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Last updated on October 21, 2020 at 10:10 AM ET

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Nasum's Anders Jackobson: A Life Of Grind

Grindcore is a genre with countless bands, but only a handful of true legendary names. Not only this, but every country seems to have one particular grindcore band they can point to as their representatives, whether that be Brutal Truth in the United States, Napalm Death in the United Kingdom or Agathocles in Belgium. In Sweden's case, it would have to be an Örebro founded outfit who released an instant genre classic in 1998, by the name of Nasum.

While Nasum only managed to release four albums in a six year span, beginning with the incredible "Inhale/Exhale" and moving ever forward from there, fans of grindcore, and indeed extreme music generally, still cite them as one of the greatest bands of the genre, who revolutionised grind for the better and whose albums still hold up as masterworks. Tragically, Nasum ceased to be in 2005 after frontman Mieszko Talarczyk was killed in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, while holidaying in Thailand. Though Nasum will never return as a full time band again, they regrouped in 2012 for a one off farewell tour, which saw Keijo Niinimaa, frontman of Rotten Sound (themselves arguably Finland's greatest grindcore band) take over vocal duties.

Finally, fans will be able to own a piece of that tour and indeed, the final piece of Nasum's history, with a new DVD, "Blasting Shit To Bits," which chronicles the final show of the tour and therefore the band, which will be released on December 18th. To find out all about the show, the tour, the legacy of the band and even the future, I spoke with Anders Jakobson, a founding member and songwriter of Nasum, who has played every instrument in the band at different times.

Diamond Oz: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me today. Your final show is finally coming out on DVD in December. What was the reason for such a long delay between filming the show and releasing it?

Anders Jakobson: The smart answer would be: ”Well, the final show was 8 years after the band ended, so the DVD comes out another 8 years later…”. But that is obviously not the truth. When we shot the show, we didn’t really know what to do with the material. Our director Michael Panduro spent many hours assembling the cut on and off during the following years until it was finished. In 2016, I think, we recorded some interviews that has been cut into the movie and by 2017 it was actually finished and had a cinematic premiere at a film festival in Copenhagen.

Since then the movie has had its life as a festival movie, being shown here and there while we have been finishing some other material and trying to compile what could be a physical release that we could be totally happy with. We haven’t really been rushing it, but the last year or so we have been focused on finishing it. And now it’s ready for a wider release.

Oz: Aside from the show itself, what can fans expect on the DVD?

Anders: To begin with, the “show itself” is more than just a show. It’s shot in a little different way than most concerts I would say. Then it’s combined with interviews with all members telling the story of the band, the tour and final show in particular. It is an emotional and personal document of the end of a band really. Apart from the main film there are footage from before and after the show that combined covers the whole last day of the band. There are also additional interviews and some other footage from the farewell tour. It’s a nice package that is very much worth watching if you are a fan of the band.

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Paradise Lost Announces Livestream Show

Following on from the release of their new album "Obsidian" in May, British gothic metal legends Paradise Lost have announced a special live streaming performance and alternative to bonfire night for the 5th November.

Vocalist Nick Holmes comments;

"Greetings, I hope everyone is well!

"Just a quick few words to thank everyone for the ongoing great response to our latest album, 'Obsidian', and to announce that as there are still no stages for us to play on, we have decided to perform live from our rehearsal studio at 'The Mill' In Bradford, West Yorkshire. The stream is due to be aired on 5th November at 20:00 GMT via Stageit.com. We sincerely hope you can all join us in a brief respite from these dark days!

"Thank you,

This one time live event will feature a regular set from the band alongside a VIP option, which includes three extra songs plus a pre-recorded interview with the band. The regular set will include the world premiere of 2 new songs from Obsidian, and the VIP set will feature 3. Besides the live stream experience at 20.00 GMT, the band 'replays' the performance for their fans in the US at 18.00 PST. You can either purchase for the European viewing, the US viewing or buy a ticket to both. More...

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Anthea Posts New Music Video Online

Los Angeles symphonic power metal band Anthea are sharing their new music video "Reach" off their upcoming album "Illusion" due out on October 23rd via Rockshots Records. You can check it out below.

The band adds about the track:

"We start the album with 'Reach,' a catchy mid-tempo song with inspirational lyrics about taking initiative and fulfilling your dreams. We feel that this song really captures what Anthea is all about, therefore making it the perfect song to open our debut album with." More...

