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Formed: 1996
From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

Goatwhore Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Goatwhore.


Goatwhore Riding High On A "Vengeful Ascension"

At a recent show in Bristol, the first British stop on the 2018 "Machine Messiah" tour, I had the pleasure not only of speaking with Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kissser, but with Ben Falgoust, frontman of New Orleans blackened thrash metal veterans, Goatwhore and Soylent Green. During the interview, we discussed a range of topics, particularly regarding the band's latest album, "Vengeful Ascension,"the upcoming 20th anniversary of their debut studio album, "The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black" and what it is that makes New Orleans so special.

On the writing process for "Vengeful Ascension":

"A big element of our writing is 'Are we going to play this live?' A lot of bands put out records and only play certain songs and never play anything else from the record live and we like to be able to take pretty much every single song at one point in the duration of touring for that record and put it in a live experience. When we're writing we're not just writing to write, we're writing from the perspective of "How is this going to sound live?'"

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Goatwhore Talks Tours

Metal Blade Recording artist Goatwhore has stayed busy over the past year. The group toured almost non-stop. Last summer they sweated out among some of today’s top death metal acts on Summer Slaughter. In the fall Goatwhore joined Glenn Danzig for a few dates with Samhain. In the winter the band traveled to the other side of the Earth when they went to Australia. Most recently the band headlined a tour with Black Breath, Ringworm and Theories. Now the band is gearing up for another string of dates on the road including Gwar B-Q

Much of Goatwhore’s tours were without longtime member, bassist James Harvey. Trans Am (ex-Hod, War Master) has filled in for James. I caught up with Ben Falgoust to see what the future holds in store for Harvey and TA. The gauntlet-clad front man also shared his thoughts on this past tours and expressed excitement regarding the upcoming tour. More...

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Goatwhore Comments on Upcoming Album

A modernized, fancy van sat in the parking lot of Emo's in Austin, Texas. Goatwhore's Sammy Duet sat inside the van drinking a beer. The group's bassist, James Harvey, stood outside. Both gave a running commentary on the band's new album "Constricting Rage Of The Merciless," which raged through the van's speakers. Sammy told me that I didn't hear the album, so I there will be no descriptions of the album in this introduction, although I will comment on the track "Baring Teeth For Revolt" because the group premiered this song during their set.

I didn't approach Goatwhore's van to hang out and hear new tunes. I was there looking for Ben Falgoust to set up an interview time. The clearly visible members of Goatwhore sitting in an open van seemed rather inviting, at least for approaching the band for an interview. A man with long, blonde hair and goatee spoke with a European accent I couldn't place. I thought he was a member of Behemoth hanging out with Goatwhore. He actually was Archaon, guitarist of 1349 and the Goatwhore members were sitting in his group's van.

I learned this fact of van ownership during my interview with Falgoust a couple hours later. We discussed this massive tour that the band had only just begun. In the following interview, we also talk about the band's forthcoming full-length "Constricting Rage Of The Merciless."

Rex_84: Goatwhore has a new album, "Constricting Rage of the Merciless," on the rise. You have a way for fans to purchase it at your shows. More...

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Interview with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore

Goatwhore has been relentlessly touring since the release of their amazing album "Carving Out the Eyes of God." Off of the DevilDriver Tour and about to begin the Behemoth Tour, Goatwhore played one night in their hometown of NOLA, where I was able to have a chat with the incredibly enertic vocalist Ben Falgoust, and we discussed working wiht Erik Rutan, having fun with Suffocation and the Who Dat Nation. A transciption follows the videos below. More...

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