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Brain Drill

Formed: 2005
From: Santa Cruz , CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Brain Drill News

Below is our complete Brain Drill news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Fetal Sewage Premiere Full-Album Stream Of New EP

LA-based slamming brutal death metal band Fetal Sewage premiere the full-album stream of the band's brand new EP "Butchering The Dead", which was released January 23, 2022. The EP features Marco Pitruzzella (Rings of Saturn/Brain Drill/Six Feet Under) on studio session drums.

Check out now "Butchering The Dead" in its entirety below.

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Headline News

Reader Poll: Vote Your Best Metal Album

Update: the staff awards are now here! Check 'em out and see who won at this location.

Our year-end awards for 2016 are nearly here as the staff just wrapped up our internal voting on the best album, performance, DVD, and metal newcomer of the year, along with a vote on our most anticipated album coming in 2017.

While awaiting our official awards ceremony later this week, we want to know: what was YOUR favorite metal album that came out this year? Cast your vote below!

In the poll we've listed out every single album that was nominated by our staff this year, but if you thought some other album should be #1 instead that's perfectly fine - just hit "Other" and type in your nominee.

Wondering why we have so many nominees? Each of our staff members nominates five albums, and we reach our winner by consensus of the album that gets the most votes, resulting in a well-rounded winner who was appreciated by a larger group of metal heads rather than just by people who prefer one sub-genre.

Since you can see who we nominated, we'd also like to know: who do you think was our ultimate winner in all the nominees? More...

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Brain Drill Premieres Full-Album Stream

Santa Cruz, California based technical death metal pioneers of Brain Drill premiere the full-album stream of their brand new album "Boundless Obscenity", out in stores now via Bandcamp.

Check out now "Boundless Obscenity" in its entirety below.

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Brain Drill Posts New Song "Infinite Oblivion"

Santa Cruz, California based technical death metallers Brain Drill premieres a new song entitled "Infinite Oblivion", taken from the upcoming new album "Boundless Obscenity", which will be out in stores July 02 via Bandcamp.

Check out now "Infinite Oblivion" below.

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Flesh Consumed Announces U.S. Tour

California's Flesh Consumed has announced an upcoming U.S. tour kicking off on August 4th and running through the 30th with Brain Drill, Arkaik, and Halo of Gunfire. The upcoming Flesh Consumed tour dates are as follows:

7/16 2010 Las Vegas DeathFest - The Cheyenne saloon Las Vegas, Nevada, US
8/4 2010 The Blvd w/Brain Drill, Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Los Angeles, CA
8/5 2010 Brick by Brick w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire San Diego, CA
8/9 2010 The Nightmare w/Brain Drill,Arkaik,Halo of gunfire Dallas, TX
8/10 2010 Zombie's w/Brain Drill,Arkaik,Halo of Gunfire San Antonio, TX
8/11 2010 White Swan w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Houston, TX
8/13 2010 Brass Mug w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Tampa, FL
8/14 2010 Ground Zero w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Spartanburg, SC
8/19 2010 Mojo 13 w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Wilmington, DE
8/21 2010 Reggies w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Chicago, IL
8/23 2010 House of Bricks w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Des Moines, IA
8/25 2010 Marquis Theater w/Brain Drill,Arkaik & Halo of Gunfire Denver, CO
8/28 2010 Studio Seven w/Brain Drill,Arkaik,Halo of Gunfire Seattle, WA
8/30 2010 bloodletting w/Brain Drill,Arkaik,Halo of Gunfire San Fransisco, CA

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The Cool Tour 2010 Download Pack Released

The COOL TOUR download pack has been released. The package is full of merchandise and goodies, listed below. You can get it at the COOL TOUR Facebook page.

The download pack includes:

As I Lay Dying merch coupon for $3 off a purchase over $30 at asilaydyingstore.com
Underoath merch coupon for 15% off a purchase over $20 at underoathmerch.com
Cancer Bats MP3 "Sabotage"
Invisible Children Video
Atticus Coupon for 25% off anything in the Atticus Black Webstore
Alt Press Coupon for a 1 year digital subscription for only $5
The Acacia Strain: "Dr. Doom (live)," taken from their recently released 2DVD "The Most Known Unknown."

War Of Ages MP3 "Collapse"
Ding! Coupon for 20% off anything at dinglife.com
Facedown Records coupon for 10% off merch and music at facedownrecords.com
Blessthefall MP3 "To Hell And Back"
Fearless coupon for 10% off http://fearless.merchnow.com/
Free Fearless Records Summer 2010 sampler
2010 Cool Tour New Artist Sampler (provided by Metal Blade Records & Good Fight Records).

