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Metal News for January 22, 2022

Last updated on May 16, 2022 at 2:40 AM ET

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Drag Me Out Reveals New Album Details

Eastern European emotional metalcore upstarts Drag Me Out are back! Lead by Denis Stoff, the charismatic frontman and former singer for Make Me Famous and Asking Alexandria, Drag Me Out have released their brand new single and video for "Bullets In My Teeth," as well as pre-orders for their highly anticipated second album "Demons Away," out 6th May via their own label imprint Lödereih Music. You can watch the video below.

Stoff comments on the new single: "'B.I.M.T.' not only marks our return to the heavy metal fray after splitting with our long time label Sumerian Records, but it is also a very personal song for me… Relationships of any kind, whether they be with your partner, band mates or with your fans- it is no easy task. It can make you or break you… when I wrote this song I was definitely breaking down. I hope it will help someone get back up like it did for me."

The upcoming album "Demons Away" is part one of a three part concept album and starts off where their previous release Pressure left off. 12 new songs filled with huge chunky riffs and punchy rhythms rushing over tight grooves with just enough soaring melodies and infectious hooks to start a mosh pit on the dance floor or in your living room.

Stoff on the new album Demons Away: "It is soaked in the paranormal vibes. Your spiritual journey begins here and now. Our main purpose is to shed the light on the things that really make you feel bad, anxious, weak or wrong. It is our call for you to face the pain and explore it at its energetic core as the truth lies deeper than it might seem. My demons truly showed me that they are in fact always standing somewhere in between my perception of life and the ultimate truth about our world." More...

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Ashes Of Ares Releases New Music Video

Nine years after forming, legendary heavy metal duo, Ashes Of Ares, have released their third studio album, "Emperors And Fools."

This album sees Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales take the darkness and aggression from their previous album, "Well Of Souls," to a higher echelon. The writing process began almost immediately after Well Of Souls was released. As usual, it was a true collaborative effort between the two, with ideas originating from one or the other, then evolving and being refined to what is presented on "Emperors And Fools."

Today, the band release a video for the new single, "Gone". Watch below. More...

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Battle Beast Posts New Music Video Online

After re-signing to Nuclear Blast in early 2021, the Finnish heavy metal sextet Battle Beast are once again unleashing their full force upon the world in the shape of their brand new masterpiece, "Circus Of Doom," which is out today via Nuclear Blast. In true Battle Beast fashion, the 10 tracks blend true heavy metal with pop and rock-vibes, paired with Noora Louhimo’s unique voice.

To celebrate the occasion, the band have also released a music video for their new single "Wings Of Light," that you can watch below.

Janne Björkroth comments about the release:
"We wanted to make an absorbing and interesting album that includes both lighter party songs and heavier stuff as well. It's not a theme album in the traditional sense, but rather a versatile entity that sounds like Battle Beast, but with new flavours and twists.

"The album is named after its theatrical opening track, which is quite a massive song in many ways. It's groovy and catchy, filled with fascinating details, wild orchestrations, big emotions, and many stories. In that way, the song reflects the whole album, and we think it's an ideal title track. Like the song 'Circus of Doom', the whole album is filled with enchanting surprises and wild carnival atmosphere. Like a joyful day at the circus."

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Incite Reveals New Album Details

Arizona groove metal outfit, Incite, returns with new songs up their sleeves and have recently signed a contract with Atomic Fire Records. Following five relentless albums and an insane touring schedule under their belts, Richie Cavalera and his gang of misfits gear up for "Wake Up Dead," set for release on March 25. This infectious collection of raucous new tracks and remastered gems from their fifteen-plus year career proves once again that Incite are indeed the missing link between Machine Head and Lamb Of God.

On their five albums "The Slaughter" (2009), "All Out War" (2012), "Up In Hell" (2014), "Oppression" (2016), and "Built To Destroy" (2019), Incite cemented their reputation as one of America’s leading groove armadas, heavily hitting home with their blend of old-school thrash majesty, frantic aggression, melody, skill, and bravado. What began as a band of greenhorns driving around the States in a shitty van, thrashing small clubs, has evolved into a band with the potential, the passion, and the power to become one of metal’s biggest acts.

Written in several bouts of feverish inspiration during last year’s pandemic chaos, "Wake Up Dead" delivers the goods in the most relentless way. With recording duties again handled by legendary producer Steve Evetts (who Richie Cavalera notes is, “the only guy who can simultaneously record The Cure and Suicide Silence and pull it off”) in Omen Room Studios just outside Los Angeles, here’s a band that couldn’t be more comfortable with the place they’re in right now. Kicking off the proceedings with the open fire that is "Fuck With Me (Wake Up Dead)," the record’s menacing second track, "War Soup," will make a lasting impression on international heavy metal troops standing as the first Incite song ever to feature the vocals of both Richie and his step-father Max Cavalera, a historical gathering of heavy metal generations. More...

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Deicide Cancels European Tour Dates

American death metal legends Deicide has confirmed that their upcoming tour with Brazilian death metal bands Krisiun and Crypta has now been cancelled. A statement from Crypta reads as follows:

"Unfortunately, due to the increasing corona numbers and the different and difficult regulations along with lockdowns in several European countries, the Deicide tour scheduled for this spring is being cancelled till further notice."

Krisiun's Latin American tour is still going ahead.

