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Metal News for March 11, 2021

Last updated on August 5, 2021 at 3:25 AM ET

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Unearthing The Metal Underground: Malformity

Atlanta’s Malformity released some crushing demo material in the nineties. It was meat 'n potatoes death metal in many regards, but there was a unique delivery and an undeniable sense of passion underlying their dark death metal assault that bridged the gap between burly American death metal and melodic death metal that's more in line with the European variety. But they weren’t much more than a flash in the pan, having only existed for a few years. But metal wasn’t “just a phase” for bassist/vocalist Eric Snodgrass and guitarist/vocalist Dan Ratanasit. Nearly 20 years after disbanding in 1995, the metal maniacs converged once more in 2014 to rekindle their death metal flame. And they haven’t looked back since. More...

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Capra Posts New Single Online

On April 23rd, Capra will release their debut full-length, "In Transmission," via Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the album, the new single, "Samuraiah Carey", can be heard below. The band's guitarist Tyler Harper also recently spoke with Metal Underground, which can also be seen below.

Formed in 2016 by guitarist Tyler Harper and drummer Jeremy Randazzo, who had previously worked together in multiple projects, Harper had just come out of a 90-day stint in rehab and was looking to focus on something new. The initial idea was to create something that would be fresh while still giving listeners a sense of nostalgia for the sounds of the late 90's and early 2000's hardcore and punk scenes. After going through a few line-up changes, they ultimately added bassist Ben Paramore and vocalist Crow Lotus, and everything came together. "This band symbolizes that hard work, determination, passion, and drive can lead to success. We're all very outspoken on our past struggles and intend to help others that feel like they're in a hole so deep that they can't climb out of it," Harper asserts. In Transmission is literally the culmination of years of hard work, reflecting everything they have been writing and pouring into the band since solidifying the lineup. "We wanted it to be the heaviest and most complete record we could possibly lay down, composed of only the best songs we've written over years of playing together. It's the best set of songs we've ever had, and we're all extremely proud of them, and each other, so we hope it sounds like a total passion project - because it is," says Paramore.

Predominantly tracked in December 2019, In Transmission was recorded with Jai Benoit (Golgothan, Father Rust), then mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastered by Brad Boatwright (Pig Destroyer, Integrity, Torche, Idle Hands). The only exceptions were "Mutt," "Transfiguration," and "Deadbeat Assailant," which were recorded during the pandemic lockdown, and required the members to go into the studio individually to lay down their parts rather than all going in together. The hardest aspect of making the record turned out to be naming it. "We went through a plethora of titles trying to find what we felt was the perfect name," Paramore says. "We've been sitting on the majority of this record since the end of 2019 and had originally hoped to send it out to the masses mid-summer, but thanks to the pandemic, all of that obviously got pushed back. In a lot of ways, this is a message we've been trying to send out that has essentially been stuck or lost in transmission for a year now, and we're all ready for that message to finally be received." More...

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Helloween Reveals New Album Details

This was the ardent wish of thousands of fans calling out to Andi Deris, Michael Kiske, Michael Weikath, Kai Hansen, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner and Dani Löble during the Pumpkins United World Tour - and their dream has come true! With the upcoming album, simply titled Helloween, the band opens a new chapter after a glorious 35 year long career. The future of one of the most influential German metal bands will feature three singers. Originally planned for the live performances only, it was the birth of a unique seven piece metal alliance.

Dani Löble: "This record is the coronation of the Pumpkins United journey! I have always been fascinated by the different character traits and facets of Helloween's history. For example the legendary voices of Michi, Andi and Kai. To enjoy them now together on one record, under one flag is the ultimate Helloween experience”. It is therefore not surprising that the upcoming single "Skyfall" (out on April, 2nd), a 12 minute epos written by Kai Hansen, has the long yearned for “Keeper-vibe” - even if the full album can by no means be limited to just that. "Skyfall" carries a musical arch that will be loved by fans of every era. This first album of this new age will take fans from unforgettable memories of their fifteen studio records and four live CD’s to new adventures.

"Skyfall" begins with a bang. The epic track describes an alien landing on earth and a dramatic chase while Kiske, Deris and Hansen duel with each other in a truly breathtaking manner. Produced by Martin Häusler, it is the most elaborate video clip in the history of the band. Portrayed via truly cinematic 3-D animation, this video is a real high end experience. More...

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Iotunn Guitarist Discusses Debut Album

As we've said a few times, 2021 maybe carrying on the gloom of the previous year, but there's already been so many amazing debuts. From Frozen Soul to Everdawn to the promising, upcoming Capra full length. Another band who's already grabbed a few ears is Copenhagen's own, Iotunn, who unleashed their mind bending first album, "Access All Worlds" at the end of last month. Adding to the ever growing stack of amazing Danish metal bands, this progressive quintet took inspiration from the cosmos to forge an album well worth your time and money.

To find out more about the album, the meanings behind it, its story, recording and much more, I spoke with Jens Nicolai Gräs, one of the band's guitarists, who shed light on this beautiful, if sonically punishing release. You can watch the interview in full below. More...

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Troberoth Premiere New Song & Music Video

Costa Rican thrash metal quartet Troberoth have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to exclusively premiere their new song and music video "Extermination", taken from their impending new album "Fallen Angel". The record which will be co-released by Satanath Records' label-partner GrimmDistribution (Ukraine) and Sanatorio Records (Costa Rica) on April 2nd, 2021.

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Stortregn Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Switzerland's blackened technical death metal band Stortregn premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's impending new album "Impermanence". The record comes out this Friday via The Artisan Era.

Check out now "Impermanence" in its entirety below.

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Currents Premiere New Music Video

Currents premiere a new music video helmed by Chris Klumpp for their track “Kill The Ache” from their 2020 outing “The Way It Ends“.

Explain the band: More...

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Vitriol Premiere New Official Live Music Video

Vitriol premiere a new official live music video for “The Parting Of A Neck“ streaming for you below. Dylan S-C helmed the clip production.

Says frontman Kyle Rasmussen: More...

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Erra Premiere New Single"Shadow Autonomous"

Erra's new advance track “Shadow Autonomous” has premiered online streaming via YouTube for you below. It’s the fifth song off the band’s new self-titled album to be shared ahead of its March 19th release of through UNFD.

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