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Real Name Doug G.

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I'm an open-minded metalhead. I like some music from each and every subgenre of metal, although my favorites are thrash and death-thrash hybrids. I also like a good bit of metalcore and deathcore. The key element I like in any music is energy. In metal, this translates to aggression and speed, in that order. Lacking speed and aggression, darkness can also make for compelling metal, such as in goth/folk/doom metal, but I usually have to be in a certain mood for those styles.

I'm not going to list all of my favorite bands because there will soon be a way to do that separately.

Outside of metal, I enjoy some punk, rock, and cinematic-classical style music usually in the form of soundtracks such as Conan The Barbarian, Sinbad (the animated one), Lord of the Rings, and Braveheart among others.

I consider myself a metal geek. I coded every aspect of Metalunderground.com from the ground up. While Metalunderground.com has become a ton of work as it has grown bigger and more successful, it is still my creative outlet, whether writing, coding, doing design work, or reading/researching other facets of running a web site (there are a million considerations). I enjoy web development, which is also my career/day job for over 10 years, and I get to do it while listening to heavy metal each and every day.

About my avatar: this is an undead portrayal of me from an actual picture, as seen in the PC video game Age of Wonders, of which I was the producer at Epic Games seemingly a lifetime ago. (My use of the image is with the artist and developers' permission.)

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