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Nervecell Lineup Splits, Guitarist To Carry On

Barney Ribeiro, guitarist for Dubai-based extreme metallers Nervecell, has checked in with the following update:

"As some of you may know or have noticed, things have been rather quiet in the Nervecell camp lately. Without going into much detail, let me begin by making it official that Rajeh (James) Khazaal and Rami Mustafa are no longer in Nervecell. After 20 years of being together and touring the world, we have been through all the possible highs and lows, success, stress, compromises and achievements that come with being in a full-time band. More than anything else though, together we experienced what having dreams come true felt like. And those are the memories that will never go away. I will always be grateful for the contributions both members made during their time in the band and wish them both the best in their future endeavors.

"I’ve learnt that with time people change, their priorities change and inevitably their personalities also start to alter. I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t change in the way I approach being in a band today, as opposed to when I started the band in 2000. But for what it’s worth mentioning, I will go on record and say this only because I believe YOU the fans deserve the right to know. There really weren’t any musical or personal differences amongst us. But based on my conversations with both members individually, after asking all the tuff questions and initiating the way forward going into the New Year 2022, it became very evident that I was the only one fighting for this cause.

"My priorities have always been of the highest order when it comes to Nervecell. I know the struggle involved, and I’ve never taken a second of it for granted. More importantly, I know why I’m still here doing it - purely for the love of it! I’m still that same kid with that same desire and fire that burns inside. So rest assured, I have every intention to continue on with Nervecell. I humbly ask for your patience, as I start to access the challenges that lay ahead, including finding the right replacements to fill in these shoes. Fortunately, I have a select few friends / musicians within my immediate network, who I’ve consulted with and who have been super supportive towards me as I take on this next chapter.

"This is definitely not the last you will hear from me / Nervecell."

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Night Demon To Release Compilation Album

On March 25th southern California metal masters Night Demon will release a special compilation album - titled "Year Of The Demon." Comprised of the band's five standalone 7" singles from 2020, this 10-track collection features original songs, cover tunes, and previously unheard live recordings.

For a first preview of the record, Night Demon has launched a new single - a cover version of the Cirith Ungol classic "100 MPH feat. Tim Baker (Cirith Ungol)."

Jarvis Leatherby (Vocals / Bass) comments: "2020 was certainly the 'Year Of The Demon' in so many ways! Never in our wildest imagination would we be releasing (5) 7" singles in a calendar year, and nowhere in our fans' imagination would one of the hardest touring bands of the last decade be sidelined (along with the rest of the world) by this virus that demonized our lives. We are proud to finally release these songs as a complete collection and include the rare B-sides that only saw the light of day on the collector's record player. Here's to 2022 and the future bringing us all something more to hope for. We have a lot more to come this year!"


1. Empires Fall
2. Kill The Pain
3. Are You Out There
4. Vysteria
5. In Trance (Scorpions cover, live feat. Uli Jon Roth)
6. Fast Bikes (LeGriffe cover)
7. 100 MPH (Cirith Ungol cover feat. Tim Baker)
8. The Sun Goes Down (Thin Lizzy cover)
9. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover, live)
10. Top Of The Bill (Scorpions cover, live feat. Uli Jon Roth) More...

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Nanowar Of Steel Shares New Lyric Video

Legendary Italian parody metallers Nanowar Of Steel have revealed their new lyric video, “La Marcia Su Piazza Grande”, taken from their latest album, "Italian Folk Metal," out now via Napalm Records. “La Marcia Su Piazza Grande” is a hymn to Giancarlo Magalli, a popular Italian TV host, celebrating his political leadership and power - all through Nanowar Of Steel’s satirical lens, of course!

Nanowar Of Steel on "La Marcia Su Piazza Grande":
"A hundred years after the unfortunate government takeover by Mussolini, we wish that a new, benign and enlightened leader may now rise to power and become Italy's only king and master: Giancarlo Magalli. This is an anthem we wrote to celebrate his magnificence and power!" More...

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Spiritual Deception Premiere New Music Video

Milan, Italy-based death metal quartet Spiritual Deception premiere a new song entitled “Serpent's Speech”, taken from their latest EP "Oxymoron", out in stores now.

Check out now "Serpent's Speech" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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Headline News

Testament Part Ways With Drummer Gene Hoglan

Bay-Area thrash metal veterans Testament announce the departure of their drummer Gene Hoglan.

The band posted the below announcement regarding that lineup change: More...

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Midnight Realm Premiere New Song

Melodic death metal band Midnight Realm premiere their new single "Kings Will Crawl" off their forthcoming album "Engineering The Apocalypse", due out Spring 2022. The track features a guest solo from Cognizance guitarist Alex Bailie.

"Engineering The Apocalypse" was mixed by ex-Xerath guitarist Owain Williams and features an additional guest solo from Ben Ellis (Scar Symmetry).

Tells Midnight Realm guitarist and founder Daniel Russell: More...

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Ibaraki (Trivium, Emperor) Premiere Single & Video

Trivium vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy's side project Ibaraki premiere their debut single and video “Tamashii No Houkai“. The track was co-written by Ihsahn of Emperor.

Explains Heafy: More...

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Kreator Premiere New Live Video

Kreator premiere an official live video for “Violent Revolution” captured during their 2021 appearance at the annual ‘Bloodstock Open Air‘, in Walton-on-Trent, England. That clip arrives alongside the release of Kreator's new “Bootleg Revolution” live compilation.

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Pyrexia Premiere New Official Music Video

A new official music video for Pyrexia‘s track “The Day The Earth Shook” off their latest record “Gravitas Maximus” has premiered online streaming for you via YouTube below. The album was released this past December through Unique Leader Records.

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