festival.

Now, Trent Reznor explains the concept behind the film festival, and more. Follow the link below to listen to interviews I & II.


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Venomous Concept Posts New Song, Art, Tracklisting

Featuring such illustrious members as Shane Embury (guitar, Napalm Death), Kevin Sharp (vocals, Brutal Truth), Danny Lilker (bass, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) and Danny Herrera (drums, Napalm Death), Venomous Concept are about to deliver a furious old school hardcore/punk assault with their second effort “Poisoned Apple”. Profiting from each band member’s long-time dedication and integrity in the field of extreme music, “Poisoned Apple” sounds as honest and convicted as it gets. You can now check out the album’s artwork as well as listen to the brand-new song “Water Cooler” at the band’s Century Media artist profile.

Here is Venomous Concept's “Poisoned Apple” track listing (running time of 33:59):

1. Drop Dead (2:07)
2. Toxic Kiss (0:55)
3. Life (1:47)
4. Water Cooler (2:58)
5. P.R.I. (1:32)
6. Artist Friendly (1:30)
7. A Case Of The Mondays (2:37)
8. Every Mother’s Son (1:54)
9. Workers Unite (1:39)
10. Half Full? (2:56)
11. Check Out (3:26)
12. White Devil (1:53)
13. Hero (2:39)
14. Three (1:17)
15. Screwball (1:48)
16. Chaos! (1:28)
17. Think? (1:33)

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Mirror of Deception To Release Split LP

Germany's "doom metal kings" MIRROR OF DECEPTION have issued the following update:

"We've just finished recording three new songs (including a BATHORY cover song) with Mr. Michelle Darkness (END OF GREEN) at the mixing board for yet another split release. This time it will be split LP with Finnish doomsters GARDEN OF WORM and it will be released on The Church Within Records in the not-too-distant future."

MIRROR OF DECEPTION's third album, "Shards", was released in October 2006 via Cyclone Empire.

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Closer Reveals New Album Details

Swedish melodic death metallers CLOSER has announced that the new upcoming CD will be entitled "A Darker Kind Of Salvation." Comprising of 10 songs, the album tracklisting is as follows:

1. Chaos Internal
2. It Dwells In Darkness
3. A Darker Kind Of Salvation
4. Open Your Eyes
5. What Am I
6. Caressing The Insane
7. Places Of Pain
8. This Hate
9. Hell Is Where The Heart Is
10. Shelter From It More...

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Power Quest Post Samples of New Album Online

UK melodic power metallers POWER QUEST are gearing up for the release of their new album, Master Of Illusion. Click here to listen to samples of the entire record.

The "Master of Illusion" track listing is as follows:

01. Cemetery Gates
02. Human Machine
03. Civilised?
04. Kings of Eternity
05. Master of Illusion
06. The Vigil
07. Save the World
08. Hearts and Voices
09. I Don't Believe in Friends Forever
10. Never Again
11. Reckoning Day More...

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Hollenthon Confirm Release Date For "Opus Magnum"

Austrian symphonic black metallers HOLLENTHON have confirmed that Napalm Records will release their new album, Opus Magnum, on May 30th.

Opus Magnum will contain the following songs (n no particular order): "Ars Moriendi," "Of Splendid Worlds," "Once We Were Kings," "To Fabled Land'", "Dying Embers," "Misterium Babel," "On The Wings Of A Dove," "Son Of Perdition."

There will be a limited edition of the album with a bonus track - "The Bazaar" (a cover of the Canadian band THE TEA PARTY) - and the video clip for "Son Of Perdition."

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Nidrike Mainman Working On New Material

NIDRIKE mainman Gorgoth (also VANMAKT), has issued the following Blodsarv album update:

"The Blodsarv album is about to be released by BPR as you all know by now, but this doesn't mean that we aren't working with new songs for Nidrike. Our first thought after being done with the Blodsarv album was to take a break and concentrate on our other bands and projects but I can't find my inner peace at the moment and I don't seem to stop thinking in the Nidrike way when it comes to writing new music and so on, sooo, I have decided to write five-six new tracks that hopefully will end up on a split with another good and honest Luciferic act!"

"If your band is interested in doing a split with Nidrike, please contact us, but bare in mind that we ONLY work with true Luciferic musicians and no "fake" image cunts. We also would like to invite interested underground labels to discussions regarding this split and one demand that we have is that we want it to be printed on Lp beside the usual CD printing, of course."

"Contact us at www.myspace.com/Nidrike." More...

