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Metal News for October 18, 2017

Last updated on September 19, 2021 at 10:43 AM ET

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Batushka Signs With Metal Blade Records

Polish black metal legion Batushka is the latest addition to Metal Blade Records' U.S. roster.

Pronounced "Batjushka," the band's Cyrillic name means "father" and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. Despite the themes and imagery, they are not a Christian act. The identities of the members are unknown, but they are involved with other bands. Their live lineup contains eight members.

On November 3rd, Metal Blade will reissue the debut full length "Litourgiya," which was initially released in 2015 in limited quantity (500 copies) via Witching Hour Productions. Despite its relative cult status, the record earned critical accolades from journalists "in the know."

Physical preorders for Litourgiya are currently available at this location. A video for "Yekteniya IV - Milost'" is also available in the player below.

The track listing is:

1. Yekteniya I - Ochishcheniye
2. Yekteniya II - Blagosloveniye
3. Yekteniya III - Premudrost
4. Yekteniya IV - Milost'
5. Yekteniya V - Svyatyy Vkhod
6. Yekteniya VI - Upovanie
7. Yekteniya VII - Istina
8. Yekteniya VIII - Spasenie More...

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White Wizzard Reveals New Album Details

True American metal band White Wizzard finally unveils concrete plans regarding the long anticipated new album. Earlier this year, band leader and bassist Jon Leon announced the return of classic members to the band's ranks: vocalist Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue. The band has also inked a deal with M-Theory Audio.

Most of 2017 was spent crafting the finest offering to date, helmed once again by producer Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO, Flotsam and Jetsam). Entitled "Infernal Overdrive," the band’s fourth full-length will be released January 12th on CD and gatefold double vinyl (Preorder now at this location).

"Infernal Overdrive" is over an hour long and captures all the ingredients of past White Wizzard work, but expands upon the template with seasoned maturity, outstanding musicianship and a widening of influences including ‘70s hard rock and progressive rock/metal.

“We’re very excited to FINALLY release the official artwork and title for our new album, 'Infernal Overdrive.' Despite madness and delays we’ve persevered through hard work and determination and this album has finally come to be,” explains Jon Leon. “This is, in everyone’s opinion, a special album and what we feel is our best work to date. It has a lot of dynamics and amazing vocals by Wyatt with stunning lead guitar by James J. LaRue.

"The cover art for the album was created by a fan in the UK named Christopher Hardy, who did a killer job based on my latest Pontiac GTO, as well as a bunch of cool pieces for each individual song; which will definitely make it to a couple t-shirts! I am very proud of the work we have all done on this album. It's something that upon writing it I felt was going to be special, and it's turned out to exceed even my highest expectations. Thanks to the fans, especially all the Kickstarter donators who can finally expect to see their packages close to release date. We can't wait to see you all on tour and cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support and passion.” More...

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High Reeper Streams New Song "Soul Taker"

Delaware stoner act High Reeper has teamed up with Indy Metal Vault to stream the new song "Soul Taker," which appears on the band's upcoming self-titled album. Check out the song at this location, or just in the player down below.

"High Reeper" will be released on November 3rd. Pre-order the album over here.

Formed in 2016, High Reeper is made up of Zach Thomas, Napz Mosley, Andrew Price, Pat Daly and Shane Trimble. Originally started as just a studio band, it rapidly became apparent that these songs were meant to be heard live and loud. The band made their debut in the Philly/DE stoner rock scene in early 2017 with success which was followed up by the recording of the self-titled debut in May. With a sound deeply rooted in modern stoner rock while still giving a nod to the earliest Sabbath records, High Reeper’s first offering is driven by pounding rhythms, thick guitars and the soaring, screeching vocals.

Check out "Soul Taker" here: More...

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Sorcerer Releases Lyric Video For New Song

Two days ahead of the release of the new album, "The Crowning Of The Fire King" on October 20th via Metal Blade Records, Swedish epic doom act Sorcerer released a lyric video for the new song "The Devil's Incubus." Check it out in the player below.

The track listing for "The Crowning Of The Fire King" is:

1. Sirens (see video clip here)
2. Ship Of Doom (see video clip here)
3. Abandoned By The Gods
4. The Devil's Incubus
5. Nattvaka
6. Crimson Cross
7. The Crowning Of The Fire King
8. Unbearable Sorrow

Check out "The Devil's Incubus" here: More...

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Nocturnal Graves To Reissue "Satan's Cross"

Australian death metal band Nocturnal Graves, featuring current and former members of Denouncement Pyre, Destroyer 666, Toxic Holocaust, and more, announced the reissue of their debut album, "Satan's Cross." The new edition of "Satan's Cross" features cover art from renowned painter Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Hierophant, and many more) and the album's 5 track pre-production demos.

