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Circling The Pit With South Gate

There aren't many truly exciting things going on in the heavy music world today. Most of the older juggarnaut metal acts like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest are too worn out and out of touch with what's truly relevant anymore to peak any interest with their latest offerings. And when Nu-metal legends like Korn flatout decide to release a disco album it forces one to stand in a dark corner alone wondering what the hell is happening to your scene. I was recently turned on to Detroit, Michigan's South Gate, and I am very much blown away by their machine gun rattling form of heavy metal. I went directly to their platoon leader, lead vocalist, Ness, to find out more about the battle they wage.

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Conjuring Up The Metal With Al-Ce-Mi

I first came in contact with Josh Gregory of Al-Ce-Mi outside Hollywood's famed Whisky A Go Go on The Sunset Strip back in January of this year. I was there to review My Ruin and as we both dragged off respective cigarettes, I mistook Josh as someone waiting in line to buy a ticket, when in fact he was the front man for one of the opening bands. Al-Ce-Mi rolls it loc'd up straight outta Whittier, California. This act is a fusion of both the good vibe-type So Cal ska/metal/punk band like Sublime and the harsher street influenced Suicidal Tendencies. They offer lyrics that make you examine and go within yourself to find the truer self, and I think in an overwhelming sea of metal bands today that typically will go straight for playing the 'evil card' every time out, Al-Ce-Mi is a refreshing alternative and certainly a band of growing significance to the underground metal scene.

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Into The Inner Sanctum: More With Sacrum

Picking up where we last left off with one of metal underground's freshest new talents, Sacrum, out of Memphis, Tennessee, I wanted to see if we could get the Williams brothers to shed some more light on what's been going on lately since our last conversation. I do this as a way to help show other upcoming metal acts that where there's a will there is a way, and I think that's what is so cool about this group is that they are full throttle in their commitment to making it in the music business on their own terms.

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Weathering The Storm: Gary Mader Of Eyehategod

It's well known in the metal underground what true legend's Eyehategod have become, primarily due to the fact they created one of the most controversial and darkest forms of metal music ever, Sludge. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana and having formed originally in 1988, Eyehategod has made more than its fair share of social and political statements, literally going to hell and back to remain one of the most important heavy music bands ever. Despite numerous reports over the years of the group breaking up, they have truly withstood the test of time, albeit a bit worn, bloodied and bruised for the better. After 2005's Preaching the "End-Time" Message, a rareties collection, the band found themselves smack dab in the middle of a level 5 hurricane that almost permanently removed them and NOLA off the map for good. For a short period, the band itself was in search of its very own doom poet lead vocalist, Mike Williams, who was found later not to be dead but actually alive and locked up in jail. Philip Anselmo, said it best when uttering the statement, "Mike Williams is New Orleans." , ending the ongoing horror story come alive by digging into his own wallet and bailing the singer out. I cannot speak quite to the level of just how great this band is in the Rock N Roll pantheon, to be frank. For oft times, life's true great artists of their field aren't figured out and fully appreciated until they are no longer performing their craft or even alive for that matter. I am really proud to have this opportunity to interview Eyehategod's bass player, Gary Mader.

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Speaking With The Devil: Jeremiah of Under One

The Michigan local metal scene has spawned one of the more compelling acts with Lansing's mosh inducing Under One. The group since inception has stayed true to the great metal that came before it . The band is fronted by Jeremiah Devil, one of underground metal's more entertaining personalities. Citing key influences like Black Sabbath, Crowbar, Demolition Hammer, Down, Disturbed and Helloween, I had a cool time stepping into the fire with Mr. Devil and picking at his skull to learn all I could about Under One.

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Laying It Down With Level-C's Janean Buch

Formed in 2002, Level-C is an all female metal band that has begun to make its rise out of the local Cleveland, Ohio music scene. They were featured on the premiere episode of "Battle For Ozzfest" and though they weren't chosen to move on to the finals of the competition, they impressively placed in the top ten overall. They have shared the stage with many national acts such as Rob Zombie, Seether, Mastodon, Kittie, Otep, Crisis, Dope, The Misfits and Slaves on Dope. Along with countless internet radio stations, Level-C is currently on rotation throughout the entire United States, as well as in several European countries and portions of Canada. I recently got on the level with the band's bassist, Janean Buch, to learn more about this talented heavy music act.

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Darkane Throws Down the Gauntlet

November 11, 2005 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ I had the priviledge of being one of the first to interview Darkane. My interview with Darkane was with Klas Ideberg, one of Darkane's amazing guitarists. Klas was very kind, eager, and appreciative of being able to do the interview with me. During the interview we talked Darkane's new album, "Layers of Lies", how Darkane came to be, and the theory that In Flames will never be able to play any of Darkane's songs.

