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Winters Bane photo

Winters Bane

Formed: 1990
From: Akron, OH, United States
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Nylist Dec 2
Infiltration Dec 1
Civilizer Nov 30
Locked Up Nov 30
Depulsed Nov 29
Implements of Hell Nov 29
Scorbutus Nov 29
Shepherd Dismemberment Nov 29
Umbilical Asphyxia Nov 29
Fatuous Rump Nov 29
Sonic Assault Nov 29
Exhuminator Nov 24
Unholy Pestilence Nov 24
Failure Nov 24
The Darkest Depths Nov 23
Oar Nov 23
Ritual Of Despair Nov 22
Dvrk Nov 22
Exorcised Gods Nov 21
UwU Nov 21
Blastanus Nov 21
Zebrahead Nov 20
Zmarlym Poland Nov 19
Gutrectomy Nov 19

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Zmarlym Poland Nov 19
Malignant Altar United States Nov 18
Nullification Philippines Nov 15
Morguiliath France Nov 5
Sun Below Canada Nov 3
Estertor Spain Nov 3
Morgul Blade United States Nov 3
Hitten Spain Nov 3
Charnel Altar Australia Nov 3
Iron Fate Germany Nov 3
Vanaheim Netherlands Nov 3
Verikalpa Finland Nov 3
Sunczar Germany Nov 3
Stagwounder Germany Nov 3
Golgothan United States Nov 3
Rat King United States Nov 3
Concrete Winds Finland Nov 3
Cutterred Flesh Czech Republic Nov 3
Brooding Fear Netherlands Nov 3
Aethereus United States Nov 3
Ethereal Sin Japan Nov 3
War Kabinett Mexico Nov 3
Siberian Meat Grinder Russia Nov 3
Irony Of Fate Switzerland Nov 3
The Vth Circle Canada Oct 28

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Ethereal Sin Japan
War Kabinett Mexico
Siberian Meat Grinder Russia
Caestus Finland
The Vth Circle Canada
Heltekvad Denmark
Bad Rescue
Surturs Lohe Germany
Doomas Slovakia
Tyrants United Kingdom
In Crucem Agere Austria
Order Norway
Irony Of Fate Switzerland
Organic Italy
Womb To Tomb Australia
Caskets United Kingdom
Dark Redeemer Italy
Stagwounder Germany
Lybica United States
Deber Sweden
Beyond All Misery United States
Draconicon Italy
Anomaly United States

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