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Metal News for March 12, 2012

Last updated on September 28, 2021 at 12:19 PM ET

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Pantera To Unveil Unreleased Song and Music Video

Pantera has announced via its official Facebook page that the band plans to release a new music video for the unreleased track "Piss," off the "Vulgar Display Of Power" recording sessions.

The band will premiere the song at the Revolver Golden Gods award show in celebration of the 20th anniversary of "Vulgar Display of Power." The music video will be the first from the band in twelve years.

Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul commented, "'Piss' is the only unheard complete Pantera track in existence. It was recorded at the same time as Vulgar Display of Power and it’s 100 percent Pantera with attitude and our signature groove! After mixing it, I can’t believe it didn’t make the record! So it’s 2012 and 20 years later and new Pantera music has been delivered. Cheers!"

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GWAR's Oduerus To Appear On Dan Patrick Show

GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus, having been banished from FOX News Channel's "The Red Eye," makes his return to the cable airwaves with a March 19 appearance on the Dan Patrick Show.

"I'm not gonna lie. I am a big Dan fan, and a proud member of the Dan-nation. I find his smarmy charm most ingratiating. I also hope he can help me with my hair," Oderus said.

"I'm not gonna lie...I hate people that say 'I'm not gonna lie'. I mean, what does that mean, that someone usually does lie when they talk to you?" he added. "That unless they preface everything they say to you with 'I'm not gonna lie", you should assume they are lying to you? Dan Patrick would never do that. Dan's a straight-shooter."

Oderus - in the midst of a U.S. tour with GWAR - is expected to talk sports on the show, which airs on DirecTV, Fox and Comcast sports channels. Besides talking about his new FEARnet TV show, "Holliston," and GWAR, he's expected to unveil his NCAA basketball bracket.

"I have the VCU Rams triumphing over the Jamaican bob-sled team," he cracked.

The show airs from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. EST.

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Jeff Loomis Streaming New Song Featuring Ihsahn

Jeff Loomis has teamed up with Decibel Magazine to premiere his new song "Surrender" featuring Ihsahn of black metal band Emperor. "Surrender" appears on the upcoming album "Plains Of Oblivion" that will be out on April 10 in North America and April 9 in Europe.

The track was featured on Full Metal Jackie's syndicated radio show this past weekend, and is now available on Decibel Magazine's Deciblog.

Jeff Loomis is honored to have Ihsahn as a guest on the record: "At first I thought Christine Rhoades would be the only guest singer on the record, but then this one song started coming together, it's pretty brutal. I've always wanted to do really, really heavy music and after hearing this, both Aaron and myself thought we needed some crazy, sick singer on it. We just sat around tossing names out for a bit, nothing really was sticking and then Aaron says, 'I got it ... Ihsahn' and it was one of those moments where you knew that was the answer all along, it just hadn't been unlocked in your mind yet. Anyway, a few short emails back and forth and we had his vocal track in. It came out amazing. I can't wait for you to hear it. Ihsahn, thanks again, it's an honor to have you on my record."

Ihsahn added: "I was both surprised and honored when Jeff asked me to sing on one of the songs for his upcoming album. He sent me a killer track, so it was easy to get inspiration for both words and vocal ideas, and I think it came out really well. Jeff is an amazing musician and I'm really looking forward to hearing the final album. Also, in the collaborative spirit, I got him to lay down a solo for my own new album."

A video teaser was released last week with audio snippets from every song off of "Plains Of Oblivion." The teaser can be seen here. More...

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Adamantine Reveals "Chaos Genesis" Details

Portugal's Adamantine will release the new album "Chaos Genesis" on April 3rd, 2012. Adamantine has been a hot topic in the band's home country being named by the biggest Portuguese Metal Magazine Loud! as the best “Unsigned Band” of 2010.

Recorded at Poison Apple Studios (Hills have Eyes, Before The Torn) between September and December and mastered by the renowned metal producer Tue Madsen (Moonspell, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity) ”Chaos Genesis” delivers ten tracks of electrifying riffs, groundbreaking songs that will leave any metal fan pleased.

