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100 Demons

From: CT, United States
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Gloomy Nov 30
Starless Domain Nov 30
Arkhtinn Nov 30
Extipicium Nov 30
Koenigreichssaal Nov 30
Obrij Nov 29
Morpholith Nov 29
Nonviable Nov 27
Altars of Rebellion Nov 26
Voreus Nov 26
Old Growth Nov 25
A Scent Like Wolves Nov 25
EOS Nov 24
Ravenoir Nov 23
Sainte Marie des Loups Nov 23
Ondskapt Nov 23
Altareth Sweden Nov 20
Mud Factory Nov 20
The Fallen Prophets Nov 19
Swampbeast Nov 18
Many Suffer Nov 17
VRSTY Nov 17
Corrupted Saint United States Nov 17
Tenebro Italy Nov 17
Chalice Finland Nov 16

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Altareth Sweden Nov 20
Sacrocurse Mexico Nov 18
Corrupted Saint United States Nov 17
Tenebro Italy Nov 17
Grafjammer Netherlands Nov 17
Fullminator United States Nov 17
Einvigi Finland Nov 16
Everdawn United States Nov 13
Omegavortex Germany Nov 12
Iotunn Denmark Nov 11
Landmvrks France Nov 6
Hanging Fortress United States Nov 5
Une Misere Iceland Nov 2
Mountain Caller United Kingdom Oct 30
Eviscerate The Crown Australia Oct 29
Mordred United States Oct 29
Durbin United States Oct 29
Nexul Oct 29
Perennial Isolation Spain Oct 28
DayGlo Mourning United States Oct 28
Escarion Australia Oct 25
Grabunhold Germany Oct 25
Phantom Elite Oct 25
Severoth Ukraine Oct 25
Midnight Spell United States Oct 25

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Durbin United States
False Memories Italy
Anguis Dei Japan
Moulin Banal Canada
Serrated United States
Carnal Disfigurement Czech Republic
Midnight Spell United States
Perennial Isolation Spain
Ymir Finland
Transilvania Austria
Escarion Australia
Molten Chains Austria
Severoth Ukraine
Demoniac Chile
Lyonen Venezuela
Hiraes Germany
From Sorrow To Serenity United Kingdom
Einvigi Finland
Eviscerate The Crown Australia
Uncle Woe Canada
The Deviant Norway
Scream At The Sky United States
Pangaea United States
Sylent Storm United States

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