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Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost Photo

Band Photo: Celtic Frost (?)

Formed: 1984
From: Zürich, Switzerland
Last Known Status: Disbanded


Formed from the remains of seminal death/black metal pioneers Hellhammer in June 1984, with every one of their releases both in the Billboard and UK charts, the Swiss-American Celtic Frost were a pivotal influence on both the extreme metal and gothic metal genres, establishing many of the musical elements that have since become synonymous with bands such as Sepultura, Pantera, Therion, Emperor, Melvins, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth, Foo Fighters, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Obituary, Nile, and uncounted others.

The primal fury captured on Celtic Frost's first album, "Morbid Tales" (1984), and the subsequent EP, "Emperor's Return" (1985), have been widely emulated and are cited as influences on such recordings as Nirvana's "In Utero" (1993). Co-founders and co-writers Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior, voice and guitars) and Martin Eric Ain (bass) created stark and compelling vistas reminiscent of the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Aleister Crowley, and Charles Baudelaire. Fischer's trademark nordic warrior vocals and Celtic Frost's unique combination of a primitive yet at the same time highly intricate sonic assault soon made the group one of the leaders of extreme metal. Lyrically, Fischer and Ain depicted civilizations crumbling into decay, capturing the parallels between the corrosive and dark nature of a year's concluding seasons and the recurring collapse of human empires. The addition in early 1985 of legendary US drummer Reed St. Mark enabled the group to take a quantum leap both in the studio and on stage.

The group's second album, "To Mega Therion" (1985), was an epic evolution of the concept, now adding orchestral instrumentation to increasingly heavy songwriting. Swiss surrealist artist and Oscar-winner ("Alien") H.R. Giger's mentorship yielded visually brooding counterparts to Fischer/Ain's artistic vision, with Giger's paintings "Satan I" (1977) and "Victory III" (1981-83) gracing the album's cover. "To Mega Therion" would become a landmark release for an entire scene.

The "Tragic Serenades" EP (1986) featured cover art reminiscential of the "Sisters of Mercy", and the subsequent successful second tour of Europe and North America set the stage for the milestone experimental album "Into the Pandemonium" (1987), often regarded as the band's most pivotal release next to "To Mega Therion". Merging extreme metal with the band's passion for an early Wave scene dominated by acts such as Bauhaus, Wall of Voodoo or Siouxie and the Banshees, the album included sheer brutality ("Inner Sanctum" and "Babylon Fell"), Goth/New Wave vocals ("Mesmerized"); sampling/EBM fusions ("One In Their Pride"); melodic metal ("I Won't Dance"), and bombastic orchestral pieces ("Rex Irae" and "Oriental Masquerade").

Adorned with a detail scene of the "Hell" part of Hieronymus Bosch's famous triptych "Garden of Delights", and foreshadowing complex neo-classical metal artists like My Dying Bride and Apocalyptica, "Into the Pandemonium" received raving critical reviews all over the globe. The subsequent "I Won't Dance" EP (1986) with its legendary Isolde Ohlbaum cover art completed what was the band's most pronounced statement so far.

But Celtic Frost's line-up, now featuring an additional guitarist in order to enable the live performance of the increasingly complex songs, disintegrated at the end of an extended and highly successful UK/US tour, in late 1987. More than twelve months of legal disagreements with record company Noise Records, who had repeatedly tampered both with "Into the Pandemonium" and the group's artistic freedom, had exerted too much pressure on the line-up and also taken a devastating financial toll. Celtic Frost had defended the group's paramount principle of artistic integrity virtually to the point of total destruction.

On the basis of a new recording contract negotiated between the bands then manager and with CBS/Epic, Celtic Frost regrouped in mid-1988 and began work on a new album. The sessions initially included Ain and drummer Reed St. Mark, then a new line-up that Fischer would later find "completely unsuited" for Celtic Frost's conceptual vision. The resulting album was not the much-rumored mythical and ultimate Celtic Frost project "Necronomicon" but the dysfunctional and radically controversial hardrock album "Cold Lake" (1988), a release which virtually alienated many fans due to its visuals alone.