Adamantine's frontman has high aspirations for this record: “I hope a lot of people will enjoy this album, I really think we got it right, after five years of hard work and a lot of road, we managed to write a record that can symbolize what we are as a band and musicians. Its fresh and different, not just some thrash or extreme metal, it’s a combination of raw power and melodic that makes ADAMANTINE. More...

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Deadborn Releasing New Album

Germany's Apostasy Records has set April 20th as the date on which technical death metallers Deadborn's "Mayhem Maniac Machine" will be released to the international masses. The album will have a slightly rougher and thicker production compared to 2007's acclaimed "Stigma Eternal." The nine songs feature arrangements that alternate between blast attacks and driving rhythms, combined with melodies and groovy elements.

The album was engineered, mixed and mastered with producer Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Dead Eyed Sleeper, etc). The songwriting and production match 90's tech-death with the modern sounds of today. Check out the tracklisting for "Mayhem Maniac Machine" below, plus the new song "Bionic Abomination" after the jump.

Premises Of Cryonics
Profanatic Reanimation
Bionic Abomination
Insane Motor Cortex
Replicants Device
Slaves Of Megatron
Reinvented Power Process
Second Order Cybernetics
Kraftwerk D More...

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Bible Of The Devil Announces U.S. Tour

Veteran Chicago Rock n' Roll band Bible of the Devil is set to strike out on the 14-date "In Raw We Trust" tour in support of their forthcoming release, "For the Love of Thugs and Fools," due out on May 8th via Cruz Del Sur Music. The band has also unveiled the artwork for the upcoming album, which is pictured after the jump. Tour dates are as follows:

May 4th Fri. Madison, WI @ The Frequency
May 5th Sat. Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
May 6th Sun. Rapid City, SD @ Budd Ugly's
May 8th Tues. Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room
May 9th Wed. Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
May 10th Thurs. Wichita, KS @ Barleycorn's
May 11th Fri. Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern
May 12th Sat. Albuquerque, NM @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
May 13th Sun. Las Cruces, NM @ The Train Yard (house party)
May 15th Tues. San Antonio, TX @ Nightrocker Live
May 16th Wed. Austin, TX @ Red 7
May 17th Thurs. New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
May 18th Fri. Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone Cafe
May 19th Sat. Carbondale, IL @ PK's


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SXSW Thrashes Metal Underground: Havok

With just a few days before the Metal Underground-sponsored Motorbreath Entertainment SXSW Showcase, we bring our readers a conversation with the event’s headliner, Havok. The Denver-based group possesses an unbridled energy rarely matched in the live arena. Although these alpine metallers play a style most educated listeners would categorize as thrash, the group has a crossover appeal. The group has supported many acts including Exhumed, Malevolent Creation, English Dogs, White Wizzard, Forbidden and many others. Havok’s riff-heavy style and vigorous stage energy has added legions of hair-flinging, air-punching fans, regardless of style.

Havok is currently working on a new EP entitled “Point of No Return.” The short recording will feature two new Havok tracks, as well as a cover of the Sepultura classic “Arise” and a Slayer Medley. Metal Underground caught singer/guitarist David Sanchez at home before the group embarks upon another tour (they leave today). A lively Sanchez expressed only positive sentiments about past and future tours (bar their canceled European tour). He also showed excitement about playing another year of SXSW and filled in details concerning the group’s new recording. More...

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Morbus Chron Signs With Century Media

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of Morbus Chron from Sweden. The label commend, "Often described as a perfect mix between Autopsy and Carnage, Morbus Chron clearly stands out as one of the most talented and promising bands among all of the new traditional death metal acts that have been popping-up in the scene for over 3 years now."

Morbus Chron added: "Always expect the unexpected. Morbus Chron are thrilled to join the ranks of Century Media Records. We know that with greater assistance and sturdier tools, the more clearly we can focus our attention solely on the music. So it is with big smiles that we ink this deal tonight. To keep the momentum going, we're entering Gutterview Studios in March/April to record our first 10" EP. Expect to have us around for a while." More...

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Headless Releasing New Singles

Early-90s Italian heavy metal act Headless is back. Two new singles from a forthcoming album are available for digital download online, both featuring very special guests Göran Edman (former JOHN NORUM, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) and drummer Scott Rockenfield (QUEENSRŸCHE, SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM).

