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Posted in: Forum Home >> General Discussion >> MY PRIMUS/CLUTCH EXPERIENCE

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Displaying 1 post
Jul 18, 2017 9:35 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Alright alright alright...my madatory review....here we go

Mother nature helped us out by bringing rain and cool breezes for us to celebrate the beginning of this spectacualr evening. Clutch and Primus...and what a spectacle it was!!

The NC Music Factory Ampitheater is the venue and it is a great place to see bands of this caliber! Smaller style theater and not a bad spot at all!! The rain was coming down pretty hard before the show and I set it out out the beer garden area next to the venue. Cool place with 5 sand volleyball courts and there were bikini clad women playing volleyball in the rain! I was chatting with various people about past Clutch shows and shared one of my "party burritos" with a guy before the show while we waited for this rain to pass. Gates opened and in we go. Went straight to the merch booth to score a Primus shirt. $30. Both bands had some cool shirts so toss money to both of them if ya can!! Then it begins

Clutch came out with an energy level that the crowd began to soak up and before long the whole place was rockin out. Everywhere you looked heads bobbed, bodies swayed and the great smell of the herb was so prevelant that if you didn't smoke you were baked within 10 minutes!! In the sky behind the stage you could see lightning going off periodically and it gave a cool kinda backdrop to the action on stage. As if Clutch themselves were making it happen!! As Clutch tore through their set they kicked it up a notch each song. By the end of their set my voice was cracking, my neck hurt, back ached and legs were jello. Very sore today but oh well, my vacation!! Every Clutch fan there was screaming each song, not just singing along. Thank you Clutch for the best show I have seen you put on. Can't wait to do it again!! 10 of 10!!!

1. Decapitation Blues
2. Firebirds
3. Burning Beard
4. Sucker For The Witch
5. Spacegrass
6. Unto The Breach
7. Quick Death In Texas
8. Your Love Is Incarceration
9. Son Of Virginia
10. "Zep Funk"??
11. Passive Restraints
12. Crucial Velocity
13. Cyborg Bette
14. Mob Goes Wild
15. Profits Of Doom
16. DC Sound Attack
17. X-Ray Visions

Primus came out and put on a great show! It was more laid back than Clutch but thats Primus. Les and Co. are masters at the craft and laid that funk groove on all of us! The crowd was letting them know we were here and loving every minute of it. Just like Clutch's set, the herb was everywhere and flowing freely! This was my 2nd time seeing Primus. 1st time was when they opened for TOOL last year. This time it was a full set. And a great set it was. At some point I moved from the hill to the left side of the stage and had a much better view. One thing about both bands is that they can bridge the generation gap! I saw families bonding over music! Such a beaufitul thing indeed....
1. Too Many Puppies/Sgt.Baker/Too Many Puppies
2. Moron TV
3. Groundhogs Day
4. Frizzle Fry
5. Jilly's On Smack
6. Mr. Krinkle
7. Those Damn Blue Collar Tweakers
8. Golden Boy
9. Seven (maybe a new song?)
10. Over The Electric Grapevine
11. My Name Is Mud
12. Jerry Was A Racecar Driver

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