After the interview, Klas was very kind to me and took me to get my "Expanding Senses" booklet signed by the whole band. Also, I was with one of my best friend's who loves Strapping Young Lad who Darkane was touring with, along with Fear Factory as the headliner. My friend had mentioned that it would be an amazing idea if Strapping Young Lad were to sign his bong and if we were to smoke with them, I mentioned this and a few hours later, my friend was living his dream, all thanks to this amazing Swede.

At this time, I'd like to also thank Strapping Young Lad for sharing their booze with me and direct everyone's attention to the following interview, enjoy!

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Tripping At The Brain With TKO Of Mindrought

Hardcore progressive metal outift, Mindrought, currently one of Detroit, Michigan's best kept heavy music secret's has weathered many storms to remain a dominant force in the underground metal scene. Whether I'm listening to Mindrought's unrelenting Drama Machine or the mosh-inducing I See The End, I've found it quite easy to get quickly caught up in this band's crushing sonic approach. I went head up with this talented act's lead guitar player, TKO, and discovered so much more.

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Photo of My Ruin

Band Photo: My Ruin

Keeping It Brutal: The Beauty Of My Ruin

I have been a diehard metalhead since first seeing Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast" tour here in Los Angeles at just twelve years old. Since this legendary performance, I have seen the baddest, meanest, most intense and furious music acts ranging from Slayer to SuperJoint Ritual. I have to admit that I would be the first one to trash My Ruin if they weren't as masterful in the art of true heavy music as they are. Tairrie B on vocals has always possessed a Mae West "Fuck me? Fuck you!" swagger since her early days with Manhole and Tura Satana and has gone head up with anyone that dared to disrespect her or My Ruin's music. Let's face it, she has over the years slowly become one of the most important female vocalists in Rock 'n' Roll history and My Ruin has grown to be a band that's darkly passionate, highly outspoken and thoroughly unrelenting in their live stage performance. Their latest album "The Brutal Language" is a major thrill-ride in distorted doom riffs and howling death cries. I consider it an absolute honor to have nailed this interview down with My Ruin's lead singer, Tairrie B, lead guitarist, Mick Murphy, bassist, Chris Lisee and drummer, Matt Lechevalier .

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Simon Says: Sharing The Love With Lofat's Lead Axe

I have been following Brickhouse Recording's, Lofat, a thrash metal act from Norfolk, Virginia for going on nine months now. Besides their inventive combination of old school metal meets new.They have featured in their talented lineup, Simon, an easy on the eyes female axe shredder. This babe can truly throw it down with the best of them, producing some of the most blunt force trauma-laden riffs I've heard from anyone in the past several years. I took this opportunity to get more of the skinny on the band and this true metal vixen.

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Taming The Beast: Q&A With Chad Of Scarefactor

Scarefactor is a seasoned metal act from Detroit, Michigan, and unlike the motor city's hometown hero, Kid 'I went Country' Rock, this extremely volatile and fueled by pain thrash metal band personifies the true underground heavy music scene. I hear literally hundreds of metal singers through my research every month, and I am really thrilled to have a chance to interview Chad Elliott, lead vocalist for Scarefactor, one of the more talented screamers I've heard in recent years.

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Getting Sedated: Perdiem Experiments In Thrash

Upon first listen, the experimental thrash metal approach of Space Coast, Florida's, Perdiem, may throw off the usual crowd that're brainwashed into appreciating only the standard blast beat, scream your guts out formula that most new metal bands use to be accepted. I was immediately intrigued by what Perdiem was doing and I'm glad to be able to open others eyes to this growing underground heavy music talent.

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Getting Unholy With Sacrum: The Deadly Interview

The furious sounding thrash/black metal band, Sacrum, from Memphis, Tennessee, recently hit me like a thunder strike right between the eyes upon first listen . Brothers, Brad (vocals)and Jeff (lead guitar) Williams, along with Harvey Waldman on drums and Big John on bass are quickly finding popularity in the underground metal scene. I wanted to help us all learn more about this heavy music act and the brothers were more than happy to oblige.

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Photo of Dry Kill Logic

Band Photo: Dry Kill Logic

Dropping Some Q&A: Phil of Dry Kill Logic

Dry Kill Logic out of New York City, New York has managed over the last half dozen years or so now to keep its majestic head above the rest of true metal's competition. They have always embraced many different styles of heavy music injected with some refreshing and much needed melody. In October of 2004, Dry Kill Logic unleashed their horror-themed second album, The Dead and Dreaming, which the band says is about "addressing self-reliance, courage and the pursuit of ambitious goals." The band is currently writing new material for their third album expected for release in early June of 2006. I had the awesome opportunity recently to interview one of metal's most talented drummers, Phil Arcuri of Dry Kill Logic.

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Evil Chit Chat With Dirt From Society 1

Dirt Von Karloff holds down the four strings for Los Angeles-based industrial/metal act Society 1. He has, upon my review , clearly honed a terrifying stage persona, the likes of which throughout Rock history has only been seen from Gene Simmons, Sid Vicious and Jerry Montano. I took the liberty during the recording of Society 1's next album to venture off down the dark and creepy path with this true metal monster.