The first single, "Primetime," is available via iTunes and Amazon. The second single, the brand new "Sink Deep In A Fairy Tale," was mastered in Hollywood, CA, at Universal Studios by Warren Sokol and can also be found at iTunes and Amazon.

The Headless lineup:
Walter Cianciusi - guitars
Dario Parente - guitars

Special guests:
Göran Edman - vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums

For more on Headless and to check out the band's music, head over to the group's Facebook profile or official website.

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Ghostfest 2012 Headliners Announced

Ghostfest is back and promises to top last year’s sold-out event with over 40 bands, three stages, even bigger names and an increased capacity to 2700. Taking place on the 30th of June / 1st of July at Leeds University Students' Union, the first headliners have now been announced as Emmure, All Shall Perish, and Comeback Kid.

Frankie Palmeri of Emmure says: "We’re really excited to be a part of GHOSTFEST this year, see ya in the pit."

All Shall Perish added, "Given we couldn’t make last years’ Ghostfest we’re really excited to be coming over to play the festival this year and the line-up looks incredible. Look forward to seeing you all there.”

They’re joined by Boston punks Defeater, tech-metal wizards The Haarp Machine, Ghost Music signings Silent Screams, melodic hardcore outfit Departures, noise-core mob Polar and fast rising Welsh boys Continents. More...

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Vorkreist Reveals New Album Details

The French maniacs of Vorkreist are back with their 4th album, "Sigil Whore Christ" - coming out April 24th in Europe and May 22nd in North America.

The band refers to the album as "catchy as hell, brutal as fuck, and still with this overwhelming feeling of sickness." Agonia Records also commented:

"Judging that a little dose of adrenaline can’t harm even the most sensitive ears, we sincerely hope that the vile and unclean metal that VORKREIST presents will rip your hearing and get your adrenaline going on rapidly!

"Recorded at Drudenhaus (Alcest, Les Discrets), the band managed to reach the exact sound they needed for their release: both powerful and dirty. This is truly a new age – comments Vorkreist - new label, new logo, strongest identity. VORKREIST is about to make a decisive step in its career." More...

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None Shall Pass Releases New Video

The Dutch melodic / hardcore metal band None Shall Pass has just released a music video for the song "Chaos out of Order" from the EP "Eve's Demise" (2012, Five by Five Records). Check out the video below, or download the full EP for free via the band's Facebook profile.

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Al Jourgenson Not Appearing At SXSW

Ministry has posted the following message online regarding reports that Al Jourgenson would be appearing at SXSW for a panel with Slipknot:

"Dearest Ministry Fans! Someone has erroneously issued a press release to media stating that Al Jourgensen will be attending SXSW and conducting a panel with Clown of Slipknot entitled 'Seeing Red Aesthetics & Visuals of Metal' scheduled for March 15th from 2:45 3:45 pm in Room 11AB at the Austin Convention Center.

"While 13th Planet supports both SXSW and Clown of Slipknot, no one ever contacted Al’s management to invite Al to participate in this panel, and Al WILL NOT BE attending SXSW nor participating in any panel of any kind whatsoever.

"Any notice or announcement of Al Jourgensen’s presence at SXSW or participation in any panel is FALSE." More...

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Shattered Destiny Posts Recording Footage

Shattered Destiny has posted a second video clip online chronicling the band's time working on the "Fragments" release, which can be found below. You can also find the previously posted first video here.

The “Fragments” EP will be available March 20th, 2012 through digital music services, and you can also check out some of Shattered Destiny's music via Facebook.

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Bilocate To Contribute Recipe To Metal Cookbook

Hani Al-Abbadi from the Jordanian dark oriental metal act Bilocate is going to share a recipe in the upcoming book "For Those About To Cook Pure Metal" by Bruce Moore. The following press release was issued about the book:

"For Those About To Cook Pure Metal is a collection of recipes, anecdotes and pictures from metal musicians from around the world. With contributions from numerous musical genres and countries, this is truly a multi-ethnic collector’s cookbook. Readers will be presented with recipes ranging from appetizers to full course meals and desserts.

