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Metal News for October 8, 2022

Last updated on February 2, 2023 at 9:43 AM ET

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Imperial Triumphant's Reign Over Phoenix

The first time I witnessed Imperial Triumphant was this past summer at Mystic Festival in Gdansk, Poland, but my actual introduction to this band took place two weeks before. You see, before I go to any festival to report on, I always research a few bands I’ve never heard of, or know little about, in order to determine if they’re worth checking out or not. I downloaded their album “Alphaville” and I think I made it through 45 seconds before I switched to another Mystic Festival band, Dopelord. I knew that Imperial Triumphant wore some rad costuming live so if anything, I’d get some cool live shots during their set. The story continues...

At Mystic Festival, I remember the line-up schedule being quite busy that day and my wife and I were hanging out with some friends between bands. I told them that I was going to shoot Imperial Triumphant and if they wanted to see something eclectic and exotic at this festival, this would be the band to see. We ventured inside and I strode into the empty photo pit with ease. Once the band took stage, I was amazed by it all; the music, the costumes and the light show. After my three-song photo allotment, I returned to the area where I left my wife and friends and they were all gone! I checked my phone and the message said, “Come outside, we couldn’t take it anymore.” This pretty much sums up this band. You either love them, or you can’t take it anymore.

A month or so after Mystic Festival, I saw that they had a tour stop in my city supporting their latest album, “Spirit in Ecstasy,” that dropped this past July. This was the perfect opportunity to see them up close and in a more intimate setting. There was already a decent crowd waiting to see them when I arrived considering they were the first band of a three-band billing with Zeal & Ardor headlining. When the house lights dropped and the blood red stage lighting was the only light source in the room, you wouldn’t even have noticed the band take the stage if it wasn’t for their full regalia costumes and crown headdress.


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