"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Forum Rules

The forum rules are simple (and similar to rules of commenting):

  • Attacks or hate speech will not be tolerated
  • Trolling will not be tolerated.
  • Spam will be deleted, so don't bother commenting on it.

If it is determined that you are here to troll for reactions and stir shit up rather than have real conversations, your account will be disabled and you will be completely banned from participation on Metal Underground.com. In such a case, it is likely all of your messages will be mass-deleted and all traces of your existence on the site will be removed so as to make it more a waste of your time to abuse the site than the administrator's to moderate such garbage.

We are still adding features to the forum, so currently HTML and embedding images or movies are not supported. The forums are here for Metal Underground.com members to have conversations outside of the constraints of commenting on news article, so enjoy and do not abuse them.

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