"Pure Metal is more than a cookbook: it is also a fan collectible as it includes short informative biographies, high quality pictures of the artists (mostly in a kitchen setting)), pictures of the food and, in some cases, a quote about why the recipe or food is important to the contributor. Readers and fans will gain an insider’s view into the lifestyle and habits of the artists and bands; a sort of backstage pass or behind-the-scenes look into the lives of their favorite artists far from the stage and the studio."

Read more about the book via Facebook. The following bands will be appearing in the collection: More...

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Black Cobra Announces New Tour Dates

The planet's most dynamically wicked duo, Black Cobra, has been confirmed as one of the support acts for crossover kings Corrosion Of Conformity's June tour, the diverse lineup also including Torche and Gaza. The rampage will begin June 1st and surge clockwise through North America with 18 dates confirmed through June 23rd as of now.

This stateside trek will follow Black Cobra's scheduled European tour also supporting COC along with Zoroaster, the fun to begin on April 4th and leading up to the band's performance at the annual Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland.

Before that mayhem goes down, Black Cobra is already confirmed for some massive action at SXSW next week. Wednesday will see the 'Cobra coiled on stage at the ToneDeaf Touring showcase, sharing the stage with Saviours, Rwake, A Storm of Light, Zoroaster, and headliners Corrosion Of Conformity. Then on Friday they take the stage at the massive "Death Match" event -- hosted by Thrasher Magazine and Converse, curated by The Power of the Riff, Southern Lord and Brooklyn Vegan -- the monolithic day show featuring OFF!, Trash Talk, Ceremony, Heartless, Code Orange Kids, Deafheaven, Full Of Hell, Balaclava, Dead In The Dirt and headliners High On Fire, of course in addition to Black Cobra's devastating mid-lineup appearance. More...

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Chopstick Suicide Premieres New Song

An exclusive stream of "Shores are not for Vacancies," a track from Chopstick Suicide's upcoming album "Lost Fathers and Sons," can be listened to at this location.The new album from the Turkish math metal merchants will be released through Peyote Müzik on March 29th. The release is the band's fourth and second full-length, following 2008's "Recycle Your People" EP, 2010's "Loserville" full-length, and 2011's "Small People, Broken Glasses" EP.


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Ephel Duath Posts Studio Video Update Part II

Italian progressive post metal act Ephel Duath posted the second in a series of studio video reports from the recording of the band's upcoming EP, due in summer 2012 for Agonia Records.

In the following video guitarist/keyboardist Davide Tiso plays an extract from the song "Stardust Rain" and vocalist Karyn Crisis plays the song "Raqia":

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General Surgery Debuts Two New Songs

On the heels of signing with Relapse, General Surgery has just premiered two new songs that will be appearing on its new album "A Collection of Depravation," which will be released on March 27th. Check out the songs, "Foetal Mush" and "The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers" below.

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Devildriver Bassist Hospitalized With Pneumonia

DevilDriver bassist Aaron "Bubble" Patrick has been hospitalized with pneumonia which will force him to miss the kickoff of the band's Metal Alliance U.S. Tour with Devildriver, The Faceless, Job for a Cowboy, 3 Inches of Blood, Impending Doom and Wretched. Chris Towning, who played with Patrick in Bury Your Dead, will fill in for him.

For dates and venues for the Metal Alliance tour, head over to this location.

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Dave Mustaine Preview On Alex Jones Show Posted

Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine has sat down for an exclusive interview with controversial radio host Alex Jones for Jones' website infowars.com, which will be aired this Thursday, March 15. A preview clip can be seen below. Dave will reveal to Alex never before heard insights into Metallica, Megadeth, life on the road, politics, spirituality and his new album "TH1RT3EN."

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Colosso Releases New Album For Free

Experimental death metal outfit Colosso, which features Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve, Soilwork, Aborted, Devin Townsend) has released the “Abrasive Peace” album as a free download. You can get the tracks from the release via the band's official website. Also, three more versions of "Abrasive Peace" are available:

1) Limited edition digipack: three panel digipack, with full lyrics and a bonus track. Also includes immediate download of Full Digital Album.

2) Full Digital Album: immediate download of the album in MP3 320, FLAC or any other format, including full artwork, lyrics, rythm guitar tablatures for all songs, hidden bonus remix track by Neutropics, and two bonus tracks from the demo sessions.

