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Resurrection Kings

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Zous Apr 7
Skarz Apr 6
FOES Apr 3
Perchta Apr 2
SevenSins Apr 2
Shodan Apr 1
Haexanu Apr 1
Karloff Apr 1
Umbra Vitae Apr 1
NyreDolk Denmark Mar 31
Consumer Mar 31
Reek Mar 30
Nero or the Fall of Rome Mar 30
Light Dweller Mar 29
Bythos Mar 28
Ante-Inferno Mar 28
Vitam Et Mortem Mar 28
Zero Fire Canada Mar 26
Throne Torcher Mar 26
Moon Destroys Mar 24
Dawn of Ouroboros Mar 23
Goeden Mar 23
Departure Chandelier Mar 22
Sinisthra Mar 20
Irist United States Mar 20

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Zero Fire Canada Mar 26
Irist United States Mar 20
Two Face Sinner Peru Mar 20
Lost Legacy United States Mar 20
Wvrm United States Mar 17
Paralydium Sweden Mar 17
Omega Infinity Mar 13
Lutharo Canada Mar 13
Thy Despair Ukraine Mar 10
Cam Bird Australia Feb 23
Vvilderness Hungary Jan 12
Mosara United States Dec 8
Fecality Ukraine Nov 24
Beggar United Kingdom Nov 20
Strigoi United Kingdom Nov 17
Sons Of Apollo United States Nov 17
Withering Surface Denmark Nov 8
Archon Angel United Kingdom Nov 5
Remission Australia Nov 5
Sortilege France Oct 25
Biff Byford United Kingdom Oct 25
Acid Reign United Kingdom Oct 22
Edenbridge Austria Oct 6
Konkhra Denmark Oct 6
Konvent Denmark Oct 6

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Cam Bird Australia
Vvilderness Hungary
Fecality Ukraine
Mosara United States
Archon Angel United Kingdom
Remission Australia
Beggar United Kingdom
Strigoi United Kingdom
Biff Byford United Kingdom
Hex Spain
Brocelian Germany
Motive United States
Cro-Mags JM United States
Konvent Denmark
Dirty Mike & The Boys
Stonebreed United States
Blacksoul Seraphim United States
Minds Like Mirrors United States

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