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Band Photo: BlackLab (?)

From: Osaka, Japan
Last Known Status: Active

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BlackLab Offers A Glimpse Into The "Abyss"

Doom metal truly is a fascinating sub genre. Detractors may point to the surface and say it's something stuck in the past and derivative from Black Sabbath only, but there's so much more to it. Since progenitors of the seventies such as Sabbath, Pentagram, Sir Lord Baltimore and Buffalo, the style has evolved and given the world some amazing artistry and seen some of the most creative and ambitious works from any band from the metal plains. This indeed still rings true today, with many festival favourites and cult heroes keeping the flame of counter culture burning brightly and in Japan, two women have poured their love of the music to create one of the finest albums of 2020 yet. Their name is BlackLab and their sophomore album, "Abyss" serves as both a reflection of the world in it's current state, and a vicious, pulverising lesson in doom metal.

Recently, I had the pleasure of putting some questions to the duo of Yuko Morino and Chia Shiraishi and found out all about the band, "Abyss," their previous album, "Under The Strawberry Moon," how the past has shaped their sound and much more.

Diamond Oz: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me today. Congratulations on your new album, "Abyss." It's an incredible album. Why did you choose "Abyss" as the title?

Yuko Morino (guitars/vocals): Thank you for giving us time to speak. I'm so happy you liked it. The title of the album was the last thing we decided on. When the cover art was finished, I saw it and came up with the album title "Abyss". There were a few other ideas that combined "Abyss" with other words, but eventually, after we discussed it, we came to the conclusion that one simple word would be more affective. I really love this album title, and I think it's a good representation of the world-view of the album.

Oz: What do you think makes "Abyss" different from your debut, "Under A Strawberry Moon"?

Yuko: Soon after "Under The Strawberry Moon" was released, I started to write the songs for the next album. I thought that I'd try to create a bit more variety to the songs compared with the previous album, but still keeping the elements of hardcore punk and lo-fi. I also thought about channeling more traditional stoner rock elements like Kyuss. I had ideas like these, but there was no change in the recording method or our attitude. In terms of sound, most of all, the guitar sounds are getting more mad, the vocals are rawer and the drum sounds are more clearly defined. These are due to little changes in the mixing and mastering.

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