3) Digital download through all major on-line stores (such as itunes, amazon, emusic etc.) will be available in the upcoming days.

Dirk Verbeuren says: "Crushing modern death metal with atmospheric sections that will swallow your brain. I truly believe death metal fans are gonna be seriously stoked with Colosso! This is gonna be a great band and a kick ass record, I’m very proud to be a part of it!!" More...

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The Great Old Ones Streaming New Song

French post-black metallers The Great Old Ones will be releasing "Al Azif" on April 27th, 2012. In anticipation of the upcoming album, the band is now streaming the title track online. Give the song a listen in the player below.

The album's track listing is as follows:

01. Al Azif - 7:56
02. Visions of R'lyeh - 6:55
03. Jonas - 9:29
04. Rue d'Auseil - 9:20
05. The Truth - 8:23
06. My Love for the Stars (Cthulhu Fhtagn) - 10:19 More...

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Accursed Spawn Reveals EP Details

Ottawa maniacal death metallers Accursed Spawn have announced they will be releasing their new EP "Engendering A Sociopath" during at two-day stint at Toronto's Hard Luck Bar and Ottawa's Cafe Dekcuf alongside New York death-grind legends Malignancy.

The track “Stabbed in the Dick” is currently available for streaming and download online here. The full EP track listing is as follows:

Engendering the Sociopath (intro)
Acid Bath Murderer
Stabbed in the Dick
Devoid of Conscience
Forcible Confinement

Tooma Productions also recently released footage of Accursed Spawn playing “Forcible Confinement” during a set at the Hammer Smashed Radio 4th anniversary bash alongside Immersed, Deamon, and Insurrection. Check out the video below. More...

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Archaios Posts Earthquake Relief Message

In addition to spreading their potent brand of melodic death metal far and beyond their Caribbean homeland, Dominican lifers Archaios have a philanthropic streak a mile wide, and are committed to charity and lending a helping hand to those in need.

The long-running group is no stranger to poverty and hardship, and with that in mind, has pledged to contribute 25% of all album sales for the recent Dark Canvas debut, "The Distant," to ongoing relief efforts for Haiti and Japan, two nations who were both hit hard by devastating natural disasters last year.

Below we have posted Archaios' video message to fans and comrades in metal, explaining the decision to make these donations and discussing the new record. More...

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Fallen Martyr Posts Drum Footage

Washington, D.C.'s Fallen Martyr has posted footage online of drummer Jake Ford performing the song "Soul Left Bare" on March 9th at The Tipsey Teapot. "Soul Left Bare" is taken off the band's upcoming debut full-length "Shadows," to be released soon through Siegen Records.


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Only The Dust Remains Pushes Back Album Release

Only the Dust Remains has checked in with the following update about pushing back the band's new album release date:

"The March 18th, 2012 release of Noctem Aeternam: Act I: Quem Deus Vult Perdere will be postponed last minute changes being made. Special guests to appear vocally on the album.

"This will take a little time for completion with scheduling, retracking and mastering. It will be worth the wait. We will keep you informed.

"In the meantime, we will be giving away a free download for 'Under A Darkened Sky' and two other tracks! Stay tuned!" More...

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Upon Shadows To Release New Single

Upon Shadows has announced the release of an upcoming advance single titled "The Way To The Pleiades," which will see release on April 1st, 2012. The cryptically commented, "A new travel to the female soul, this time breaking path to the oceans of space..."

"The Way To The Pleiades" will see release as a free digital download online featuring the track itself in along with artwork and a music video. For more on Upon Shadows, check out the band's MySpace page. More...

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Helstar Comments On Upcoming 30th Anniversary

Helstar has issued the following announcement about recording a live DVD at the band's upcoming 30th anniversary show:

"Counting down... 15 more days until we celebrate 30 Years of HELSTAR in Houston!!! So what can everyone expect at this epic celebration, aside from a chance to be apart of the recordings for the band's official live album/dvd release??

"A unique 20-song performance featuring material spanning the band's entire discography, including songs which haven't been played live in years!

"New merchandise!!! Here's a preview of our featured merch item: More...

