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Interview with Kari Kane of Fall To Grace

Los Angeles, California's FALL TO GRACE are on a roll. They have recently switched management companies and are in the process of finshing thier debut album, which is exactly where this lineup wanted to be at this point when I conducted my first set of interviews with the band earlier this year. More to the point, what I think is great about these guys is that although one of its members is a well known veteran rocker that's already toured the world and back in another well known outfit, Fall To Grace are realistic and not one to expect more or less than just simply getting themselves into a credible position right now to get their music heard by the mass music audience and potentially land that coveted major label record deal. Fall To Grace is in the perfect spot right now and I fully believe that with some further gigging on the legendary Los Angeles Sunset Strip scene in the first quarter of 2007, that this band could soon find itself staring big time directly in the face. I am thrilled to have nailed down this year end Q&A session with the band's ever so witty and sly like a fox drummer, Kari Kane.

Rocket: Man, it's been a busy year for you and Fall To Grace, brother. Between playing all those rockin shows on the Los Angeles scene and recording the debut full-length for this band. Let me ask you this one very important question though, brother.. how do you keep that killer hair going? Haha! Seriously now.

Kari: The hair. Hahaha. I've seen your hair and it's pretty killer too!!

Rocket: Haha. Yeah, well. I'm about ready to just shave my head and go the Phil Anselmo, 'Vulgar Display Of Power' era look. Having a lot of hair is actually a pain in the ass. The chicks dig it while we're having sex cause they like to grab onto it and that kind of thing. Other than that, it's actually like being a woman when you get up and have to deal with this big matted mess of crap that sits on top of your head like some bad wig an over the hill Hollywood actor would wear. Burt Reynolds comes to mind on that one. Alright, let's get down to business. The debut album from FTG. Give us the dirt on it. Where are you recording it and who is producing/engineering this bad boy?

Kari: Recording at Wyman Studios in Burbank, California. It's a bitchin' room, man.

Rocket: For all of my east coast readership, 'Bitchin' actually is west coast slang for 'great' or 'awesome'.

Kari: Anyone who wants a great sounding record at insanely reasonable prices should check them out! The engineer there who is also co-producing our record, Jeff Kanan, is fuckin amazing! The band is co-producing with Jeff. But of course he and Silas, our guitarist, are doing most of the work.

Rocket: I'm dying to hear what you guys have come up with. Do you have a title yet?

Kari: Sorry.. not yet.

Rocket: Why not just call it the 'Hair Album'? Ha! You know, a play on Metallica's Black album and a play on words wth Hollywood's infamous and yes, still very much alive glam band scene, not that I'm calling Fall To Grace a glam act cause you are the furthest thing from it. I just think that would be the most seriously kick ass rock n roll title put out there, man. But then again, I was drinking heavy before this interview began. Now fans that have heard your past cuts featured on MySpace have come to expect a pretty hard-hitting metal sound but with that rounded out, straight ahead hard rock vibe. Is that what we're going to get with your first album? Or are you gonna release a bunch of ballads?

Kari: The only ballad is the one we wrote about you! Hahahaha!

Rocket: You sonofabtich!

Kari: No, this new album will be exactly the same direction as previous tracks we've released. The kids won't be disappointed and of course, more double-bass!

Rocket: All kidding aside, I know you haven't been feeling well lately due to a cold. It's kind of off topic but then who the hell cares. It's my interview. What kind of cold remedies does Kari Kane use to fight that type of major health scare? I'm thinking cheap beer, a fifth of scotch and chicken noodle soup!

Kari: You're very close! Hahaha. Never Scotch. Always Bourbon!

Rocket: At least you didn't say Rum like a chick! Haha. There's nothing funnier than talking 'sauce shop' with a bunch of dudes - wait a second, did I just say that? Ha! And there is always that one guy that answers everything like a full scale pussy! Now I've talked with Silas your guitar player extensively about the way this band records. I know you two are the main ones involved with that process. With all your experience in rock n roll to date is recording still an exciting experience for you or do you just prefer to get naked behind your kit and crank it out live for the fans at shows?

Kari: I love both of course! But since I work so much in the studio, I have to find the gratitude in it and I do still find it very exciting. And I revel in the fact that I get to play music for a living!

Rocket: It beats selling cheap men's hair care products on Venice Beach! That's for damn sure!! Now being one of the L.A. scene's true hard rock veterans, I know you have a lot of cool tattoos. Can you give us an exact count and tell us specifically about the last one you got and its meaning?

Kari: Let's see... 1,2,3... 23! The last one I got is a .45 caliber Longcolt. It was my first gun when I was a kid and I lost it along the way. I have more guns now. But I will always miss that one.

Rocket: Guns are cool! Just so long as one isn't pointed directly at you!! Okay, brother, another off topic one. Do you watch much of this crap on T.V. and if so, what the hell is your favorite program to checkout when chilling out after a long day of pummeling your Pork Pie? Haha.

Kari: I don't watch a lot of T.V, bro.

Rocket: Okay. So...

Kari: But I do get sucked in to that fuckin show 'Heroes'...

Rocket: For a sec there I thought you were going to say 'Dancing With The Stars', in which case I woulda just pulled out my nine and shot you in the kneecap!

Kari: No, there's something about this show "Heroes", man. I can't turn it off!!

Rocket: Are you guys going to be recording a video to help market the new album? Have you even thought that far ahead yet? I would think this band could make a pretty interesting one, mainly since none of you are emo and you have hair on your chest! Haha.

Kari: Yeah, we will make a video. For Sure, I'll get you a copy of both the new record and the video before the packages go out so you can give me your opinion.

Rocket: Shweet! The perks of being me! Now when in fact the new album releases are you guys planning a killer CD release party? I'm thinking the Playboy Mansion emptied out with no Hugh Hefner but just us and and all the porn chicks Matt Zane and your singer Johnny can bring. Johnny is married to the lovely Angie Savage by the way. She's gotta have at least a hundred adult actress girlfriends in her back pocket! Let's do this!

Kari: Yes, please!

Rocket: Alright, I've run out of material. Thanks for humoring me on this one, King of the Pork Pie Pummel. I wish Fall To Grace only the best in 2007, you know this . Please send some big-ups to the people who deserve it!

Kari: Anyone who listens, read or talks about the underground of metal and hard rock scenes. Huge thanks and as Rocket always says: "Hails and horns to yah!"

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