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Metal News for February 28, 2010

Last updated on September 21, 2021 at 12:09 PM ET

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New Irreverence Album To Feature Tom Angelripper

Italian thrashers IRREVERENCE have tapped Sodom frontman Tom Angelripper as a special guest on their upcoming new album, "Upon These Ashes," which is due out March 5, 2010 through Noisehead Records. The SODOM frontman has finished the recording sessions of his own vocal parts on "Echoes of War" and has declared himself satisfied of his involvement. In the words of the legendary singer: "Its great, pure thrash!!!"

Again, the tracklisting for "Upon These Ashes" is as follows:

1. Not One Of Them
2. The Shepherd Dog
3. Hands Of Fate
4. The Truth Mask
5. Echoes Of War
6. Nothing on my Mind
7. Repentance of God
8. Destructive Deviations
9. Vengeance
10. Instinct of Death

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Wormfood Signs to Deadlight Entertainment

WORMFOOD recently announced its signing to DEADLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT (Undercover Slut, Bukowski, Livarkahil), who will release its new album next autumn. The band's new album is titled "Posthume" and contains eight tracks in the vein of Type O Negative, Ange and Paradise Lost including a cover of Stephan Eicher's "Des Hauts et des Bas" and features guest appearance by Paul Bento (Carnivore, Type O Negative) on Sitar and eletronic tempura.

Here's the tracklisting of "Posthume":

1. Les Noces sans Retour
2. Vanité des Amants
3. Troubles Alimentaires
4. Passage à Vide
5. Salope
6. Des Hauts et des Bas
7. Le Seul Amour
8. EWB28IF

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Eyes Set To Kill Posts "Deadly Weapons" Video

Arizona's Eyes Set To Kill has posted a new music video online for the song "Deadly Weapons." The video clip can be viewed below. "Deadly Weapons" is off the band's 2009 album "The World Outside."

Eyes Set To Kill also have the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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As My World Burns Updates Tour Schedule

Spanish death metallers As My World Burns have updated their tour schedule with the following three upcoming dates:

3/5 2010 @Irish Brewer Tavern w/ Eternal Storm + Massakrator VILLALBA Collado Villalba, Madrid
3/27 2010 @ Ritmo y Compas - Burning You!! Festival 2º Aniversario Madrid, Madrid
6/23 2010 @ Sala Caracol w/ BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME + VorticE Madrid, Madrid

Sample As My World Burns songs are available for streaming through their MySpace page.

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Dark Arena Posts Live Performance Footage

Ohio metallers Dark Arena have posted two live video clips online for two unreleased tracks. The video clips for "Father Evil" and "The Last Temptation" can be viewed below.


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Akercocke Parts Ways With Guitarist Matt Wilcock

Matt Wilcock, guitarist of Akercocke, has issued the following update regarding his departure from the band:

"After 5 years with Ak, and a lot of good times, its now time for me to move on. Musically, im differing a bit with the natural path that akercocke’s taking, so it’s best for me to part ways now. Theres no shit between anyone, and im thoroughly looking forward to going out with a bang, (or blast) on these last 4 shows. Full respect to the guys, especially Jason and Dave. Ill be continuing to work with Dave on The Antichrist Imperium which will be up and running very soon. Also much respect to everyone ive met on the road and at shows etc…
Death metal!"

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Fallen Figure Updates Tour Schedule

California metallers Fallen Figure have updated their upcoming tour schedule with the following string of dates:

3/18 2010 ECLIPSE [+18] Carson, California
3/25 2010 SUZY’S [FUND RAISER] Hermosa Beach, California
4/1 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Bakersfield/Fresno/Modesto, California
4/2 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Chico/Redding, California
4/3 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Eugene, Oregon
4/4 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Corvalis/Portland, Oregon
4/5 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Tacoma, Washington
4/6 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour [THE CRETIN HOP] Spokane, Washington
4/7 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour [BRAWL STUDIO] Garden City, Idaho
4/8 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour [THE OUTER RIM] Salt Lake City, Utah
4/9 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Las Vegas, Nevada
4/10 2010 Fallen Figure & Fallujah Tour Riverside/Rancho Cucamonga, California
6/18 2010 THE OLD WORLD BREWERY [GET WET FEST 2 DAY 1] Phoenix, Arizona

You can also hear several Fallen Figure tracks through the band's official MySpace page.

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Swallowed To Release New EP

Finnish doom/death metal band Swallowed has issued the following update about releasing a new 7" EP:

"New Swallowed recording will be out really soon. The EP is currently at the pressing plant and the test presses should arrive in a few weeks. The music is floating towards slower path and new songs are more doomier than the songs on our previous releases. This EP will be available for wholesale."

The track listing for the EP is as follows:

1. Unsavorably
2. Black Phlegm
3. The Dying Misted In The Bloodstream

You can also check out sample Swallowed tracks at their MySpace page.