Two years later, Celtic Frost concluded months of recording sessions at Berlin's Hansa Studios by releasing the complex and metal album "Vanity/Nemesis" (1990), produced by Roli Mosimann (Faith No More, Young Gods, Marilyn Manson, Björk). It was widely regarded as an exceptionally strong comeback. Along with drummer Stephen Priestly, who had already played on Celtic Frost's first album, Martin Eric Ain had returned to the fold. Cover versions of David Bowie's "Heroes" and Bryan Ferry,'s "This Island Earth" paid homage to some of the artistic roots of Celtic Frost.

The group was now active almost exclusively in the UK and in North America and thus began the two-year development of the long-awaited successor to the dark visions of "Into the Pandemonium" overseas. It was intended to be a double album with the title of "Under Apollyon's Sun". Following the release of the unique career retrospective "Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying" (1992), featuring much unreleased musical and visual material, the group mutually decided to terminate all work on "Under Apollyon's Sun" in spite of its advanced state and to pursue separate paths instead.

Among various projects evolving from the ashes of Celtic Frost was the Fischer-instigated industrial/EBM project Apollyon Sun, which continued to develop his unique personal vision with an advanced concept. Considered the "elder statesmen" of innovative metal, Fischer and Ain saw their uncompromising conceptual framework and intricate instrumental orchestration blossom into an influence for several cutting-edge genres of today's modern metal, while Celtic Frost have been name-dropped by fellow artists from Satyricon to Creed to Marilyn Manson.

By 1999, an overdue modernization of the Celtic Frost catalogue became possible in cooperation with a now significantly transformed Noise Records. Returning from years of extreme reclusiveness, and working together with the original members of Celtic Frost for the first time in as long a time, Fischer oversaw the re-construction, re-mastering, and production of the five key albums of the group in Berlin in 1999 and 2000. These luxurious official re-issues were released to overwhelming acclaim by media and fans alike and also featured the restored original artwork, EP covers, conceptual packaging, unpublished photos, individual liner notes, complete lyrics, and unreleased music from each album recording session. The re-issue project coincided with the publication Fischer's much-lauded first book, a Celtic Frost autobiography titled "Are You Morbid?" (2000). The book is one of the few first hand reports on the birth of extreme metal during the early 1980s and the resulting branch of the music industry.

The creativity disinterred in the course of the work on the renovation of the band's back catalogue was far more than the re-issue project was designed to absorb, and Fischer and Ain, together with former Apollyon Sun guitarist Erol Unala, eventually began work on an actual new Celtic Frost album, the band's first in over a decade. St. Mark's position in the group, initially left void due to serious health issues, was eventually taken by highly renowned Swiss underground drummer Franco Sesa. Moreover, Ain and Fischer reanimated their old production company, Prowling Death Records, which in 1983 had already released the Hellhammer demos, to finance the new Celtic Frost album and retain full control of the project by the group up to the day of the new album's release.

In late 2004, Fischer partially opened the secretive and protected realm of Celtic Frost's inner sanctum to the outside world by beginning to chronicle the making of the album on his high-traffic blog "Delineation". Surprising to many, this journal revealed a group again driven by misanthropic vulnerability and nihilistic darkness, a group aiming at surpassing everything it had created before, a group whose protagonists proceeded even more courageously than they had on ground-breaking works such as "To Mega Therion" or "Into the Pandemonium". The final days of 2005 saw Celtic Frost signing a worldwide licensing agreement with Century Media, paving the way for the release of the material. Titled "Monotheist" and scheduled for a release in spring 2006, Celtic Frost's new album was produced by the band and co-produced by Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal). It is extremely dark, inventive, and radically heavy. The album is to be followed in 2006/2007 by concerts on all continents, allowing Celtic Frost to play for more fans on one single tour than they had in the entire previous history of the band.

official Celtic Frost website press release

Latest Celtic Frost News

Below is our complete Celtic Frost news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Mystic Festival 2022 Warm-up Day

After a two-year delay and a change of location, my dream of attending Mystic Festival finally became a reality. The festival was originally supposed to take place in Krakow, Poland, but thanks to the pandemic, the location shifted to the picturesque and the most metal of places, the Gdansk shipyard in the extremely photogenic city of Gdansk, Poland.

