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Metal News for March 18, 2006

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Satanic Slaughter Announce New Drummer

Swedish "black/death/thrash" metal act SATANIC SLAUGHTER have posted the following message on their official web site:

"After the successful show at Sweden Rock Festival, SATANIC SLAUGHTER has decided to start up again. The feedback and the response has been huge. The band will continue with three present members: Ztephan Dark, Stefan Johansson and Simon Axenrot. New drummer is Fredrik Nilsson; he's also playing in MISERICORDIA. The band are still looking for a singer.

"The band wants to say thanks to Andreas Debl?n for 10 years of dedication and to Martin Axe for 7 years of dedication. Thanks, you have been great."

SATANIC SLAUGHTER's fourth album, "Banished to the Underworld", was released in 2002 via Black Sun Records.

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Zyklon's "Disintegrate" Title Track Posted Online

ZYKLON, the Norwegian band featuring EMPEROR members Samoth (guitar) and Trym (drums), Have uploaded the title track of their much-anticipated third album, entitled "Disintegrate", at their Myspace page. The CD was recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio in Norway and was mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. A May 15 release via Candlelight Records is expected.

Samoth had the following to say about the upcoming CD: "It might not be all that different [to the previous albums], but we have overall better songs, and it's definitely going to be a solid follow-up to 'Aeon'. There are a few songs that are more on the atmospheric side, and these will have strong industrial elements to them. In general, there will be the good old mix between fast, intense brutality and more groovy and heavy stuff. A few songs might have a few more melodic parts as well, actually."

So far, the following ten track titles are confirmed to appear on the CD: "Wrenched", "Cold Grave", "Disintegrate", "In Hindsight", "Skinned and Endangered", "Vulture", "Subversive Faith", "Underdog", "Ways of the World", and "Vile Ritual".

"Hard to pick a favorite at this point, I think," Samoth tells Decibel Magazine. "Everything sounds kind of refreshing now. But what I enjoyed the most playing in the studio is probably the mid-paced, heavy and 'chuggy' material. There are also a couple of tracks that are blasting fast. Some of the material is actually very fresh; one song was even just completed on the last rehearsal before the studio session, and we've only actually played the song four times or so as a full band. We started to write and rehearse material back in 2004, but it wasn't really until this autumn that we put the final pieces together. We've taken our time with this one, but I'm confident it will be worth the wait!"

ZYKLON's first DVD, titled "Storm Detonation Live", was released March 13. Recorded at Germany's 2004 Party.San Open Air festival, the DVD contains the band's live show plus exclusive on-the-road/backstage footage, an exclusive look into reheasals for the band's new album and both the "Psyklon Aeon" and "Core Solution" videos.

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Nightwish Officially Launch Vocalist Search

Finland's NIGHTWISH have posted the following message on their official web site:

"The hassle with the media seems to have died. We've been off tour for some months and we've had a nice and long vacation. It's time to get back to business.

"NIGHTWISH is currently and actively looking for a new singer/frontwoman for the band. We need the obvious things: Looks, charisma, courage, and, of course, a big voice. Good grasp of the English language is also very helpful. We don't necessarily need a classically trained vocalist like Tarja Turunen (the former vocalist). We welcome all kinds of styles and voices, natural and trained, from rock and pop to classical, and all that you can find in between. You should however be prepared to sing with a lot of dynamics and versatility. From loud and high to very sensitive stuff.

"You should preferably send us a CD containing 2-3 songs that you consider to be your best work. If you send an album, would you mark out 2-3 most important songs, please? If you record and send NIGHTWISH songs, then the most important thing is your PERSONAL TOUCH. Photographs are needed as well.

"We will look into different applications and all candidates, but doing it this way would save us some time and energy. If you think you have it, just send your stuff to our management, and we'll be happy to take you onboard."

All submissions should be sent to:

Fredrikinkatu 61 A 7.krs/floor
FIN-00100 Helsinki

NIGHTWISH will be releasing a live CD/DVD package, entitled "End of an Era", on June 2 via Spinefarm Records in Finland and Nuclear Blast Records in the rest of Europe. "End of an Era" will contain recordings/footage of NIGHTWISH's final concert with singer Tarja Turunen, which took place on October 21 at the Hartwall arena in Helsinki, Finland.

