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To date, we have conducted 1581 interviews. If your band is available for an interview, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do. Here are our latest:

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Photo of Downset

Band Photo: Downset

Interview With Downset Drummer Chris Lee

I recently had the chance to interview Downset via email. It took quite some time to get the response, but that's to be expected when a band is on tour constantly. In the end, drummer Chris Lee, responded to my questions. So without further delay, here is how the interview shaped up:

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Photo of Satyricon

Band Photo: Satyricon

Interview With Satyr

I went to see Satyricon Saturday night in Worcester and had the pleasure of personally interviewing Satyr. First of all, I would like to thank James ( the tour manager for Satyricon) who was absolutely cool and arranged the interview in a very short notice.

I really wish Satyricon played a longer set ( it lasted for only 25- 30 min) but they did play Mother North- a total classic in the genre. It was a very good show and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find many enthusiastic fans in the crowd- something that I haven't seen here in New England, especially when it comes to a black metal show. Overall, the band received a very warm reception. Check out some cool pics here

I was quite elated while doing the interview. Satyricon are an icon in Black metal and I was really honored to chat with Satyr. And so it begins...

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Photo of Fear Factory

Band Photo: Fear Factory

Fear Factory's Ray Herrera Interviewed

I had the chance to sit down with Ray Herrera from Fear Factory on Tuesday, April 13th. I would personally like to say this guy is very cool and very down to earth. I had a few problems setting up the interview but it all worked out well. After the interview he was cool enough to still sit and chat for another ten or so minutes extra. This was such an honor this band is one of my favorite bands I've been listening to them since Demanufacture came out and it was cool to just sit there and chat with him. The show was great, and they sounded amazing as always! Without further blabbing, here's the interview:

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Photo of Dragonforce

Band Photo: Dragonforce

Interview with DragonForce

On Friday April 2, I had the chance to interview Herman Li online from the power metal band Dragonforce. Herman and I had a great deal of fun doing it, as you can probably tell from the interview. The interview was a true honor. At first I was kind of nervous, though I couldn't show it, I was. In the end that nervousness didn't last very long. Herman quickly was able to make me laugh and enjoy myself. I actually realized some basic things about life though this interview, it was definately a life changing experience for me (ok maybe not, but it did rule). He did, though, give me different answers than I was expecting, and he always added a bit of humor to his responses. I suggest that everyone reading this should at least check it out.

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Photo of Skumlove

Band Photo: Skumlove

Interview With Skumlove

Recently I had the chance to interview Skum, the singer of the band Skumlove. This was the very first interview for the site. The 40 Below Summer one was the first in-person interview, and it was posted first due to the lenth of this interview. You may visit Skumlove's Main page to check out more on them, the interview is as follows:

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Photo of 40 Below Summer

Band Photo: 40 Below Summer

Interview With 40 Below Summer

Tonight, March 11th, I sat down with the lead singer of the band 40 Below Summer. Max Illidge. Before interviewing him I watched their set and it was amazing. They always seem to get better and better every time I see them. This time though they added a little something extra, right before playing their song ‘Fuck Everyone’ Max said “This song is for all of these shitty fucking bands out there, you all know what I’m talking about too! Bands like The Vines, The Strokes, The White Stripes, and most of all that annoying fucking band The Darkness! So say it with me, Fuck The Darkness!!!” Sure enough all of the fans chanted along with this one. Then the song started and everyone went nuts, the pit was huge and no one was standing still. A very amazing night and I look forward to seeing these guys every time they come around, and everyone reading this should check them out too. They’re such an amazing band live and it’s worth whatever you have to pay to see them!

The interview went as follows:

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