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Sarkom photo


Formed: 2002
From: Lørenskog, Norway
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Abysmal Decay Jun 1
Vertabreaker Jun 1
Alastor's Gash Jun 1
The Sinful Seven Jun 1
Jared Dines Jun 1
Hooker Spit May 31
Squelching May 31
TakaLaiton Finland May 30
Trollwald Belarus May 29
Tyrann Sweden May 29
Rexoria Sweden May 28
Sharks In Your Mouth May 26
AASAR May 26
No Cure May 26
Speedwhore May 26
Die Ego United Kingdom May 25
Cogas United Kingdom May 25
Plaguemace Denmark May 25
End Reign May 25
Ghost Of Elhr May 24
Impuritan May 23
Ticked Off May 22
Teratocarcinomas May 22
Depths of Baciu May 21

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Somnuri United States May 30
Hexvessel Finland May 30
TakaLaiton Finland May 30
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Australia May 29
Witchskull Australia May 29
Vasculitis Australia May 29
Aodon France May 29
Geist Of Ouachita United States May 29
Trollwald Belarus May 29
The Kryptik Brazil May 29
Tyrann Sweden May 29
Moral Collapse India May 29
Rexoria Sweden May 28
Die Ego United Kingdom May 25
Cogas United Kingdom May 25
Plaguemace Denmark May 25
Decorpsetated Apr 1
How We End Mar 31
DeathCollector United Kingdom Mar 31
Beast Eagle United States Mar 30
Yotuma United States Mar 30
Dave Lombardo Cuba Mar 30
Herod Switzerland Mar 29
Vicious Rain Switzerland Mar 29
Nexorum Norway Mar 29

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Wolf Spider Poland
Darkhold Italy
Of Spite Finland
Children Of The Reptile United States
Yokai Germany
Wolves In Winter United Kingdom
Stellar Circuits United States
How We End
Never Ending Game United States
Southern Dissolution United States
Agora Mexico
Pestifer Belgium
Cesspool Australia
Flatulence Russia
Exelerate Denmark
Eufory Slovakia
Saviorskin United States
Thief Sweden
Icestorm Spain
Morphetik Sweden
Plague Bearer United States

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