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Last updated on January 24, 2022 at 1:29 PM ET

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Hammer King Shares New Music Video

Last summer, royal metal powerhouse Hammer King dropped a hammer strike with its Napalm Records debut, Hammer King. Now, the kings from Kaiserslautern, Germany return once more with their new "King Of Kings" music video, taken from the band's latest critically acclaimed self-titled album!

Hammer King on "King Of Kings":
"Hammerous Folks! For ‘King Of Kings’, we gave our dear friend Ingo Spörl a carte blanche to create a final video for Hammer King. So this is the last chapter for this album - and we are about to begin a new chapter in the next weeks. Stay tuned! Royal gratitude to everyone of you for making Hammer King the success it was! God bless the King, may the King bless all of you." More...

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Venom Inc. Reveals New Album Title?

Venom Inc., the band comprised of former Venom members Jeff "Mantas" Dunn and Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan, as well as drummer Jeramie "War Machine" Kling (The Absence, Inhuman Condition, Ex Deo,) appears to be teasing a new album, which will once again feature Mantas as producer.

The band's message states: "This monster black hole is THE MOST POWERFUL in the UNIVERSE! This supermassive Black Hole known as Cygnus X-1 (or in reference to its strength - VENOM INC and their NEW Album!) is the Heaviest Stellar Black Hole ever observed! Being about 21 times the mass of our sun. This Black Hole produces the strongest energy waves ever discovered. It is about 5million years old and It lies approximately 6000 light years away but is on its way to us on Earth in 2022 you will feel it’s immense energy!"

This will be the band's second album and first since their debut "Ave," was released in 2017. The record is expected to be released through Nuclear Blast.

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Vardis Discusses "100MPH," NWOBHM & Live Music

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal really is a treasure chest when it comes to finding music. While the likes of Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Venom and Saxon may be the most successful from the movement, there were so many talented bands with plenty to offer that it borders on the unbelievable. In Yorkshire alone, there was the Salem, Haze and Ethel The Frog, as well of coure as the aforementioned Saxon and Def Leppard. There was also another band born in "God's County," in the town of Wakefield to be more precise, whose break neck speed and love of the rock legends gave them a sound of their own and made them one of the most revered live acts of the time; Vardis.

Vardis began life in 1973, making them one of the oldest bands in the movement and began life as more of a boogie rock band. Despite this, the presence of metal music was clear to see, or more importantly, hear and soon the group were lumped in with the burgeoning NWOBHM movement. Vardis were never one to do things by the books and nowhere was this more evidenced than their first album, "100MPH," which was comprised entirely of live recordings. Vardis carried on for a while until management issues led to their breakup in 1986.

In 2014, Vardis finally returned and two years later released "Red Eye," their first album in thirty years. As has been said though, it's the live setting where Vardis has always thrived and so late last year, the band unleashed, "100MPH @ 100 Club," a testament to both the legacy of their music and the drive which still makes them a top live act.

To find out more about this new release, as well as the history of the band, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and much more, we caught up with frontman Steve Zodiac. You can watch the interview in full below. More...

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Suicide Silence Returns To Century Media Records

Suicide Silence has come full circle & returned to their original label home, Century Media Records. With nearly two decades of non-stop touring around the globe, hundreds of thousands of records sold and cementing themselves as a lynchpin band in modern extreme metal, the Riverside, California quintet has rejoined the label that released the highly acclaimed albums: "The Cleansing" (2007), "No Time To Bleed" (2009) and "The Black Crown" (2011).

Chris Garza (guitar) comments: "I can’t believe how far we’ve all come since the band began 20 years ago. Today we’re back where it all started; writing music together in the same room where the first three albums were created. We’re incredibly excited to be working with Century Media Records once again as we enter the next chapter of our career."

Mike Gitter, Century Media Vice President of A&R adds: "Suicide Silence has long been an important band in heavy music, not only being the band that really put ‘Deathcore’ on the map but a band that has continued to redefine themselves and beat the odds at every turn. The new music I’ve heard from them has all the intensity and earmarks of their past while continuing to push into the proverbial red.

"It feels great to welcome Suicide Silence, undeniably the most influential Deathcore band ever, back to Century Media Records," says Philipp Schulte, Century Media Vice President and Global Head. "Working with them again feels like reuniting what was never meant to be divided. We’re happy being the band’s supporting label home again. No pity for the cowards!" More...

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Gangrenectomy Premiere New Single

Italian slamming brutal death outfit Gangrenectomy premiere a new single by the name of “Manipulation of Weak Souls”, taken from their upcoming new EP "Uterovaginal Fortress". The effort will be released this Fall via Rivers Of Gore Production.

Check out now "Manipulation of Weak Souls" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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Fetal Sewage Premiere Full-Album Stream Of New EP

LA-based slamming brutal death metal band Fetal Sewage premiere the full-album stream of the band's brand new EP "Butchering The Dead", which was released January 23, 2022. The EP features Marco Pitruzzella (Rings of Saturn/Brain Drill/Six Feet Under) on studio session drums.

Check out now "Butchering The Dead" in its entirety below.

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Baalzagoth Premiere New Music Video "Aborted"

Baalzagoth premiere a new music video for “Aborted”, taken from their upcoming debut album "Morbid Persecutions", which will be released in April 2022 by Mara Production.

You can stream "Aborted" via YouTube below.

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Kvaen Premiere New Song "In Silence"

Swedish black metal band Kvaen premiere a new song entitled “In Silence”, taken from their upcoming new album "The Great Below". Black Lion Records has set "The Great Below" for release on March 25th.

Check out now "In Silence" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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