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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Netherbird News

Below is our complete Netherbird news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Netherbird Premieres Full Rarities Collection

Swedish prominent melodic black / death metal act Netherbird is releasing a compilation album today, which features rarities & covers from the group's 13 year long journey.

You can pick up your copy of "Hymns From Realms Yonder" here, or check out our U.S. exclusive stream of the full album below.

Netherbird sprung into existence in October of 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden when Nephente, Bizmark, and Grim decided to start collaborating.

The goal was to create harsh metal with influences from both black and death metal without any regard or limitation when it comes to style. Since that journey began, the band has released four well-received albums featuring guest appearances from members of At the Gates, Katatonia, Lord Belial, Dissection, among others.

A broad retrospective of all rarities, covers and non-album tracks throughout Netherbird history, "Hymns From Realms Yonder" is a must-have for every collector. Tunes that were once available as digital releases only have now been gathered into one CD summarizing the band’s creative journey through the first decade of its existence. Written and recorded during different session and lineups, these songs present a staggering sonic rollercoaster when it comes to their sound, tone and atmosphere, at the same time remaining recognizable and keeping all the distinctive elements that made Netherbird what it is today.

Original tunes (single b-sides as well as limited EP’s material) are placed alongside several cover versions of renowned classics of metal, including Annihilator, Paradise Lost, and Sentenced. Vika Yermolyeva’s masterpiece piano rendition of "Pillars of the Sky" is definitely a rare gem to crown the album. Check out the full album below, and follow the latest on Netherbird at Facebook here. More...

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Netherbird Crowd Funding Lyric/Art Book

Netherbird is currently crowd funding the release of a new lyric artbook, with full details available here. The band also comments:

"Greetings, I am Johan Nephente Fridell and I invite you to release of the book 'Netherbird: Svensk jävla svärta.' I have always considered Netherbird a combination of three art forms: music, lyrics and artwork, all being equally important pillars of our craft. These days album releases tend to be a mostly digital affair and that is generally a good thing: our music reaches more people than we could ever hope for in the past.

"But now our artwork is reduced to thumbnails and the lyrics are only available for those that go and look for them; the words are no longer in the hands of a new listener as was the case with CDs and LPs. All of that is fine, times change, but I want to offer something different, something extra for those that happen to really care about the words and who, just like myself, see art as an integral aspect of what Netherbird is about.

"So my solution is simple: to create a thick, heavy artbook containing all the lyrics from all our releases in chronological order from the first tune we recorded to our latest album The Grander Voyage. It will be bound together with an introduction where I try to explain the vision behind the band and our music, and a closing chapter where I will reflect upon the journey we have made and where we might be going next. Nothing long, but I will take the opportunity to somehow give all these lyrical texts a context, a frame of reference if you may. More...

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Netherbird Reveals New Album

Following the previous singles "Windwards" and "Pillars Of The Sky," Netherbird is now revealing full details on upcoming album "The Grander Voyage." This impending full-length release will drop October 28th, 2016 via Black Lodge Records and the track listing is as follows:

01. Pale Flames On The Horizon
02. Hinterlands
03. Dance Of The Eternals
04. Windwards
05. Pillars Of The Sky
06. Silvan Shrine
07. Emerald Crossroads More...

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Netherbird Premieres "Pillars Of The Sky"

Fresh of the heels of releasing the "Windwards" single (still available for streaming here), Swedish outfit Netherbird will soon unleash a second single titled "Pillars Of The Sky."

Both singles are taken off upcoming album "The Grander Voyage," due to drop October 28th via Black Lodge Records.

Today we're stoked to premiere the half acoustic / half extreme "Pillars Of The Sky" online via a lyric video - check it out below! The official release of "Pillars Of The Sky" will also be accompanied by bonus track "Brazen Splendour" when it drops September 30th.

Netherbird comments that the new song available below "is a very special tune for us in the band, as half of it is an acoustic piece and that later opens up into a more epic crescendo. It came very naturally when we wrote it and in my opinion it captures the essence of Netherbird, the contrasts between the frail and the furious. It also shows where we are heading musically, we continue to grow but we still stand firmly rooted in the old underground metal legacy."