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Nightrage Posts Guitar Playthrough Video

Nightrage has uploaded a video clip of member Marios Iliopoulos demonstrating how to play the "Surge Of Pity" song, which can be viewed below. "Surge of Pity" is taken from the "A New Disease Is Born" album (reviewed here), and the clip was filmed and edited at NR studios by Tom D. Hellfinger.

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Darkness By Oath Posts In Studio Video

Spanish melodic death metal band Darkness By Oath posted a new in studio video with a behind the scenes look at the recordings for the band's forthcoming third release "Near Death Experience." The album is expected for release on March 23, 2012 through Cyclone Empire Records.

The track listing for "Near Death Experience" is as follows:

1. Into The Gloom...
2. In An Obscure Eternity
3. Viole(n)t Intentions
4. N.D.E.
5. A Cry Of Terror (Voices From Nowhere)
6. Holloworld
7. Steams Of Blood
8. Unequivocal Evil Excitement
9. Fallen Angel Of Death
10. Last Emotion
11. Terror In Thousand Faces More...

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Awake Comments On Upcoming Hometown Show

Awake has issued the following statement about playing an upcoming hometown show and making an appearance at the Fused Festival:

"It's been far too long since our last hometown gig so we have booked The Portland Arms for Saturday 31st March. We are talking about the set list, lots of new album tracks and the odd surprise in store! We really would love to sell out again as we did for our anniversary gig, the crowd were seriously nuts that night, just the way it should be, Cambridge rocks!!

"We can't wait to be playing back in Cambridge before heading off to the Fused Festival in May. Fused is going to be massive this year with lots of bands coming across the water, confirmed to date are Leprous, Stream of Passion, Andromeda, Manticora and a whole bunch more TBC. Tickets are on sale now and once again are selling fast.

"For our hometown gig we thought we would do something a little different this time around, we've decided to bring with us THREE great out of town bands. Travelling around as much as we have over the last 11 years we know how difficult it can be for bands to break out and play gigs in new areas. Some promoters just won't take a chance on out of town bands. So, now we've booked you three new bands, giving you metal heads of Cambridge a chance to enjoy some new material on your doorstep we better tell you a bit about them! More...

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Malice Reveals Details Of "New Breed Of Godz"

Reunited U.S. power metal band Malice revealed the album art and track listing for the band's comeback release "New Breed of Godz." The album will consist of mostly re-recorded tracks with new vocalist James Rivera (Helstar/Seven Witches) as well as three new songs. The album was produced by Joe Floyd (Warrior) and will also be packaged with a DVD featuring rare live footage from 1987. "New Breed of Godz" will be released on May 22, 2012 (North America), May 25, 2012 (Germany) and May 28, 2012 (EU) through SPV/Steamhammer Records.

The band will go on tour in autumn 2012 and dates will be announced soon. Bass player Robert Cardenas (Agent Steel), who also recorded the new tracks in the studio, will step in for regular Mark Behn for live shows.

The track listing for "New Breed Of Godz" is as follows

1. New Breed Of Godz*
2. Hell Rider
3. Against The Empire
4. Branded*
5. Sinister Double
6. Circle Of Fire
7. Stellar Masters
8. Winds Of Death*
9. Air Attack
10. Chain Gang Woman
11. Slipping Through The Cracks*
12. Godz Of Thunder

* new tracks More...

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Element Of Eclipse Reveals New Album Track Listing

Element Of Eclipse has now revealed the track listing for the "Apotheosis" album, which can be found below. The band also commented:

"The wait is nearly over. Only bass and vocal tracks left to do for the Apotheosis album. Things are running smooth and going as planed 'Forcibly.'

"The album release date is still unconfirmed and will be announced in the very near future, but for now I reveal the total 9 triumphant tracks which are listed below. Also official Element Of Eclipse webstore coming soon with new merchandise, CD's, shirts, atickers etc. KEEP THE BLACK FLAME BURNING!"