The deluxe reissue of "Satan's Cross" will be released on CD and a limited LP + 10" mini LP set on December 8. Pre-orders are available at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

The expanded track listing for "Satan's Cross" is as follows: More...

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Sólstafir Releases "Hula" Music Video

Iceland's Sólstafir released a video clip for the song "Hula." The song appears on the band's sixth, and latest, album "Berdreyminn" which is available via Season of Mist Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Torchia Releases Lyric Video For New Song

Finnish melodic death metal act Torchia released a lyric video for the new song "Headhot." The song appears on the debut album "Of Curses and Grief," which is set to drop on October 27th via Concorde Music Company.

The track listing for "Of Curses and Grief" is:

2. Face Of Hate
3. Shame
4. Fury (see video clip here)
5. My Land Shall Burn
6. Headshot
7. Ending Beginning
8. Light My Path
9. Wish For More
10. Dark And Cold

Check out "Headshot" here: More...

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Fleurety Streams "The Ballad of Corpernicus"

Fleurety is streaming the new song "The Ballad Of Corpernicus" in the player below. The song appears on the third studio album "The White Death" which is set for release on October 27th via Peaceville Records.

The track listing for "The White Death" is:

1. The White Death
2. The Ballad Of Copernicus
3. Lament Of The Optimist (song available here)
4. Trauma
5. The Science Of Normality
6. Future Day
7. Ambitions Of The Dead
8. Ritual Of Light And Taxidermy

Check out "The Ballad Of Corpernicus" here: More...

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Jupiter Zeus Releases "Eyes On The Prize" Clip

Australia's Jupiter Zeus issued a video clip for "Eyes On The Prize," the title track of the new EP issued earlier this month.

Tucked away in Perth, Western Australia, Jupiter Zeus are the very definition of a band who seem to have come from nowhere... but its arrival - laden with walls of guitar, hypnotic rhythms and almost psychedelic vocals – is far from quiet.

From the stage or simply blasting in your car; the sound of Jupiter Zeus is as monolithic and grand as its namesakes. Check out "Eyes On The Prize" here:

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Vitja Releases "D(e)ad" Video Clip

Vitja released the new video clip for the song "D(e)ad," which you can check out in the player below. The song is lifted from the band's latest album "Digital Love," which is available through Century Media Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Autumns Eyes Reveals New LP "Ending Life Slowly"

At the crossroad between a hallowed holiday and the cusp of a dead cold winter is where you’ll find Autumns Eyes mastermind Daniel Mitchell. After many seasons of seclusion and intermittently hitting the studio, the recording process has finally wrapped up for the new album titled "Ending Life Slowly."

Mitchell is no stranger to the darker side of creativity, and crafts music free of constraints or label interference. "Ending Life Slowly" strikes a balance between somber reflections on mortality and full-force screaming metal, with cover art to reflect the album's dreary nature crafted by Indonesian artist Sorrow Grips (Gojira).

Due out on October 31st, "Ending Life Slowly" serves as the first full-length album from Autumns Eyes since the 2012 release of "Please Deceive Me." Halloween and the death of Fall is a perfect time to be reminded that sometimes life ends far too slowly.

Mitchell had this to say about the impending album release: "Living in New England has always made it easy to draw from the month of October for creative inspiration, with life breathing its flaming colors into all the surrounding trees. Unfortunately, these themes can only be revisited every so often before it becomes repetitive. That’s why I reached into the month of November for inspiration. A time when Fall is still thriving, but where color has faded and the trees are bare as skeletons. More...

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Lloth Posts "In The Name Of Love" Video

Greek melodic black metal act Lloth issued a new video clip for the song "In the Name of Love (Sacrifice)." The song appears on the debut album "Athanati," which was issued via Sleaszy Rider Records back on August 10th.

"In the Name Of Love (Sacrifice)" features guest vocals by Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall, The Slayerking). Check it out here:

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Hallatar Releases Video Clip For New Song

Today, Hallatar released a music video for the new song "My Mistake." The song and clip features a guest appearance by Heike Langhans (Draconian) and was lifted from the highly anticipated debut album "No Stars Upon The Bridge," which is available via Svart Records on October 27th.

Hallatar features among its ranks Swallow the Sun and Trees of Eternity guitarist Juha Raivio, Amorphis vocalist Tomi Joutsen, and former HIM drummer Gas Lipstick. All the material on "No Stars Upon The Bridge" is based on the lyrics and poems of Aleah Liane Starbridge.