The shipyard is actually home to a few nightclubs, pubs and eateries so the locals already knew the layout. For the rest of us, the festival grounds were easy to navigate with short walks from stage to stage. There was plenty of food and beverage tents and most importantly, Porta John/Toi Tois everywhere. Mystic Festival had about 3 festival merch booths and another dedicated to the bands that were playing that day. In addition, there were about a dozen or so vendors selling everything that you could imagine that would be sold at a metal festival. The prices of everything for sale at Mystic was fair I thought. No price gouging at all like some other festivals I’ve attended.

Mystic Festival

The first band I saw on the warmup day was Carcass. They seem to land on just about every festival lineup that I attend, so I didn’t stick around for their whole set. I’m an old school Carcass fan so I was quite surprised when they played “Exhume to Consume” right out of the gate. Jeff Walker and Bill Steer haven’t aged a day and they still play with the same vigor they did when I first saw them in 1990.


After Carcass, I headed over to the indoor Shrine Stage and caught Bay Area thrash legends, Heathen. Heathen never garnered the same popularity that Metallica, Exodus, Testament and Death Angel did during their heyday, but when you’re still playing larger festivals, does it really matter? Heathen played a blistering set that included songs from all over their discography. One thing I noticed is that founding guitarist, Lee Altus, was not present. After some quick research, I learned that he’s back at home tending to a sick family member. We wish him and his family good fortune and a return to the stage soon. More...

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Mystic Festival 2022 Adds Warm Up Day

Mystic Festival 2022 has added an extra day to their already stacked line-up to include Celtic Frost, Hellhammer (Triumph of Death) and Triptykon. Several other bands were announced for this special day to include Napalm Death, Heathen, Decapitated and Skeletal Remains.

Mystic Festival is set to take place in Gdansk, Poland on June 1-4 in 2022. More...

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Tom Warrior To Perform Hellhammer Set

Hellhammer existed for a mere two years, from May 1982 to May 1984. During this time, the band wrote material for three demos, one 12" EP, and the legendary Death Metal compilation album, along with a number of unrecorded songs.

In light of Hellhammer's now mythically iconic status in the global metal scene, it is almost inconceivable that most of this music has never been performed live.

Hellhammer's successor group, Celtic Frost, formed by ex-Hellhammer members Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain, initially played two of Hellhammer's songs but soon abandoned this habit due to the band rapidly developing its own material. Tom Gabriel Warrior's Triptykon, founded in 2008, have played one or the other rare Hellhammer song during special occasions. The vast body of Hellhammer's work remains unperformed, however.

Until now. More...

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Triptykon to perform "Requiem" at Roadburn 2019

Roadburn has announced the first of three specially commissioned pieces to be performed at the festival in 2019 (April 11-14, Tilburg, The Netherlands). Tom G. Warrior, who was a Roadburn guest curator in 2010 and also performed there in 2014, will be presenting the full three-part "Requiem" with Triptykon, with orchestral accompaniment by the world-renowned Dutch Metropole Orkest.

The first part of the piece appeared on Celtic Frost's "Into The Pandemonium" in 1987, titled "Rex Irae". The third part, "Winter", was included on "Monotheist" in 2006. The missing middle part is now being composed by Warrior for this special commission.

Warrior explains:

The intention to finish the full Requiem remained with me. I was going to do it one distant day with Triptykon, the group I formed to continue to pursue the path I began in Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. It was 2018, yet again 16 years after I last worked on the Requiem, when Walter Hoeijmakers, founder of the legendary Roadburn Festival and one of my most beloved friends, contacted me to propose Roadburn as the venue to perform, at long last, the finished Requiem.

Walter and his team very kindly provided for the resources necessary for such a substantial undertaking, and so, at 54 by now, I found myself commencing work on the second and thus final part of the Requiem this year.

The three parts of the Requiem will therefore be performed by Triptykon at Roadburn 2019, with full classical orchestration, congregated specifically for this occasion by Florian Magnus Maier, who is our esteemed classical collaborator and arranger in this project, and whose patience with me appears to be limitless. We feel very proud and deeply honoured to be joined in this endeavour by the renowned Dutch Metropole Orkest.

More details about the commission can be found on the Roadburn web site. More...