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Semargl Post "The Manifest Of War" Video Online

"The Manifest of War", the new video from the Ukrainian avant-garde satanic metal band SEMARGL, can be viewed here. The clip was made in the same style as previous video "Selection" using pictures from the Second World War. The song comes off the group's third album, "Manifest", which was released last August via Deathgasm Records. The CD was recorded at the Echolane studio in Bergen Hohne, Germany.

For more information, visit www.semargl.com.ua. More...

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Lacrimosa Commence Work On New Studio Album

Swiss gothic metallers LACRIMOSA have started to work on their new studio album, but in the meantime they have confirmed several concerts in Spain, Ukraine, Russia and on July 6th they will headline the Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Upcoming tour dates include:

18 - Kiev, Ukraine
20 - Moscow, Russia Moscow - DK Gorbunova
21 - Moscow, Russia - Tochka Club

6 - Gelsenkirchen, Germany - Blackfield Festival

17 - Madrid, Spain - Heineken
18 - Barcelona, Spain - Bikini

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Crystal Eyes Reveal New Label and Songtitles

Swedish/Danish metallers CRYSTAL EYES have issued the following update:

"So what have we been up to lately? Well last year we mutually decided to part ways with our label Heavy Fidelity. During the year the songs for the upcoming album were finished, and a demo was recorded and past around to some labels we thought would be appropriate. Some offers were presented to us, and eventually we decided to sign with the German label Metal Heaven. There's, of course, a lot of reasons for signing with a certain label, but the overall feeling while dealing with Metal Heaven make us confident that we have an exiting time ahead of us."

"We will begin recording in May, and the mixing will once again be handled by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman. The song titles for the yet-unnamed album are 'Ride The Rainbow', 'Shadow Rider', 'Dying In The Rain', 'Guardian', 'The Fire Of Hades', 'Fighting', 'Waves Of War', 'The Devil Inside' and 'Lonely Ball Of Fate'. Expect nothing but 100% pure heavy metal. We've also been busy getting Paul [new guitarist Pål Petterson] into the new songs, and of course some old. He's now ready to rock so don't miss his live debut on the 19th of April in Ulricehamn, Sweden." More...

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Just For Fun

The History of Metal In One Minute

After covering goth in one minute and even emo in one minute, Spinner's The DL has finally given metal the one-minute treatment (video also embedded below). Here's the intro to the video:

"All right, you little spawns of Satan, it's time to dust off that old Napalm Death T-shirt and sacrifice a small animal to the demon god of METAL! This ain't no indie, prog or alt-country bulls---. This is where the rubber meets the road ... or where the flesh meets the gnashing teeth of an eternal life of hellfire doom raining over the bloodied bodies of those who rocked before you! Or something like that. Throw some goat, you Anton LaVey wannabes -- it's Metal in One Minute. Bruuuuuuuutal!!!!!"

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Defiance Bassist Robbed At Gunpoint

Last Friday (March 14), bassist Mike Kaufmann of the San Francisco thrashers DEFIANCE was robbed at gunpoint by six guys at the West Oakland BART station (Bay Area Rapid Transit; rail service which connects San Francisco with the East Bay).

Commented Kaufmann: "I was barely able to escape and I'm VERY lucky to be alive. It was their intent to take everything I had and then kill me. The Oakland police caught them about an hour later and I made a positive identification. [Local TV station] Channel 7 will be doing a story about it because the crime was witnessed by BART police and they were too afraid to help me. I'm pretty much a wreck right now and I haven't slept much at all. What the fuck is this world coming to?"

DEFIANCE, best known for their seminal late '80s/early '90s Roadrunner releases "Void Terra Firma" and "Beyond Recognition", recently posted a new song, entitled "The Voice", on the band's MySpace page. The track is a rough mix from the group's sessions at Trident Studios in Concord, California with producer Juan Urteaga (EXODUS, SKINLAB, VILE) and is expected to appear on DEFIANCE's forthcoming fourth album, due later in the year via an as-yet-undetermined label. More...

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Hexen Sign With OSM Records

HEXEN, the Los Angeles-based metal band that "fuses the elements of melody, heaviness, speed, and technicality within the lair of thrash," has inked a deal with OSM Records.

According to a press release, "HEXEN's influences include a very wide spectrum of sub-genres spanning from thrash to extreme/black. They have also been known to put more thought and imagination into their lyrics than your average thrash band. With subject matter expressing their cynical take on politics and inner struggles, the themes include quite strong social commentaries. While a surplus of L.A. bands are currently in futile attempts to reanimate the '80s by cloning styles and riffs of bands at the time, HEXEN incorporates all the best aspects of the art to form original music of a new and refined sound essential to their brand of metal, while retaining the hardcore spirit of thrash's originally loud, rebellious, chaotic premise." More...