The video comes courtesy of Metal Hammer at this location, or you can just check it out in the player here:

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Onirophagus Set To Enter Studio For New Album

Spanish dark death/doom outfit Onirophagus is ready to enter Moontower Studios to record the sophomore album to be entitled "Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction)," with a target time frame for release of Spring 2018 through Xtreem Music.

The cover artwork will be created by Ars Moriendee (Neurosis, Harakiri For The Sky, Converge).

Onirophagus has suffered some line-up changes during the last years and have incorporated a third (yes third!) guitarist, so the current line-up is: Shogoth (Guitar - Ered/ Estertor), Paingrinder (Vocals - Estertor/ex-Decapitated Christ), Moregod (Guitar - ex-Sancho de Ávila), Grindmad (Bass - ex-Massive War), Uretra (Drums - ex-Entropia) and Desecrator (Guitar - Decapitated Christ/ Necroracle).

The track listing for the upcoming release will be:

1. Book of the Half Men
2. Dark River
3. Dystanasia
4. Endarkenment
part I: Putrefaction
part II: Nibbida
part III: Illumination More...

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Wormholedeath Records Inks Deal With Dauthuz

Dutch death metal act Dauthuz signed a distribution a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of the debut full length album "Destined For Death." The album will be released on November the 24th via Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

The band stated: "We are very pleased to work with WormHoleDeath for the release of our debut album 'Destined For Death.' After the release of our EP 'Dauthuz' in 2016, we started looking for the right partner to work with for this upcoming release and when we showed to Carlo our video 'Dying Breed' the ball started rolling and the feeling was right!! We can't wait for the release on November 24th!"

The track list, album artwork and preview clip can be found here:

1 Destined For Death
2 The Hunt
3 Dying Breed (Feat. Marloes Voskuil)
4 Made In Blood
5 Honoured To Serve
6 Killing In The Woods
7 Killed In The Woods
8 Tormentor
9 Deep Inside Your Soul
10 Warmaster More...

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Iron Griffin To Release Debut EP

Finnish epic metal band Iron Griffin, the side-project of Mausoleum Gate drummer Oskari Razanez, will release its self-titled debut EP on 12" mini-LP and cassette through Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint) on November 17th. The EP is streaming in the player below and is available for digital purchase now at this location or through the player below.

Comments Razanez: "Iron Griffin is a new project which started about a year ago as a one-man band mostly to improve myself at playing different instruments and writing music. Session vocals are done by my friend and spectacular singer Toni Pentikäinen. The future of this project is living right now. I will continue working with new material and try to search for players to form a 'real band,' maybe. But this EP is a good start for me and the journey continues in one way or another."

The track listing for "Iron Griffin" is:

1. Intro
2. Message from Beyond
3. Metal Conquest
4. Journey to the Castle of King
5. Lord Inquisitor

Check it out in full here: More...

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Bleeding Releases "Elementum" Preview Clip

German progressive metal act Bleeding issued a new preview clip for the upcoming release "Elementum," which is set to drop on October 27th via Pure Prog Records, a division of Pure Steel Records.

You can still check out the full track stream of "Heir To Apostasy" over at this location.

Check out the preview here:

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Axemaster Releases New Song

Axemaster is streaming the new song "10,000 Pound Hammer" in the player below. The song is the opening track of the new album "Crawling Chaos," which is set for November 24th via Pure Steel Records.

The track list for "Crawling Chaos" is:

1. 10,000 Pound Hammer
2. Crawling Chaos
3. Axes of Evil
4. Flowers for the Dead
5. Mystify the Dream Hypnotic
6. Aldar Rof
7. Shallow Grave
8. Death Before Dishonor
9. Bravado
10. Knight of Pain

Check out "10,000 Pound Hammer" here: More...

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Rhapsody Reunion Announces Final Farewell Dates

Currently in the midst of the "20th Anniversary Farewell Tour," recently re-united Italian symphonic metal band Rhapsody is taking no time for a breather. Having performed sold-out shows in Mexico City, Bogotá, Santiago and Buenos Aires, the band has already announced a second Latin America tour leg, which will bring them (back) to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia and Mexico in January 2018.

But the good news doesn’t end there; right after this second Latin America tour leg the band will return to Europe and play 23 shows in 11 different countries including U.K., Germany, Italy, France and many more!

Fabio Lione (vocals) comments: "After the incredible success of the Rhapsody reunion shows in Latin America the time has finally come for us to meet all of our European fans. Don't miss the upcoming shows for any reason as Luca, Dominique, Patrice, Alex and myself are ready to invest our heart and soul once again in this new great adventure, sharing some unique and wonderful emotions in the name of RHAPSODY's music."