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Human Scum Streaming New Songs Online

Finland's Human Scum recently took a trek to MD studios from February 22nd to 24th, 2010 to record two new songs. The tracks "Human Race" and "Rape" have been finished are now online and available for streaming via the official Human Scum MySpace page.

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Metal Horde Singapore Announces Metal For A Cause

Metal Horde Singapore will be launching "Metal For A Cause" to aid Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake. Metal Horde will send the funds to Red Cross, who will channel the funds to the International Federation of Red Cross. Here are the show details:

Date: Friday, March 12, 2010
Time: 6:30pm - 11:30pm
Location: Blackhole 212, Syed Alwi Road

The lineup so far includes:

Meza Virs
Age of Sinfonia More...

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Diluvian Streaming Two New Songs

French death metallers Diluvian are set to release their new album "Epidemic" in May of 2010 via Deepsend Records. The band is now streaming two new tracks online from the upcoming album. The songs "Beholding The Ocean's Throne" and "A Sleeping Cancer" can be heard at the Diluvian MySpace page. Diluvian has also announced the following upcoming tour date:

10/9 2010 Catering Cafe [ + MALARIAH + TORTURED SOUL] Héricourt, Franche-Comté

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Lifeless Recording New Songs

German death metal act Lifeless has issued the following update about recording two new songs:

"Currently we are recording two new songs. A cover of Dismember`s 'Casket Garden' as bonus track for the re-release of 'Beyond...' and a brand new track called 'Death To The Bone' that is supposed to be on the movie-soundtrack for Afterpartymassacre. Keep you posted."

Lifeless also has the following upcoming tour dates:

4/30 2010 - Symposium of sickness II BlueBox, Siegen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
5/29 2010 - Metal Night Neuss , Neuss, Nordrhein-Westfalen
9/17 2010 - NRW-Deathfest, Wermelskirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
9/18 2010 - @ JC Erebos, Spremberg, Brandenburg

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Adust Announces New Guitarist

U.K. metallers Adust have issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist:

"Hi All, firstly i want to thank each and every person that applied to be our guitarist, we had to sort through many talented applicants and after our search we finally came to a decision... Ladies and Gentlemen we give you Mr. Paul Benford. We are all pleased to welcome Paul into the Adust family, he is a very talented guy who has the attitude and personality to match, the winning formula in our eyes!' Please all show him some love and support and we will see you in may for our first shows as the new line up."

Paul Benford also commented: "When I was given the opportunity to audition for Adust, I took it due to having a chance to play a different style (heavier should I say!) of music and I was also looking for a new challenge that would push my potential. I can't wait to play with the band and get up on stage again which I have missed greatly. Really looking forward to it and seeing everyone!"

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Vrangsinn Offering "Phobia" As Free Download

"Phobia," the new multi-media project from Carpathian Forest bass player Vrangsinn, was released today on Misantrof ANTIRecords, and is available both via free download, and as a DVD with free audio CD, for purchase. The DVD is produced in batches of 100 copies, with each individual batch of 100 varying slightly from the others in terms of artwork. The entire project comprises a DVD, CD, Mp3 audio, and Mp4. In the case of the free download, Misantrof also offers fans the option of a free CD/DVD burning application, so that anyone downloading the album can burn their own DVD should they wish to. More information can be found at this location.

"Phobia" was debuted at the "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Key To The World" exhibition at the Kurant Art Gallery All in Tromso at the end of last year. The music, instruments, vocals, lyrics, video, and animation were written, performed, produced, and engineered by Daniel Vrangsinn, with friends and fellow musicians lending a hand here and there. The whole project was thirteen months in the making, with the booklet animation taking up almost two thirds of that time. 40's style animation techniques were used, and Vrangsinn animated all the lyrics, word for word, using ink and paper and a photo camera. The DVD also contains multiple audio tracks including one with the music without vocals, which, according to Vrangsinn, gives you an instant karaoke machine that was included as a joke, since he believes his voice is somewhat unusual and takes some getting used to and that if people “don’t fucking like it, they have the option to turn it off."

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Circus Maxiums Streaming New Song

Norwegian metallers Circus Maximus are currently streaming a new track online. The song "Silence" can be heard through the official Circus Maximus MySpace page. "Silence" was included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of their 2007 album "Isolate."

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DragonForce Members To Play At Musikmesse

DragonForce members Herman Li, Sam Totman, and Dave Mackintosh will be doing two special performances together at Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany for Ibanez guitars, Tama drums, and Meinl cymbals. More information on Musikmesse can be found at this location. The details of the appearances are as follows:

Friday 3/26 2010 - Frankfurt, Germany - Musikmesse Agora Stage, 13:30 - 14:00
Saturday 3/27 2010 - Frankfurt, Germany - Musikmesse Agora Stage, 13:00 - 13:30

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Machinery Writing New Material

Sweden's Machinery has checked in with the following update about writing new material:

"Yo boys & girls! Been slacking on updates and such, but tbh...it has been quiet for some time! We are mainly focusing to get the band chemistry going and it feels very good with Dennis in the gang! Finally we got some gigs going and i got a feeling there is more to come! I´ve been on writing mode for quite some time now and have TONS of new material, but as you are aware we are currently without a label. We are currently shopping around and hopefully that will be sorted pretty soon! To be continued friends...."