The band goes on to say, "As for 'Pillars of the Sky' the lyrics is of course open to interpretation, I could not write it any other way, but to me personally it is a homage to those brave enough to purse their vision and to sacrifice everything for it, no matter the consequences. And I truly hope everyone one day will be able to find and climb their own 'Pillars of the Sky.'" More...

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Netherbird Announces New Single

Fresh of the heels off releasing the "Windwards" single (available here), Sweden's Netherbird will release new single "Pillars Of The Sky" along with bonus track "Brazen Splendour" on September 30th.

"Pillars Of The Sky" is another teaser to upcoming new full-length album "The Grander Voyage," due out October 28th through Black Lodge Records. All songs were mastered by Sverker Widgren. More...

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Netherbird Premieres "Windwards" Single

Last week we premiered a killer new music video from Netherbird for the "Windwards" track, which is one of two songs appearing on a new single of the same name.

"Windwards" officially drops tomorrow - July 6th - and precedes an upcoming full album release. Today we're again teaming up with the band to exclusively premiere both tracks from "Windwards." Check out the title song and accompanying offering "Sculptors and Spectres" below.

These new tunes are just a teaser for impending full-length release "The Grander Voyage," which is coming in October via Black Lodge Records. Stay tuned for more official info on that coming opus.

Staying true to the band's roots in the 90’s black and death metal underground, Netherbird is branching out into the new soundscapes, infusing doom and even post metal influences. This record features Fredrik Widigs (Marduk, Nordjevel, ex-Demonical) on drum as well as mastering handled by Sverker Widgren, a renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene.

You can pick up your own copy of the "Windwards" single at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

01. Windwards
02. Sculptors And Spectres (exclusive for this single) More...

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Netherbird Premieres New Music Video

Following the release of "The Ferocious Tides of Fate" back in 2013, Netherbird now arrives with new single "Windwards," which will officially drop July 6th.

You don't have to wait that long to hear the track though, as today we premiere a music video for "Windwards" - check it out below. You can also pre-order the two-track single here, with the release rounded out by second track "Sculptors and Spectres." The band comments:

"The video for 'Windwards' was made by Portuguese video producer Guilherme Henriques Silva (Belphegor, Wormed and many more). We shot the video at Satans Demokrati, a huge art installation in Stockholm so there will be a few details in there where you can see art from a number of artists, and that is itself exactly how we want it, to combine different elements and art forms into the strange creation that is Netherbird." More...

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Netherbird Announces New Single Release

After almost three years of silence, the Swedes from Netherbird return with the “Windwards” single, due to be released July 6th and preceding the band’s upcoming October 2016 album "The Grander Voyage" on Black Lodge Records.

Combining the trademark Netherbird ferocity with almost cinematic epic grandeur, the up-tempo title track has also been chosen for the first video in support of the new album. The single's track list is completed by bonus track "Sculptors and Spectres" that does not appear on the actual upcoming album and is fully exclusive to this release.

This record features Fredrik Widigs (Marduk, Nordjevel, ex-Demonical) on drums, while the songs were mastered by Sverker Widgren. You can pre-order the single right here.

01. Windwards
02. Sculptors And Spectres More...

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Netherbird Comments On Album Delay

Netherbird has issued the following statement about delays in the release of the band's new album:

"Greeting all! As some might have already discovered the release of our third full-length album 'The Ferocious Tides Of Fate' is slightly delayed.

"It is being printed now and will reach our distributor early next week. Then shipped to the stores. So it will be out soon. Thanks for your patience, and please do pre-order in your store, it makes a difference! Horns high!"

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Netherbird Cancels Upcoming Shows

Netherbird has checked in with the following announcement about canceling upcoming European tour dates due to health issues:

"Greetings all, I have some sad news to share. We, the guys of Netherbird, will have to cancel our tour to Romania, Serbia, and Bosnia scheduled 22 Feb – 2 March 2013.

"The reason is that one of our members is having a serious health problem that currently makes it impossible for him to tour. He has just started to receive treatment and that process is tough and will take time, but we are convinced that he will make a full recovery. In the meantime we will do all in our power to support him and one step is to cancel this tour. In these circumstances we do not even consider bringing in a replacement, we rather wait until all five of us are in full strength and can find new tour dates and deliver one hell of a live show.