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Triptykon Frontman's Right Arm Broken

The right arm of Triptykon mainman Thomas Gabriel Fischer (ex-Celtic Frost) was broken this past weekend in what he describes as “an unprovoked, ultra-violent, and drug-fuelled attack.”

Comments Fischer of the attack and the healing process:

“Once my right arm, shattered in an unprovoked, ultra-violent, and drug-fuelled attack, has healed sufficiently, I will again be able to tend to the rapidly accumulating mails in a far more timely manner. According to the doctors who are tending to me, this should occur sometime in August.

As my arm is entombed in a full-length cast right now, I am rather clumsy with my utterly unprepared left hand, and writing (and everything else) is a quite challenging proposition at the moment. The hospital staff felt sufficient pity to at least provide me with a suitably black cover for the cast.

And for those inevitably curious, yes, I was ultimately able to regain the initiative and defend myself, with a broken arm and in spite of being disadvantaged due to the element of surprise and the ferocity of the attack. True to his obvious disposition as a coward, the attacker swiftly took flight when he realized I was subsequently going for his life.

I had certainly pictured my return home from the extraordinary 20th anniversary celebrations of the Museum HR Giger to take an entirely different course. Alas, this is the real world, and these are the realities of life.

I detest violence, and I equally detest the effects of alcohol and drugs which solely serve to amplify the grave shortcomings of us members of the human race.

We will not cancel any Triptykon concerts, of course, but I will only be able to sing at the moment, returning to the guitar as the speed of my recovery will permit.”

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Testament To Play L.A. ‘Decibel Metal & Beer Fest’

The ‘Decibel Metal & Beer Fest‘ will be held this December 01st-02nd at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to a variety of craft beers being represented, the festival will feature the following live acts:

Testament (performing “New Order” and “The Gathering“)
Triptykon (playing a Celtic Frost set)
Pig Destroyer
Power Trip
Skeletal Remains

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Hear Phil Anselmo Cover Celtic Frost w/ Child Bite

Child Bite debut some songs from their upcoming “Burnt Offerings” rarities set. The three tracks streaming below include covers of Celtic Frost‘s “The Usurper” and Anal Cunt‘s “Chump Change” done with Phil Anselmo (Down, ex-Pantera, etc.) on vocals as well as the previously unreleased track “Stroke The Negative“.

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Totengott Premiere New Clip For "Satan Beside You"

Spain’s Celtic Frost worshipping metal outfit Totengott premiere a new video for "Satan Beside You", taken from their latest effort "Doppelgänger", out in stores via Bandcamp.

Check out now "Satan Beside You" below.

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Tom Warrior Comments On Martin Ain's Death

Following the news earlier today that former Hellhammer and Celtic Frost bass player Martin Eric Ain has died at the age of fifty, his former bandmate Tom G. Fischer (AKA Tom Warrior,) has posted his thoughts online via his blog.

"I am deeply affected by Martin Eric Ain's passing. Our relationship was very complex and definitely not free of conflicts, but Martin's life and mine were very closely intertwined, since we first met in 1982. My life will be painfully incomplete without his existence.

"Today, when Reed and I talked about Martin's death on the phone, Reed said to me: "Now, there's only the two of us." It completely broke my heart."

To read the full post, head to the fischerisdead blogspot page.

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Headline News

Celtic Frost Bassist Martin Ain Passes Away

Reports are beginning to surface that Martin Stricker, better known as Martin Eric Ain, the bassist and co-founder of Celtic Frost, has passed away at the age of 50 due to a heart attack. We will have more updates on this soon, as many of the sites reporting it are in German.

Ain began his long and successful, if times turbulent working relationship with Thomas Gabriel Fischer (AKA Tom Warrior) when he joined Hellhammer in the early 80s, before the two formed Celtic Frost. He performed on a number of seminal albums including, "Morbid Tales," "Into the Pandemonium" and the superb comeback album, "Monotheist," on which he handled lead vocals for the single, "A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh." Celtic Frost disbanded in 2008 for the second time and Ain focused on other endeavours including running a DVD store and a bar. More...

