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Upcoming Metal Releases

In following metal news on a daily basis, we maintain this list of upcoming metal releases to the best of our ability. However, we make no guarantees about its accuracy. Oftentimes newsletters and press releases do not specify the territory that the announced release date applies to and we do our best to research it or make educated guesses in such cases.

If you find that information here is wrong or lacking, feel free to send us an email via the contact form. (Please include a legitimate reference/link to back up your claim as well).

US / North America

Date Band/Release
Dec 10, 2021 Funeral
"Praesentialis In Aeternum" (CD)
Dec 10, 2021 Rat King
"Santa Hipocresía" (CD/EP)
Dec 10, 2021 Agarthic
"The Inner Side" (CD)
Dec 10, 2021 Lord of the Lost
"The Sacrament Of Judas" (CD)
Dec 10, 2021 Lord of the Lost
"The Sacrament Of Judas" (DVD)
Dec 10, 2021 Atlas
Dec 17, 2021 Memory Garden
"1349" (CD)
Dec 17, 2021 Charnel Altar
"Abatement Of The Sun" (CD)
Dec 17, 2021 Iron Fate
"Crimson Messiah" (CD)
Dec 17, 2021 Agnes Vein
"Deathcall" (CD)
Dec 17, 2021 Behemoth
"In Absentia Dei" (CD)
Dec 31, 2021 Wombbath
"Agma" (CD)
Dec 31, 2021 Vanaheim
"Een Verloren Verhaal" (CD)
Jan 7, 2022 Nocturnal Graves
"An Outlaw's Stand" (CD)
Jan 7, 2022 Infected Rain
"Ecdysis" (CD)
Jan 7, 2022 Aethereus
"Leiden" (CD)
Jan 7, 2022 Apes
"Lullabies For Eternal Sleep" (CD/EP)
Jan 14, 2022 Skillet
"Dominion" (CD)
Jan 14, 2022 Shadow Of Intent
"Elegy" (CD)
Jan 14, 2022 Impending Doom
"Hellbent" (CD/EP)
Jan 14, 2022 Fit For An Autopsy
"Oh What The Future Holds" (CD)
Jan 14, 2022 Enterprise Earth
"The Chosen" (CD)
Jan 14, 2022 Magnum
"The Monster Roars" (CD)
Jan 14, 2022 Wiegedood
"There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road" (CD)
Jan 14, 2022 Verikalpa
"Tunturihauta" (CD)
Jan 21, 2022 Sunczar
"Bearer Of Light" (CD)
Jan 21, 2022 Battle Beast
"Circus Of Doom" (CD)
Jan 21, 2022 Kissin' Dynamite
"Not The End Of The Road" (CD)
Jan 28, 2022 Lawnmower Deth
"Blunt Cutters" (CD)
Jan 28, 2022 Praying Mantis
"Katharsis" (CD)
Jan 28, 2022 The Last Ten Seconds of Life
"The Last Ten Seconds Of Life" (CD)
Feb 4, 2022 Saxon
"Carpe Diem" (CD)
Feb 4, 2022 Venom Prison
"Erebos" (CD)
Feb 4, 2022 Golgothan
"Leech" (CD)
Feb 4, 2022 Persefone
"Metanoia" (CD)
Feb 4, 2022 Mass Worship
"Portal Tombs" (CD)
Feb 11, 2022 Night Cobra
"Dawn Of The Serpent" (CD)
Feb 11, 2022 Amorphis
"Halo" (CD)
Feb 11, 2022 Scorpions
"Rock Believer" (CD)
Feb 25, 2022 Guns N Roses
"Hard Skool" (CD/EP)
Feb 25, 2022 Schemata Theory
"Unity In Time" (CD)
Feb 25, 2022 Serious Black
"Vengeance Is Mine" (CD)
Apr 15, 2022 Urferd
"Resan" (CD)

Europe / Worldwide*

* The world-wide release date (barring North America) often corresponds to the European release date. However, smaller labels and regional distros may render this correlation invalid in many instances.

Date Band/Release
23-8-13 Trouble
"The Distortion Field" (CD)
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