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Metal News for March 17, 2013

Last updated on September 21, 2021 at 12:09 PM ET

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Splice Streaming New Album

Splice has released new album "Mythological Deviance," which is now available online for streaming. Give the songs a listen below, or download the tracks on a name-your-price basis at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro 01:11
2. Fangs of the Viper 03:55
3. The Infernal Kali 03:51
4. When the Moon's Blood Colors the Sand 03:03
5. Perversion in Pompeii 03:24
6. Under the Sign of Celestial Legends 03:57
7. Necromantic Druid 03:45
8. Uku Pacha Rising 03:35
9. Amazonia River of Blood 03:49
10. Zhong Zui King of Ghosts 04:07
11. The Soul of Ayer's Rock 03:38 More...

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Minstrel Posts Lyric Video

Taiwan's Minstrel has posted a lyric video online for the song "Time Goes By," which can be viewed below. The track comes off the band's debut album "Departure For Daydream Orbit." The band also comments:

"The band spirit corresponds to the name Minstrel, which carries meaning of traveling poets with the same beliefs from all over the world.

"From meeting to understanding each other, we embark on the adventures together, sending out messages of faith and courage. Just like people from different origins, but gathered here and heading off together as Minstrel, and generate sparks and music that is solely ours.

"Our creative philosophy is to fuse different music for diversity, hoping to break the rigid image of metal music, which has only one single element. Using metal as the base and principle, we take on the challenge to combine more music elements to produce more refreshing breakthroughs and generate different resonances with pure, heart touching music."

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Deathember Posts Guitar Playthrough Video

Swedish groove metallers Deathember have posted a guitar playthrough video of the song ”Quietly,” taken from the debut album ”Going Postal," which is set to be released April 5th in Scandinavia and 19th in the rest of Europe. Check out the footage below.

Deathember earlier released a new single featuring Daniel Ädel (Vildhjarta, Uneven Structure) on guest vocals. The new song titled ”The Deprivation” is the second single to be released from the bands upcoming debut album ”Going Postal." Listen to the track at this location. More...

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XKrude Streaming New Song

After posting a music video online for the title track to "LaMadre," XKrude has now released another song from the album. Check out the track "Revienta" in the player below.

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El Schlong Offering Debut Album For Free Download

New Zealand's El Schlong is celebrating the band's 10th birthday, and to mark the occasion the debut album "The Baddies Are Coming" is now available as a free download via Bandcamp here. You can also stream the songs below. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Baddies Are Coming 06:16
2. Bungface 05:24
3. The Room 08:35
4. Composting 04:54
5. The Cow Jumped Over The Moon 06:58
6. Swing Accident 06:49
7. Arthur R Nevilleson-Robertson-Brown 05:30
8. Harbour Cone 10:52 More...

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Zierler Projects Issues Album Update

Mastermind Finn Zierler has posted an update online about the forthcoming Zierler Projects album, revealing that Daniel Bergstrand will be handling mixing duties on "Matrix I." Finn comments:

"I'm very excited to announce that we are entering the last stages of finishing the album. Currently working in 5 different studios. Acclaimed producer and a dear friend of mine, Jacob Hansen, is working on pre-drum work, his assistant in Russia on mappings, acclaimed producer Daniel Bergstrand, is preparing the mix sessions and has started on the drums, his assistant Rickard Sporrong is working on audio details and I'm gathering thousand and thousand of tracks doing the final setups, working on audio and doing the last minor adjustments. I'll later be flying to Sweden to work with Daniel Bergstrand who will be mixing the album. I'm absolutely thrilled about this - Daniel has been one of my personal fave producers for years. More...

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Diabolical To Release Book With New Album

Diabolical reveals that there is more to the new album “Neogenesis” than just a collection of songs. “Neogenesis” is also a novel telling the story of the end of the world and what lies beyond. The book is written by guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv and each chapter of the book is represented by a song on the album. Stjärnlöv explains:

“I’ve had this idea for many years and I’m very pleased that we went ahead and actually realized it. The novel tells the story of a man who fights to survive in a world that has come to an end. This struggle for survival is not only physical but also metaphysical and spiritual. The struggle of the protagonist is also a reflection of our struggle as human beings in a world which we cannot take for granted much longer.”

Stjärnlöv elaborates further on the book and the concept behind “Neogenesis” in the fourth installment of the band’s studio diary, available below. "Neogenesis" is due for release on the 19th of April via ViciSolum Productions and will be published as a media book (combined book and audio CD). More...

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Krokus Video Interview Available

The Metal Voice recently conducted an interview with Krokus vocalist Marc Storace, in which he talks about the release of Krokus' new album "Dirty Dynamite," the group's back catalog, and tour dates.

Marc Storace also responds to Dee Snider of Twisted Sister's negative comments about Krokus written in Snider's book "Shut Up and Give Me the Mic." Check out the video below. Krokus was covered in a recent edition of Sunday Old School, which can be read right here.

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Blame The Tyrant Streaming Debut Album

Blame The Tyrant has posted the band's debut album release "Fortunate Demise" online, which can be heard in the player below or purchased digitally at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Foundations 03:06
2. Hive Minds 03:36
3. Shadow Walk 04:57
4. Rivers 03:44
5. Age Against Us 05:03
6. Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura) 03:33
7. Sick Demands 02:36
8. As The Core Crumbles, The Shell Grows Thin 00:44
9. The Question 04:10
10. Fallen Giants 04:39 More...

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Eleos Posts New Demo Online

Stuttgart, Germany based metal band Eleos has posted a new demo online titled "The Shape of Imperfection." You can now stream the full release online via the lyric clips available in the YouTube playlist below. For more info on Eleos, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Sunday Old School: Gamma Ray

A short while ago, Sunday Old School took a look at German power metal heroes, Helloween, which was founded by guitarist Kai Hansen in 1984. Hansen left the group in 1989, only to return in some style a year later, with a new band that soon become one of the biggest and most influential in their field, Gamma Ray. The seeds of the group were sewn while Hansen was doing some studio work for countrymen, Blind Guardian, and decided to form his own project afterwards, teaming up with his friend, Ralf Scheepers, who would handle the vocal duties. The duo would soon become a quartet when they added bass player Uwe Wessel and drummer Mathias Burchardt. Despite the problems Hansen had previously had with the company, Gamma Ray signed a deal with Noise Records for their first album, "Heading For Tomorrow," which was released in February 1990 and was received very warmly by the music press and metal fans alike. Shortly after their debut was released, Gamma Ray made several changes by hiring a new drummer and guitarist in Uli Kusch and Dirk Schlächter respectively. This new incarnation of the band released an EP later that year entitled, "Heaven Can Wait," before releasing their first full length studio album together in September 1991, "Sigh No More." Despite it’s somewhat comic album cover, the record was significantly darker than, "Heading For Tomorrow," with lyrics covering topics such as the Persian Gulf War that was ongoing at the time.

Once the band returned from a Japanese tour, they made yet another lineup change, with founding bassist Uwe Wessel and Kusch leaving the group due to disagreements, with Kusch going on to join Helloween, making his debut on the fan favourite, "Master of Rings." The duo were replaced by bass player Jan Rubach and drummer Thomas Nack, who made their presence known to fans in 1993 with the third Gamma Ray album, "Insanity and Genius," which was recorded at the band’s own custom studio. "Insanity and Genius" was closer sonically to "Heading for Tomorrow," and likewise received some very positive reviews. It was notable for Hansen singing on the track, "Heal Me" and Schlächter performing vocal duties on the song, "Your Tørn Is Over." More...

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