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Krisiun To Enter Studio This Week

Brazilian death metallers KRISIUN will enter Stage One Studios in Germany on March 18 to begin recording their new album for a summer release via Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2006's "AssassiNation" is will be produced over a four-week period by Andy Classen, who has also worked with such bands as TANKARD, ROTTING CHRIST and DEW-SCENTED.

In other news, KRISIUN has signed a personal management agreement with Strictly Heavy Management, owned and operated by veteran personal manager Theresa C. Mullins-Aldao.

Gino Alache of RockumRadio.com conducted an interview with KRISIUN drummer Max Kolesne on December 4, 2007. Download the chat as an MP3 audio file at this location.

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Amulance Falls Victim To Flooding

Cult metal band AMULANCE has fallen victim to the "ides of march" via a flood at Phlex Audio where the group has been mixing its latest album.

Phlex Audio owner and AMULANCE guitarist Bob Luman explains what happened: "The studio occupies the lower level of a building and Midwest March weather can be pretty fucked up. On Monday it can be 20 degrees and snowing, on Tuesday it's 50 degrees and raining, on Wednesday it's 30 degrees and snowing, on Thursday it's 70 degrees and fucking raining, and on and on it goes. With climate changes comes melting snow and draining water. Apparently local drainage systems and sump pumps failed, and the next thing you know the water comes in. I guess the water has to go somewhere. I'll tell you, man, even though we didn't lose everything, it's still pretty surreal to see a hundred grand worth of equipment under water. We just turned out the lights and went and got really, really drunk." More...

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Metallica To Make Appearance For Record Store Day

Metallica has posted the following update on their site:

"We are honored and proud to be participating in Record Store Day on April 19 as hundreds of indy record stores across the country will be celebrating what you already know... the coolest place in any town to hang out is your local record store. So with that said, we'll be hangin' out that day at the Rasputin Music store in Mountain View, CA starting at 2:00 PM. "

"Come on down to the store, say "hi," bring some stuff for us to sign, and in the spirit of supporting your local independent record store, maybe you'll want to do a little shopping while you're there."

400 wristbands will be distributed. You may start lining up at 8 AM. The store opens at 10 AM and will begin passing out wristbands at that time.

For store address, directions, etc., go to www.rasputinmusic.com.

For more info about Record Store day, go to www.recordstoreday.com.

As previously reported, Metallica will be releasing "Kill 'Em All" and "Ride the Lightning" on vinyl on April 15 in North America and soon after for the rest of the world.

Metallica has recently added shows in Latvia, Bulgaria, France, and Switzerland to their touring itinerary. Here are the latest Metallica tour dates and festival appearances for 2008: More...

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Warrior Soul Reveal "Live In England" CD Details

WARRIOR SOUL will release a new live album on Monday, April 14 through Livewire/Cargo Records. Entitled "Live In England", the CD was recorded in London during the band's October 2007 tour.

"Live In England" features many of the classic songs from the "Last Decade Dead Century", "Drugs, God And The New Republic", "Salutations From The Ghetto Nation", "Space Age Playboys" and "Chill Pill" albums as well as a brand new song entitled "Bad News (Rock n' Roll Boyfriend)".

"Live In England" track listing:

01. Intro
02. Interzone
03. Love Destruction
04. No No No
05. The Drug
06. Shock um Down
07. Let's Get Wasted
08. The Losers
09. Punk and Belligerent
10. Bad News (Rock n Roll Boyfriend)
11. Super Power Dreamland
12. Downtown
13. Wasteland More...

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The Showdown Complete Drums For New Album

Vocalist David Bunton of Tennessee's THE SHOWDOWN has issued the following update:

"We are camped out in Nashville, TN right now tracking our third record, and as of today the drums are finished! Check out the video update [here] to see AJ tracking some power drums! We are going to be posting as many video updates as we can so you can see us thrashing around and feel power as it happens!"

"We are very excited to announce that we will be supporting SHADOWS FALL along with KATAKLYSM, ARSIS, and DROID April 13-25. Check out the dates and come hang out with us, its going to be a SLAMMING tour!" More...

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Volbeat To Enter Studio This Month

Danish metallers VOLBEAT will enter the Jacob Hansen studio in Ribe, Denmark on March 31 to begin recording their third album, due late summer via Holland's Mascot Records.

