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Metal News for December 8, 2022

Last updated on March 30, 2023 at 5:13 PM ET

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Headline News

Before The Dawn To Release First Album In 10 Years

Napalm Records proudly announces the signing of Finnish melodic death metal band Before The Dawn! Formed in 1999, chart-cracking Before The Dawn reigned as one of the most successful Finnish metal bands of the early 2000’s, and since their burial in 2013, hundreds of thousands of new fans have discovered their music on streaming platforms, entirely without promotion or labels involved. Did the music find the people, or the people find the music - one can’t be sure, but after being inactive for almost a decade, Before The Dawn now returns stronger than ever!

Before The Dawn are currently back in the studio and ready to take to stages with a brand new lineup. The band originated as Finnish Metal Award winning Tuomas Saukkonen’s (Wolfheart) solo project, but throughout the years, there have been several lineup changes. With the new exciting lineup, the band introduces its biggest changes so far. Previous guitarist and vocalist Saukkonen has moved behind the drums, and talented Voice Of Finland 2022 finalist Paavo Laapotti has taken on all vocalist duties. The Finns have fully transformed into their new power and are ready to reconquer the scene!

Sebastian Münch, A&R, Napalm Records states:
"Tuomas Saukkonen and I have been working together with Wolfheart for a couple years now and from time to time we talked about bringing Before The Dawn back.

"Last year, when the band released the single 'The Final Storm', I was absolutely amazed by how good the new song turned out. Now being part of releasing a new full length studio album, and it being the first one in over a decade, is a great honor!"

Tuomas Saukkonen comments on the signing:
"One cornerstone of the Before The Dawn comeback plan and fundamental criteria was that we needed to find strong enough partners, in addition to our long time Fin label Stay Heavy Records, that will raise the band to a whole new level after a decade of slumber. We could not be happier about the newly signed contract with the mighty Napalm Records and we are absolutely ecstatic for the fact that the new Before The Dawn album will be in the best possible hands when it sees the light of the day worldwide in 2023."

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Trespass Signs With From The Vaults

From The Vaults is extremely proud to announce the signing of British unsung NWOBHM heroes, Trespass. The band, led by guitarist/vocalist Mark Sutcliffe, formed in Suffolk in the late 70s as Track IV, will release its fourth studio album in May 2023. The set of songs, written at Mark's home studio and recorded at Crooks Hall Studios (all in the wilds of Suffolk), will feature the signature twin guitars of Sutcliffe and Joe Fawcett, alongside the energy provided by new bassist Wil Wilmot and drummer Jason Roberts. The cover artwork will be provided by Mark Wilkinson (Marillion, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest).

"We are very pleased and excited that our new album is to be released on the From The Vaults label," Mark states. “This is a very special album of songs that are very personal to me, both in subject matter and feel. We wanted to show more facets of the music of Trespass and I am confident, we have achieved that. The current lineup is a joy to be part of and it shows in the music!"

"I hope very much that loyal Trespass fans, that have followed us since those great days of the NWOBHM, loving songs such as 'One Of These Days' and 'Stormchild' will find something here among these new songs they can enjoy every bit as much. We can’t wait to share them with you, be it on CD, vinyl or download. And of course live!" the musician concludes More...

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Hellripper To Release New Album In February

Having released the masterful "The Affair of the Poisons" in 2020 on Peaceville Records, James McBain and his electrifying brand of blackened thrash fast propelled Hellripper to the forefront of the UK metal scene – now get ready for "Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags" - Hellripper’s third studio album, due for release on 17th February.

"Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags" establishes a new threshold of excellence and raises the bar further over "The Affair of the Poisons," with an opus standing at the crossroads between the sound that Hellripper has become known for and a whirlwind of different influences up until now yet to be explored, resulting in James McBain’s most personal and diverse work to date. With a greatly expanded scope to the tracks, incorporating more epic and melodic blackened anthems alongside the high-speed metal attack and blistering solos, "Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags" marks a new high point for the band.

Inspired by the landscapes and legends of the Scottish Highlands, McBain explores the darker side of Scottish history & folklore - the title itself taken from a line in the Robert Burns poem, ‘Address to the Deil’ - as well as including references to clan culture (including his own) throughout the album. Setting the scene with the release of their first single (available on all streaming platforms now) and accompanying lyric video, created by Matthew Vickerstaff, for "The Nuckelavee" – McBain comments:

"I wanted 'The Nuckelavee' to be the first track released as it’s not only the album opener, but it is the song that I think best represents the overall sound and vibe of the record. It’s speed metal at its core but with a few twists. Lyrically, 'The Nuckelavee' is based on the Orcadian tale of the eponymous creature - a grotesque and skinless horse-like demon that brings plague and death wherever it travels."

