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My Tool/Primus Experience

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Displaying 1 post
Jan 28, 2016 8:59 AM ET #1 (permalink)

I am so full of spirtual bliss from this journey. The ending to this experience is one of destiny, imo. I arrived at Bojangles Coliseum at 11am just to hang around for a bit with the v.i.p. ticket holders. They each paid $500 a pop to do the meet-n-greet with Adam Jones it turned out to be ths time. Met some cool people and we all talked about Tool concerts of past. I had palanned on going to a very near Bojangles when they went in, but they were not allowed to bring any food or drinks in. Some guy comes up and gives me a full unopened box of peanut butter crackers. Not to be rude, I accepted the gift, and he went in. Food situation solved and I didn't have to leave. Now, peanut butter crackers with cotton mouth is not a good combo! I got 2 free bottes of water from other people in line. As I was standing there a guy who drove down from New Jersey it turns out arrives and we are now Tool brothers. Turns out his birthday is the day after mine. Mark and I have so much in common. Both smart asses who don't care about what people think of our opinions. If we were Jim Henson puppets, we would be Statler and Waldorf, the 2 smart ass guys in the balcony on the The Muppet Show original series. I had a nice fat burrito rolled up to toke through the day and had roughly 1/3 of it to go when security came and began gathering us up to bring us to the front doors to get us ready to go in. I popped it lke a pill and swallowed it. Best move I could have done! The doors opened and we went to the merch booth. Mark got a poster and I got a tour shirt. $40 for a shirt. Mark actually bought some popcorn!! We got to the floor and were row 3 center stage! Excellent spot!

First band on was 3TEETH. Their style is NIN Meets Ministry and I thought it was a good combo!! They had a quick set and played, from what I can remember, Dust, Pearls to Swine, Master of Decay and a few others. I give them a 10 of 10.

Primus was up after a super quick equipment change. Only a 5 minute wait. Both Mark and I were popping our Primus cherries. Our 1st time seeing them. They brought the Coliseum to life as they played their set. Les and company interacted with the energy of the crowd and were enjoying themselves up there. They only played 7 songs which was a bit too few for us and planty of people were bummed by that. But we all gave them a 10 of 10!

Primus set list:
Those Damn Blue Collar Tweakers
Last Salmon Man
Too Many Puppies
Southbound Pachyderm
Mr. Krinkle
My Name Is Mud
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Now the crowd became restless as we waited for Tool. As they took the stage we became a raving mad mob screaming like crazy. Maynard, being the crazy loony tunes he is with things was dressed as some kind of riot control storm trooper. Justin looked a hipster Amish type. Adam was his casual looking self. Danny was in his usual basketball gear. They were all in great spirits it appeared as they played their set. The crowd was screaming alonng every word of every song. We were letting them know we loved them every song. Now, during Tool is was squeezed into row 2. I had a perfect view of Justin, Adam, and Maynard perfectly. Had to peek around the guy in front of me to see Danny. Security was being brutal about picture/video taking. I got some good pics of Maynard and Adam. The visuals were different fro the last 2 times I saw them and they were sensational. As I said earlier about swallowing th last of that burrito, was during Primus the buzz really kicked in and during Tool I was as if It was a dream. So the visuals from both Primus and Tool were really extra excellent. Maynard went on a rant, which can be seen online about people giving him shit about a pic he posted online. He let it be known he was not sorry and he was absolutely not apologizing for it. Fuck those pc crybabies!!! Tool played one excellent show and I give a 20!!!

Tool set list:
No Quarter
The Grudge
46 & 2
Danny Carey drum solo
(-) Ions

Then this where the destiny part comes in. Danny threw 3 sticks into the crowd. I was one of the lucky ones to walk out with one. I now have a Danny Carey used drum stick in my concert memorabilia collection. I couldn't have asked for a better experience tuesday night. I was given the money for the ticket, so it was a free show for me. I got a free full box of crackers, 2 free bottles of water, and got a drum stick direct from danny. Pure spritual bliss has consumed me from this experience. Thank You to everyone who made this trip a great one!! And to Mark, hope to see ya again bro, glad I was able to go through this experience with you! Ride The Spiral.................

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