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Metal News for January 20, 2022

Last updated on May 19, 2022 at 8:16 PM ET

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Midnight To Release New Album In March

On March 4th, Midnight will release their fifth full-length, "Let There Be Witchery," via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of the album, the new single, "Szex Witchery", can be heard below.

Filthy, belligerent and obnoxious, Midnight make music to start fights to. Since 2003, one-man-band Athenar has been churning out an ungodly racket, dropping countless demos, splits and EPs - and in 2022 he returns, delivering a catchy mixture of black metal, speed metal, and dirty punk rock. "I always want it to be loud and nasty," he asserts. "That kinda thing never gets old with me. How funny will that look to see me at age 77 - if I reach that point - sitting on the porch blasting Hellhammer?"

The title is a combination of the song titles "Let There Be Sodomy" and "Szex Witchery", Athenar wanting to maintain the tradition of using six syllables. Lyrically, the record is "unfiltered savage animalisticness", and the deeper the listener delves, the dirtier they get, which is just the way it should be. When it came to tracking the record, Athenar returned to Mercenary Studios in Cleveland, OH and producer Noah Buchanan, who makes it very easy for him to cut loose and make noise, choosing to once again record all the instruments himself despite having a live band that could step in and help out. "It's still just me and my science project gone awry. I realize I'm musically handicapped, but there's a charm to it." More...

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Allegaeon Releases New Music Video

Ahead of their anticipated album "Damnum" (out February 25th), Allegaeon have delivered the next video from the album, the visually haunting and captivating "Of Beasts And Worms." Accompanying the track, the band shares details behind the video, track listing and additional tour dates.

“This is the place where I rest my bones and the river that cleanses me runs alone!” cries frontman Riley McShane on the track. “This song is about finding a place of inner quiet, a safe haven to explore your thoughts and escape from the anxieties of your life,” the vocalist explains. “This lyrical intention is paired with a depiction of disparity and tiredness with the world around you and the stressors that contribute to the deafening silence of the mundane. In the music video, we showcase a more physical - and graphic - display of this thought process where the escape from the daily grind is manifested into a willing self-sacrifice. Though a dramatization, this concept of sacrifice to find your own personal peace can be applied to something less tangible and played an important role in my own process while writing the lyrics for Damnum. Thank you for watching and listening, we hope you enjoy it."


1. Bastards of the Earth
2. Of Beasts and Worms
3. Into Embers
4. To Carry My Grief Through Torpor and Silence
5. Vermin
6. Called Home
7. Blight
8. The Dopamine Void Pt. 1
9. The Dopamine Void Pt. 2
10. Saturnine
11. In Mourning
12. Only Loss More...

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Caliban Announces New Album "Dystopia"

When the gates of the world slammed shut in 2020, German metal spearheads, Caliban, focused their energies in the studio. The results were nothing short of prolific: at first, Zeitgeister, a collection of classic Caliban songs re-done in their native German, but more importantly, a brand-new album, "Dystopia."

The band have also just released their new track, "Ascent Of The Blessed," which is available on all DSPs now. Additionally, the music video, which was directed by Daniel Prieß, can be viewed below.

Caliban vocalist Andreas Dörner states about "Ascent Of The Blessed": "This song is inspired by my imagination of a near-death-experience and the question about my life. It’s about the question if one is a good or an evil person."

The approach to "Dystopia" was instinctive and organic. The result was simply darker and heavier. A state of the world address and a sign of these locked-down times. The band members worked in relative isolation, not being able to meet up for writing sessions. Ideas were passed around via the internet. Yet, the anxiety and angst they were all feeling came through. Hence the opening line of the album title track and war-cry: "Welcome Dystopia – Come show me who you are!" Amidst the anger and sonic wreckage, there’s still a ghost of hopefulness as the band searches for identity, solidarity and ultimately rising from dystopian ashes. A long running fixture in the European metal scene, Caliban have reemerged with a furious vision for these dark days. Welcome Dystopia.