Here's the Cool Tour 2010 sampler tracklisting:

1. The Absence - "Enemy Unbound"
2. Aeon - "Kill Them All"
3. Allegaeon - "The God Particle"
4. Barn Burner - "Holy Smokes"
5. Bison b.c. - "Two-Day Booze"
6. Brain Drill - "Monumental Failure"
7. Charred Walls Of The Damned - "Ghost Town"
8. Dawn of Ashes - "Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon"
9. Fatal Embrace - "Wake the Dead"
10. Fleshwrought - "Mental Illness"
11. Istapp - "Vinterrket"
12. Kings Of Asgaard - "Vamods Tale"
13. Lightning Swords Of Death - "Nihilistic Stench"
14. The Ocean - "Swallowed By The Earth"
15. Return To Earth - "Back Of My Hand"
16. Skyforger - "In The Underworld"
17. System Divide - "Vagaries of Perception"
18. Valkyrja - "Oceans to Dust"
19. Woe Of Tyrants - "Creatures of the Mire"
20. Cancer Bats - "Dead Wrong"
21. Son of Aurelius - "Mercy For Today"
22. I Am Abomination - "Since 1776"
23. This Or The Apocalypse - "Charmer"
24. Rosaline - "London Lost Its Fog"

UPDATE: There is some confusion about this whole thing and a redirect not working, but you can download the sampler directly from Amazon.com (U.S. only). More...

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Brain Drill Posts "Beyond Bludgeoned" Video

Santa Cruz, California based technical death metallers Brain Drill have posted a music video online for the song "Beyond Bludgeoned," which can be viewed below and is off the upcoming album "Quantum Catastrophe." The new album is set to be released on May 11th, 2010.

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Brain Drill Reveals New Album Track Listing

Santa Cruz, California based technical death metallers Brain Drill have just released the track listing for their upcoming sophomore release, "Quantum Catastrophe," which hits streets on May 11th, 2010.

The "Quantum Catastrophe" track listing is as follows:

1. Obliteration Untold
2. Beyond Bludgeoned
3. Awaiting Imminent Destruction
4. Nemesis of Neglect
5. Entity of Extinction
6. Mercy to None
7. Monumental Failure
8. Quantum Catastrophe

In preparation for the release of "Quantum Catastrophe" and the band's first music video for the album, Brain Drill has posted a new track on their MySpace page. The new track is "Beyond Bludgeoned," which the band filmed a video for back in February out in the San Joaquin Delta/Rio Vista, CA area. The video for Beyond Bludgeoned was directed by Nikko DeLuna and shot by Justin Potter. Stay tuned for when and where the video will be premiered.

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Brain Drill Posts New Song Online

Santa Cruz, CA technical death metal band BRAIN DRILL has posted the new track "Monumental Failure" on their MySpace page.

Bassist Ivan Munguia comments; "Monumental Failure has a couple of the most mosh inducing riffs on the new album Quantum Catastrophe, but it also showcases the direction we are heading in terms of songwriting. Monumental Failure was one of the first songs written for the Quantum Catastrophe so in a way, we're easing listeners into some of the more complex songs that we wrote." More...

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Brain Drill Completes New Album

BRAIN DRILL has released the following statement regrading the release of their new album "Quantum Catastrophe" via their Myspace"

"BRAIN DRILL has completed work on their follow up to 2008's tech death album, "Apocalyptic Feasting." The band will again take fans on a mind-melting voyage through the boundaries of exactly how incredibly technical death metal can be. "Quantum Catastrophe" continues to push the band to their physical limits while somehow still exhibiting their trademark and infectious hook-laden riffs.

"Guitarist Dylan Ruskin adds some insight into the musical process; "The album was definitely a huge accomplishment in the chronicling of the drill. The musical dynamics and skill level of everyone in the band have improved much more than the previous album. The songs are more technical and musically diverse but are also well balanced and catchy, including several bass breaks by Ivan Munguia and two songs written and recorded on guitar by him, entitled Awaiting Imminent Destruction and Mercy To None. Stay tuned for more."

"Quantum Catastrophe" again features cover art by Par Olofsson. The over the top cover art (which will be released shortly) perfectly complements the nearly unbelievable musicianship present on the record. Fans can get a taste of what the new material is like, as well as new drummer Ron Casey, on a recently uploaded youtube video. In the video, Dylan and Ron play the new track, Monumental Failure.

"Vocalist Steve Rathjen explains the concept behind "uantum Catastrophe;" "Universal decimation (black holes, galactic cosmic radiation), pandemic disease and zombie re-awakenings - mankind is entering an age of mass speculation as foreseen by numerous ancient cultures. Space to all humanity still primarily remains a mystery even in our days of immense technological advancements. We know this void is filled with infinite extremities which could occur at any instant; easily decimating all habitations. We also know our planet has fulfilled these mass extinctions time and again centuries in the past. The question which remains, are we due for another apocalyptic transition?"