"We will work to re-schedule the gigs and it is very important to also underline that it is not due to any problems with any of the organizers, they have done a great job. We hope we get the chance to work with them all when new dates are being scheduled.

"We will not answer any questions regarding our member and his state since it is personal, but all other questions are of course, as always, welcome! We look forward to seeing you as soon as we are back in full force!" More...

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Netherbird Announces "The Ferocious Tides Of Fate"

Netherbird has announced a new release is coming in February or March of 2013 titled "The Ferocious Tides Of Fate," which will follow the band's 2010 full-length "Monument Black Colossal," along with two EP releases in 2011.

In-studio footage from the recording can be found here, and the cover artwork is available below. Further details will be announced as they become available. More...

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Netherbird Posts In-Studio Footage

Netherbird, which recruited new drummer Nils Fjellström last month, has now posted a series of in-studio video clips online. The footage can be viewed below, and Netherbird also commented:

"Greetings all, Netherbird is now in Scarecrow Studios, Stockholm, Sweden and recording the upcoming EP. Here are some videos where you get to see the drums in progress! More videos will come for those that wish to follow the recording process!"


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Netherbird Recruits New Drummer Nils Fjellström

Swedish act Nethebird, which split with the band's drummer and bassist back in April, has now issued the following announcement about recruiting new members:

"We are proud to announce that Netherbird officially has a complete lineup. Bassist Tobias Jacobsson has been close to the Netherbird camp for quite some time contributing lead guitar for the 'Blood Orchid' EP back in 2007 and filling in as our live bassist on tour across east and central Europe in February 2012.

"Drummer Nils Fjellström needs no further introduction. He premiered with Netherbird on the Stockholm gig in June 2nd and we are sure everyone present could instantly see how naturally he fit the band and how fantastic we sound as a unit with him on the drum throne.

"We are proud to have two amazing musicians joining our ranks, but more important to us is that we have a great chemistry on the personal level. The rehearsals for the upcoming recordings have been fantastic and we cannot wait to start the recordings to share our new material with the metal community.

"Needless to say, both Fjellström and Jacobsson will continue to work with the other bands they are involved with. The dark ride continues and we hope to see you all soon!"

Netherbird is:

Nephente – Vocals
Bizmark – Guitars
Nord – Guitars and vocals
Jabocsson – Bass
Fjellström – Drums

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Netherbird Splits With Drummer And Bassist

Sweden's Netherbird has issued the following statement about splitting with the band's drummer and bassist and working on a new EP:

"Rumours about a line-up change has reached us through various sources so we thought it might be good to deliver the news ourselves rather than through the haze of whispers. On the official website we stated back in the day when Netherbird was still a studio project that 'The cast will change but the theatre of Netherbird will remain.' Those words were true when written, and they still are relevant today.

"As most of you have noticed Netherbird have made two tours during the early part of 2012 and that we brought session members to fill the bass slot on both of these and a session drummer stepped in for our 10 gig-tour through out Europe. That also means that two of our line-up members for various reasons were unable to join us on these tours.

"Netherbird is not about money, it is not a job and thus you can never be fired from the band. Netherbird is about passion and dedication to our music, our listeners and what we stand for. Times change and with it changes the situation for the people involved in the band. And we have now come to a point where Netherbird demands more time and effort than ever before with more gigs and more recordings and that makes it impossible for some members to be able to give what this bands requires. It has nothing to do with musical direction, lack of dedication or other bullshit reasons usually stated when bands go through line-up changes, it has just to do with the amount of time and energy people can muster at a certain point in time. More...

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Netherbird Issues Tour Recap

Netherbird has checked in with the following recap after the band's recent European tour dates:

"Greetings friends, we are now back in Stockholm Sweden after a lengthy road trip throuhout Europe with Netherbird. We have made 10 shows in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. It is truly a wonderful feeling to be able to look back at these last days with only good memories despite we drove very long to get there and back! But such small discomforts pale when we think of all the wonderful people we met and how brilliantly we felt during those hours on the stages across eastern and central Europe.

"As some might have noticed we had two new faces in the line up! Ljusebring (drums) and Tinnitus (bass) joined the band as session members just 14 days before the tour and we cannot thank them enough for the dedication and hard work. Without these guys the tour could not have happened since Erik Röjås (drums) and Tobias Gustafsson (bass) had to stay in Sweden to tend to other duties. So thank you ever so much guys for stepping in and making this tour possible, we got many good memories thanks to you!