Guitarist Luca Turilli continues: "We can not imagine a better ending for this amazing ‘Farewell Tour’ than playing in Europe for the final time after so many years. It will be pure magic and throughout each show we will present a memorable setlist full of legendary classics, some surprises and a few songs never played before. See you soon!"

Confirmed remaining dates are: More...

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Mistheria Signs To Rockshots Records

Rockshots Records is thrilled to announce the signing of the renowned and well-known keyboard player Mistheria for the release of the new album "Gemini." The details of "Gemini" were previously announced and available over at this location. Rockshots Records will issue the album on December 15, 2017 as a digipack, via digital streaming and digital download.

"Gemini" features a myriad of guests, including fellow Artlantica band mate and guitarist Roger Staffelbach, Testament bassist Steve Di Giorgio, T.S.O. guitarist Chris Caffery and Bruce Dickinson/Halford guitarist Roy Z, among many others. The album features 13 songs written and/or arranged by Mistheria in the metal, neo-classical, prog-metal genres.

Mistheria commented: "The tracks in Gemini are a combination of my original songs and classical covers and a blend of them. Gemini collects my instrumental songs composed along my career, therefore I titled it Gemini which is my astrological sign. That's me and my music fully represented. Songs range from metal and symphonic metal to prog[ressive] including some New Age atmospheres. That's basically my vision of music, quite open and wide." More...

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Supernaughty Signs Wtih Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records is excited to announce that Italian heavy rock act Supernaughty is now part of the roster.

Born in 2014 and formed by Filippo Del Bimbo, guitar (ex-Flora e Fauna, Korkovado, Bantoriak), Alessio Franceschi, drums (ex-Lisergica, Cora), Angelo Fagni, voice (ex-Gosh, Cora) and Andrea Burroni, bass (ex-Moss Garden, Zona Peep; now replaced by Luca Raffoni), the Supernaughty band name is a clear tribute, as assonance, to Black Sabbath’s "Supernaut."

After a recent and extensive live activity (also opening for High On Fire), the band is actually working with Matteo Barsacchi (Mr Bison) on the final touches to the debut full-length, to be released by early 2018.

What you can expect is a massive heavy rock with remarkable early grunge and stoner sonorities, with an exciting taste highly influenced by nineties stuff.

More information is expected soon. More...

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Obscura Amentia Releases New Video Clip

Italian black metal studio-band Obscura Amentia issued a video clip for the title track of the latest album "The Art Of The Human Decadence," which was released earlier this year via Sliptrick Records.

The video clip tells about the journey of a single person and, at the same time, of the whole of mankind: a mental and physical evolution from innocence, purity and life (visually expressed through the use of light colors and lush nature) to corruption, artifice, doubt, and then in the end, death.

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Marginal Streams New Song "Useless Scum"

Belgian grindcore/crust act Marginal is streaming the new song "Useless Scum." You can check it out courtesy of Metal Injection over at this location, or just down below in the player at the bottom.

"Useless Scum" appears on the band's new album "Total Destruction," which is set to drop on December 15th via Transcending Obscurity Records. The track listing is:

1. Barbarians
2. Delirium Tremens
3. Ruination
4. Impaled
5. Useless Scum
6. I Used to be Intelligent
7. Rat Kebab
8. The Violent Way
9. Leech Invader
10. Fucked Up Society
11. Atom Sapiens
12. Total Destruction

Check out "Useless Scum" here: More...

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Oddhums Releases New Single "Proselytes"

Spanish band Oddhums has come out with a new single “Proselytes” after a successful EP debut with "The Inception."

The new track represents a natural continuation of the previous work driving once again to massive sludge and doom territories. Density, crudeness, darkness and heaviness are the attributes that could define this new work.

"Proselytes" will be included in the debut long player which the band is writing with a target release time of mid-2018. Check out "Proselytes" here:

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Eyes Over Sea Signs With Truth Inc Records

Truth Inc Records, in conjunction with U.S. label Imminence Records, is proud to announce the signing of Canadian progressive metalcore band Eyes Over Sea.

The five piece band has quickly cemented itself in the Canadian scene and came to the attention of both Imminence Records and Truth Inc Records after the release of the debut single in 2015, and after hearing some of the new material currently being recorded.

Label Manager Greg Shaw of Truth Inc Records is very excited about the signing and the direction of Truth Inc with the partnership with Imminence Records: "Eyes Over Sea broaden[s] the range of our roster further, bringing a multi-layered and progressive form of heavy music to Truth Inc. The band are both aggressive and dynamic and we look forward to working together and seeing them grow further. This also marks the further development of our partnership with U.S. label Imminence Records and the scope of our international representation. Together we now offer a diversity of heavy music from across Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe with more regions to follow." More...

