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Epic Death

From: United States
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Grimmreaper Oct 22
Glorious Depravity Oct 22
Serpents Rise Oct 22
Shaidar Logoth Oct 21
Soothing Oct 21
Firstborne Oct 21
Heartsick Oct 21
Scumfuck Oct 20
Pieced Up Oct 20
Swine of Dissent Oct 20
Watashi Dake Oct 20
Demoniac Chile Oct 19
Moulin Banal Canada Oct 19
The Deviant Norway Oct 19
Molten Chains Austria Oct 19
Bite The Goat Oct 19
Spyros Apostolou Oct 19
Fumarole Oct 18
Summoning The Lich Oct 18
Torture Chamber Oct 17
Cult of Unholy Shadows Oct 17
Daemoniis ad Noctum Oct 17
Xenotaph Oct 17
Panzergod Oct 17
Peste Umbrarum Oct 17

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid Costa Rica Oct 22
Demoniac Chile Oct 19
Green Druid United States Oct 19
Moulin Banal Canada Oct 19
The Deviant Norway Oct 19
Molten Chains Austria Oct 19
Srd Slovenia Oct 19
Pangaea United States Oct 15
Blood From the Soul United Kingdom Oct 13
Nervosa Brazil Oct 13
ssSHhh Finland Oct 13
Armored Saint United States Oct 12
Trident Sweden Oct 12
Scream At The Sky United States Oct 9
Serpents Of Secrecy Oct 8
Imha Tarikat Germany Oct 8
Avandra United States Oct 8
Coldworker Sweden Oct 7
Ysgaroth Canada Oct 6
Wildways Russia Oct 6
Frozen Soul United States Oct 2
Yashira United States Oct 2
Heretical Sect United States Oct 2
Depravity Australia Oct 2
Bethmoora Denmark Oct 2

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Uncle Woe Canada
Cryptosis Netherlands
Hypnos Sweden
Tulkas Mexico
Toxaemia Sweden
Novarupta Sweden
Crowen Finland
Capra United States
Growth Australia
At The Plates United States
From Hell
Monolith South Africa
Kevel Greece
Ancient Thrones Canada
Elixir Uruguay
Netherblade Italy
Serpent Omega Sweden
Poisonous Wind United States
Shardana Italy
Entropy Canada
Cyber Strike United States
Scarlet Sweden
Hjelvik Norway

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