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Metal News for January 30, 2019

Last updated on August 8, 2022 at 6:05 AM ET

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Downfall Of Gaia Posts New Single Online

February 8th sees Downfall Of Gaia release their new album, Ethic Of Radical Finitude! In anticipation of this release, Downfall Of Gaia have now launched the third single, "Of Withering Violet Leaves", which can be heard below.

Downfall Of Gaia comments: "Today we're excited to present the third single of our upcoming album, 'Ethic Of Radical Finitude'! 'Of Withering Violet Leaves' gives another insight into our new record, showing another side of what to expect. We are extremely looking forward to share our new album with you guys very soon! Thanks for listening!"

The album is available in the following formats:
--Hardcover Digipak-CD
--180 g black vinyl
--Dead gold marbeld vinyl (ltd. 300 - EU-exclusive)
--Grey marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive)
--Pic-LP (ltd. 200 - EU-exclusive)
--White/Black split vinyl (ltd. 100 - Evil Greed exclusive)
--Red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 - US-exclusive)
--Clear vinyl (ltd. 100 - US-exclusive) More...

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Varg Vikernes Slams "Lords Of Chaos" Movie

Varg Vikernes, the infamous musician behind one man black metal band Burzum, former Mayhem bassist and subject of the new movie, "Lords Of Chaos," has spoke out against the movie on his YouTube channel, Thulean Perspective. You can check out what he had to say below. The video's written intro states:

"Yes, I really didn't plan to do a video about this, but I did anyhow, because... goys just wanna have fun, you know. BTW: They sent me the script for the film (ages ago), so yes, I would know what is in it."

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Gloryhammer Reveals New Album Title

Mighty warriors of the galaxy! Gloryhammer are about to return from another epic quest, and they come bearing their new album, "Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex!" Today we received the cover of the third chapter of the mighty Gloryhammer saga.

The galaxy waits in fear for the return of Angus McFife XIII, who fought the greatest battle the galaxy has ever heard of, against the evil sorcerer Zargothrax. All hope of the Kingdom of Fife lies in the strong arms and the infinite wisdom of their young prince.

In late spring, Gloryhammer’s new album will tell us the whole story of the most gigantic battle of all time. Until then, we expect to receive more parts of what will end as the best power metal album the galaxy has ever seen. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Zargothrax on the new album:
“Oh wow! I know a lot of people have been waiting on this album for what seems like centuries. For the last three years we've been working non-stop on it in absolute secrecy, and now it is finally complete! We can't wait for y'all to hear it...this is the greatest power metal album of all time. HOOTS!“

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Demon Head Posts New Single Online

Scandinavian Diabolic rockers Demon Head have shared the 2nd single from their new album "Hellfire Ocean Void." "In The Hour of the Wolf" takes the listener on a journey through a winter night at the cemetery and you can listen to the track below. "Hellfire Ocean Void" is released on 22nd of February through Svart Records.

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Ambassador Premier Brand New Video "Ledges"

Louisiana post-metal band Ambassador has partnered up with Metalunderground.com to premiere their video for the song "Ledges" off their most recent album, "Belly Of The Whale."

The band commented "We are stoked to release the official video for Ledges, which was filmed and directed by Matt Hathcox and Blu Ray Nostalgia Studios. The imagery in the video loosely follows the lyrical themes of the song that are based on rejection, infatuation, and narcissism. Thanks to actress Cara Long for visually portraying the chaos and beauty of the song so perfectly."

Watch the video below and then order the album here More...

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