Commented VOLBEAT frontman Michael Poulsen: "We are really looking forward to enter the studio again and work with producer Jacob Hansen. We have 14 new songs, one is a cover song from SOCIAL DISTORTION which will be on the Danish limited version. There will be other surprises on the CD, which we will reveal later. Many of the songs are linked together in a kind of concept, which also ties to the album title, but more about that later. We have worked very hard and [stayed] focused to find the right 14 tracks out of 28 songs. The CD will be released early September 2008."

VOLBEAT's chart-breaking (in Denmark) second album, "Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil", will be released in the U.S. on June 10. The LP was certified platinum in Denmark for sales in excess of 30,000 copies. According to the band, this marks the first time a Danish metal album has sold platinum in Denmark.

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Van Halen Release Rescheduled Tour Dates

VAN HALEN have announced the following rescheduled tour dates:

April 19 - Las Vegas, NV @ Mandalay Bay Events Center
April 22 - Cincinnati, OH @ U.S. Bank Arena
April 24 - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
April 26 - Saint Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center
April 28 - Milwaukee, WI @ Bradley Center
April 30 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mellon Arena
May 2 - Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Jones Arena
May 5 - Raleigh, NC @ RBC Center
May 7 - Columbus, OH @ Schottenstein Center
May 9 - Atlantic City, NJ @ Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
May 11 - Duluth, GA @ The Arena at Gwinnett Center
May 13 - East Rutherford, NJ @ Izod Center
May 15 - Baltimore, MD @ 1st Mariner Arena
May 18 - Hershey, PA @ Giant Center
May 20 - Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
May 23 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden Arena
May 25 - Providence, RI @ Dunkin’ Donuts Center
May 28 - Manchester, NH @ Verizon Wireless Arena
May 30 - Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena
June 2 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena

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Killwhitneydead Sneak Peak Of New Video Online

We have a sneak peek for subscribers of the Tribunal Records email list. Below is a link to the new

Tribunal Records has posted a sneak peak for the new KILLWHITNEYDEAD music video. It was made in conjunction with an upcoming independent zombie film entitled, "Z13: The Zombie Within." Information about the film can also be found below with links to it's trailer and you can view the movie poster too!

This is version 1 of the video. There is another version in the works with actual audio samples that the band has chosen to remix into the track itself to create a special "Z13 Remix" if you will.

You can check out the sneak peak video of "Just When You Thought I Was Listening" here or below. More...

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Disturbed Release Upcoming Tour Dates

DISTURBED have announced the following upcoming tour dates:

April 26 - Little Rock, AR @ Edgefest
April 27 - Wichita, KS @ Cotillion
April 29 - Amarillo, TX @ Aztec Music Hall
April 30 - Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s
May 2 - Springfield, MO @ Shrine Mosque
May 3 - Memphis, TN @ Beale Street Music Festival
May 5 - Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues
May 6 - Knoxville, TN @ Valarium
May 8 - Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
May 9 - Birmingham, AL @ Sloss Furnace
May 11 - Richmond, VA @ The National
May 12 - Atlantic City, NJ @ House of Blues
May 14 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
May 15 - Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere’s
May 17 - Columbus, OH @ Columbus Crew Stadium
June 5 - Solvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
June 7 - Nurbergring, Germany @ Rock am Ring
June 8 - Nurnberg, Germany @ Rock am Park
June 13 - Download, England @ Download Festival
June 15 - Vienna, Austria @ Nova Rock
June 18 - Milan, Italy @ Alcatraz
June 19 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Rohstofflager
June 22 - Biddinghuizen, Holland @ Fields of Rock Festival

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Vomitron Post Cover of King Diamond Online

Massachusetts based instrumental metallers, Vomitron, issue the following update on their MySpace page:

"SO! Here we are again, and here you are. I’m drunk as fuck on St. Patty’s day, cuz i just spent the last 5 hours recording more Nintendo shit for this upcoming NES tribute album which is chewing up more time than trying to whack off after having consumed 45 beers and seeing Hillary Clinton nekked. "

"So the bad news:"

"Not including the old Contra version. At this particular juncture the album is lookin like its ALREADY in the 70+ minute range which i REALLY wanted to avoid but can’t cuz i love all these games and can’t imagine this album without any one of them. With it, the CD would be about 85 minutes long. We here on Earth do not have not discovered this technology yet. And frankly the NEW version of Contra is sounding about 400 times better. "

"The Good news: "

"The 2nd half of Ninja Gaiden is done, enjoy. I also included a cover of King Diamond’s 'The Black Horsemen' which me and a pal o mine in DISCREATE rocked out about 4 years back, for your metalling pleasure." More...