"Dystopia" was produced by Benjamin Richter (Moonspell, Emil Bulls) and guitarist Marc Görtz, as well as co-produced by Callan Orr (Dream On, Dreamer). The eye-catching artwork was crafted by the creative team of Season Zero, who designed the artwork for Zeitgeister. More...

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Unearthing the Metal Underground: Mortify

Latin America is fertile ground for extremely dark death and black metal. Is it the notorious, perpetual corrupt politics or the prominent pockets of impoverishment? Whatever the case may be, places like Mexico, central America and South America provide the perfect soil from which the most dank metal grows. Chile will forever be linked in this regard because of the absolutely legendary act Pentagram (not be confused with the Maryland-based doom band), but there are some younger upstarts, including Mortify, who are producing some fantastic death metal that pulls from classic, late eighties and early nineties artists. More...

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Aviana Posts New Music Video Online

Swedish alternative metal act Aviana has released a video for his new single 'Obsession', out now via Arising Empire. "Obsession" follows previous singles "Rage," "Oblivion," "Overcome" and "Retaliation," which marked Aviana's return earlier this year, led solely by Joel Holmqvist - until today. You can check out the video below.

"Obsession" toys with a dark vibe, as the band tell a story weaved around the subject of mental health issues. Joel Holmqvist explains: "The lyrics of this song are a bit more to the emotional side and about a subject that I personally feel we should talk a lot more about. We wanted to visualise that not only with the lyrics but also bring it to life in the video."

Over the last couple of years, many people experienced dark times and suffered great loss. Joel Holmqvist, vocalist of Swedish metalcore act Aviana, was one of those people. Despite the successful release of their sophomore album "Epicenter" via Arising Empire in 2019, all his former bandmates declared they were leaving Aviana in March 2020.

Holmqvist quickly realised that he was not done with Aviana and decided to continue with the project himself. Throughout the pandemic, he has gathered strength to build something new and special - the next chapter of Aviana. Today, however, Aviana reveals four new, masked and unknown individuals who join Holmqvist to complete the band.

Aviana’s new sound is heavier than ever before and offers a taste of what’s to come, Holmqvist assures. "I'm building this up with the new Aviana now. There's a new chapter, a new story and a new era coming!" he concludes. More...

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Nailed To Obscurity Shares New Single

You're all full of joy and enthusiasm for the new year? Well, we can take care of that for you. Or, more precisely, Nailed To Obscurity can: Today, the German melodic death metal doomsters release their new single "Liquid Mourning" - an earth shaking extreme metal track touching the darkest parts of your soul and covering all hope and light in a lake of black molasses, dragging you deeper and deeper into their inferno of heavy riffs and brutal growls. You can check out the video below.

Raimund Ennenga: "The state of grief is often hard to leave behind, but a suffering soul is a fragile entity that needs to leave the lava of sorrow before it turns into obsidian. 'Liquid Mourning' is about a mind that is lost in the feeling of sorrow and finds itself more and more in a brittle tomb, as the mourning seemingly turns from liquid into solid…"

Jan-Ole Lamberti: "We wanted to try a different approach when we started writing new music shortly after the pandemic hit. The super low-tuned guitars, the string arrangement at the end and the production and sound itself are only a few examples which can be heard on ‘Liquid Mourning’ - probably the catchiest and maybe the most intense song we have released so far. Play it loud and enjoy!" More...

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Ex-Deicide Guitarist Chris Cannella Hints New Band

In a Facebook post prior to Deicide announcing their new guitarist, Chris Cannella hinted at future endeavors. Chris Cannella was the lead guitarist/vocalist in Autumns End prior to him joining Deicide. Autumn's End is a death metal band located in Chris' hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. More...