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Holding Absence Reveals New Album Details

Holding Absence have today announced their second album "The Greatest Mistake Of My Life" set for release on April 16th 2021, and have debuted the album's first single "Beyond Belief." In regard to the new single, impassioned frontman Lucas Woodland comments "We are ecstatic to finally unveil 'Beyond Belief' to the world! Just as jumping from black and white into colour is a huge change for our band, we believe the transition into Beyond Belief, and subsequently The Greatest Mistake Of My Life, is similarly significant. Beyond Belief sees our band embracing the 80’s indie-shoegaze era with both arms, while still gripping firmly onto all the sounds that have made us who we are up until now. A song about love, and the fear of permanence - this really is Holding Absence, like you’ve never heard us before."

Watch the stark video for "Beyond Belief" below.

In the band's own words; "This album is about telling stories that are presented through the lens of hindsight, regret and looking back. There are songs that celebrate life when faced with death, and others that speak to the choices we make about how we live our lives. The fear of love, newfound respect for life and the covering up of depression are all subjects that rear their head. The Greatest Mistake Of My Life exercises emotion in many ways, and that was an important thing for us to do, because emotion isn’t rigid – it’s not just love or joy or sadness – it’s a lot of things." More...

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Trollfest Signs With Napalm Records

Legendary Norwegian outfit Trollfest is back, ready to deliver their groovy, energizing and K.A.O.S-infused sound to the masses! After gathering millions of streams on YouTube and Spotify, Trollfest will be joining Napalm Records for the next chapter of their career. Since forming in 2003, the band has played numerous shows all around the world, making appearances at Wacken Open Air, 70.000 Tons Of Metal and Summer Breeze, sharing the stage with Alestorm, Wintersun, Korpiklaani and Finntroll, making a name for themselves as the pioneers of True Norwegian Balkan Metal!

In True Norwegian Balkan K.A.O.S., Trollfest release an energizing and bombastic re-recording of their classic "Der Jegermeister" to celebrate their signing to Napalm Records. “Der Jegermeister” is the magnificent, brilliant, wisdom super troll that loves to hunt and drink, and is a fan favorite at live shows! This re-recording will get you moshing on your sofa, raiding the kitchen for alcohol or wherever mother, wife, husband, partner, dog or cats hide them. Trolls never hide alcohol.

Trollfest on signing with Napalm Records:
"There are few things more welcome than good news in tumultuous times and with that in mind it is with unbridled joy that we announce our signing to Napalm Records. We are excitedly excited about this excitement and have overwhelmingly positive feelings of exuberance toward this endeavor. It is a pure honor to work with such legends. Gleefully chipper and tremendously exalted, we cannot wait for the next chapter of TrollfesT history where world domination, millionaire status, private airplanes and studios built of beer are sure to only be the minor ingredients, that or we will continue to roam the outskirts of obscurity. Either way, we will enjoy ourselves stupendously." More...

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Shaidar Logoth Premiere New Song "Anguish Cradle"

USBM band Shaidar Logoth premiere a new song entitled "Anguish Cradle", taken from their upcoming new third full-length "Chapter III: The Void God". The album will be drop on November 6 2020 on MC/LP via Sentient Ruin and on LP for Europe via Cavsas (a division of Cyclic Law).

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Soothing Premiere New Song & Video "Used X"

Blackened crust duo Soothing premiere a new song and music video "Used X", taken from their upcoming 5-track lathe-cut EP, which will be out in stores soon via Anybody's Flowers.

Check out now "Used X" below.

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Hell:On Premiere New Song & Music Video

Ukrainian death metal band Hell:On premiere a new song and music video "My Testament", taken from their upcoming new album "Scythian Stamm", which will be out in stores November 1st through Hell Serpent Music.

Check out now "My Testament" below.

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Firstborne (Ex-Lamb Of God, Etc.) Premiere Single

A new track from Firstborne named “Cut The Strings” has premiered streaming below. The band featuring ex-Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler and former Megadeth, etc. bassist James LoMenzo among their ranks - released their self-titled debut EP earlier this year.

Tells Girish Pradhan of this new single: More...

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Heartsick Premiere New Music Video "Hate Anthem"

Heartsick premiere the below music video for their song “Hate Anthem“, taken from the group’s latest release, “Sleep Cycles“. In other news the band have also been in the studio lately with over a dozen songs already recorded and more still in the works.

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Dysrhythmia Premiere New Video “Plague Delay”

Dysrhythmia premiere their new music video for “Plague Delay, taken from the group’s latest outing, “Terminal Threshold“.

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Architects Premiere New Single & Music Video

Architects premiere a new single and official music video titled “Animals“, streaming for you below. More details on the group’s plans for new material have yet to be announced.

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Tombs Premiere New Song & Music Video “The Hunger”

Tombs premiere their new song and music video “The Hunger” streaming via YouTube below. The track features a guest spot from Integrity frontman Dwid Hellion. A November 20th release date has been scheduled for the band's new full-length album, “Under Sullen Skies“.

Says singer Mike Hill of the clip: More...

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