II. VATICIDAL STORM (Autumnal Reaping Ov The Apocryphal Prophets)
III. THELEMIC VEHEMENCY (Auspicious Enterprise)
IV. ANTICHRISTIAN ASSAULT (Defeating The Legions Ov Error)
V. APHOTIC THRONE TRIUMPHANT (Horus On The Horizon Returns To Forever)
VII. RAVENOUS WONDER (Wolfish And Moon Blood)
VIII. URANEUS CROWNED (The Dark Side Ov The Sun)
IX. METAMORPHOSIS OV THE ADHERENT (Master Ov The Temple That Dwells In The City Ov The Pyramids)

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Ignition Code Streaming New Song

Italian melodic death metal band Ignition Code are streaming the new song "Organic Program Failure" (heard below). The song appears on the band's debut LP "NewTek Lie," which is due for release on March 17, 2012 through To React Records.

Check out "Organic Program Failure" here:

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Conan Streaming Debut Album "Monnos"

U.K. stoner/doom band Conan are streaming the entire new debut full length release "Monnos" exclusively through Metal Hammer's website at this location. The album is set for release on April 2, 2012 through Burning World Records.

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Merrimack Posts In Studio Footage

French black metal band Merrimack posted an in studio video for the recording of the band's fourth LP. The band is currently in Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, Sweden recording "The Acausal Mass." In this video, the band showcases the drum recordings. No release date for the new album has yet been announced.

Check out the video here:

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Unearthing The Electronic Metal Underground

Each week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to get the word out about them. This week I take on bands that fuse metal with industrial/electronic elements.

Over the years this genre has adopted many names: industrial metal, techno metal, electronic metal. The infusion of industrial/electronic elements into rock and heavy rock can be traced back to the late ‘80’s with Ministry and Die Krupps and then followed by Godflesh, Fear Factory. In the early ‘90’s. the industrial scene hit its stride and started branching off on its own. The more popular branches leaned out towards more alternative metal/rock like Korn, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein. However, there was also a branch with bands like Invincible Spirit and God is LSD who kept the sound distinctly metal. It is this branch of the genre that we will concentrate on today.

It was in the early 90’s when electronic elements also found a way into the black metal scene with the emergence of Norway’s Mysticum. However, Samael best defined it with the “bridge to the future” and appropriately titled “Ceremony of Opposites” in 1994. In the early 2000’s, electronic elements began to be incorporated into power metal with the emergence of bands like Cyberya and Illidiance. This week we introduce three bands with their own distinct sounds: Neurotech, Jesus on Extasy and Octagone. More...

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Ahab Unveils New Album Title and Cover Art

German funeral doom band Ahab has announced that the band's forthcoming third LP will be entitled "The Giant," and is scheduled for a May 2012 release month through Napalm Records. Enslaved keyboardist/vocalist Herbrand Larsen will make a guest appearance on the album. The vinyl edition of the release will contain two bonus tracks.

Check out the album artwork here:

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Cradle Of Filth Unveils Orchestral Album Cover Art

Cradle of Filth unveiled the album art for the band's orchestral album "Midnight in the Labyrinth" (seen below), which reinvents tracks from the band's first four albums. The reworks add choirs, strings and narration by frontman Dani "Filth" Davey. The release is scheduled for April 21, 2012 in participating countries as a limited 2CD edition. Guest vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva will provide additional vocals the first CD. The album promises to be a full-on horror film soundtrack in the vein of Danny Elfman, Christopher Young or Jerry Goldsmith.

The release will consist of ten songs spanning 78 minutes (including the addition of a thirteen minute exclusive aural séance on CD1), and will include reworks of songs such as "Funeral In Carpathia," "The Twisted Nails Of Faith" and "Summer Dying Fast," which appeared as a teaser on the 2011 mini-album "Evermore Darkly" (see Metal Underground's review here.

The album artwork can be seen here: More...

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Powerwolf Footage From Russia Hits Web

Footage from German power metal band Powerwolf's first performances in Russia has surfaced on the web. The following video was from the band's performance in Moscow at the Plan B Club on February 4, 2012 and features the track "We Drink Your Blood" from the band's latest effort "Blood of the Saints."

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Falloch Posts In Studio Footage

Scottish act Falloch posted in studio and behind the scenes video footage of the band's preparation for its upcoming U.K. Tour. The band also discusses Norway socks and the djent genre in general.

Check out the video here:

Falloch in The Studio from Grant Philp on Vimeo.