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Interview With J.T. of Dawn Of Correction

Philadelphia’s very own, Dawn Of Correction, are quickly establishing a solid reputation as an in-your-face metal unit with old school metal roots, such as Black Sabbath, Slayer and Pantera. The band recently set the underground on fire with their new 5-track CD Swingin’ The Chain. Recently having signed a management deal with Praying Mantis Entertainment, headed by music industry veterans Steven Cermanski and Chris Natalini, D.O.C.’s Swingin’ The Chain has been receiving rave reviews and heavy airplay worldwide.

I wanted to provide you all with a closer look into the madness behind the microphone. I am excited to bring you this interview with lead singer Jeremy Tillotson, who was gracious enough to answer some of my questions inbetween his steady diet of JAGERMEISTER SHOTS, MASSIVE QUANITIES OF BEER and "420" DOUBLE BARREL BONG RIPS.

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Interview with Leif of Dew Scented

On Noverber 7th I had the opportunity of interviewing Aborted's guitarist Tace, Cryptopsy's vocalist Lord Worm, and Dew Scented's guitarist Leif at BB Kings in New York City. Leif was a very nice guy, very relaxed and willing to answer any questions I had for him. Also, he was very kind and made sure I got something to eat after the interview, I had not eaten since lunch. Overall, Leif was a very personable individual. Dew Scented is an amazing band and I would reccomend them to anyone and Leif is a very nice person and seems very approachable, any fan that would like to meet him, but is nervous, I reccomend you approach Leif. During a part of the interview, I noticed playing the tape back to myself, his accent rubbed off on me for a question or two. Anyway, the interview is as follows:

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Into The Great Metal Mind: With Sin of Society 1

I first met Sin, lead guitarist for Society 1, in person while covering the recent MY RUIN show at The Whisky A Go Go on January 7th of this year, and I must admit that he is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the music business to date. We kicked around much killer metal music discussion, including the status of the next Society 1 album. I wanted to get more in depth at this point with him and really give everyone a much closer look into the mind of this gifted metal musician.

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Q&A With Tyson of Downspell, Scumchrist

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to interview Mr. Tyson Montrucchio, lead vocalist for San Diego-based hardcore metal outfits, DOWNSPELL and SCUMCHRIST. The underground scene needs to holds its brightest talents up to the light and help expose them. My interview with the man follows.

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Interview With Myrkskog's Secthdamon

One of our interviews for the recent Hammerslag Festival (December 16 and 17, 2005) coverage was with Norwegian black/death metal band Myrkskog. After a slight delay, we've heard back from Myrkskog's drummer, Secthdamon.

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Photo of Framferd

Band Photo: Framferd

Interview With Mats Kittelsen of Framferd

Lost in a sea of email, I discovered I had gotten a response from Framferd's vocalist and guitarist Mats Kittelsen regarding the Hammerslag Festival interviews we had sent out. Mats cautions that his English isn't that good, but it certainly isn't that bad, so I've posted the interview unedited. Here are his responses to my questions:

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Interview With Sigurd of Grand Alchemist

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to Norway's Grand Alchemist, who are playing the December 17th leg of the festival at the old church in Tønsberg, Norway. Sigurd (vocals, guitar, synth) was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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Photo of Amon Amarth

Band Photo: Amon Amarth

Interview With Amon Amarth

For the 3 years that I’ve been going to The Palladium in Worcester, MA, rarely have I seen the venue as full as this past Saturday night. I’ve also never seen 98% of the crowd show up for the opening band and cheer as much as they would the main act. Stripped to the waist and drinking out of a horn, Johan Hegg presented a formidable sight. Amon Amarth solidly delivered all the rigour and intensity that fans who had not yet seen them live were hoping for. The Swedes blasted out a furious start to a night that will now be the archetype of a great metal show in the collective consciousness of all the fans present.

Trivium’s performance was plagued by screeching feedback but nonetheless the set was powerful. They managed to unite the crown by doing a fragment of Pantera’s “Walk” and had every single soul sing and headbang vigorously. Children Of Bodom stirred up some confusion by showing up on stage under the sounds of Twist And Shout which I assume was simply a vivid display of humour. The Finns offered a long and inspiring set including Silent Night, Bodom Night, Needled 24/7, Follow The Reaper and Are You Dead Yet.

Before the show, I caught up with Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg. Here’s what he had to say about Norse Mythology, drinking and why he never wears a shirt.

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Mindgrinder Interview

This 3 piece hails from Noteddam, Norway and was sprung to life with a single objective- to unleash pure aggression upon the masses. Make no mistake though- this is not another devil worshipping act, it’s bashing death metal at its finest and their latest release “Riot Detonator“ is an example of enriching the style by adding an industrial spin to it.

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to Mindgrinder, who are playing the December 16th leg of the festival at Rivals. Nitrous (guitar) was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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Interview With She Said Destroy

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to She Said Destroy, who are playing the December 16th leg of the festival at Rivals. Anders was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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