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Bad Rescue Release New Single "Wall Eye"

Bad Rescue is stretching the boundaries of genre on their latest track "Wall Eye". The industrial influence, rap infused heavy rock track brings a little something for everyone.

The band had this to say about the song:

“Wall Eye is typically the kind of song that we’ve wanted to produce for a long time. A mix of Indus Rock with rap vocals on the verses. The voice of King Marino on these verses brings a dramatic and dark vibe to the song while you can feel the wrath of the lyrics in the chorus. All of those elements got mixed up with a heavy guitar riff and you’ve got a sick crossover song called Wall Eye!”

Check it out below! More...

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Nemesis Inferi Finishes Recording New Album

Since 1997, Nemesis Inferi have consolidated their roots in the world of heavy music, growing and renewing themselves for a result that sounds always fresh and catchy. The band is pleased to announce that they have finished recording their new album, due to be released in 2022.

"The new album represents Nemesis Inferi of 2022. The production and recordings of this album are the result of the work of composing and arranging the songs by all the band members, who have contributed their various musical influences to this extremely metal but also melodic sound mix. All under the guidance of Boss Jaime Gomez Arellano with the full, powerful and wonderfully true sound that only he can create. There is a lot of magic in this record."

The new album departs from the rock atmospheres of the previous "A Bad Mess" (2018) and marks a decisive return to metal sounds with the entry of Manomorta on lead vocals.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Jaime Gomez Arellano at his Orgone Studios (Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Behemoth, Ghost, Solstafir) in Woburn, UK, between October 2021 and January 2022, Nemesis Inferi's new work will once again impress listeners with a new level of composition.

Stay tuned, more details will be announced soon.

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Shining Black Reveals New Album Details

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the second studio album by Shining Black, "Postcards From The End Of The World," which will be released on 18th March 2022. The title song of the record has been released today as its first single and video.

A melodic power metal band featuring vocalist Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire, Royal Hunt) and guitarist Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), their self-titled 2020 debut showcased the outstanding vocal ability of Boals combined with the cutting-edge songwriting technique of Thorsen. This follow-up picks up where that record left off, comprising ten songs that feature lung-busting vocals and blistering guitar skills. Completing the line-up are Oleg Smirnoff (keyboards and piano), Nik Mazzucconi (bass) and Matt Peruzzi (drums).

The roots of Shining Black actually go back to 2014 when the Italian metal act Labyrinth was faced with the dilemma of losing long-time singer Roberto Tiranti. They chose to move forward with Boals and began working on new songs that would have been released on the band’s next album, but his busy schedule did not fit in with the recording plans the group had at the time. After a few years on hiatus, Labyrinth eventually made a new record ("Architecture Of A God") with Tiranti back on board. Despite not getting to work together at that time, Boals and Thorsen remained in touch and, when the occasion arose they seized the opportunity and Shining Black was born. More...

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Hammerfall Unleashes New Song With King Diamond

Today, Swedish saviours of heavy metal Hammerfall have released their new single, "Venerate Me," featuring a special guest appearance by the legendary King Diamond. The track is the second taken from their twelfth studio album, "Hammer Of Dawn," set for release on 25th February 2022 via Napalm Records.

Watch the video to "Venerate Me" below.

"Venerate Me" continues to clearly show that Hammerfall are in top shape by delivering what Rock It! Magazine calls, “their strongest songs in years”. Expectedly, singer Joacim Cans doesn’t fail to leave a mark with his gripping vibrato and ever-powerful vocal projection that – in combination with strong guitar work and on-point drumming – make "Venerate Me" an outstanding yet trademark Hammerfall hymn.

Founding member and guitarist Oscar Dronjak commented on "Venerate Me": "The second single is here, and I’m very, very proud of it! The music was written during the darkest, most uninspiring days of the pandemic and still came out as one of the strongest on the whole album. Joacim’s fantastic lyric idea makes this track really stand out, and the special guest appearance towards the end really pushes it over the edge!"