The theme is continued with, for example, the track, "The Cursed Carrion Crown," being based on the legend of "Sawney Bean" and the Bean Clan (a spelling variation of “McBain'') and tells the story of a family of cannibals that lived in a cave and committed various gruesome acts.

As always, the writing and recording process was carried out by James McBain himself, with a few guests offering contributions in the form of additional vocals and instrumental parts. With recording taking place between March 2021 and June 2022, the album was also mixed by McBain, and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios. The suitably sinister and ominous artwork appears courtesy of Adam Burke/ Nightjar Illustration. More...

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Eluveitie Debuts "Exile Of The Gods" Lyric Video

Relentlessly spinning, the wheel of the year is turning towards darker days. Today, Eluveitie has released a lyric video for their new single "Exile Of The Gods," capturing the desperate, doomy mood of a world that the Gods abandoned long ago. You can check it out below.

Founding member Chrigel Glanzmann commented earlier on the single:

"We are very excited to share our new single 'Exile Of The Gods’ with you - after 'Aidus' the 'second page' in Eluveitie's next chapter. Our current path leads us way back in time. And back to the present! Our new song cycle is all based on a very old mythic text - the hermetic lament. Although it didn’t originate from Celtic culture, we know today that its words were taken on, assimilated, and taught by the Celtic druids henceforth. In the interpretatio celtae it's teachings were ascribed to the tricephalic Celtic god Lugus. This ancient text contains some kind of a prophecy which holds some very serious and important words for us modern people of today - even if we assume that it's not talking about our era (which personally I believe it does, though).

Among many other things that the lament of Lugus foretells: '...of thy faith nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. For the gods - which once deigned to sojourn upon earth - will return from earth to Antumnos. The gods will depart from mankind, a grievous thing! The world will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities.' And this is, what our new single is dealing with!

"However, that ancient text spells out clearly that we're not simply talking about some mythological, religious or spiritual matters here. For it also talks very clearly about the development of mankind’s relationship with mother earth in that context and points out very concrete actions of ours (today) and their consequences in and for nature, and thus ultimately for us. And so, we are excited to share our brand-new song with you all! And we hope you like it as much as we do and that maybe you even can find some inspiration in it! Enjoy!" More...

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Witch Ripper Reveals New Album Details

Witch Ripper has released the tongue-in-cheek video clip "Enter The Loop" as the catchy first single taken from the forthcoming album "The Flight After The Fall." The sophomore full-length of the American melodic sludge metal outfit is slated to hit stores on March 3, 2022.

The band comments: "We wanted to start off our new album with a musical bang, and 'Enter the Loop' is clearly making a statement about this band", guitarist and vocalist Curtis Parker writes. "Yes, we can play heavy riffs with pummeling drums, we all know that. Yet with the addition of Chad on guitar and co-vocals, we're now able to execute big dramatic musical passages inspired by bands that we love like Queen and David Bowie. 'Enter the Loop' represents a launching-off point for us both in lyrical and musical terms. It lets people know that they're in for something special, and that this musical journey is just beginning." More...

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Ahab Unleashes New Music Video

January 13, 2023 sees extreme doom metal masters Ahab return with their fifth studio album, entitled "The Coral Tombs," via Napalm Records. The album is the band‘s first full-length offering in eight long years.

Following the German four-piece‘s first single and lyric video for "Prof. Arronax‘ Descent Into The Vast Oceans" (featuring Chris Noir of Ultha), today, Ahab have released a new track taken off of "The Coral Tombs!" "Colossus Of The Liquid Graves" showcases their exceptional talent and a sound only Ahab can create. It‘s evil, ugly, beautiful and heavy all in one.

Says guitarist Christian Hector about the new single and video:
"I've always wanted to have a video for Ahab like 'Colossus Of The Liquid Graves'. Actually we developed the ideas for a storyboard ourselves during a flight to a show in Athens - which was a great experience. It was so inspiring to see our ideas animated literally little by little. Needless to say, the team of puppet builders, stop motion animators and camera operators did an awesome job on getting it all done the way we had it in our minds. The story itself is quite gloomy and the video breathes life into our cover artwork. We‘re all very excited and thankful for this fine little moving picture." More...

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Jag Panzer Signs With Atomic Fire Records

Veteran US heavy metallers, Jag Panzer, are finally back in full force. Today, the band announce their signing to Atomic Fire Records for the release of their 12th full-length album, The Hallowed, which is due out next spring.

