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Formed: 1990
From: Oslo, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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The Unblackening Of Metal

From the very beginning, heavy metal has been about rebellion against established norms and restrictive social institutions. That theme has never prevented metal from being influenced by the greatest of mankind’s various systems of organized repression, however. Using a guitar and a microphone to express discontent over the actions of parents and governments inevitably led to bands expressing their disgust with the beliefs behind those actions. Whether musicians are singing about it, railing against it, or just simply partaking of it in their free time, religion has an undeniable role to play in nearly every sub-genre of heavy metal.

Plenty of bands have been built up around an anti-religious atmosphere, whether a simple general sentiment or a full-on fervor that drives the music. Despite metal being frequently identified with an anti-religious standpoint, the style has more than its fair share or religious spokesmen. Famous musicians such as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth have never been particularly quiet about their Christian faith, even if they don’t expressly promote it in any given song. Explicitly Christian metalcore acts are also rapidly gaining widespread attention, with groups like August Burns Red taking over Hot Topic and acts like I The Breather touring the U.S.

In general, it would seem the thrash metal world either doesn’t care about Mustaine’s religious affiliation or is willing to overlook it for the sake of the music. Thrash certainly has its share of anti-Christian songs, but it’s a genre that’s more concerned with social issues or an overall aggressive musical feel than anything dealing with supernatural belief systems.

As any fan of metal can easily attest, not all genres are built equal, and what appeals to one metal head is a serious turn off for another. Black metal is easily among the most infamous of all metal styles, having cut its teeth in the early ‘90s across a back drop of church burnings and sensational media stories of power struggles between Satanic leaders. Names like Emperor and Mayhem were starting to make waves and become recognized in the underground not only across Europe, but also in the U.S. and abroad. More...

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Antestor To Release New Album

Endtime Productions Sweden are very proud to announce the title, cover art and track Listing to one of the most anticipated releases ever on Endtime: Antestor's "The Forsaken."

The boardmembers who took part in the Pre-Listening Party knows what to expect - the hype is true.

Necrolord did a truly stunning, special sized 2 panel painting for this very special release. The Digipak will feature the full image on front and back, and the Jewelcase 2nd Editions of "The Forsaken" and "Det Tapte Liv" will feature the individual covers.

The release date will be set to January 2005 for Scandinavia. Pre-orders for the Digipak will be offered soon, ensuring the possibility to get the Lmt 1000x Digipak Edition also overseas. These will be shipped already middle November. A very big portion of the 1000x Digipak Edition is already spoken for, so to be sure - get it soon.

The 1000x Box Edition of "Det Tapte Liv," designed to also house the Digipak Edition, is now very close to being sold out, so please get it NOW if you ever planned to.

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