Machinery also has the following upcoming tour dates:

3/19 2010 KGB Stockholm, Stockholms län
3/25 2010 Debaser Slussen Stockholm, Stockholms län
4/1 2010 Harry B James Stockholm, Stockholms län

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Otargos Films "Cloning The Divine" Video

French black metallers Otargos have finished filming a video for their song "Cloning the Divine." The band issued the following statement about the video shoot:

"Directed by Federico A. and his professional staff, Otargos has finished all filming session of the upcoming video clip. Some pictures were added! Check it out! Of course, all greatest and principal scenes of the video clip are not unveiled yet! You have to be patient ! To be continued...."

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Haken Streaming New Song "Eternal Rain"

U.K. based prog metallers Haken are currently streaming a new track online. The song "Eternal Rain," which is off their upcoming album "Aquarius," can be heard via the band's official MySpace page. The new album "Aquarius" is set to be released on March 30th 2010, via Sensory Records.

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The Secret Signs To Southern Lord Records

Italian metal band The Secret has announced their signing to Southern Lord Records. In April The Secret will enter Godcity Studio in Salem, MA with producer Kurt Ballou to record their Southern Lord debut album, “Solve et Coagula.”

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Slumber Completes Recording of New Album

Slumber has issued the following studio update announcing the completion of the recording of their new album:

"We have finished our intense four weeks of recording. Even though we spent five years preparing, four weeks were hardly enough for the massive nature of this album. But needless to say, maybe no time had ever been enough. Everything just keeps growing and growing. Now only vocals and mixing remains wich will be done witihin the month."

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Killem Parts Ways With Guitarist David Marin

Killem has announced the departure of guitarist David Marin.

The band comments, "This hard decision has been taken by both sides mainly due to David's labour situation, which makes it almost impossible for him to keep with the band's live and promotional activities, and also because of some musical differences. We wish our long term friend the best in his future musical ventures and hope to see him soon on the road!"

"Killem will continue with its current live activity, and we'll announce a few new dates very soon."

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Sunday Old School: Hirax

Thrash metal has grown to become one of the most popular sub-genres in the history of metal. It has it's stars of course such as Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and it has the band's with more of a large cult following such as Exodus and Testament. But like any other movement, it also has it's forgotten heroes. When researching the original thrash metal scenes, one will inevitably stumble upon a band named Hirax, one of the most dedicated and unique bands in the field.

Like many other thrash metal bands in the 1980s, they were signed to Metal Blade Records, through which they released two studio albums. "Raging Violence" in 1985 and "Hate, Fear And Power" the following year. The second album was a rushed release thanks to pressure from the label and clocked in at just over sixteen minutes, featuring only eight songs. Frontman Katon De Pena left the band not long after, due to internal tensions and what he saw as bad label management, forming the short-lived band Phantasm with original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney and Dark Angel drummer Gene Hoglan. Hirax themselves replaced Katon with former Exodus frontman Paul Baloff, though they decided to call it a day not long after.

The band would reunite with the original lineup in 2000 and released the "El Diablo Negro" EP the same year, however the reunion was not to last as by the next year, Katon De Pena was the only original member left in the band. Since then he has kept Hirax going strong, releasing several EPs and two studio albums, "New Age Of Terror" (2004) and "El Rostro de la Muerte" (2009), as well as building up a strong fan base in South America. More...

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Clutch Announces U.S. Tour Dates

American hard rock outfit Clutch has announced a series of headlining shows across the United States. Supporting them on the trek will be Canadian rocker Danko Jones.

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Carnifex Announces North American Tour Dates

Carnifex has announces a headlining tour of North America, due to kick off at the beginning of April. Joining them on the tour will be British band Annotations Of An Autopsy, Suffokate, Your Demise and Upon A Burning Body.

Speaking about the tour, Annotations Of An Autopsy guitarist Jamie Sweeney commented: "As some of you may be aware, we missed the chance to tour the states at the end of 2009 with Dying Fetus and The Faceless because of visa difficulties. We promised you we would be back over as soon as we could and we've kept that promise. You'll find us touring the states with Carnifex at the beginning of April, we're really looking forward to this tour and to seeing you all at the shows! Make sure you come along and witness some of the heaviest bands of their genre doing what they do best!"

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Metallica Announces Show In Israel

American heavy metal legends Metallica has announced that they will be performing in Israel for the first time since 1999, with a show scheduled for May 22nd at Ramat Gan Stadium. This will be Metallica's third time visiting the country. Stay tuned for further information.

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Anaal Nathrakh Begins Work On New Album

British extreme metal outfit Anaal Nathrakh has announced that they have begun work on their next studio album, the follow up to last year's effort, "In The Constellation Of The Black Widow." The new album will likely be released through Candlelight Records, who released the band's last album. Stay tuned for further details.

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