NIGHTWISH fired Turunen via an "open letter," which was given to the singer immediately following the Helsinki show. The group are expected to enter the studio in September 2006 to begin recording the follow-up to 2004's "Once", tentatively due in mid-2007.

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Iommi Would Love To Do Another Sabbath Album

Christa Titus of Billboard.com conducted an interview in February with BLACK SABATH's Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi about their reaction to the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Q: What did you think when you heard the band would be inducted?

Tony Iommi: "I couldn't believe it [laughs]. I mean, we've only [been up for it] eight times, and finally, we're in. I'm really thrilled with it, to be honest. I mean, you can't say you're not thrilled for any award, especially something like that."

Ozzy Osbourne: "We'd been put up for it every year, I think, forever; for a long time, we were up for it, but BLACK SABBATH never got through. I don't know why, because, I mean, so many kids in these new bands... at the Ozzfest, when I'm walking down the street or whatever, they say, 'I owe my life to you and SABBATH.'

"I didn't get kind of upset, because you're either in or you're not, you know, and it's a nice feeling to be accepted."

Q: Ozzy, after the hall did not accept BLACK SABBATH in 1999, you called for the organization to take you guys off the ballad.

Osbourne: "You build yourself up, then you get knocked down, then you build yourself up, then you get knocked down, and I'm thinking in one of my interviews I said something about the fact that, why should the Hall of Fame be judged by people in the industry? But I was just saying that because I was pissed off because I kept getting [kept out. I said that] the fans should vote, the people or whatever. I can't really remember."

Q: Why do you think the Hall of Fame accepted BLACK SABBATH now as opposed to before?

Iommi: "God, that's a good one. Maybe they've been pestered to death, I don't know. I mean, I feel we should be in there, because without blowing our own trumpet, I think we've done a hell of a lot for the music, for what we've offered to the music industry."

Osbourne: "I suppose that eventually they would have had to. I heard a response that had to come from someone who said something which was so f***ing pathetic: 'Oh, why do you [give] a f***ing award for the man who bit the head off a bat?' And I thought, 'Lame, how lame can you get if you have to use something stupid like that? Or if you have to say something bad about me, say it with a bit of a more f***ing interesting thing.'

"Everybody in the world, their No. 1 question for f***ing ever and a day is, 'Oh Oz, did you really bite the head off a bat?' And so, it's not for me anyway, it's for BLACK SABBATH. Tony owns the name BLACK SABBATH, so it could be any f***er up there, ya know."

Q: For years people told BLACK SABBATH its music was not going to amount to anything. After hearing that, is there any kind of satisfaction now that you are being inducted?

Iommi: "Oh, without a doubt. I mean, we've probably heard that from day one, you know, that 'You're never gonna be any good, you're never gonna last' and all this stuff. But it has, and it's stood the test of time, 38 years now."

Osbourne: "All through the early days of BLACK SABBATH we never got a good review for a concert, we never got a good review for an album, and we kind of liked it that way back then, because we didn't want to be liked by the f***ing media or anybody because we were a people's kind of band.

"After my departure in '79 from BLACK SABBATH I thought, 'That's it, I'll probably be back on the f***ing unemployment line.' Then they go and do two great albums with Ronnie James Dio, and then at the end of that, people come up to me when I started the Ozzfest, I hear all the time, 'I'm not worthy,' and all this f***ing stuff, you know. And at first I was going, 'Are you joking? You're pulling my leg.' They would say SABBATH was their biggest influence, and I must say, I do believe that Tony's been underestimated for coming out with the riffs.

"It was really my big f***ing mouth in the first place I think that we didn't get in in the first place, you know? I don't know what the fucking reason was... It's kind of like when JETHRO TULL won the heavy metal thing [the 1989 Grammy Award] and METALLICA didn't. I didn't f***ing get that... It's like, 'How the f*** can you say JETHRO TULL's heavy metal? It's like saying f***ing James Taylor's a great lead guitar player.'"

Q: People have been asking for years if the four of you will ever record another album as BLACK SABBATH.

Iommi: "We talked about an album and we've talked a couple of times on and off, you know, but I just now go with the flow. If it looks [good,] I'd love to do another album, but it's got to be right and you can't just do an album for the sake of it. We wouldn't do that. It's got to be a very good album. But we haven't gotten any further with it, and it seems to have gone very quiet on that side."

Osbourne: "Well, we have tried. I guess it will happen or it won't happen. I mean, I could probably go in the studio tomorrow with 'em and come out with an album written by Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and myself, but if it wasn't up to the standard where we used to be, what's the f***ing point in doing it?