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Be'lakor Unveils Album Artwork & Track Listing

Australian melodic death metal band Be'lakor announced that it's third LP will be entitled "Of Breath and Bone" and will be released on June 4, 2012 through Prime Cuts Music. The album's artwork and track listing can be seen below.

The track listing for "Of Breath and Bone" is as follows:

1. Abeyance
2. Remnants
3. Fraught
4. Absit Omen
5. To Stir the Sea
6. In Parting
7. The Dream and the Waking
8. By Moon and Star More...

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Mnemic Names New LP, Unveils Artwork

Danish modern metallers Mnemic have set the title of the forthcoming fifth release as "Mnemesis." The release date for the album has not yet been announced, but it is expected later this year through Nuclear Blast Records. The album's artwork can be seen here:

Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie had the following comments on the new album's progress:

We can say that the new record is done, completed and our mission is finally accomplished. Since the disruption and chaos within the band last year, and the acquirement of new members, I never thought we would make it this far. Today everything converged and we ascended from the depths of turmoil, catharsis and hard work everyone has put into this new record, which is entitled 'Mnemesis'. Yes, again we chose something no one can pronounce, just like our band 'mname.'

For the ones that are curious about our new opus, I can say it's more melodic than what we've done in the past, but at the same time more energetic and not so technical. We tried to incorporate the traditional MNEMIC-esque sound and universe into the compositions, as good as we could. At the same time, we tried to move forward, like everything else in life. All in all, it's more of an atmospheric and melodic record, at least for me.

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Mortal Sin Names New Vocalist

Australian thrash metal legends Mortal Sin announced that Nekrofeist vocalist Dave Tinelt will take the reigns as vocalist from the departed Mat Maurer, who left the band this past February.

The band posted the following on its Facebook Page:

Well here it is guys, we would like to welcome to the Sinners camp our new frontman and all round top guy Dave Tinelt, Dave comes to us from another great aussie band Nekrofeist, we are very excited for him to join the family, our first show with Dave will be this saturday at Venom in sydney more shows to follow in the next few weeks. more news coming.....

For a sample of Tinelt, check out the official video for Nekrofeist's "Kills Everything:" More...

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Tankard Enters The Studio

German thrash metal veterans Tankard has announced that they have entered a studio in Buchen/Odenwald to record their next album. This will be their first album for their new label, Nuclear Blast Records and will be produced by Michael Mainx, who said about the album:

"I'm really looking forward to go on the second round with Tankard to record the songs for their 30-years anniversary album worthily and sustain the successful and direfully work together with the thrash metal veterans from Frankfurt."

Lead vocalist Andreas Geremia added: "We're shaking like a leave because it's very near that Michael Mainx is going to screw us again... sternness apart: we are also very excited about working with him together again. Especially I, as the singer of the band, treasured him because at Vol(l)ume 14 he brought out the best in me, had ingenious ideas and was the bodily patience! Let's do it again!"

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Nightwish Posts Live Footage From Finnish Tour

Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish posted live footage from the band's ongoing Finnish tour in support of "Imaginareum." The footage was recorded from the Friday, March 9th show in Jyväskylä.

Check out the video here:

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Ensiferum Posts Studio Diary: Week 4

Finnish viking/folk masters Ensiferum has been posting progress videos on the recordings of the yet untitled fifth release and follow up to the 2009 release "From Afar." In the fourth installment, This week Petri Lindroos and Markus Toivonen record more guitars and throw in a foreign string instrument.

Check out the video here (click "CC" for English subtitles): More...

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Zero Degree Offers Free Download Of New Song

German melodic death metal act Zero Degree is offering the song "Tomorrow Dies Today" as a free download at this location). The online stream of the song can be heard at this location. The track is from the band's debut LP "Surreal World," which was originally self-released by the band in 2010, but now will be released worldwide through Massacre Records on March 23, 2012.

The track list for "Surreal World" is as follows:

1. The Door to the Unknown
2. Tomorrow Dies Today
3. Frozen Alive
4. The Storm and the Silence
5. Grapes of Wrath
6. Whispering Age
7. Virus
8. Disease
9. Surreal World
10. Where Angels Die
11. The Fog

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