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Divinity Destroyed Officially Part with Drummer

New jersey progressive metallers, Divinity Destroyed, issue the following update regarding the status of their drummer on their MySpace page:

"In our last blog, we stated that Dan Leonard, founding drummer and card-carrying Fiend Club member, will be unable to perform with us for an undetermined amount of time. You can now modify'"an undetermined amount of time' to read 'the duration of our existence.' We have officially and permanently parted ways with Daniel Vincent Maximus Leonard."

"As an original member, Dan’s absence will of course be noticed in our sound. It will be difficult replacing the irreplaceable. But as fans may have noticed in the albums and throughout our history, evolution is our middle name. Divinity Evolution Destroyed Jr." More...

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Pictures of Pain Enter the Studio

Norwegian progressive metallers, Pictures of Pain, issue the following update on their MySpace page:

"Pictures of Pain has now entered Black Dimension Studio, to start recording their debut full length cd. 8 Tracks have been selected, and by now, drums, bas and one of the rhythm guitarists are finished. More information about the work will come gradually, so stay tuned! "

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Commander Post New Song, "My Worst Enemy," Online

German metallers, Commander, issue the following update on their MySpace page:

"Hi Folks!"

"Commander have uploaded another new song, 'My Worst Enemy.'"

"This Track is for FREE."

"Enjoy and spreading the disease..."

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The Binary Code Welcome New Vocalist

New Jersey technical death metallers, The Binary Code, issue the following update regarding the addition of a new singer on their MySpace page:

"Our singer position is FILLED! A word from Cody, our new singer:"

"'Hi. I'm Cody. Please welcome me to the Binary Code. Apparently, I did something right. You can expect a much different vocal approach out of me than the previous singers, and I hope you enjoy what ideas I have to offer to the experimental metal kingdom. O'Doyle rules.'"

"- Cody Louis"

"We'd like to thank ANYONE who applied for the position, Cody just brought everything we wanted to the table and then some."

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Evil Adam Issues Another Studio Update

New Jersey metallers, Evil Adam, issued the following update on their website yesterday:

"Jay and I are recording some more drum and bass tracks tonight, and no I don't meant the techno stuff. We're laying down the foundations for 3 songs and re-doing tracks for one song we did earlier, because, well this new setup sounds better. In the next month I have to finish up an assload of guitar and vocal tracks, so I'm very glad and thankful to Jay that he can do this for me."

"This CD/release/album or whatever you want to call it is definitely going to kick ass. Finally I'll have something that really sounds like a professional recording for Evil Adam, though I really wish I could have had more people on it, like you know, a full band! Oh well, here's to hoping that this recording may just help me put those pieces together for next year."

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Insidious Ready Debut Album, "Digital Disdain"

The debut album, "Digital Disdain," from progressive death metallers INSIDIOUS will finally see the light of day when it is released through Union Black Records in May 2008. The band enter the studio next week to have the ground-breaking opus mastered by none other than the award winning Tim Turan.

The album, which features amazing original artwork by Games Workshop artist Pete Borlace, and stunning band photos from Silverkey Photography looks set to turn a lot of heads and set a new benchmark for what can be achieved in the Death Metal genre.

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Kataklysm To Support Shadows Fall On Tour

Northern hyper-blasters, KATAKLYSM, have just been confirmed as direct support to SHADOWS FALL this April! Also appearing on the tour are THE SHOWDOWN, ARSIS and DROID. Lead singer Maurizio Iacono had this to say about the bands hectic schedule in support of their upcoming release, “Prevail”:

"Well I guess our break time is over. Today we will be having a listening session of our new album ‘Prevail’ for the media and our friends in Hollywood, then we fly off to Australia for our first ever tour there! We are planning a massive touring campaign centered around the new album. On our return from Australia we will prepare for a two week run with SHADOWS FALL. It will be cool to tour with those guys again since it’s been a while since we’ve played together. We are also working on a Canadian headlining tour for the end of May with our good friends INTO ETERNITY. As many of you already know as well we will be on the ‘Summer Slaughter Tour’ this June/July. So in true KATAKLYSM road warrior tradition we have set ourselves up for something like 60 to 70 shows from a April to July!

"We will be premiering some new songs on our MySpace next month and we’re thinking of playing two new tracks on the SHADOWS FALL run! We are very proud of ‘Prevail’ and the comments from those who’ve heard it so far have been OUTSTANDING! We can’t wait to see all you crazy fucks out there in the pit with fists in the air! See you soon!”

Here are the confirmed tour dates with Shadows Fall: More...

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