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Attraction To Tragedy Promotes "Passion Over Fashion" With New Album

Massachusetts metalcore group Attraction To Tragedy is about to turn some heads with new album "Passion Over Fashion" that releases tomorrow (October 14th).

In addition to the album release, we'll also be premiering a music video for the "Desperate" track that same day, but before all those festivities kick off we checked in with Attraction To Tragedy for a deeper look at this emerging outfit.

Check out our full interview below with members Jaiden, Izzy, and Brandon covering the entire history of Attraction To Tragedy from high school garage band to an independent group now releasing a full-length album.

xFiruath: Let's get started with some history. When did the band originally form and what have you done prior to recording “Passion Over Fashion?”

Jaiden: I started the band in 2010 when I was 16. Since then we've put out 1 EP and 2 singles. This album however is the best representation of where we’re at.

Izzy: Brandon and I were in another band together and now we're both with Jaiden! We're like a package deal

xFiruath: I see there are a couple of guest musicians on this album. Who all was involved with the recording and what sort of contributions did they offer?

Jaiden: It was produced by Jim Fogarty and Joe Cocchi. The drummer I had prior to making the album wasn't gonna cut it so the studio time was booked with the intent of getting a session drummer. Luckily Joe's bandmate Drummer is local and had the time. Him and Joe have a great chemistry so it was a no brainer. And Jim offered to do 2 songs and blew us away. There are a couple songs where they're both playing at different parts. On the spot I asked Joe about doing a solo over this empty section and the next morning I woke up with a video he sent of the full solo. He's twice the lead guitarist I am so to me it would've been a missed opportunity. Jim wanted to play bass because although I "technically" can play bass I play it like a guitar player. The bass added a whole new dimension to the music and it’s something Brandon, our new bassist, and I are continuing with.

xFiruath: Is there any one particular idea or theme being presented with the album?

Jaiden: The title, "Passion Over Fashion," and the overall presentation is a “pre-emptive” strike regarding our image. I’ve said in the past that if I put even half the time I put into my appearance they way I do with music I’d be way better looking haha.

Brandon: I believe the vision intended was to point out that bands like us often are written off as nothing more than smoke and mirrors as it's usually assumed our image is all we're capable of and that we hold no substance as musicians. There's also a hint of irony around the entire album but I think the joke is for the listener to figure out. While this album has a loose theme, certain tracks do delve into entirely different subjects and I like to think the listener's interpretation of them is what gives them personal meaning.

xFiruath: Outside that main central theme, what sort of lyrics are presented across the disc?

Jaiden: On this record it’s more of a mixed bag. Different songs call for different things and I didn’t want every song to be about a relationship gone wrong. There are a few Misfits esque songs about serial killers and zombies along with some songs lashing out at myself rather than other people.

Brandon: Jaiden is quite an articulate writer and I think it shows on many of the songs but the beauty of this record is that there's some pop, there's some metal and as we call it, some very emo elements inspired by the 2000's alternative scene.

xFiruath: Is this a self-released album or is Attraction To Tragedy sporting label support at this point?

Jaiden: We're self releasing at this point but we're not opposed to the idea of working with a label.

Brandon: We are independent but working with various other names such as the team that worked on the record and obviously a company to help us reach/find our audience.

Izzy: Self released! after lots of debate we ended up going with that and it's working great so far in my opinion

xFiruath: Where have you guys been playing live lately and what's been the best (or worst) performance you've put on in recent memory?

Jaiden: The worst show would probably be at this Mexican restaurant in New Hampshire. It was like having a band practice in front on 5 people haha. The whole thing was just weird.

Brandon: We've finally made a couple appearances at the Palladium again and it's always like returning home. There's a mutual respect shared in that environment so we always really enjoy those shows.

Izzy: The palladium in Worcester has us out a lot. I love it there. Some of our best shows have been there. Our worst show was our first together but we don't talk about it much because we've grown a lot since then. We're all much tighter and better now.

xFiruath: We're premiering your new video for “Desperate” soon, so fill me in about the shooting for that video.

Jaiden: We filmed it at the high school I went to when I started the band. The principal was always cool to me even letting me graduate 6 months early to work on music. It was directed by Scott Hansen and he did a killer job. I remember staying up really late to watch Motionless In White’s “Ghost In The Mirror” video premiere on Headbangers Ball which he directed so that was really cool. Everyone was telling me how hot it was but I was so full of adrenaline I didn’t feel anything.

Brandon: Indeed, very exciting! Well we shot it in a location where a fair amount of the band's past material was written by Jaiden so I know it was very personal to him. The weather was around 105 degrees Fahrenheit while we were thrashing around in black leather and pants so I was physically sick by wrap haha. The director was someone we all enjoyed the previous works of, Scott Hansen and his team. He has a very trained eye and in my opinion did a fantastic job with it.

Izzy: It was so hot I got dizzy a lot. Drumming almost nonstop for hours in a parking lot was killing me. The final product is great but I wanted to die making that video.

xFiruath: Will there be any other music / lyric clips released for this album?

Jaiden: More music videos for sure.

Brandon: I think we'll try to stay consistent but it mostly comes down to whatever this cycle calls for. There's definitely plenty more in the works so stay tuned, folks!

Izzy: Some more music videos! We'll do more live stuff eventually. I love doing drum cam stuff with my GoPro so there's that.

xFirauth: Tell me a bit about your local rock / metal scene as far as active bands and venues?

Jaiden: When it comes to bands I really like The Days Ahead. Actually their guitarist Josh was kind enough to be in the Desperate video.

Brandon: The local scene where we're from is mostly the heavier side of metal which is always neat and there's definitely some bands I really respect and enjoy but obviously we're the black sheep among most so it's always a matter of proving ourselves. As I've said previously, the Palladium has been extremely supportive and their promoter Eric is a saint.

Izzy: These two know much more about it than me. I couldn't tell you many names or anything or who's great and who's not. I just don't pay attention as much as I should.

xFiruath; Random question, but I was scrolling through your Facebook page, and what is up with that dude who just keeps posting the picture of the shirt and tie?

Jaiden: Hahaha we don’t know! He messaged us once with some “revised” show flyer. He’s a madman.

Brandon: That man is my favorite. We have no idea where he came from but we always share a good laugh. I beat him to it once just to see if he'd realize and his only response was; "My work here is done." We have no personal connection to him.

Izzy: He just pops up I don't understand it at all. These two get a kick out of it but I'm clueless.

xFiruath: Anything else you'd like to add?

Jaiden: Thank you and check out our album, "Passion Over Fashion," and come out to a show.

Brandon: Thanks for having us and as we near the releases we've all been so stoked about, please, everyone keep your eyes peeled because we're ready to melt faces and serenade!

Izzy: Download the album and come see us at a show soon. You won't regret it we put on an amazing live performance and it's always fun. Thank you for having us and thank you for the support!

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