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Jupiterium Releases Lyric Video For "1984"

Iran is a country you mostly know for oil, Persian cats and carpets and recently, nuclear arguments. But don't be surprised to find out that heavy metal is alive in Iran and there are lots of active bands, one of them being Jupiterium. This is a new sci-fi melodic metal project formed by Mohsen 'Stargazer' Fayazi and Ehsan Imani.

Today, Jupiterium has launched a new lyric video for the new song "1984," which features guest appearances by Mark Jansen (Epica), Niklas Stålvind (Wolf, The Doomsday Kingdom) and Niclas Etelävuori (ex-Amorphis, Kyyria). The video can be seen below.

Niklas Stålvind commented: "The song has something to tell us, and I felt I really connected with it as soon as I heard it. Sadly, the lyrics are very valid these days. But hey, if you don't care about the deeper meaning, you can still enjoy the music and BANG YOUR HEAD to it!

"I hope that as many people as possible help out in spreading the song and support the guys behind it. Your support will mean more than you think. I feel honored to have a chance to help out with vocals for this song. Respect!" More...

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Ancient VVisdom Streams New Album "33" In Full

U.S. occult rock act Ancient VVisdom is streaming the entire new album "33" in full via Bandcamp, which you can check out in the player below. The album was just released this past Friday (October 13th) via Argonauta Records.

The track listing for "33" is:

1. Ascending eternally
2. Light of Lucifer
3. In The Name Of Satan
4. True Will
5. The Infernal One
6. Summoning Eternal Light
7. Rise Fallen Angel
8. 33
9. The Great Beast
10. Lux
11. Dispelling Darkness

Check out the entire release here: More...

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Corrosive Signs With Black Sunset

It's going to be a heavy winter! After the reunion in 2012, and the release of the "Killing Room" EP in 2016, the Marburg death metal act Corrosive will release of the upcoming sophomore full length album later this year through a new deal with Black Sunset.

The as of yet untitled album was recorded in the Becker Studio Marburg/Gießen between July and September and mastered by Andre Skopko. The final release date is not yet confirmed, but the band is already planning a record release show, which will definitely take place on November 25th!

Stay tuned for more information. More...

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The Modern Age Slavery Premieres New Song

The Modern Age Slavery premieres a new song entitled "The Theory of Shadows", taken from the upcoming new album "Stygian", which omes out November 24 via Innerstrength Records.

Check out now "The Theory of Shadows" below.


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Oblivion Debuts New Song - Eddie Hermida Guests

Oblivion debuts a new song entitled "Concrete Thrones", taken from the upcoming new album "The Path Towards…", which Unique Leader will release on November 17th. "Concrete Thrones" also sees Oblivion guitarist Ben Orum (All Shall Perish) reunite musically with his All Shall Perish bandmate (also Suicide Silence) Eddie Hermida, who has a lengthy vocal guest spot on this song.

Check out now "Concrete Thrones" below.

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Under The Church Premieres New Song

Swedish old-school death metallers from Under The Church premiere their brand new track titled "Wretched Disfigurement", taken from the upcoming album "Supernatural Punishment", which will be released by Pulverised Records on November 10.

Check out now "Wretched Disfigurement" below.


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Morvigor Debuts New Song "No Repentance"

Morvigor debuts a new song entitled "No Repentance", taken from the upcoming new album "Tyrant", which will be out in stores November 11.

Check out now "No Repentance" below.


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KEN mode Premieres New Track "Fractures In Adults"

Canada's KEN mode‘s new track "Fractures In Adults" is streaming below. The song is featured on a flexi disc release included with a new issue of Decibel. KEN mode will enter the studio in December to begin tracking its new album for Season Of Mist.

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Slipknot Debuts Full Live Video Of "Psychosocial"

Having previously released an audio stream and some partial live footage of the track, Slipknot now debuts the full live performance of “Psychosocial“, as featured on the band's forthcoming live film/documentary, "Day Of The Gusano". The footage was captured during a past ‘Knotfest Mexico‘ appearance.

‘Day Of The Gusano‘ arrives in stores this Friday, October 20th.


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Headline News

Cannibal Corpse Premieres "Red Before Black"

Death metal veterans of Cannibal Corpse premiere the title track of their upcoming new album "Red Before Black", which will be out in stores November 03 via Metal Blade Records.

Check out now "Red Before Black" below.

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