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Metal News for November 22, 2015

Last updated on September 20, 2021 at 2:46 AM ET

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Anomalie Streams Full New Album

Art of Propaganda is proud to present the second album from Austria's Anomalie, titled "Refugium" and released internationally on November 20, 2015.

As a label becoming widely known for its exploration of dark metal's furthest reaches, "Refugium" is a sublime addition to Art of Propaganda's arsenal of cathartic post-extreme metal sounds. Today you can hear the album in full via the SoundCloud player below. The "Refugium" track listing is as follows:

1. In Fear of Tomorrow
2. Spiritual Distortion
3. Untouched Walls
4. Between Reality and the World Beyond
5. Solace
6. Leaving Somnia
7. Freiflug 48° 23´ N, 16° 19’ O
8. Refugium More...

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Dyscarnate Recruits New Vocalist

2016 ushers in a new dawn for the U.K. metal trio Dyscarnate. After a period of silence spent writing and dealing with lineup changes due to the loss of longtime member Henry Bates, the group set to return with a third album, a fresh sound, and a new vocalist/bassist in Arceye's Al Llewellyn.

"We're really excited to welcome Al into the ranks," says drummer Matt Unsworth. "He's the perfect fit. We couldn't have asked for anyone better to fill Henry's considerable shoes! We've had a couple of rehearsals with him already and he's sounding awesome, he can more than handle the vocal style, and is bringing something fresh to the table. He'll really complement the stuff on the new album as it's some of the most diverse material we've ever written. It's got all the grooves and blasts our fans would expect, but the whole thing is drenched in a fucking dark atmosphere." More...

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The Man-Eating Tree Parts With Two Members

The Man-Eating Tree just checked in with the following update about working on a new album and parting ways with two members:

"This Fall has been a harsh playground for emotions. As a result, there's always some good things to come out of it, some less. We have started the writing process for new The Man-Eating material. We're currently going through various new interesting ideas and making sure this new stuff will be something from the heart. Making new TMET-songs means full dedication and motivation.

"That being said, we are truly sad to see Antti Karhu (guitar and backing vocals) and Mikko Uusimaa (bass) leave The Man-Eating Tree. Unfortunately, with our plans as a band, it became impossible to match TMET with their personal life commitments elsewhere. Their decision to step aside is something we respect 100% and hope you respect too.

"They both played significant roles along the way and we´d like to thank them for all the good times and their contributions in making The Man-Eating Tree what it is today, We wish only the best for them both.

"Here's the brand new video for the song 'Death Parade.' The video was filmed during the Unioni-tour last Spring with Finntroll and Wolfheart. The song is from the latest The Man-Eating Tree album 'In The Absence Of Light.'" More...

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Reconcera Posts "Crucify" Video

Missouri Christian metal outfit Reconcera just released the second single off upcoming December 11 album "Absolve:Vindicate." The single, entitled “Crucify,” is the seventh track off the self-produced album.

Vocalist Joshua Smith commetns: “We wanted this to show intensity, honesty and a burning passion in it's rawest form. It's understandable, the weight this record holds, after the two years we spent making it. It's a journey that we took and we hope everyone can come along and join the journey with us.”

The full "Absolve:Vindicate" track listing is as follows:

1. Glued Shut
2. Scumwrecker
3. Like Father, Like Son
4. Parasite
5. Smoke and Mirrors
6. Fading
7. Crucify
8. Sacrificed
9. False Perceptions
10. The Calling
11. Breath of Fire
12. The End of the Road More...

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Digital Doomzday Releases "Breed Em And Weep"

Featuring members of Cryptopsy (Flo Mounier) and Into Eternity (Justin Bender), Digital Doomzday is a hybrid of the Northern hyperblast sound,mixed with straight-up death metal, thrash, punch-in-the-throat rock, and gangsta rap-like rhymes.

The band comments: "This is Mad Max meets Mario Kart - we blast raps that blow stereos apart. We're Suffocation fans that think rap-metal sucks, so we're reinventing the style, turning the past into dust. This ain't no wigger shit, with average musicians - we stand over bodies, smiling like twisted morticians. We murder the Gods 'til it's pointless to pray - So buckle up suckas, this is Digital Doomzday."

New album "Breed Em And Weep" can be heard below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Underworld Famous
2. Dark Waters
3. It's The Rot That Counts
4. Burt Reynolds
5. Rule The World feat. Apathy
6. Blunt Force Drama
7. Laying In Leaves
8. Satanic Panic
9. Jihad Me At Hello
10. Angel of Death Watches Channel Zero More...

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Colossus Fall Posts New Album For Streaming

A few days after the physical release of this debut album, Swiss stoner/sludgecore/metal outfit Colossus Fall just launched a full stream of "Hidden Into Details." Listen in below or grab your own copy of the album through Bandcamp here. The full track listing is:

1. Rise of Adrenaline 03:48
2. The Errorist 04:48
3. Visions Of Inhumanity 04:20
4. Bullseyes 02:37
5. Disgusting Secrets 03:19
6. Kabuki 01:52
7. (We were) Gatekeepers 02:12
8. Nonversation 03:12
9. F.A.T. 04:12 More...

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Manipulation Streaming Full Album Online

Manipulation, a Polish death metal band signed to Satanath Records, recently released the "Ecastasy" album and now all the tracks have come online. Listen in below. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Poland is known for its quality of death metal, right from the days of Vader, and decades later, bands from that country continue to impress. For a change, they're not trying to recreate the glory days of death metal but manipulating the sound by imbibing it with modern influences. That is the only way the genre can evolve - by looking ahead and not reminiscing endlessly.

"The music remains furious and intense, but also has mechanized precision, massive, hulking grooves, and numerous variations that spice up the entire affair. The structures are vibrating with raw energy and the whole spin on death metal is not too unlike what bands like Yattering, Hate and even Behemoth did with the conventional death metal template, in their respective eras.

"Manipulation is a new force in death metal, consisting of members of well-entrenched bands, and are here to educate us on a new breed of modern death metal music that will shatter your eardrums all the same and will probably leave a gaping hole in the ground too when they're done with it."

1. Insomnia 03:48
2. Sic Itur ad Astra 04:27
3. Lifetime 04:02
4. Bad Boy 03:35
5. The Paradigm of Existence 04:17
6. Sunset over Vatican 05:32
7. Temples of Vanity 03:59
8. Burn Motherfuckers! 06:38
9. Dzwiek upadku 04:05
10. Ecstasy 03:48 More...

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Sunday Old School: Vital Remains

Ordinarily, when a news story provides the inspiration to choose which band will be featured in the Sunday Old School column, it's because the group has split, reformed or a member has passed away. However, this week, the choice was made when a police officer in Florida was fired for joining a well known death metal band on stage and singing along to their song, "Let the Killing Begin." The quartet in question hails from Providence, Rhode Island and goes by the name of Vital Remains.

The group was forged in 1988 by guitarist, Paul Flynn, who was soon joined in his endeavour by guitarist Butch Machado, vocalist Mike Flynn, bassist Tom Supkow, and drummer Chris Dupont. Mike Flynn and Butch Machado did not last long however, as Vital Remains decided they needed better musicians and replaced the duo with Jeff Gruslin and Tony Lazaro respectively. Spurred on by the writing partnership of the two guitar players, the group became one of the most popular live acts in their local scene and after recording two demos, "Reduced to Ashes" and "Excruciating Pain," they caught the attention of French label, Thrash Records, who signed them up. More...

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