Singer Joacim Cans adds: "The song is over loaded with enchanting melodies and a very catchy chorus. Lyrically one of my greatest efforts dealing with the fact that we die twice! First when we take our last breath and second when someone says your name for the last time. Say my name and I will never die!" More...

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Evil Invaders To Release New Album In April

Belgian extreme heavy metal frontrunners Evil Invaders are back and ready to unleash their third album, "Shattering Reflection," with full force on April 1, 2022 via Napalm Records!

With nearly five years having passed since the band’s last release, rest assured – "Shattering Reflection" is absolutely worth the wait. Evil Invaders deliver a brand-new collection of dynamic, classically inspired but undeniably fresh tracks, focusing on strong choruses, gripping lyrics and even progressive touches that will grab every extreme heavy metal fan by the throat and have them screaming for more! Standing out amid their modern contemporaries, Evil Invaders aren’t here to look backward – they practically ooze extreme and thrash/speed metal precision from their very pores, delivering an authentic amalgamation of fresh songs that fast track the genre into the future.

As a first glimpse of what can be expected, Evil Invaders have unveiled the addictive mid-tempo crusher "In Deepest Black," delivering dramatic, melodic guitar lines topped by a catchy chorus that will never leave the listener’s head! Check out the new track today alongside a chilling music video chock full of instant replay-worthy throwback metal vibes.

Joe (vocalist & guitarist) about "In Deepest Black":
"‘In Deepest Black' is definitely one of the best songs we’ve written so far. Despite the fact that it’s something completely different from what we’ve done in the past, it feels very natural to play this song. I've always wanted to release some kind of 'heavy Evil Invaders ballad' and I think we finally nailed it with this one!" More...

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Ottone Pesante Reveals New EP Details

No introduction is necessary, their music and performances speak for themselves. With their mix of Metal, Jazz, Brass and Avant-Garde, Ottone Pesante won international critical acclaim with their latest album "DoomooD" and are ready to charm new and old listeners worldwide. Today, the trio announces a new EP entitled "...and the Black Bells Rang" due for release on March 4th 2022 via Aural Music.

"We are really proud of these new songs," states the band. "We followed our instincts trying to find new sounds and experimenting new solutions. We cannot wait to release them, strengthened by a renewed collaboration with Aural Music!."

The new EP "... And The Black Bells Rang" will include four previously unreleased tracks recorded at Studio Pesante (Faenza, Italy) and Studio 73 (Ravenna, Italy), mixed and mastered by Riccardo Pasini aka Paso at Studio 73.

Artwork was created by Libero Foschi.

The track listing of "... And The Black Bells Rang" reads as follows:

1. Black Bells of Destruction
2. Carne Marcia
3. Die Ewige Wiederkunft Des Gleichen
4. Scrolls of War

But that's not all. Ottone Pesante know no boundaries and are preparing to embark on a 27-date European tour in March.

"We are excited to announce the new tour that will take us around Europe. We've been waiting for two years, but now we're ready to play a lot of new live music." comments the band.

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Cradle Of Filth Announces Livestream Show

Hellish outfit Cradle Of Filth have announced a digital show stream, a one-off special performance titled "The Infernal Vernal Equinox." The concert will be aired this Spring Equinox, Sunday March 20th, during which the band will play monumental 1996 studio album "Dusk... And Her Embrace" in full. ?

"The Infernal Vernal Equinox" - show stream
20th March 2022 @ 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET
Tickets available to purchase from https://cradleoffilth.veeps.com/

Frontman Dani Filth stated,

"Greetings fellow Filthlings…?

"After the glorious success of our livestream extravaganza back in May last year, we have decided to undertake a second in which we will play our legendary musical excretion 'Dusk... and Her Embrace' in its dark cinematic entirety, accompanied by a further bout of new album tracks and fan-favourites. ? ?

