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Formed: 1999
From: York, PA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


In a world where American Idols and cookie-cutter pop-rock bands rule the airwaves, its easy to overlook the recent resurgence of metal music. Despite the tireless efforts of bands like Chaimara, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage & many more, the fight to restore metal to its rightful place atop the music industry has been lacking a vital component... ENTER NINETAIL, THE NEXT BIG THING IN METAL! With a level of forcefulness and brutality that has yet to be experienced by the metal masses, Ninetail promises not only to join in the fight for metal supremacy, but more importantly to win the war!

Currently comprised of six band members J. William Heitmann (lead vocals), Don Belch (lead guitar), Chris Evan (rhythm guitar), Griff (bass), Max Melton (drums) & Jerad Gohn (keys & samples) Ninetail was formed as a four-piece in the fall of 1999. By bullying their way through the Central PA music scene from 1999 2002, and playing shows with bands like Candiria & 40 Below Summer, the original four (Belch, Evan, Mark Koncki & Jose Cabrera) developed a loyal following. When Belch and Evan decided to leave Ninetail to join local heavyweight, Spinebelt, the original version of Ninetail was officially laid to rest.

Belch and Evan toured with Spinebelt and shared the stage with the likes of Dope, Marilyn Manson, Dry Kill Logic, 3 Inches of Blood & Metal Church until the fall of 2004, when Spinebelt suddenly decided to call it quits. Unwilling to lay their musical aspirations to rest, Belch and Evan regrouped almost immediately by recruiting Heitmann and Gohn (Contention League), Melton (Shattered Beneath The Shade) & Griff (Survival Theory) to form the present-day version of Ninetail. Armed with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a burning desire to succeed, Ninetail began its quest to revolutionize the metal world in the spring of 2005.

Since its inception not more than a year ago, the revamped version of Ninetail has played more than 60 shows to crowds throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Maryland and has joined forces with Bleed The Sky, Silent Civilian, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, High On Fire, Goatwhore, Watch Them Die, Suicide City, 3 Inches of Blood, Full Blown Chaos & Scars of Tomorrow! During that same period of time, the band has written and recorded its full-length debut LP, The Process of Conversion, which is scheduled to be released in June 2006 by Level Nine Entertainment. With no intentions of slowing down, Ninetail plans to tour tirelessly in support of the album bringing the fight for metal supremacy to as many new markets as possible


Ninetail Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Ninetail.


Interview with Don Belch of Ninetail

York, Pennsylvania's NINETAIL has stuck with the same headline on their MySpace music profile all along: "Fuck you, come and get us!". And I can't help but see that this daring attitude they've put out there among the swirling ocean of thousands of competing metal bands - to indeed be that thorn in everyones side - is now what's truly started to reflect itself in their recorded music and live shows, performances that have included them sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the business like MUSHROOMHEAD, DEVILDRIVER and SOULFLY. Back in 2004 the early version of Ninetail hooked up with the two driving guitar forces behind SPINEBELT, Don Belch and Chris Evans. Its been a match made in heavy metal hell since. I am really pleased to be able to get some Q&A done with lead guitarist, Belch.

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Interview With J. William Heitmann of Ninetail

There's only a handful of unsigned metal acts going in America today that I think truly have earned a chance at being signed to a respectable label that can really bring them to the masses as they so justly deserve and have outright earned with their diehard tenacity and composure in the clinch and without flinching to make the first choice, NINETAIL out of York, Pennsylvania is one of them. They have been putting their money where there mouths are at every single venue they've stepped into here in 2006 in support of their debut LP "The Process Of Conversion" and even when they haven't played up to their full potential on a night, the first guy in the room that will admit it is this gentleman right here, J. William Heitmann. This interview is an honor for me and every single one of you that are looking to start up a band or are in the midst of the process, need to take notes from who I plainly see as metalunderground's classiest act going and a true talent who is only starting to find his big stride as a great metal vocalist. More...

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Project Independent Roundtable Interview

Project Independent has had an incredible year. Headed by CEO Jeff Totten, the National Band Search Program has recently nailed down a new distribution deal with Century Media Records. This is a major victory for the underground scene because this will allow the next Project Independent compilation CD comprised of top unsigned U.S. metal acts to finally reach the masses and yet not sacrifice the original appeal of its grass roots approach: to find the best of the best burgeoning talents working hard to make a name for themselves directly out of the hottest club venues in cities from coast to coast . I recently conducted this roundtable interview with Jeff Totten himself, along with Florida area promoter J-Rock of The Rock Solid Pressure Showcase, Erik Ulrich of I.R.A.T.E, Greg Bowman of Level Nine Entertainment and Rick of the Texas-based thrash metal band Grain to get a deeper perspective from all of these forces involved on the good, the bad and the ugly of this impressive band search program. More...

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Interview With Griff Of Ninetail

What a year in metal it has been for York, Pennsylvania's NINETAIL.. And what a great group of people involved here, from Greg Bowman with Level Nine Entertainment to each and every bandmate in this act. I have to deal with a lot of headaches or 'head cases' if you will from so many countless upcoming acts that come nowhere near the level of greatness that you will surely find here with this underground phenomenon. They have been stomping through one venue to the next on their local scene in support of their debut LP "The Process Of Conversion" here in 2006, playing alongside some really big names, and seem to have built up an an incredible following that should certainly help propel them to the top names of the business in 2007. I had the opportunity to get some Q&A in with their bass player, Griff. Watch it go. More...

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Interview With Ninetail's Max Melton

The Central PA music scene has a real heavy metal war machine in its midst with NINETAIL. The band is simply shining like glinting chrome over all other acts in its home scene. They have been touring around from one venue to the next with an increasing army of fans in support of their debut CD entitled 'The Process Of Conversion' from Level Nine Entertainment. I got a chance to get some Q&A done with their drummer, Max Melton. Let's take a deeper look into the brilliance behind these steel-toed musical soldiers. More...

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Interview With Chris Evan Of Ninetail

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's industrial/death metal act NINETAIL have just newly released this past June a full-length debut LP, 'The Process of Conversion' off the Level Nine Entertainment indie label and have been making one strong wave after the next with their live performances in the underground, opening for acts such as Marilyn Manson, Dry Kill Logic, 3 Inches of Blood & Metal Church. It's now blatantly apparent that this band is going major places. In my busy and hectic schedule, I have certainly wanted to find time to get to know the band better and now is the time. Chris Evan on rhythm guitar and backing vocals obliged me by taking time out to answer questions. More...

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