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Tom G. Warrior Has No Respect For Record Companies

Spain's TNT Radio Rock recently conducted an interview with members of Triptykon - the occult/avantgarde metal outfit formed by ex-Celtic Frost mainman Thomas Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom G. Warrior) at this year's edition of the Leyendas Del Rock festival, which was held past summer at Polideportivo Municipal de Villena in Villena, Spain. You can watch the entire chat in the video below.

Being asked about the recent BMG/Noise reissues of Celtic Frost's seminal catalog, a campaign Fischer ultimately withdrew his endorsement from because of disagreements on the content on his liner notes, Fischer states:

"I had some disagreements with BMG Records who own the rights to these albums these days, but it's of minor importance. It was a disagreement of what should be in the booklet and what should not. It's nothing new in the recording industry that the record company doesn't have the same opinion as the recording artist. But as far as the sound is concerned, I'm very proud of what we've done, most of the credit has to go to Victor Santura. I'm very proud of the achievement."

"I have no respect for record companies. I started in the 1980s worshipping - I wanted a record deal - I worshiped record companies. They represented, to me, the key to becoming a musician, which was my dream. But after thirty-five years of learning about myself, I've seen the realities of the music industry. We are fortunate enough to work with our own record company, so we have all the freedom in the world. Because we have our own record company, we can work at a very high level and professional. I don't like to work with companies who work on a lower level of professionalism. So I sometimes lose my patience when somebody doesn't work at the level we are used to. I didn't spend thirty-five years in the industry to deliver mediocre. If I wanted to release something, whether it's an old Celtic Frost album or a new Triptykon, I would like it to reflect myself or the artist on one hand. On the other hand, it should reflect the highest level of quality possible. If somebody fails to do that, yes, I'm unhappy. I think that's a very natural instinct. My name is on the record. If a record company fucks up, my name is still on there."

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"Damn The Machine" Book Coming In March

Deliberation Press and Iron Pages Books have announced a March 24th, 2017 English/German language release of "Damn the Machine - The Story of Noise Records."

Authored by American metal journalist David E. Gehlke, the book features cover art by Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin, and a foreword penned by Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch. The book's inner design was handled by EasyRabbit CreArtions, the team behind Helloween's 2015 career-spanning "Hellbook."

At over 500 pages, "Damn the Machine" tackles the complicated history of Germany's Noise Records, the most influential European independent heavy metal record company of the 1980s. The creation of Karl-Ulrich Walterbach, Noise was responsible for signing and developing the likes of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Coroner, Gamma Ray, Grave Digger, Helloween, Kamelot, Kreator, Rage, Running Wild, Skyclad, Tankard, and many more, assembling a roster whose impact reverberates throughout the metal scene today.

For the first time, Walterbach goes into elaborate detail on his experiences in the music industry. A self-proclaimed anarchist with no musical background to speak of, Walterbach rose from the violent Berlin punk rock scene to the forefront of European metal after launching Noise in 1983. Walterbach's gut instinct for signing new talent made him one of metal's first true label impresarios, but his abrasive personality and unwillingness to conform to industry standards made him an outsider in a business he grew to despise. More...

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Celtic Frost's "Monotheist" Getting Vinyl Reissue

Due to an overwhelming demand, Century Media Records is proud to present a 10 year anniversary vinyl reissue of Celtic Frost's final full-length album, "Monotheist."

This re-issue will be presented in the original black LP format (180gr double gatefold with printed sleeves and poster). For the first time, this groundbreaking album will also be available in various color options, which includes a picture-disc LP version.

Pre-orders are available now at this location. For you vinyl enthusiasts, here are your pressing breakdowns:

Double Black LP: Unlimited
Double Silver LP: Limited to 100 copies, exclusively available through CM Distro in Europe
Double Green LP: Limited to 200 copies, exclusively available through Nuclear Blast
Double White LP: Limited to 500 copies, exclusively available through RED and CM Distro U.S. in North America
Double Picture Disc LP: Limited to 500 copies, exclusively available through CM Distro in Europe and North America More...

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Metal Must Evolve

My biggest issue with metal in the 2010s is that in contrast to the past three decades, there's just a lack of creativity. Newer metalcore is being increasingly influenced by nu-metal and post-hardcore as the new musicians who are in their 20s and 30s are now playing music that's entirely an amalgam of what they grew up with as teens rather than creating anything new.

