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Band Photo: Testament (?)

Formed: 1983
From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Testament Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Testament.


And Justice For Art:Testament/Kantor Album Covers

According to Testament's legendary frontman, Chuck Billy, working with artist, Eliran Kantor, has been "so easy because he sees our vision right away." The best proof of that lies in the many projects the American Thrash lords have commissioned to the talented Berlin-based visionary—including three album covers, stage backdrops, tour merchandise and more.

"We hope to have a continued relationship with him for years to come,” said Billy a few years back, while interviewed for the book And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers. Their professional relationship has been recently renewed by the unveiling of a new artwork. We're referring to the cover for the band's eagerly-awaited new album, "Brotherhood Of The Snake." The cryptic-yet-epic quality of this imposing illustration has definitely cemented the creative synergy between them. Let's take a look to the Testament/Kantor album cover trilogy and find out what the illustrator has to say about his own arresting images.

This unforgettable apocalyptic scene features religious and political symbolism (the angels, the capitol). “It was all [guitarist] Eric Peterson’s concept from start to finish, including the way the composition is arranged with the trumpet-playing angels," Kantor admits. "I didn’t ask a lot of questions back then, as it looked perfect right from the initial pencil sketch he gave me on our first ever email conversation. My main conceptual contributions were my objection of using one of the working titles, "The Evil Has Landed" and insisting on using the old 3D logo instead of the flat one that Testament has been using for quite a few records.”


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Chuck Billy Discusses Upcoming New Testament Album

Thrash masters Testament are finally coming up with a follow-up to the comeback album "The Formation of Damnation," with the upcoming full-length "Dark Roots of the Earth" to be released later this year.

Prior to the launch of the new album, Testament has been on the road in North America with fellow thrashers Death Angel and Anthrax. A week into the tour I caught up with vocalist Chuck Billy to get the low down on the album's progress and in inside look at the Testament touring machine.

Below is a complete transcription of our conversation, in which Chuck discusses Gene Hoglan pulling double duty on the tour, the band's drummer situation, the new album's lyrical themes, and even confirms what many fans of Eric Peterson's side project have long been waiting for: Dragonlord is finally working on a new album. More...

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Eric Peterson Teases New Testament Album

After a lengthy period teeming with myriad personal and professional struggles, influential Bay Area thrashers Testament dropped an atomic depth charge known as "The Formation Of Damnation" through Nuclear Blast records in 2008. Their ninth studio album, it was a commercial and critical smash hit that mopped the floor with pretenders and cemented one of the most powerful comebacks in recent music history. It also officially reunited the (almost) classic lineup of frontman Chuck Billy, guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, and bassist Greg Christian - with the new addition of drummer Paul Bostaph.

After more than three years of successful touring with some of metal's biggest and best names, Testament is hard at work on their followup Nuclear Blast effort, due out sometime next spring. However, this hasn't stopped them from hitting the road across North America with veteran thrash comrades Anthrax and Death Angel. It was from this tour that band founder Eric Peterson took time to fill in Metal Underground.com with - among other things - some details on the highly anticipated new album, the cryptically titled "The Dark Roots Of Earth." More...

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Interview with Chuck Billy of Testament

Even though Testament was not included in the “Big Four,” many have said that Testament are not only as good, but even better than the bands that made up that elite title. You can tell that Testament is at the forefront of the subgenre even more so today,when plenty of modern thrash bands will emulate older Testament riffs.

Chuck Billy has been with Testament from the very beginning with their debut album “The Legacy.” Spanning over twenty years, with nine studio albums, Chuck Billy has forever engraved his name as a top dog vocalist in the thrash hall of fame. Having the capacity to mix harsh vocals reminiscent of old school death metal to a more cleaner style of thrash, Chuck Billy definitely is one of the best vocalists in thrash metal. More...

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Interview with Eric Peterson of Testament

Testament has been working hard for almost thirty years. With the release of their latest album "The Formation of Damnation," a new found glory followed. The band is currently on tour with four original members and one who has been around long enough to be called original. I caught up with guitarist Eric Peterson on their stop in New Orleans where we talked about their trials, tribulations, and excitations. More...

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An Interview with Testament

Thrash metal legends Testament have been a subgenre titan for over 20 years now. With the original lineup mostly reformed and their critically acclaimed new album "The Formation of Damnation" released earlier this year, they have embarked on a massive touring campaign in support of their new album. I had the opportunity to sit down with guitarist Alex Skolnick and drummer Paul Bostaph at the Chicago leg of the Metal Masters Tour (also featuring Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell and Motorhead). More...

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"The Atomic Clock" Gene Hoglan Interviewed

Branded the most brutal metal drummer of our time, Eugene "Gene" Victor Hoglan II, has been consistently acclaimed for his creativity in drum arrangements, including usage of odd devices for percussion effects and his trademark lengthy double-kick drum rhythms. His highly technical precision of playing increasingly fast and challenging tempos, with extreme accuracy, earned him the nickname "The Atomic Clock." He is best known for his works with the bands Death, Strapping Young Lad and Testament.

Completely self-taught, Hoglan got his first drum kit when he was 13. He began his music career in the early 80s, playing drums during concert sound checks for legendary metal band, Slayer, and working as their lights engineer on tour. He also formed the well known thrash band, War God, with Michelle Meldrum. At the end of the same year he was asked to drum for the thrash metal band Dark Angel, and wrote most of the lyrics for their next three albums. He achieved even greater notoriety during the 1990s playing with Death, recording an album with the thrash metal band Testament, and making the acquaintance of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Devin Townsend, forging a lasting friendship. He has since recorded several albums with Townsend, both as part of the speed/industrial/death metal band Strapping Young Lad and Townsend's solo albums.

Hoglan recently played on "The Dethalbum," for Adult Swim's animated TV show, Metalocalypse. "The Deathalbum," debuted at #21 in the Billboard 200, making it the highest charting death metal album in history. He just finished touring with Dethklok, selling out shows in every city. Hannah and I got to sit down with Gene and discuss the Dethklok tour, various percussion instruments he's created, and the recent loss of his dear friend Michelle Meldrum. More...

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