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Brain Drill Releases Old Live Footage

Grindcore band Brain Drill released a good quality live video from a show they played in 2006. You can watch it after the jump. More...

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Brain Drill Announces New Song, Band Member

California grindcore band Brain Drill has released a third song off their upcoming album, titled "Monumental Failure." They also are happy to announce their new drummer, Ron Casey. More news will be posted when Brain Drill or Metal Blade announces a release date or track list.

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Too Much Is Never Enough: Technical Metal in 2009

Earlier in the year Metal Underground presented its annual “Best Of” awards and with his finger always on the pulse, deathbringer mentioned a new dominance in metal leading us into 2009. Maybe you’ve noticed the extra acoustic interludes, the blazing shred solos, the disjointed poly-rhythms or maybe you haven’t - but either way a cloud of progressive influence has undoubtedly emerged over the metal scene. Not just in our minds here at MU, but in the minds of fans Opeth, Cynic, Meshuggah, Nachtmystium and Ihsahn stood out with impressive 2008 releases. Even more excitement and interest has been generated by collaborations between Ihsahn and Opeth, and 2009 hasn’t let up with Mastodon’s progressive opus “Crack The Skye” and Obscura’s “Cosmogenesis” leading the charge.

So what magic is at work here aside from great prog-metal releases? Larger bands such as the explosive power metal act DragonForce and progressive groovers Mastodon have played a large part in the uprising of the pursuit of extreme talent for more mainstream metal fans - opening legions of otherwise clueless greenhorns to the bar of instrumental ability. Old hands such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and numerous thrash acts have also not been untouched by the progressive aura and have regained the thirst for pushing technical boundaries - a truly founding ideal of metal if ever there was one. Another force at play here is the power the internet has had in exposing technical freak shows like Necrophagist as well as many young tech-metal heads being introduced to metal and fostered through 90s progressive acts such as Tool or Dream Theater. Not enough for you? Let’s take a little trip back in time then. More...

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Los Angeles Murderfest 5.0 Taking Shape

Tickets are now on sale for the fifth annual Los Angeles Murderfest, set to take place May 9-10, 2009 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California. Visit losangelesmurderfest.com for information on how to buy tickets.

Recent additions to the line-up include SKARP, RECIPROCAL, DESTROYED IN SECONDS. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Saturday, May 9th: More...

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New Bands Confirmed For L.A. Murderfest 2009

The 2009 L.A. Murderfest will be taking place on May 9th and 10th at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. The official L.A. Murderfest website has been updated with the following list of confirmed bands:


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Brain Drill Announces New Bassist

Santa Cruz, CA's Brain Drill is pleased to announce the addition of Ivan Munguia as the bands new bassist. Ivan has played bass for metal acts such as Carnivorous and Odious Mortem. "I'm stoked to be playing with such high caliber musicians, in a band as crushing and talented as Brain Drill. Soon, we'll be out on the road laying waste to crowds, and delivering some sick new tunes" comments Ivan. Brain Drill is currently hard at work rehearsing with Ivan and Joe to get them up to speed on the band's current material and plan to hit the road as soon as they can. Brain Drill is also currently hard at work on new tracks for the follow up to their devastating debut "Apocalyptic Feasting".

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Brain Drill Announces New Drummer

Northern CA technical death metal outfit, Brain Drill, have just announced Joe Bondra of PA as their new drummer. Video footage of Joe covering Brain Drill songs along with songs the band recorded with him when he came to the bay area just this past weekend will be posted to Brain Drill's MySpace page.

"I always thought that Brain Drill was one of the most brutal bands in the death metal scene, and now I am extremely excited to be part of that band and I am even more amped to be able to start playing shows and work on our new material" comments Joe Bondra More...