Blackgaze was novel for the first few years but now feels like the light beer version of black metal at this point that doesn't have the same edge that metal is supposed to have. I'm not sure if I want black metal to have a kinder, gentler, dare I say, “cuddlier” face when compared to the antisocial behavior that defined the second wave. When I hear a band like Alcest or Deafheaven, I don't feel like these are maniacs with serious mental issues precisely because it sounds way too calculated and professional for my aging ears.

Djent is nice but often feels too monotonous to really do justice to how technical it is. For, “progressive metal” the songwriting lacks the same level of unexpected changes in direction that make progressive rock acts like Rush and Yes so appealing. Yeah, Djent is heavy but it's also often predicable when unconventional songwriting is half of what separates metal and makes it so special and unique. Blackened sludge on the othe rhand is only going to appeal to people who want extremely raw production... who will never be great enough in number to establish a trend rather than a fad. More...

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1985-1995: The Golden Age of Death Metal

Death should be credited with creating death metal, at least the old school style we recognize now, as they birthed the infamous Tampa, Florida sound. Bands such as Autopsy and Obituary—two of the forerunners—would not exist without Death. Death is not the true father of death metal, though. That distinction goes to Possessed. The California Bay Area group not only played a style of brutal, vicious metal, with loads of Satanic imagery, they also coined the term “death metal” on the “Seven Churches” album.

Around 1985, albums similar to “Slowly We Rot” (Obituary) and “Mental Funeral” (Autopsy) simply did not exist. Thrash was the fasted, craziest music around. Of course Possessed has already been mentioned, but the influence of Slayer, who obviously influenced Possessed, can not be under recognized. Where Possessed was different was they used a rougher production. Dark Angel, whose drummer, Gene Hoglan, would go on to be one of the most heralded drummers in the metal biz, certainly showed a good dose of Slayer in their sound. In the beginning, Slayer was nothing more than a faster, nefarious, more solo-oriented Venom protégé. More...

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Soulstorm Releases Covers Album

The early 90s saw some exciting innovations within extreme music, and Toronto's Soulstorm was at the forefront of some genre-defining and defying times.

Band mainman, Nick Sagias, having disbanded Overthrow - as well as honing his chops within the ranks of the mighty Pestilence - threw caution to the wind and helped pioneer a musical movement that fused death metal with industrial overtones, sounding like a cross between Ministry, Swans, Godflesh, Celtic Frost and Obituary.

Soulstorm has now returned with "Devils Music (Part 1)," a precursor to a forthcoming all original full-length, paying tribute to many of the bands that have influenced Soulstorm through the course of its storied career. "Devil's Music (Part 1)" includes covers from Celtic Frost, Godflesh, Swans, Ministry, Paradise Lost and many more. You can stream the album below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Return To The Eve (Celtic Frost)
2. Cold World (Godflesh)
3. Eternal (Paradise Lost)
4. Stay Here (Swans)
5. Yu Gung (Einstuerzende Neubauten)
6. Breathe (Ministry)
7. Inflammator (Pitchshifter)
8. Primal (2015)
9. Nothingness (Dub)
10. Endless Human Failure (Dub)
11. Stranglehold (Dub)
12. Pulp (Bonus Track)
13. Stranglehold (Erosion Cycle Noise Mix - Bonus Track) More...

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Ex-Pantera Singer Phil Anselmo Covers Celtic Frost

Child Bite premieres its cover of the Celtic Frost track "The Usurper", taken from the upcoming 12” titled "Morbid Tales: A Tribute To Celtic Frost", which will be released on November 13th via Corpse Flower Records. The song features ex-Pantera and Down frontman Phil Anselmo on vocals and is one of numerous Celtic Frost covers done by bands such as Municipal Waste, Hayward (feat. Scott Kelly and Jason Roeder of Neurosis) and many more.

You can now check out "The Usurper" below.

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Ex-Celtic Frost Member Records Game Soundtrack

Wolf Brew Games and Digerati are excited to announce Curt Victor Bryant (formally of Celtic Frost) will be recording the full soundtrack for upcoming 2D platformer "Slain."