"Being unleashed on March 20th 2022 - the day of the Spring Equinox - and known as 'The Infernal Vernal Equinox', this full live-stream ritual will also premiere the incredible third single video from 'Existence Is Futile' plus will include the entirety of our first livestream free for your vulgar delectation. ? ?

"So, Children of the Night, be expectant of horrific spectacle, big production and razor sharp Black Metal mayhem ascending your way.? ?Warning. This one-off special performance is intended solely for those tortured souls still clinging to the last of winter’s grip. ? ?
Happy f**king Spring!!!?"?

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Tankard Begins Recording New Album

German thrash metal veterans Tankard are currently at Gernhart Studio (Troisdorf) to work with producer Martin Buchwalter on the follow-up to the very successful "One Foot in the Grave" album. The upcoming studio album will be the soundtrack to the band's 40th anniversary and is scheduled for release in September 2022 via Reaper Entertainment.

Frontman Gerre comments:
"Almost 5 years have passed since 'One Foot in The Grave!!!' Madness, how time races, especially when you are already a bit more aged like us.... Hahaha!!!

"All the more we are happy to work together with Martin Buchwalter in the Gernhart Studio again to record the next record, which should be released just in time for the 40th band anniversary, according to the motto: One foot out of the grave...."

The title of the record is not yet revealed. More info coming soon - stay tuned.

Even though a lot has changed in the last three decades, one thing has remained the same: Tankard are four metal maniacs from Frankfurt - authentic, loud and sometimes drunk. And it will probably stay that way for the next 40 years!

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MWWB To Release New Album In March

New Heavy Sounds is proud to present the new album by MWWB. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard is no more.

Long live MWWB.

There has been some speculation amongst fan circles that the final part of the trilogy of albums that preceded this, marked the end of Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s five-year mission. Not so.

We can categorically confirm that having officially slimmed their name down to the acronym, MWWB are continuing their voyage through the far reaches of the galaxy.

The first phase of that journey is their new album "The Harvest."

"The Harvest" which is set for release on 25th March (New Heavy Sounds) is the band’s fourth album, and of course it is a record shot through with the trademark MWWB sound, however it also sees the band adding more experimentation, a progressive approach, and going a bit more left-field conceptually. Vocalist Jessica comments on the album’s title track which the band have shared today.

"'The Harvest,' both as a song and an album, represents an array of emotions.. it wasn’t planned. It is a raw, real-time experience of processing difficulties in both personal and general life. It’s emotionally scatty; much like the spectrum of reactions and feelings we go through in response to being alive. In relation to our other albums, The Harvest feels to us like we are reaping what we’ve sown."

Listen to the track here. More...

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Tactosa Premiere New Track “Sink or Swim”

Tampa, Florida-based deathcore outfit Tactosa premiere a new track “Sink or Swim”, streaming via YouTube for you below.

Line-up: More...

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Mazeric Premiere New Single & Lyric Video

Utah-based deathcore quartet Mazeric premiere their new single and lyric video “Reanimated”, streaming via YouTube for you below.

Line-up: More...

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A Divinis Premiere New Single & Video "Monolith"

A Divinis - the new blackened death metal project featuring guitarist Casey Childers (The Kennedy Veil), vocalist Taylor Wientjes (ex-The Kennedy Veil, ex-Inanimate Existence), drummer Nathan Bigelow (Arkaik), and bassist Ryan Wright - premiere their new single and video "Monolith" streaming for you below:

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Feral Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

French crust/hardcore/grind band Feral premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Spiritual Void". The record is set for release on January 21st through Source Atone Records and Basement Apes Industries.

Check out now "Spiritual Void" in its entirety below.

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Undeath Premiere New Single & Music Video

Undeath‘s new studio full-length “It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave” has been announced for an April 22nd release date by Prostethic Records. A first advance track and music video named “Rise From The Grave“ has premiered online and can be streamed via YouTube below.

Comments guitarist Kyle Beam: More...

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