"Because it's called 'BLACK SABBATH,' because it'll be Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill. It's a pretty heavy thing to take on, because we're all different people now; we've all gone our own ways and got our own families, we're not four angry guys anymore. But I'm sure we could do one, but if it's not up to the standard, then I wouldn't do it. We did try to write, some of it's OK...

"I've read a few things in some of these magazines that say, 'Hey guys, you should get rid of Ozzy; you got no intention of doing an album.' You've gotta be f***ing mad. If you think that I wouldn't do a BLACK SABBATH album if the material was great, you gotta be stoned."

Read the full article at Ozzyhead.com.

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Yakuza Preparing For Release Party, Release

Chicago's progressively innovative Yakuza, is gearing up for the record release show for the band's Prosthetic debut, 'Samsara.' Hitting streets March 21, the band will play Chicago's Beat Kitchen alongside 3 and Angel Eyes on Saturday, March 25 to celebrate. Producer/engineer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis) holed up in the studio with the band to record 'Samsara' in the windy city, and the band is entirely proud of the final product and Bayles' contributions to the record.

"Matt Bayles is amazing," Lamont says. "We were very fortunate to work with him. His work with Botch, Isis, Mastodon, Burnt By The Sun has made him the best at capturing heavy music. I still can't believe that he came to Chicago for two weeks to work with us!"

"The recording process [for 'Samsara'] was simply amazing," Lamont continues. "We locked ourselves in a couple of different studios for a few weeks; 12-12 every day. We have never had this much time and of course it still wasn't enough. This record is the next logical place for Yakuza. I feel that it flows like it was intended to, and Bayles played a big part in that. We were looking for some sonic continuity since we were gonna be moving around more stylistically. He pulled it off beautifully."

'Samsara' is the follow-up to 2002's richly-applauded 'Way of the Dead,' and features guest spots from accredited musicians Jim Baker, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Sanford Parker, and Mastodon's Troy Sanders among the album's ten tracks.

Yakuza is set to hit the road with with 3 and then later with Losa. The tour dates are as follows: More...

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New Kylesa Tour Dates Trickling In

A few new KYLESA tour dates have trickled in. The band is currently writing new material for the follow-up to ‘To Walk A Middle Course.’ As previously reported, they’ve also added two drummers to the line-up.

Here are the latest tour dates:

4/13 Jacksonville, FL - TBA
4/14 Savannah, GA - The Jinx (with Municipal Waste)
4/15 Daytona, FL - TBA
4/21 Tampa, FL – Skate Park of Tampa
4/22 Lake Worth, FL – Klein Dance Studio
4/28 Philadelphia, PA – TBA (with Victims)
4/29 Brooklyn, NY – The High Five Spot (with Victims)
4/30 Boston, MA – TBA (with Victims)
5/01 Providence, RI – TBA
5/02 Lemoyne, PA – Champion Ship Records
5/23 Charlotte, NC – The Milestone (with Baroness)
5/24 Harrisonburg, VA – TBA (with Baroness)
5/25 Youngstown, OH - Nyabinghi
5/28 Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant St.
5/29 TBA – TBA (with Baroness)
5/31 Charleston, SC – Cumberland’s (with Yakuza, Dysrythmia)

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Burn In Silence To Play NEMHF

Burn In Silence's Mike Casavant (guitars) has announced that the band will be playing the New England Metal and Metal and Hardcore Festival. Hardcore Fest and will therefore be foreced to drop off of the Maryland. Here's what he had to say?

“I just got word that it's official we are thrashing The New England Metal & Hardcore Festival on Sunday April 30th. It's gonna be our coming home show, and we couldn't be more happy. Unfortunately, we have to cancel our visit to Baltimore to play the Maryland Metal & Hardcore Festival. Were all super bummed but these are the cards we've been dealt. And Baltimore we will make it up to you!! Thanks so much”

The band recently hit the road for a 52-date tour alongside Black My Heart, Too Pure To Die, and Cassius. The remaining tour dates are as follows: More...

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Lullacry Posts Live Acoustic Video Clip Online

Lullacry has posted a new live video clip from their acoustic show performed at Semifinal club last year. You can check it out on lullacry.com.

Lullacry's "Vol. 4" saw a January 24, 2006 US release through Century Media Records.

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