Check out a trailer below for this Gothic combat-puzzle platform adventure with gore galore. Created by a team of 2 (yes, 2!), "Slain" will drop on PC in fall 2015 and on PS/V/WiiU/XB1 in early January. The designers also comment on the game:

"Players control Bathoryn, a hero in a Gothic world, seeking to liberate seven great towers from 7 deadly overlords. Bathoryn must battle his way through a doomed land packed with gruesome pixel art foes before ascending (or sometimes descending) each tower, defeating puzzles, traps and monsters alike. At the heart of each tower, he must confront a mighty overlord. Defeat it and Bathoryn’s quest continues. Fail, and you’ll die gruesomely – mauled by werewolves, disintegrated by floating monstrosities, squashed by great weights or torn apart by hidden blades. And you will fail…" More...

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Celtic Frost Comic Book Announced

Corpse Flower Records and CV Books are pleased to join forces for the release of "Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost," a mammoth 155-page comic with illustrations and illustrated anecdotes from a varied bunch of metal musicians/authors.

Edited by Mark Rudolph, who has crafted artwork for the likes of Carcass, Coalesce, Battlecross and more in addition to regular contributions to Decibel and Metal Hammer Magazines, "Morbid Tales!" serves as the follow-up to Rudolph's 2012-released "Satan Is Alive; A Tribute To Mercyful Fate" and is the second in a planned trilogy of metal-centric graphic novels.

Less a literal take on the subject matter than that of the Mercyful Fate book, "Morbid Tales!" delves into the world created from Frost's music rather than translating lyrics and boasts a list of work from the likes of Rudolph, Justin Bartlett, Jason McGregor, Bruno Guerriero, Lars Krantz, Chuck BB, Shawn Knight (Child Bite), J. Bennett (Ides Of Gemini), Eamon Espey, Ed Luce. Jeremy Baum, Johnny Ryan, Josh Bayer, Jacob Hamrick, J.T. Dockery, Kelly Larson, Kim Holm, Michael Hacker, Mike Erdody (Temple Of Void/Acid Witch), Slasher Dave (Acid Witch), Tim Shagrat (Acid Witch/Reaper/Shitfucker), Ravn (1349), Tom Neely, Sam Wolf, Tim Sievert, Mark Thompson, Scott Murphy, David Liljemark, Kevin Cross, Rob Mills and others.

Additionally, the book includes forewords from Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) and Ivar Bjornson (Enslaved) with additional pieces from Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Flo Swartz (Pyogenesis), Ben Ash (Carcass), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Fenriz (Darkthrone), Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth), Jeff Wagner (author of Mean Deviation), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Greg Macintosh (Paradise Lost), Trevor Peres (Obituary), Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Orvar Säfström (Nirvanna 2002), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Chris Reifert (Autopsy) and John Paradiso (Evoken).

The book will be released via Corpse Flower Records on November 15th, 2014. Corpse Flower will also be issuing an accompanying, limited edition LP of Celtic Frost cover tunes later this year. Stay tuned for details. More...

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Tom G. Warrior Comments On Death Of H.R. Giger

In response to the news of the passing of H.R. Giger, former Celtic Frost frontman/guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior (Triptykon) posted a statement on the iconic artist. Giger's artwork adorned the covers of Celtic Frost's "To Mega Therion" and both full length Triptykon albums "Eparistera Daimones" and "Melana Chasmata."

The statement reads:

"For the first time in 74 years, last night was a night not illuminated by the indescribable light that was H.R. Giger.

"H.R. Giger became our mentor, against all odds, when we, somewhat audaciously, first established contact with him some 30 years ago. At a time when almost everybody ridiculed, ignored, or even obstructed the music the then almost completely unknown Swiss underground band Hellhammer was creating, Giger listened to us, talked to us, and gave us a chance. Not least at a time when he was at one of many peaks of his path.

"A little more than a year later, his exceptionally stunning art made what might be one of Celtic Frost's most important albums, 'To Mega Therion', even more significant. Other links to Giger's universe also manifested themselves, almost as if it was predestined.

"Eventually, after many more years, the mentorship became a friendship. It was a friendship and a personal connection I valued infinitely, and it also included his wonderful wife, Carmen, and many other remarkable people that were part of his circle. More...

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