"Jag Panzer are proud to announce that we have signed to Atomic Fire Records. Over the years, we have seen the incredible promotion work done by Markus, Flori and their team. We felt that our music combined with their hard work could take Jag Panzer to the next level. We are very excited to bring The Hallowed to Atomic Fire Records," comments guitar player/founding member Mark Briody.

"When we got the offer for a new Jag Panzer album, it was already a kind of a no-brainer to give them a deal. When we heard the album, it became a must-have. Honestly, this is one of the best albums they ever did, and they have an armada of classics in their discography. They sound hungry, inspired and take all their trademarks to another level. We cannot wait to release their first singles and believe me, it was a hard choice to make. This is a future heavy metal classic to come," enthuses Atomic Fire Records founder/A&R Markus Wosgien. More...

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Headline News

Dark Fortress To Split Up After Final Tour

German black metal veterans Dark Fortress has announced that after twenty eight years and seven full length albums, they will be calling it a day. A message from the band reads as follows:

"We are hereby announcing the end of Dark Fortress.

"This has been coming for a while, and it's been an extremely hard decision. But since we did not want to simply let the band fall apart, we decided to end Dark Fortress with a bang, properly and in dignity, something that we owe not only to our fans and to all the people who have supported us for over two decades, but something that we also owe to ourselves.

"So we are proudly announcing our final tour together with Co-Headliners The Spirit and special guests Asphagor.

"Come and let's celebrate one more time. This will be your last chance to see Dark Fortress live."

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Obscura Posts "Heritage" Music Video Online

Virtuosic extreme metallers Obscura have delivered an early Christmas present for their fans. Today, they release a brand new video for "Heritage," another track from their latest album "A Valediction."

As with their previous video for "The Neuromancer," the video for "Heritage" was filmed by Mirko Witzki (Arch Enemy, Powerwolf, Kreator) at the famous Kupfersaal in Cologne, Germany in August 2022. The theatre was built in 1820 and has been protected for decades after being declared a historic monument.

Mastermind Steffen Kummerer comments on the video:

"'Heritage' has been plotted as a prequel to the album cover for 'A Valediction.' The moment Elian Kantor captured with his wonderful artwork might be explained mostsuitably with this brand new videoclip. To stay connected while being separated." More...

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Netherland's Legendarium Premiere New Album

Legendarium deliver an eclectic onslaught of heavy metal across their new album, Death's Hand In Yours. Unleashing high intensity rhythms, intricate interweaving melodies with some contrasting experimentation, the upcoming album celebrates an array of metal styles. 

Band founder Laurence Kerbov comments:

"I am really excited about this new album. It's meaner, heavier, and more varied than anything we've done before. Overall it's a massive step forward for the band." 

Drawing music inspiration predominantly from older heavy metal and punk of the '80s and '90s, Legendarium's sound is generally very based around the conventions put in place by bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, and Motorhead. Punk elements reminiscent of bands like MISFITS, Bad Religion also bleed through Legendarium's music. Kicking off with the utterly demonic title track "Death's Hand In Yours", the instrumentation is a melodic, textural display while Laurence's harsh vocals emit a ghastly tone. "Arcane Magics of Ancient Origins" delivers a folk metal offering telling the tale of a wizard who is framed for a crime he didn't commit and falsely exiled. "Black Magic/Touch of Evil" delves into more experimental realms with 80s style synths, clean guitar leads and a saxophone solo performed by Jared Archon. Concluding with "The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls", the track emerges out of the murky shadows bringing a cabal of dissidents to the ghostly ceremony.

Legendarium, through a dynamic concoction of instrumental textures and compelling musical arrangement, bring forth a compelling album comprised of fantastical tales and bloodthirsty sacrifice.  More...

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Revenge Beast Premiere New Single & Music Video

Revenge Beast premiere a new single and music video by the name of “Egregore”, taken from their upcoming from their self-titled studio full-length, due out via Upstate Records and Bloodblast Distribution in mid-2023.

Check out now "Egregore" streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you now below.

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Sarcoptes Premiere New Single "Tet"

Sacramento-based black metal band Sarcoptes premiere a new single titled “Tet”, taken from their upcoming new album "Prayers to Oblivion", set for release by Transcending Obscurity Records on
February 24th.

Check out now "Tet" streaming via YouTube for you now below.

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Imperial Triumphant Premiere New Live Video

Avantgarde blackened death metal outfit Imperial Triumphant announce an U.S. headlining tour for early 2023. Cloak and Couch Slut will join them as support acts.

In other news the trio have also just premiered an official live video for their track “Metrovertigo“, off their latest record “Spirit Of Ecstasy“. The footage was captured during a live show the band played in London, UK.

Explains vocalist/guitarist Zachary Ezrin: More...

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