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Belphegor Accosted By Fundamentalist At Russian Airport

Update: Belphegor has now issued a statement about both the airport fiasco and experiencing extreme censorship and cancelled shows in Russia on this trek. Read it over here.

Although there has been no official statement from the band at this point, a video is circulating of some sort of fundamentalist (apparently religious, but it's unclear as there are no subtitles) verbally accosting Belphegor at a Russian airport.

At one point the man even spits in a member of Belphegor's face (appears to be front man Helmuth?), and then hilariously doesn't like it when the favor is immediately returned.

Karl Sanders of Nile (out on tour with Belphegor) then steps in to stop the situation from escalating. Any of our Russian speaking readers able to translate this video for us?

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1. Blindgreed1 writes:

I have asked for a rough translation from a coworker xFiruath.

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Anonymous Reader
2. XMKevin writes:

My wife is translating this now and will have a direct translation of what happened starting at the 5 minute mark. When she gets more time she will translate the first part.

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Anonymous Reader
3. new generation random kid writes:

Maybe this band sings alot about dragons and this is just karma manifesting itself.

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4. Blindgreed1 writes:

Translation: INTRODUCTION - Greetings. I'm now in Pulkovo airport. A show planned today in Saint-Petersburg Concert Hall will be performed by three perverted satanist bands. We're doing everything we can to prevent the show. Those are self-defined satanists: Belphegor from Austria, Nile from USA and one more band. They didn't arrive here as planned. They coming from Minsk for the Russian tour including St. Petersburg and we did everything for this freak show not happened. We have the intel that they will be arrested for breaking Russian Criminal Code's article 282 and some others. Possibly they won't arrive but we'll see how far it will be going.
THE INTERVIEW WITH A FAN (F) F: "So, what do you wanna hear?" Orthodox (O): "Please introduce youself." F: "Name's Artiom [or Artur]." O: "Why do you have the cross upside down? Are you a satanist?" F: "Well, I'm... the satanist could be..." O: (interrupts): "Do you respect fags? Did you know that Belphegor are fags?" F: "So what about that?" O: "Simply a question for an interview." F: "If they like doing that, I'm okay. I treat them as good folks." O: "Are fags good enought? Along with sexual perverts who f*** goats... Yes, they f*** goats." F: "So what?" O: "Is it normal? Are they good people?" F: "This is completely their position and their concerns." O: "And what is your?" F: "Mine is different..." O (interrupts): "So, do you like them?" F: "I like the band, the music!" O: "That's exactly what I'm talking about. So, the music? Doesn't song about goat f***ing concern you?" F: "I'm familiar with the lyrics. The band could speak about whatever they want." O: "Sure, but it's violation of the Russian law. How do you feel about that?" F: "Violating the law? That is constantly done by many people." O: "Seriously? Did you ever violate?" F: "I can't know all the laws..." O: "Yes or no?" F: "I rather didn't." O: "Do you suggest killing christians as the bands do?" F: "No. And I'm not a musician." O: "This is not about the music, it's a reference to Russian people and the christians." F: "Might be... but christianity is the thing to blame for viking's history a thousand years ago..." O: "So now christians must be shot down, right?" F: "What about christian executions and their victims?!" O: "I'm asking your opinion." F: "I think there should be some retaliation... You know... If the beliefs are strong you don't have to defend them against anything." O: "Why? It should be defended against perversion. What if you children appeared to be under threat?" F: "Of course, I will defend them..." O: "So here I am, standing for my beliefs. If someone insults my mother how should I take that?" F: "Ermm... What all that have to do with beliefs we're speaking of? Beliefs don't require to be protected by the law..." O: "Does your person need protection by law regulations? What about me taking you over and convoying to a special place for ones like you? Will it be a violation of law?" F: "Ones like me? What does that suppose to mean?" O: "You worship perverts because you're the one of them." F: "What kind of logic is that? I didn't admit any perversion." O: "You said you like their music." F: "Exactly!" O: "The band make songs about mass slaughter to christians, about sexual perversions and you love that." F: "The band! I like the band." O: "This is what I'm talking about. Didn't you get it? (To camera) The dude can't hear me." F: "Thing are more complicated. There're texts, music... I'm trying to tell you that..." O: "So you ignore the lyrics, right?" F: "Sometimes, yes." O: "What are your favourite songs?" F: "There are couple..." O: "Give an example. Like "The Fluffy Kitty"?" F: "No such song. I like "Sex Dictator Lucifer". O: "Oh... (To camera, sarcastic) Sex Dictator Lucifer is his favourite one." F: "Why are you considering satanism evil?" O: "Wow hello there!" F: "Norwegian satanism and LaVey's Satanic Bible are different things." O: "Name the ten steps of satanic consecration." F: "My knowledge is not that deep." O: "Learn it, and maybe your brain will be back where it belongs."THE BELPHEGOR EPISODE O: "Why are you here? (To attendant) Please translate to him. Why come here? (spits)" Off the frame: "Call the police! Security!" "Guide them outside, on the street." O: "Why come here?! Do you know where you are, you freak? Bastard! (To attendant) Those are not musicians but satanists. Off the frame: "Security!" O: "The show won't happen, so why bringing them here? Where's police? I wrote a letter via VKontakte [Russian social network] and Facebook." O: "Stay, stay right there! (Trying to block band's moving)"
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Anonymous Reader
5. kita writes:

Thanks blindgreed1

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Senior Reviewer

6. Cynic writes:

Nice BG.

Don't want to f*** with Karl anyway, the man is a black belt.

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7. Blindgreed1 writes:

He looked ready to destroy too.

# Apr 28, 2016 @ 2:48 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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