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From: Austria
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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Deber Sweden Oct 15
Signum Draconis Oct 14
Sijjin Oct 14
Ember Sun Greece Oct 14
Agnes Vein Oct 14
Disembodied Tyrant Oct 13
Poorstacy Oct 13
Trope Oct 12
Philosophobia Oct 12
Artificial Pathogen Oct 12
Mors Verum Oct 12
Conjureth Oct 12
Man The Mute Oct 11
Sirens Rain Oct 10
Bad Rescue Oct 10
Planetkiller Oct 9
Unsolicited Oct 9
Dagger Threat Germany Oct 8
Stabbing Oct 8
SpiritWorld Oct 8
Existentia Oct 7
Blistering Joy Oct 6
Belushi Speed Ball Oct 6
Agarthic Italy Oct 5
200 Stab Wounds Oct 5

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Deber Sweden Oct 15
Sijjin Oct 15
Signum Draconis Oct 14
Ember Sun Greece Oct 14
Infected Rain Moldova Oct 13
Night Cobra United States Oct 12
Philosophobia Oct 12
Bad Rescue Oct 10
Dagger Threat Germany Oct 8
Negura Bunget Romania Oct 7
Agarthic Italy Oct 5
Urferd Sweden Oct 4
Ars Magna Umbrae Poland Oct 3
Killrazer Australia Oct 3
Dold Vorde Ens Navn Norway Oct 3
Bonded Germany Oct 3
Blood Youth United Kingdom Oct 1
Nekromant Sweden Oct 1
Lybica United States Sep 30
Caskets United Kingdom Sep 30
Wolftooth United States Sep 30
Gomorran Finland Sep 29
Align The Tide Malta Sep 29
Extinction A.D. United States Sep 28
Beyond All Misery United States Sep 28

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Surturs Lohe Germany
Order Norway
Womb To Tomb Australia
Serotonin Netherlands
Dark Redeemer Italy
Unforged Germany
Doomas Slovakia
Aorlhac France
Lazarus Casket United States
Ghost Spawn United States
Senntus Austria
Solacide Finland
Hellsword Slovenia
Gold Spire Sweden
Dawn Of Solace Finland
Sadistic Force United States
Huronian Italy
Alda United States
Carrasco Brazil
Inebrious Incarnate United Kingdom
The Lucid United States
Earthsson Russia
The Sonic Overlords Sweden
Bohemyst Czech Republic

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