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Brain Drill Seeks New Drummer

Northern CA technical death metal outfit Brain Drill have issued the following update on their Myspace page regarding their search for a new drummer:

"YO DUDES WE ARE TRYING OUT NEW DRUMMERS!! all we can say for now is we lost our old drummer not by choice. But read this news update and hit us up if you would like to try out. Send us a video or mp3 of you playing apocalyptic feasting as a tryout video/audio file. We would mostly appreciate it more if it was a video though. You can post it on you tube or just send it to us, or email it to bookingbraindrill@gmail.com We will be considering people who can flawlessly finish the song apocalyptic feasting on video or atleast with minimal fuck ups and can actually finish the entire song. We would prefer it if you are from the bay area in california or somewhere in california but if you are in another part of the country that's fine but we are NOT going to fly you out here and we are NOT going to go to you. Anyone who wants to try out has to come to us. We are looking mostly for someone who can play our set, not the entire 10 songs as we rarely play all 10 songs live. We are also looking for someone who will be able to learn the new songs we are writing and enter the studio and record with us. We are also looking for someone who has a driver's license, a car , no money problems, no WIVE'S controlling your life issue's, and someone who will possibly be willing to tour with us for a few months when we get back out onto the road.No drug problems(including weed), No in and out of jail problems. (if you smoke weed that's fine just don't bring it with you/us on tour only do it at shows, don't keep pipes, joints, papers, or other paraphenalia with us in the vehicle) Believe us we know from experience that it's a BAD idea. So send us a video if you think you can hack it, and have proof to back it up."

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Brain Drill Nulify Break Up Rumors

Although reported to have split up earlier this year, California's BRAIN DRILL have issued the following:

"Yo, Dudes, we are trying out new drummers!!"

"All we can say for now is we lost our old drummer not by choice. But read this news update and hit us up if you would like to try out. Or you can send us a video or mp3 of you playing 'Apocalyptic Feasting' as a tryout video/audio file."

"I would mostly appreciate it more if it was a video though. You can post it on YouTube or just send it to us. hope to hear from you guys soon!"

Brain Drill update: Northern CA technical death metal outfit Brain Drill will be carrying on despite all the recent rumors of break ups. The band is currently looking for a new drummer and more information will be made available shortly for those interested in trying out for the spot in one of the most talked about technical death metal bands of 2008."

Stay tuned for further updates.

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Brain Drill Get Strip Searched, Possibly Break Up

California death metal outfit Brain Drill has broken up (for now) following some obvious dysfunction within the band. The group just released their Metal Blade Records debut last month.

Guitarist Dylan Ruskin explains in a lengthy message:

"Three members of Brain Drill (Steve, Marco, Jeff) have huge weed smoking habits. I do not and couldn't be more against smoking weed. I don't have a problem if you do it but just be smart about it. Before we left for this tour with the Black Dahlia Murder I told them a million times not to bring weed, pipes, etc. with them in the van because we are driving across the country and the last thing we need is to get pulled over and arrested for possession. The laws in CA are nothing compared other states. They don't listen to me and go ahead and bring pipes weed, papers and even brought an ounce of mushrooms. We get pulled over outside of Salt Lake City, UT, right after they had just smoked a blunt. The car smelled like weed. The cop comes up to the window and he says is "I smell pot," so they take us out of the car and they search the van. They tear it apart and even use a dog to sniff out everything. They find the weed, pipes, and mushrooms. I was convinced that we were going to jail but for whatever reason they let us go. After we pulled away I told them "from now on the rule of the band is to not ever bring weed pipes or other drugs into the van and also not to smoke in the van." Jeff's response: "I don't think that's gonna happen, bro." They neglected to listen to me and the next day there were more pipes and accessories in the van. We then get pulled over another 4 times before our first show. Miraculously we didn't get searched again.

"We play the tour and we had an awesome time. Our last show was supposed to be in Buffalo. I had bought a stockpile of firecrackers which are legal in South Carolina so I was not 100% innocent but a lot less [guilty] than them. We start driving and soon we see a sign for Canada, I asked everyone it looks like we are headed for Canada are you guys sure we shouldn't stop and turn around? I even took a wrong turn and as we were looking for the freeway… the sign says ‘Canada straight ahead.’ No one answered me so I continued to drive. Sure enough we get to the Canadian border. They ask us for our passports I said we only have our IDs. We show the guy our IDs he then writes us a ticket and makes us pull over. The guy said ‘since you guys don't have passports we are going to have to search your vehicle.’ They find everybody’s weed. They find Steve's knife and Jeff's knife and my firecrackers. Steve and Jeff start to flip out on the border patrol and start cursing and saying ‘this is bullshit, this is the first and last time I'm ever coming to Canada.’ The cops asked ‘why are you guys making this such a big deal?’ They responded, ‘because this is bullshit.’ The cop said ‘since you think it's bullshit we are now going to give you all full body cavity searches.’ I was the first one to get searched. They stripped me naked had me lift my ballsack up so they could check underneath it, and then had me bend over and spread my asscheeks apart so they could look inside my asshole. After they finished searching all of us we were never going to make it to the Buffalo show. All of this shit could have been prevented if they had just listened to me. Also, they let me keep my firecrackers and told me, ‘The reason we are searching you is because we found weed in Jeff's van.’ They said nothing about the firecrackers. More...

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