"The tour in facts and figures: More...

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Netherbird Announces European Shows

Netherbird is currently preparing for the second part of the Swedish Sin and Global Gloom tour. This part of the tour takes the band to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Further details on the tour are available via Facebook, and the dates are as follows:

Feb.16, 2012, Hungary, Szeged, Garabonczias Borozo
Feb.18, 2012, Hungary, Budapest, Blue Hell
Feb.19, 2012, Romania, Satu Mare, Shadows Rock club
Feb.20, 2012, Romania, Cluj-Napoca, tba
Feb 21, 2012, Slovakia, Prešov, Pumpa music pub
Feb 22, 2012, Slovakia, Rožnava, RC Cold Light
Feb.23, 2012, Slovakia, Nitra, RC Naozzay
Feb.24, 2012, Slovakia, Banská Bystrica, Tirish pub
Feb.25, 2012, Slovakia, Košice, T-club
Feb.26, 2012, Czech Republic, Prague, EXIT-US

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Arcane Grail Streaming New Song, Announces Shows

Symphonic black metal act Arcane Grail has issued the following update about heading out for a string of shows with Netherbird:

"Today, the 3rd of January 2012, we start our mini-tour with Swedish sympho-black metal draugrs Netherbird.

3 - Moscow (with Grey Heaven Fall, Cavandish, North Diamond)
4 - Tula (with Grey Heaven Fall, Cavandish, North Diamond)
5 - Ryazan (with North Diamond)
6 - Voronezh (without Netherbird, but with Artania & North Diamond)

"...and gift to Ye another track from our new EP 'Tribute to the Past' (2011) - our cover-version of classical heavy-metal hit of Russian band ARIA on song 'Farewell, Norfolk!'"

You can check out the track through the SoundCloud player below, or find two previously posted songs from the EP, which are available here. More...

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Netherbird Offering New EP As Free Download

Sweden's Netherbird officially released the new EP "Abysmal Allure" on December 1st, and now the band is offering an MP3 version of the EP for free download. Click here to get your copy. The track listing is as follows:

1. Myosotis Scorpioides (intro)
2. Abysmal Allure
3. Swedish Sadness (Sorrow's My Vessel)
4. Born Defiant

You can also check out Netherbird's currently announced 2012 tour dates by heading over to this location. More...

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Netherbird Announces New Tour Dates

Swedish extreme metal act Netherbird will kick off an international tour in 2012. A Facebook page for the tour can be found here. The currently announced dates are as follows:

Jan. 3, 2012, Russia, Moscow, Relax
Jan. 4, 2012, Russia, Tula, Art-café Bambuk
Jan. 5, 2012, Russia, Voronezh Tarantul
Jan. 6, 2012, Russia, Ryazan, Planetary

Feb. 16, 2012, Hungary, Szeged, tba
Feb. 17, 2012, Hungary, Nyíregyháza, Demon Haunt
Feb. 18, 2012, Hungary, Budapest, tba
Feb. 19, 2012, Romania, Satu Mare, tba
Feb. 20, 2012, Romania, Cluj-Napoca, tba
Feb. 21, 2012, Slovakia, Prešov, Pumpa music pub
Feb. 22, 2012, Slovakia, Rožnava, RC Cold Light
Feb. 23, 2012, Slovakia, Bratislava, Randal club
Feb. 24, 2012, Slovakia, Banská Bystrica, Tirish pub
Feb. 25, 2012, Slovakia, Košice, Riders pub
Feb. 26, 2012, Czech Republic Prague, Prague, EXIT-US

Netherbird will also release the "Abysmal Allure" EP through Scarecrow Recordings on December 1st, 2011. Further details are available at this location.

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Netherbird Reveals New EP Details

Netherbird has announced the "Abysmal Allure" EP will be released through Scarecrow Recordings on December 1st, 2011 on digital and limited edition CD formats. The track listing is as follows:

1. Myosotis Scorpioides (intro)
2. Abysmal Allure
3. Swedish Sadness (Sorrow's My Vessel)
4. Born Defiant

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